İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

loss against   (karşı kayıp)

He made his debut in a 4–1 loss against Liverpool.

Yanes scored his first goal in a 3–2 loss against C.D.

The season ended with a 34–38 loss against No.

habitat loss   (doğal ortam kaybı)

They are threatened by hunting and habitat loss.

Indochinese tigers are also facing habitat loss.

It is critically threatened by habitat loss.

loss of life   (can kaybı)

She wrecked on 30 September 1819 with loss of life.

She was wrecked in 1836 with some loss of life.

There was no loss of life recorded due to this earthquake.

weight loss   (kilo kaybı)

Less intake of food will result in weight loss.

Manley is a spokesperson for Herbal Magic weight loss.

The show documented her weight loss transformation from .

home loss   (ev kaybı)

Michigan suffered their first home loss of the season.

It was Michigan's first home loss to Purdue since 1966.

It was a 2–1 home loss to Palermo.

away loss   (deplasman kaybı)

He scored once in qualifying in a 1-2 away loss to Mexico.

Copenhagen (0–1 away loss, 3–1 home win) in the play-off round.

He replaced Marcello Trotta after 84 minutes in a 1–0 away loss.

hearing loss   (işitme kaybı)

49% of male miners have hearing loss by the age of 50.

Kelly suffered significant hearing loss in her forties.

These classifications are for athletes with hearing loss.

first loss   (ilk kayıp)

It was Michigan's first loss at Illinois since 1983.

It was the first loss of Trinidad's career.

This marked RVD's first loss in two years.

tackles for loss   (kayıplarla mücadele)

Te'o also recorded 5.5 tackles for loss and 1 sack.

He led the Saints in tackles for loss during the 2017 season.

He finished with 1.5 tackles for loss.

away loss against   (uzak kayıp)

On 9 December 2018, he scored in a 4–2 away loss against Atromitos.

On 27 October 2018, he scored in a 2-1 away loss against Platanias.

He made his debut on 28 January 2018 in 3-0 away loss against Torino.

total loss   (toplam kayıp)

She was a total loss but her crew had been saved.

She caused one warship to be declared a total loss.

African forest elephants had a total loss of 43%.

home loss against   (karşı ev kaybı)

He made his debut for Meizhou on 11 March 2017 in a 2–0 home loss against Dalian Yifang.

Palacios scored his first goal for the club on 29 April 2017 in a 1–2 home loss against Tauro.

Maynard made his top flight debut on 31 August 2008, in a 2–3 home loss against SC Heerenveen.

only loss   (sadece kayıp)

This was the first crash of a B-2 and the only loss .

Their only loss came on the road to Chicago.

Their only loss came to eventual league champions Seattle.

without loss   (kayıpsız)

Now assume (again without loss of generality) that is empty.

PAVN losses in this attack were 323 killed without loss among U.S. forces.

The shares in Pennsylvania's Jessop Steel Co were disposed of without loss.

memory loss   (hafıza kaybı)

I still suffer a little from short-term memory loss.

Suffering from a memory loss, Tatsumaru kills Shiunsai.

She managed to overcome it with a minimum of memory loss.

blood loss   (kan kaybı)

Police found Aaron, near death from blood loss.

A hemoglobin count may indicate anemia or blood loss.

Clinical signs are largely due to blood loss.

net loss   (net kayıp)

In 1934, the studio had a net loss of over $2,500,000.

This resulted in a yearly net loss of nearly $6 million.

In 2007 Fiorentina almost broke-even, with a net loss of just €3,704,953.

overtime loss   (fazla mesai kaybı)

In the Sweet 16 75–79 overtime loss to No.

Notre Dame lost to Michigan State in a dramatic overtime loss.

The Wizards opened their preseason with an overtime loss to the New York Knicks, 124–121.

no loss   (kayıpsız)

There was no loss of life recorded due to this earthquake.

However, there was no loss of life or reports of injuries.

Brighton declared on 308 for no loss, smashing all sorts of records.

great loss   (Büyük kayıp)

It was a great loss and worst year for the community.

He was a quiet and special man and this is a great loss."

There was a great loss to the buildings.

loss of all   (herkesin kaybı)

She foundered in December 1810 with the loss of all aboard.

The loss of all gender distinction in the west, though, is unique to Jutlandic.

Briseis confides to Achille the story of her capture and the loss of all she loved.

hair loss   (saç kaybı)

This is in contrast to non scarring hair loss.

The progression of hair loss is unpredictable.

Chemotherapy induces hair loss in women more often than men.

loss due   (vadesi gelen zarar)

Eventually became a total loss due wrecking in Fitzroy River 1905.

But due to hunting habitat loss due to mining, they were swept away.

The transmission efficiency is improved as loss due to corona effect is countered.

loss of control   (kontrol kaybı)

Risk increases with the loss of control from outsourcing work.

Several tools may be used to detect a loss of control of alcohol use.

This caused a loss of control.

financial loss   (finansal kayıp)

Around 2008 the theatre was suffering huge financial loss.

Sixth, the tour showed a financial loss.

After 2000 the hall started to suffer a heavy financial loss.

final loss   (son kayıp)

The final loss of the "tendi" inevitably results in death.

Disappointment followed with a FAI Cup final loss to St Pats in 2014.

Mirra played 7 games in his debut season including the semi final loss to .

heat loss   (ısı kaybı)

They also rely on subcutaneous fat to reduce heat loss.

The mean heat loss from Earth is , for a global heat loss of .

water loss   (su kaybı)

Reduced grooming is adaptive since it reduces water loss.

The skin changed to become more protective and prevent excessive water loss.

Heat dissipation by sweat evaporation can lead to significant bodily water loss.

significant loss   (önemli kayıp)

Stereo recordings often cannot be played on monaural systems without a significant loss of fidelity.

Novato lost to Oceanside of San Diego, 28-14 after a significant loss of their quarterback due to leg injury.

As a back muscle, the latissimus dorsi is large and flat and can be used without significant loss of function.

loss caused   (sebep olduğu kayıp)

If he does, he is liable to compensate the agent for the loss caused to him thereby.

They discover the burglar, hiding in a closet, passed out from blood loss caused by having three fingers bitten off.

In 1916 Railton was an experienced and mature man in his thirties and was appalled at the sufferings and loss caused by the War.

loss of habitat   (habitat kaybı)

This protected it in south-central Arizona from loss of habitat and buffel grass fires.

Fish are a common victim in the loss of habitat due to poorly designed crossing structures.

The main threats to the species are its limited geographic range, loss of habitat and weed invasion.

loss of power   (güç kaybı)

Following his loss of power, he was again exiled, this time to Moscow.

Upon loss of power the flight crew ditched the aircraft in the wide Neva River.

Fin brakes are designed to be fail-safe, so that a loss of power will cause them to engage.

heavy loss   (ağır kayıp)

She sank with heavy loss of life: 675 men were killed, and only 270 survived.

The rebellion took six months to suppress, with heavy loss of life on both sides.

In the work "Gate of sorrow" 1976 two "women are mourning over a heavy loss, like atlantes".

following the loss   (kaybı takiben)

Polakowski was released from the organization following the loss.

Maag Tammeka changed their name to Tammeka following the loss of a major sponsor.

On 27 December 2018 Academic parted ways with him following the loss against Beroe.

complete loss   (tam kayıp)

At 12:07 local time, co-pilot Zhavoronkov reported a complete loss of control.

A complete loss of ice on Greenland would cause a sea level rise of as much as .

In 1889, at age 44, he suffered a collapse and afterward a complete loss of his mental faculties.

due to loss   (kayıp nedeniyle)

Soon he is told Cross has gone into cardiac arrest due to loss of blood.

The school ended its full-time class schedule in 2005 due to loss of accreditation.

The Harwich - Esbjerg route was closed on 29 September 2014 due to loss of passengers.

round loss   (yuvarlak kayıp)

Nadal regained the top ranking as a result of Federer's second round loss.

She ended the summer with a third round loss at the US Open to Venus Williams.

The Indian Wells Masters resulted in a second round loss against Novak Djokovic.

economic loss   (ekonomik kayıp)

The economic loss to the power company was $25,000.

The economic loss was estimated at $1.5 billion.

The economic loss totaled to 10 billion yuan.

energy loss   (enerji kaybı)

Air leakage accounts for a large percentage of energy loss from a home.

Because of energy loss fluctuations, accurate measurement of the energy deposited is of less use.

This high temperature will cause heat and energy loss if the heat is not removed and used properly.

loss of appetite   (iştah kaybı)

He complained of pain in the lower abdomen and loss of appetite.

Symptoms of withdrawal commonly include nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

Some of these symptoms include fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, and trouble concentrating.

road loss   (yol kaybı)

In 2013, #22 LSU won 34–10, A&M's first SEC road loss.

This win was followed by another road loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Red Sox closed out the month of May with a road loss against the archrival Yankees.

loss of consciousness   (bilinç kaybı)

Symptoms include loss of consciousness and abnormal or absent breathing.

They all involve loss of consciousness and typically happen without warning.

Narcolepsy may present with sudden loss of consciousness similar to syncope.

loss of function   (fonksiyon kaybı)

Very commonly, cancer is associated with a loss of function of INK4a, ARF, Rb, or p53.

A loss of function mutation in this gene has been associated with developmental encephalopathy.

These experiments generally involve loss of function, gain of function, tracking and expression.

loss at home   (evde kayıp)

It was the first shutout loss at home for New England since 1993.

A loss at home, this time to Latrobe, was sustained a week later on October 27.

After their blowout loss at home against Tennessee, Alabama dropped from the No.

playoff loss   (playoff kaybı)

The Raiders were 8–1 but were stunned in a playoff loss to the New York Jets.

Smith gained just 27 total yards in the Bills first round playoff loss in 1998.

Brace was inactive for the Patriots' playoff loss against the Baltimore Ravens.

loss during   (sırasında kayıp)

He led the Saints in tackles for loss during the 2017 season.

The airline industry as a whole has made a cumulative loss during its 100-year history.

By 2008 the peso reached 19 to the US dollar, recovering more than half of its loss during the crisis.

second loss   (ikinci kayıp)

He lost his only start at age six in 1867, the second loss of his entire career.

In the second loss to Pittsburgh, he totaled a season-high 16 points with 7 rebounds.

This was only Crossmaglen's second loss in 20 years of Armagh Senior championship football.

loss of many   (çoğunun kaybı)

The town of Chapais was deeply hurt by the loss of many lives.

Shipworms have been responsible for the loss of many wooden hulls.

This resulted in the displacement of many residents, and loss of many homes and businesses.

vision loss   (görme kaybı)

Most of those patients suffered partial to severe vision loss.

This more aggressive target is meant to minimize the risk of progressive glaucoma damage and vision loss.

The eye abnormalities including clouding of the cataracts and retinopathy, which can lead to vision loss.

suffered a loss   (zarar gördü)

On 6 April 1871, Mace suffered a loss in New Orleans to Gentleman Jose Alonso.

Special libraries were devastated, and suffered a loss of about 2,000,000 volumes.

At "Pride 33", Gomi suffered a loss to UFC veteran Nick Diaz by way of gogoplata submission.

suffered the loss   (zarara uğradı)

Israel suffered the loss of 2 civilians and 16 more wounded.

During this time, he suffered the loss of his infant daughter in 1859.

The EEF had suffered the loss of 782 killed and 4,179 wounded soldiers.

loss away   (kaybetmek)

However, he could not help his side overturn the 2–1 loss away to Boys.

7 days later, he scored again in the 2–1 loss away at Accrington Stanley.

He eventually made his professional debut in January 2018 during a 2–0 loss away to Talleres.

mass loss   (kütle kaybı)

Negligible mass loss corresponds to little or no slope in the TGA trace.

The material was most likely ejected from the star due to mass loss episodes.

Stars on the TP-AGB are generally unstable, with high mass loss and pulsations.

loss rate   (kayıp oranı)

However, a loss rate of 58% was clearly unsustainable.

Only 5 aircraft returned from the raid, a 58% loss rate.

This represented a loss rate of about 20%.

power loss   (güç kaybı)

The crew seemed to not be aware of the power loss.

The maximum dielectric power loss is material dependent.

This results in reduced noise, vibration and less power loss.

friendly loss   (dostça kayıp)

He made his debut in a 1–0 friendly loss to Togo in November 2012.

His only for the under-21 team came on 15 October 2012, in a 0–1 friendly loss against Ukraine.

He made his full squad debut on 14 November 2012, starting in a 0–1 friendly loss against Togo.

habitat loss caused   (habitat kaybı neden oldu)

It is suffering from habitat loss caused by subsistence agriculture, timber extraction, charcoal production, invasive species (eucalyptus), and expanding human settlements.

loss of blood   (kan kaybı)

Soon he is told Cross has gone into cardiac arrest due to loss of blood.

The abnormality lies in this excessive vagal response causing loss of blood flow to the brain.

The common cause of death while operating is exsanguination caused by profuse loss of blood volume.

another loss   (başka bir kayıp)

Her clay court season ended at Roland Garros with another loss to No.

The following week Sons suffered another loss, this time against Stenhousemuir.

The Court of Directors of the EIC held an inquiry on this and another loss the next year.

loss when   (ne zaman kayıp)

Batman suffers his own loss when Robin (Jason Todd) is trampled by a crazed mob.

In 2004 had his only early loss when hit in the eye in the 4th by Lance Whitaker.

The Red Raiders experienced their fourth consecutive loss when traveling to Manhattan.

caused the loss   (kaybına neden oldu)

The continued delays caused the loss of further orders.

It also caused the loss of the submersible's starboard thrusters.

The bombing lasted an hour, and it caused the loss of 13,000 tons of oil.

data loss   (veri kaybı)

ABR does not guarantee against delay or data loss.

In general it will help smooth the image with less data loss than an arithmetic mean filter.

The SATA models have many problems, including random data loss (such as disappearing partitions).

loss came   (kayıp geldi)

Their only loss came on the road to Chicago.

Their lone conference loss came at home against Delaware.

However, all but one loss came to eventual playoff teams.

loss function   (kayıp fonksiyonu)

A loss function formula_81 is used for measuring the discrepancy between the target output and the computed output .

Backpropagation computes the gradient in weight space of a feedforward neural network, with respect to a loss function.

During model training, the input–output pair is fixed, while the weights vary, and the network ends with the loss function.

worst loss   (en kötü kayıp)

Her worst loss was to #8 seed Olga Morozova in 1974.

It was the Aggies' worst loss to the Red Raiders in the 64-year-old rivalry.

The worst loss I've ever been associated with because of what was on the line."

loss of generality   (genellik kaybı)

Without loss of generality, say "p" divides "q".

Now assume (again without loss of generality) that is empty.

Without loss of generality, suppose .

bone loss   (kemik kaybı)

In postmenopausal women, high caffeine consumption can accelerate bone loss.

Long term use of tenofovir disoproxil is associated with nephrotoxicity and bone loss.

His hypothesis was that dietary differences contribute to bone loss among individuals.

million loss   (milyon kayıp)

The company closed 2014 with €210 million revenue and €12 million loss.

Gunns announced a $900 million loss for 2011-12 and debts of $3 billion.

Emerson's addition of personal computers resulted in a $150 million loss for the company.

without a loss   (kayıpsız)

That was Troike's first career defeat, after six fights without a loss.

Guthrie set the franchise record at 17 consecutive starts without a loss.

Jack Coombs became the third pitcher in World Series history to win 3 games without a loss.

point loss   (puan kaybı)

In the twenty-nine point loss, he recorded fifteen disposals and five marks.

The twenty point loss was the largest deficit the Cavaliers suffered their entire season.

He made his debut in the thirty point loss to at Optus Stadium in the round 8 of the 2018 season.

loss through   (aracılığıyla kayıp)

The reservoir is closed to minimize loss through evaporation.

He like many of the other characters has severe memory loss through butterfly addiction.

T.38 provides facilities to eliminate the effects of packet loss through data redundancy.

further loss   (daha fazla kayıp)

HG 84 arrived at Liverpool on 20 June without further loss.

The aircraft then made a successful emergency landing with no further loss of life.

SC 48 continued without further loss, the 31 ships arriving at Liverpool on 22 October 1941.

straight loss   (düz kayıp)

This marked Greensburg's third straight loss.

The game was Michigan's third straight loss at Wisconsin.

After second straight loss in the UFC he was released from the promotion.

potential loss   (Potansiyel kayıp)

Above all, there was the potential loss of prestige and independence.

The total potential loss based on the markets at the time of the event was C$8.7 million.

Faced with the potential loss of a major affiliate, Oldenbroek stood down, but continued to work for the federation.

loss of income   (gelir kaybı)

She sued Temple University Hospital and was awarded over $600,000 for pain and suffering and loss of income.

Umesh was not fired, but transferred to another high-ranking post as assistant to a deputy COO at no loss of income.

To cover a year's loss of income he started a small store to sell women's sweaters with the intention of returning to teaching in a year.

despite the loss   (kaybına rağmen)

She is credited with mounting a strong campaign despite the loss.

Jutland proved to be decisive in Beatty's career, despite the loss of two of his battlecruisers.

The Apollo 15 mission splashed down safely on August7 despite the loss of one of its three parachutes.

loss of form   (form kaybı)

However, a series of injuries to key players saw a loss of form for the Rams.

In 1972–73, Balon had a shocking loss of form as the illness took its toll on his play.

Subsequent loss of form caused Baljić's Real stint to turn sour pretty much immediately.

major loss   (büyük kayıp)

At over £330 for six months alone, this turned the figures into a major loss.

It was a major loss.

Although not a dud, it was not a major loss that this recording stayed in the vaults.

loss of several   (birkaç kayıp)

The new bridge resulted in the loss of several ancient closes, including Niddry’s Wynd; St Cecilia's Hall lost its original entrance courtyard.

The loss of several by-elections forced a snap-election in 2006, which produced a solid majority for the Democrats and saw Marurai continue as prime minister.

Symptoms result from the functional loss of several anatomical structures of the pons, including the sixth and seventh cranial nerves and fibers of the corticospinal tract.

consecutive loss   (ardışık kayıp)

The Red Raiders experienced their fourth consecutive loss when traveling to Manhattan.

It was the second consecutive loss of Greece from Hungary in the second straight year.

loss of revenue   (Gelir kaybı)

The logic behind the tax was the loss of revenue due to absenteeism.

He denied that the auction was prompted by the loss of revenue from weddings.

With loss of revenue from land tax, the central imperial government relied heavily on salt monopoly.

subsequent loss   (sonraki kayıp)

The defendant was not liable for any subsequent loss that arose from the storm encounter.

Others have blamed the economic stagnation and subsequent loss of faith by the general populace in communist ideology.

Although the subsequent loss of each hydrogen ion is less favorable, all of the conjugate bases are present in solution.

loss of only   (sadece kaybı)

New Zealand reached the winning total for the loss of only one wicket.

Henin-Hardenne eventually won her fourth Grand Slam title, beating Pierce with the loss of only two games.

Lancashire were required to bat again, but reached the winning target of 53 runs for the loss of only one wicket.

loss of confidence   (güven kaybı)

Stott Despoja stood down from the leadership following a loss of confidence by her party room colleagues.

Harrison put the defeat down to loss of confidence from his defeat to Williams and insisted he would bounce back.

The country had seen a long-term loss of confidence in the old, established parties, with voters turning to non-parliamentary parties.