heavy losses   (大損害)

The Red Army inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.

Ichiki's assault was defeated with heavy losses.

Demosthenes' allies also suffered heavy losses.

suffered heavy losses   (大きな損失を被った)

Demosthenes' allies also suffered heavy losses.

During the Battle of Arnhem this division suffered heavy losses.

The freight and part-load goods traffic also suffered heavy losses.

financial losses   (経済的損失)

George Tupper bore the brunt of the financial losses.

Amid financial losses, this scheme was discontinued in 2004.

CHaP incurred significant financial losses of more than £13 million.

losses during

The team amassed 75 wins against 67 losses during the Mike Rice years.

The harvesting periods became shorter, and the losses during collection were minimized.

The French military, civilian and material losses during the First World War were huge.

losses due

These weatherstrips are critical to reduce to a minimum energy losses due to air leakage.

Besides this the Front had to suffer heavy losses due to the "Derg"'s offensives in the region.

It is also important to take losses due to fuel production, transportation, and storage into account.

significant losses   (重大な損失)

At the end of 1779, the British at Halifax experienced some significant losses.

Farnsworth was killed in the attack, and his brigade suffered significant losses.

All across the battlefield, despite significant losses, the Union defenders held their lines.

consecutive losses

The draw with Brighton was followed by three consecutive losses.

Following three consecutive losses, Montague was released from the promotion.

On November 3, 2015, he was dismissed, after only four games, after three consecutive losses.

economic losses

The economic losses affected everyone.

Direct economic losses were estimated at 3.5 billion yuan (US$552 million).

Total economic losses in China were counted to be CNY 19.82 billion (US$3.126 billion).

no losses

The Fed incurred no losses from the CPFF.

they made it across with no losses.

job losses

It was reported that the deal may result in 1,500 job losses.

And, of course, other risks come from things like job losses.

These closures resulted in total job losses of 600 in Georgia.

losses suffered

Each appeals to Achille with stories of their losses suffered in the war with Greece.

A contemporary account cited a number of reasons for the losses suffered by the Democrats.

"Special damages" compensate the claimant for the quantifiable monetary losses suffered by the plaintiff.

suffered losses

Pi Kap, like all sororities, suffered losses.

The British were overrun, suffered losses, and ran out of ammunition.

For the most part, it was a failure and the paper suffered losses in circulation.

severe losses   (重大な損失)

Gen. Alfred Iverson suffered severe losses assaulting the I Corps division of Brig.

It is found in Brazil, where it is poisonous to livestock and has caused severe losses.

Although Grant suffered severe losses during the campaign, it was a strategic Union victory.

losses against   (に対する損失)

After losses against No.

Nevada suffered three of its five losses against then top-twelve ranked teams.

However, losses against Egypt and Nigeria saw Algeria finished fourth place in the tournament.

straight losses   (ストレートロス)

However, the Tigers went home after two straight losses.

Penn ends his UFC Career with 7 straight losses, the most straight losses in UFC history.

losses incurred   (発生した損失)

The financial losses incurred have often been suggested as one of the drivers behind Union.

The losses incurred in its defence weakened the garrison in the area, for little corresponding gain.

Even the losses incurred in the squadrons' dangerous Blenheim era were exceeded in percentage terms.

huge losses   (大きな損失)

Hannibal enveloped the Roman force and inflicted huge losses.

As Sundqvist was forced to sell most of his shares, he suffered huge losses.

Unlike the huge losses in the infantry regiments, only ten cavalry regiments suffered over 200 dead.

great losses   (大きな損失)

The war brought great losses of manpower and resources.

They had suffered disproportionately great losses at Frigidus.

Due to great losses, the Russian Empire asked Romania to intervene.

suffering heavy losses

In 1438, the clans Gunn and Keith joined battle near Wick on the moor of Tannach with both sides suffering heavy losses.

After suffering heavy losses the Nazi forces set fire to the village, shot 41 hostages, and deported the remaining residents.

His unit, 5/42 Evzones Regiment, was among others withdrawing orderly to the coast, fighting off superior Turkish forces and suffering heavy losses.

total losses   (総損失)

The regiment's total losses for Greece and Crete were 27 killed and 47 wounded.

Most of the country's significant crop land, including Artibonite Valley, suffered total losses.

On the Union side, total losses in Richardson and Birney's outfits numbered 948 men, including Brig.

many losses

Reserve Infantry Regiment 31 recorded many losses at Zenith Trench.

Poor ground visibility and relatively narrow landing gear track caused many losses on the ground.

Years went by as the team experienced many losses just strikes away from American League pennants.