lost all

In 1988, they lost all their Asian Cup qualifiers.

After 1500, Maximilian lost all interest in Bianca.

They lost all 11 games before going out of business.

then lost

He then lost to Denis Shapovalov in straight sets.

The club then lost to West Ham United in the final.

Australia then lost the deciding doubles match 4–2.

team lost   (チームが負けた)

In the seventh round, the team lost to Tunisia.

Thereafter, the team lost again to Yemen 1–0.

Next, Whipple's team lost to Temple by a margin of 29-21.

having lost

Marion, having lost Charles to Helen, agrees to marry Claude.

The fort surrendered at 1530, having lost its ability to resist.

Orr sued for wrongful dismissal, and after having lost, appealed.

lost control   (コントロールを失った)

Late in the race, Ernie Irvan lost control of his No.

He lost control after a wing touched the water.

On 27 July the Ustaše lost control of Drvar.

lost his seat   (席を失った)

Braun lost his seat in the 2005 federal elections.

In the 2010 general election Malik lost his seat.

He lost his seat in elections the following year.

lost the fight   (戦いに負けた)

He lost the fight via knockout in the first round.

lost their lives

All three brothers lost their lives for this cause.

Ten personnel lost their lives during these missions.

Ten Macedonian soldiers lost their lives in the attack.

lost during

It was lost during the war and has not been found.

The last known copy was lost during World War II.

Much of Guam's foliage was lost during World War II.

now lost

That source of intelligence was now lost to Rommel.

Themison wrote several works which are now lost.

He also wrote a grammar of Otomi, which is now lost.

eventually lost

The Razdas eventually lost track of the Macugowskis.

She eventually lost the competition to Justin Warner.

Toronto eventually lost 7–3 on aggregate to Santos Laguna.

lost both

During this time he lost both weight and appetite.

He pitched in two games for Troy that year and lost both.

In 2015 and 2016, they lost both of the cup final matches.

lost the match

Sri Lanka Navy lost the match by an innings margin.

Somerset lost the match by an innings and 157 runs.

Liverpool lost the match, staged at Anfield, 6–0.

lost the title   (タイトルを失いました)

He lost the title to Mochizuki on January 23, 2008.

Steele lost the title to Mr. Wrestling in South Africa.

He lost the title in his first defense to Winky Wright.

lost most   (最も失われた)

Albert lost most of his hearing in his left ear as a child.

He escaped, but lost most of his ships.

The Qin expeditionary force lost most of its men in the retreat.

when he lost   (彼が負けたとき)

He stood again in 1945 when he lost at Shrewsbury.

He was undefeated until 2009, when he lost to Cornelius Lock by TKO.

Either Cinyras committed suicide when he lost, or was killed by Apollo.

lost the game

The Braves lost the game 6–3, ending their season.

The Packers lost the game 7–3 to the Detroit Lions.

However, the Pittsburgh A. C. lost the game 34–0.

lost when   (失われたとき)

Northern Ireland never lost when Hamilton scored.

Her crew of eight was lost when the lifeboat capsized.

He lost when the fight was stopped in the first round.

lost much

From then on, Buddhism lost much of its influence.

From that point on, the strike lost much of its momentum.

They lost much of their household goods when a steamer sank.

lost power

Over 100,000 people lost power from the nor'easter.

In the city of Kagoshima, 100 households lost power.

Gálvez remained in the city after he lost power.

never lost

The band has never lost its focus on blues music.

Northern Ireland never lost when Hamilton scored.

She never lost to an unseeded player (65–0).

narrowly lost   (狭く失われた)

She narrowly lost in the second round by 520 votes.

He then narrowly lost 3–4 to Tom Ford in the last 64.

It narrowly lost a European Parliament seat.

not lost

At 82 games, they had not lost at home since 2007.

Fortunately, Fung did not lost an education opportunity.

Australia had also not lost since 2006.

lost the election   (選挙に負けた)

Rivard lost the election to Democrat Stephen Smith.

Montañez lost the election by a margin of 39 to 61.

Barrett ultimately lost the election to Scott Walker.

lost only   (失われただけ)

The Japanese lost only 29 men killed, 233 wounded.

The Jacobites lost only 400 men in the battle.

He also had a career-high four fumbles and lost only one.

lost due

One seat was lost due to reapportionment.

One player lost due to injuries was third baseman Chris Sabo.

lost interest

Thus it was themselves, and they rapidly lost interest.

The sport's popularity fell and the media lost interest.

He lost interest in the IBU, which caused it to collapse.

lost his place   (彼の場所を失った)

In 1985 Martin lost his place on the team to John Troy.

4, but the following season he lost his place to Fred Kemp.

In 2012 Stapleton lost his place on Tipperary's starting fifteen.

when they lost   (彼らが失ったとき)

Their lowest point came in 1988, when they lost 106 games.

The club then however suffered a set-back when they lost to Pune F.C.

They lasted until 1972, when they lost another playoff to Towa Real Estate.

lost the seat

However he lost the seat two years later in 1892.

Standing in this capacity in 1857, he lost the seat.

In August 2010, Favazza lost the seat to Jane Schweitzer.

lost the first

The AFL champion lost the first two Super Bowls.

Molde lost the first leg at away ground with the score 0–2.

They faced MYPA of Finland, but lost the first leg 3-1 at home.

again lost

After this Delikaris' tracks were once again lost.

In the quarter-finals, he again lost to Toledo.

He again lost in the 1995 assembly elections.

lost against   (負けた)

Ollie went back to Limbo after his team lost against Sting.

Israel lost against Italy in their first game in the Places 5-8 Round.

Israel lost against Greece in their first game in the Places 9-12 Round.

lost the final

Alongside Vergeer she lost the final at Boca Raton.

The Venom then lost the final four games of the season.

He controversially lost the final to Zou Shiming 10:13.

ultimately lost

Poverty Bay ultimately lost the game by 6 - 24.

Barrett ultimately lost the election to Scott Walker.

The Lions ultimately lost the game, 18–17.

lost film   (失われた映画)

"Making a Man" is now considered to be a lost film.

"The Eternal City" is a partially lost film.

"Loetoeng Kasaroeng" is likely a lost film.

lost his job

US Airways denied his request, and he lost his job.

Jack replied, "I'm the bobby that's just lost his job".

As a result, Andrè Jacob lost his job.

lost more

Longstreet lost more than a quarter of his division.

Large families lost more than smaller ones.

Rodes' brigade in total lost more than 50% of its strength.

lost at sea

The film stars Robert Redford as a man lost at sea.

This ship, too, was lost at sea three years ago.

The ship lost at sea was most likely the P-21 "Giorgi Toreli".

subsequently lost

Borg subsequently lost to Arthur Ashe in the final.

The party subsequently lost the 2013 federal election.

It was subsequently lost, and was only rediscovered in 2003.

lost their first

They lost their first game of the season against No.

The team lost their first match and continued to struggle.

The Turfcats lost their first game 29–37 to the Acadiana Mudbugs.

lost many

With this, NPO 3FM quickly lost many important DJs.

He lost many men and returned to his camp at night.

He lost many of his tamed birds and animals.

lost his life   (彼の命を失った)

He lost his life whild defending his capital.

Muhammad ibn Humayd lost his life.

Rivers lost his life, while Schmid and Diamond suffered horrendous wounds.

otherwise lost

Delisting occurs usually when a historic building has been demolished or otherwise lost its historic integrity.

HMML serves as the preservation archive in the event that original manuscripts are destroyed, stolen, or otherwise lost.

The island has been involved in multiple shipwrecks over the years, which includes some ships sunk, wrecked or otherwise lost.

lost money

The division had lost money between 1976 and 1978.

He also cited that he had lost money with WSMC.

Meanwhile the TI lost money by selling the 99/4A for $99.

lost again

He ran for office and lost again a few years later.

Thereafter, the team lost again to Yemen 1–0.

Samarkand, his lifelong obsession, was thus lost again.

lost his first

He lost his first match to João Neto of Portugal.

Scott lost his first fight in 2005 by unanimous decision.

At the 2016 Olympics, he lost his first match to Barna Bor.

party lost

The party lost their last two remaining councillors.

In the 1937 election the party lost its seats.

The party lost some of the seats it had gained at the previous election.

lost via

However, he lost via submission in the first round.

Budnik lost via guillotine choke in the first round.

He lost via unanimous decision (29–28, 29–28, 29–28).

later lost

She was later lost in a typhoon in the China Sea.

She later gained a government job, but later lost it.

regiment lost   (失われた連隊)

The regiment lost 87 enlisted men to disease.

The regiment lost more men to disease than it did in battle.

Their regiment lost twenty-three men and thirty-eight went missing.

only lost   (失われただけ)

From 34 matches, Persiba won 15 times and only lost 10 times.

Since 2005, Williams had only lost two of his last thirteen fights.

Of the first 28 matches played this new couple only lost one match.

lost contact

Model lost contact with most of his formations and commanders on 14 April.

The Israeli Air Force confirmed that it lost contact with one of the helicopters.

Having lost contact with its units, the German 15th Army capitulated the same day.

long lost   (長く失われた)

The character reveal to be Sienna's long lost daughter.

Her name and accomplishment was for long lost in the Portuguese film history.

In this episode Conan finds out he has a long lost brother named Eric Ochoa, the most pale of all.

otherwise lost during

List of shipwrecks in 2001 The list of shipwrecks in 2001 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 2001.

List of shipwrecks in 2000 The list of shipwrecks in 2000 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 2000.

List of shipwrecks in 1986 The list of shipwrecks in 1986 includes ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during 1986.

club lost

The club lost their following two games 2–1.

Their second was in 1995 when the club lost 2-0 to Djaraf.

On 27 December, the club lost 2–1 at home to West Ham United.

get lost

You know, my music won't get lost as fast.

It is easy to lose one's way and get lost.

Alo neglects to bring a map, and they get lost in the woods.

lost to eventual

There she lost to eventual champion Martina Hingis.

The club then lost to eventual winners Bentleigh Greens.

Malaysia made it to the semifinals but lost to eventual winners Denmark.

people lost

Over 100,000 people lost power from the nor'easter.

Over 20,000 people lost electricity and phone service.

The lake people lost their rights in 1854.

lost a total   (合計を失った)

The 5th lost a total of three men and two horses.

"Lord Castlereagh" had lost a total of 31 men.

She won 19 matches during the year and lost a total of 13.

already lost

When he wakes up, he has already lost his memory.

He therefore considered that everything was not already lost.

Circipania was already lost to Mecklenburg in the years before.

lost love   (失恋)

She finally decides to retire in a convent but is unable to forget her lost love.

Barnabas is a 175-year-old vampire in search of fresh blood and his lost love, Josette.

Barnabas Collins summoned the ghost of his lost love to his side not long after her death.

gradually lost

Rumsfeld gradually lost political support and he resigned in late 2006.

As a result, the aircraft gradually lost altitude and eventually crashed.

After the fall of the Mughal rule, Ramna gradually lost much of its glory.

lost several

Other neighbouring stations lost several hundred cattle each.

The original image has lost several fingers over the centuries.

Braddock lost several horses, and eventually went down with a mortal wound.

considered lost

All of the original Cārvāka texts are considered lost.

Like most Russian films of the era, it is considered lost.

All three films are considered lost.

lost ground

The Girondists lost ground when they seemed too conciliatory.

The two smaller members of the red–green coalition both lost ground.

The Arabs rallied with the intention of attempting to recover the lost ground.

lost the series

Australia won the game, but lost the series 4–1.

The Sabres lost the series four games to two.

With the third Test ending as a draw, England lost the series.

champion but lost   (チャンピオンだが負けた)

Benfica was the defending champion but lost in the semi-finals to Sporting Clube de Portugal.

2018 Busan Open – Singles Vasek Pospisil was the defending champion but lost in the final to Matthew Ebden.

1996 Paris Open – Singles Pete Sampras was the defending champion but lost in the second round to Marc Rosset.

lost their jobs

120 former "Schneider" employees lost their jobs.

As a consequence many craftsmen became poor or lost their jobs.

In 1969, Dinorwic quarry closed, and over 300 quarrymen lost their jobs.

lost his position

Steve Chia lost his position as a non-constituency MP.

However he lost his position behind Kenta Shimizu in 2006.

The election results meant that Klein lost his position as Senate co-leader.

soon lost

Mamlock soon lost his enthusiasm for aviation and seized the plane.

However, he soon lost control of Saxony to the rival House of Guelph.

got lost

While the appearance was filmed, it got lost during editing.

The advance began at but also got lost in the dark and mist.

Another D3A got lost and failed to make it back to the carrier.

lost his father

Hoffer was a young man when he also lost his father.

Rama Rao lost his father at the age of 7 years.

At 22 years old, Avicenna lost his father.

completely lost

However he completely lost his political influence.

From week 105 the ranking points are completely lost.

Most of the film of Story 1 was lost, and Story 3 was completely lost.

lost the championship

The duo lost the championship five months later.

At SummerSlam on August 17, AJ lost the championship to Paige.

Setzer won three times and lost the championship by 108 points.

lives were lost

One hundred lives were lost on "Lord William Bentinck".

Six lives were lost and the remainder rescued by "Guardfish".

No lives were lost, but it was a disaster for the young city.

lost through

The 300 rubles which his wife had brought him as dowry were lost through the bankruptcy of his debtor.

Paul proclaimed him as the Last Adam, who restored through obedience what Adam lost through disobedience.

The transferred fuel was lost through the fractured fuel line, which was leaking at about one gallon per second.

lost time

The contractor managed to recover lost time through hiring additional workers.

To make up lost time, White makes the risky decision to enter the mined harbor.

However he lost time over the time trial on stage nine and rest of the mountain stages.

lost territory   (失地)

By 1543, Abyssinia had recaptured lost territory but the war had weakened both sides.

Samuel appeals to Yahweh, the Philistines are decisively beaten, and the Israelites reclaim their lost territory.

In 1938 Platón Sánchez (together with Chiconamel) lost territory which then formed the new municipality of Chalma.

lost consciousness   (意識を失いました)

His wife, who lost consciousness, died shortly afterwards.

He lost consciousness and was hospitalized where he was placed in a coma.

By way of reply, Bell signed "no...", lost consciousness, and died shortly after.

lost her seat

She lost her seat at the 2020 general election.

Maor lost her seat in the 2003 elections.

She lost her seat in the 2003 elections.

lost a match

In 1916, he lost a match to Hirszbajn (+2 –4 =4).

In 1931, he lost a match to Gösta Stoltz (½ : 1½) in Berlin.

Then on the October 26 edition of "WCW WorldWide", Martin lost a match to Madusa.

lost sight   (失明した)

Two in the Propert collection have been lost sight of.

It was also during this time that he lost sight in his right eye.

Another report said he also lost sight of the light at south head.

lost another   (別を失った)

On 11–12 June, LIV Corps lost another 1,957 men.

He lost another child when Roxana miscarried at Babylon.

In a 2000 rematch, he lost another split decision to Ottke.

lost the general   (将軍を失った)

He lost the general election to Democrat Richard Roth.

She won the Democratic nomination, but lost the general election.

Baesler narrowly lost the general election to Republican Jim Bunning.

lost almost

By the end of the year the OSČ had lost almost half of its membership.

This young independent country has lost almost everything due to the war."

The glacier lost almost 35 percent of its surface area between 1966 and 2005.

presumed lost   (失われたと推定される)

All three of the "Bab's" films are now presumed lost.

All three "Bab's" films are now presumed lost.

"The Grip of the Yukon" is now presumed lost.

lost everything   (すべてを失った)

Families were left homeless and lost everything.

Across the island, collections were taken for those who had lost everything.

During the political upheavals in Germany in 1938, Golffing's family lost everything.

just lost   (ちょうど失われた)

Berg said, "I just lost my mind when I heard it.

He had just lost his mother earlier that year.

Jack replied, "I'm the bobby that's just lost his job".

votes and lost

He received 9,493 votes and lost the seat to Mohsin Latif.

He received 16 votes and lost the seat to Muhammad Riaz Malik.

He received 12 votes and lost the seat to Ghazali Saleem Butt.

gets lost

When she gets lost in the city, Frankie calls Phoenix.

During a backcountry skiing trip, the group gets lost.

One gets lost in ″a sort of ecstasy″ (§60).

lost his bid

LSD chairman Avery Ng also lost his bid in Kowloon West.

Nonetheless, he lost his bid for a sixth term in Congress in 1946.

While Keith lost his bid to reclaim his old job, Goodman won his election.

lost in straight   (まっすぐに迷った)

He then lost in straight sets against World No.

In the final he faced Novak Djokovic and lost in straight sets.

In the first round he faced American 15th seed David Wheaton and lost in straight sets.

lost nearly   (ほとんど失われた)

Grant, lost nearly half of its men, 209 of 428.

The average Venezuelan has lost nearly 24 lbs.

The Ottoman Empire lost nearly all of its holdings in Europe.

both lost

The two smaller members of the red–green coalition both lost ground.

Birmingham City and West Ham United have both lost their first three games.

At Petit Le Mans two cars were entered but both lost to a Peugeot 1–2 victory.

almost lost

In the tenth stage, Leducq almost lost the lead.

"I almost lost the future that God had in store for me."

By the end of 1986, he had a stroke and almost lost his voice.

lost the case   (事件を失った)

The court rejected her claim and she lost the case.

The ACLU lost the case and Scopes was fined $100.

Elizabeth lost the case in a landmark hearing.

lost the second

He lost the second round to Lau by 145 to 171 votes.

England lost the second Test by an innings despite 4/51 from Willis.

Krylia lost the second game with the diluted roster 0–3 to Lokomotiv Moscow.

considered a lost

This film is now considered a lost film.

The film is now considered a lost film.

Since its first run, "The Bite" had been considered a lost film.

lost no

Nepal lost no match in 2016.

The regiment lost no men during its brief period of service in the Civil War.

23 Soviet bombers were lost in this strike while the Finnish forces lost no aircraft.