İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

still loves   (hala seviyor)

She makes Rishi realise that he still loves Simar.

Isla wants to let Kyle know that she still loves him.

They convince her that Darren still loves her.

truly loves   (gerçekten seviyor)

She admits that she is fond of him, and asks if he truly loves Lisa.

Though the relationship faces several perils and hardships from both sides, Toshihiko truly loves her.

Seema becomes convinced that Anil truly loves her, and that she can actually lead a normal life with him.

woman he loves   (sevdiği kadın)

There, he is united with Edith Alston, the woman he loves.

For some moments, Dr. Ramesh is faced with either having the woman he loves or saving Dilip.

He also loses the woman he loves, colleague Paula Arnold, after passing out drunk one day in the street.

really loves

Jeeva sees this and realises she really loves him.

But he really loves Gowri and soon Ramu became very depressed.

Adam is angry but acquiesces seeing that Kevin really loves Nina.