much lower   (はるかに低いです)

This results in a much lower overall gear ratio.

Normal conservation water levels are much lower, at .

Unlike ordinary concrete, CLSM has much lower strength.

lower level   (下層)

Dark colors form the earth element or lower level.

The lower level is pillared and has attached cells.

The lower level came in two variations.

lower part   (下部)

The lower part of the head usually has black dots.

The lower part of the body is mostly missing too.

The lower part is 9 metres wide and 10 metres high.

lower house   (下院)

The upper house consented to it; the lower house did not.

This win sent him for the fourth time to Tripura's lower house.

The lower house of the legislature is called the "National Assembly".

upper and lower   (上も下も)

Corridors connect both the upper and lower levels.

There are two main parts, the upper and lower lake.

There are no distinct upper and lower case letter forms.

lower levels

Corridors connect both the upper and lower levels.

The lower levels of the buildings were used for storage.

The other grandchildren are students at university and lower levels.

lower jaw   (下顎)

The lower jaw projects further than the upper jaw.

lack teeth in the lower jaw, and toads ("Bufo spp.")

The lower jaw of the holotype is long, and deep.

lower court   (下級裁判所)

They also brought suit, but in a lower court.

The NhRP appealed the lower court's decision in Tommy's case.

The lower court found for Nicholson, and the defendants appealed.

lower reaches

It is navigable only in its lower reaches.

In its lower reaches it is a tidal creek.

significantly lower   (かなり低い)

Digital video has a significantly lower cost than 35 mm film.

Usually, this strength is significantly lower than the final curing strength.

Additionally, clonidine has been shown to significantly lower blood pressure.

lower end

The eye socket was tall with a pointed lower end.

Table Mountain’s lower end is above sea level.

When cast the lower end of the jacket is completely open.

lower cost   (より低いコストで)

Digital video has a significantly lower cost than 35 mm film.

Both of those aircraft could carry more people, at a lower cost per mile.

The technique allows lower cost and the company claims higher-quality finishes.

lower half

The lower half was made up of the House of Burgesses.

The lower half is a serpent, "nowed" or coiled.

Most of the leaves grow from the lower half of the plant.

lower classes

He feared the lower classes would embrace radicalism and anarchy.

In the 16th century, the rights of the lower classes were abolished.

In the 1650–1800 period the Chilean lower classes grew considerably in size.

slightly lower

However, some cows' pins do sit slightly lower than the spine.

Bore is and stroke is ever so slightly lower from the 2VZ-FE at .

This is only slightly lower than previous estimates for the species.

lower class

Middle class, working class, lower class, poor "welfare" group.

He was a lower class character dressed in tattered servants' garb.

They grew up in poverty, but never thought of themselves as lower class.

lower secondary

1 Shree Pancha Jyoti lower secondary school.

Each wards of it has primary Schools including 3 lower secondary Schools.

Primary school takes normally six years and lower secondary school three years.

lower courts

Each entity also has a number of lower courts.

BL were successful in the lower courts.

The Court of Appeals upheld the decisions of the lower courts.

lower divisions   (下の部門)

has always been strongly supported by the lower divisions of Junior.

Unlike lower divisions, however, matches in Division Two hold list-A status.

Afterwards he moved to teams from lower divisions, including WS Woluwe and KRC Mechelen.

lower leagues

He played for several seasons in the lower leagues.

in the lower leagues of Belgian football.

His career, however, was spent largely in the lower leagues.

lower back   (腰)

The lower back is often a mottled silvery colour.

Lifting belts are often used to help support the lower back.

Lifting belts are sometimes used to help support the lower back.

lower portion

Only the lower portion of the tower survives.

The lower portion of the waterfall is a good picnic spot.

The spire and lower portion of the body whorl are striate.

lower bound   (下限)

Again, no tight lower bound has been proven.

This value provides a lower bound for the actual semimajor axis.

This lower bound is sharp for .

lower parts

Vegetation on the lower parts is mostly rainforest.

There is good salmon fishing in the lower parts of the river.

The lower parts of such a tower are formed by one or three high arches.

lower elevations

It is frequent in dry areas at lower elevations (50–700 m).

In lower elevations, summers are hot with blazing sunshine.

At lower elevations, these bats may roost in hollow trees and logs.

lower price   (低価格)

The Rancho provided an "off-road look" at a lower price.

It aimed at providing improved services to the poor for a lower price.

Autodesk developed AutoCAD LT to have an entry-level CAD package to compete in the lower price level.

lower slopes

At it is situated on the lower slopes of the Toros Mountains.

At it is situated in the lower slopes of the Toros Mountains.

At it is situated on the lower slopes of the Toros Mountains .

lower deck   (下甲板)

The lower deck contained the crew accommodation.

This belt extended down from the lower deck.

Access to the lower deck and engine room was down a ladder.

lower surface

The lower surface of the egg is shiny and sticky.

The lower surface of the thallus is white.

The lower surface of the leaves is white with cottony down.

lower body

The antarvāsa is the inner robe covering the lower body.

A big guy, big upper body, big lower body.

The Pennant trade dress was a maroon upper body and ivory lower body.

lower section

The wall still contains the lower section of a turnpike stair.

The rapids of the lower section remain in a more natural state.

The lower section of bents was high and the upper section another .

lower temperatures

Females also live longer at lower temperatures.

It uses water with lower temperatures to clean the oven.

The lattice expansion becomes stronger at lower temperatures.

lower league

The team from the lower league has home advantage.

He also played for some other lower league outfits in France.

lower right

There is a cane field in the background.” Signed lower right.

Issuing from lower right is a yellow hemisphere grid lined black.

“Le8banedre3 leis” is seen in the lower right corner with blue beads.

lower prices

This again allows drink products to be sold at lower prices.

They promised that free trade meant lower prices for consumers.

Lower costs for businesses result in lower prices in the competitive free market.

along the lower

The route descends off the Durham Dales along the lower Tees Valley for to Croft-on-Tees near Darlington.

They extend all the way to the base of the toes, and the uropatagium reaches to mid-way along the lower leg.

The shell is covered with very low rounded nodules along the lower edge, there being about 15 at a distance of 2 cm.

lower division

UMass was in a lower division than BC during the entirety of the rivalry.

The Club was a merger of AC Maggia and lower division teams AC Centrovalle and FC Avegno.

Chief Executive Maurice Lindsay wanted to reduce the number of clubs in the lower division of the league in 1993.

lower and upper

Windows surround the walls and consist of lower and upper rows.

There exists a lower and upper house.

Inside the mosque is illuminated by the lower and upper two rows of windows.

lower left

The wounded deputy managed to fire again, striking Higgins lower left arm.

The word “Carrefour” is seen in the lower left corner made with blue beads.

Two Chumash people are illustrated in the lower left corner of Baca's mural.

lower quality

This is linked to lower quality of life and can cause stress in relationships.

Cutting budget without adjusting schedule or scope will lead to lower quality.

Iron catalysts are preferred for lower quality feedstocks such as coal or biomass.

lower floor

a large commons area is also present on the lower floor.

Only the lower floor of cave 6 was finished.

The lower floor served as a storeroom.

lower rates

Use that to lower rates across the board.

He campaigned for president in 1908 for tariff "reform", which everyone assumed meant lower rates.

Certain provinces and cities had won special privileges (such as lower rates in the gabelle or salt tax).

even lower

In 2012 it was believed to be even lower.

In December 1983, a new dietary programme for 1984 set even lower allowances.

All of Demon Hunter's subsequent releases would be dropped even lower to Drop B.

lower case   (小文字)

SIL codes are upper case; ISO codes are lower case.

Similarly, Showcase is usually spelt in all lower case.

There are no distinct upper and lower case letter forms.

lower costs

Shorter cycle times means higher productivity and lower costs per part.

Carnegie's determination to lower costs included cutting labor expenses as well.

This alternative education comes at lower costs than traditional public schooling.

lower secondary school   (中学校)

1 Shree Pancha Jyoti lower secondary school.

Primary school takes normally six years and lower secondary school three years.

A lower secondary school was also attached to BLTTC where the selected students from primary schools were enrolled.

lower order   (低次)

Makin, batting in the lower order, scored 4 runs.

From the lower order, he scored a single run.

From the lower order, he scored 0 not out.

lower wing

By October 2018, Dassault had started construction of the lower wing and rear fuselage parts.

Comparatively, "Cypselurus" flying fish have lower wing loading and smaller aspect ratios (i.e.

It is an unequal span biplane, not technically a sesquiplane but with a lower wing with 2/3 the span of the upper one.

lower income

Programs that have been introduced into lower income schools include the following:

Diabetes is more common in non-Hispanic whites who are less educated and have a lower income.

One of the causes of insurer losses is the lower income, older and sicker enrollee population.

lower rate   (低いレート)

If rates go down, many home owners will refinance at a lower rate.

A special, lower rate applied to letters mailed within a municipality.

These transitions are perfectly possible; they merely occur at a lower rate.

lower energy

It allows lower energy input for generating a surface layer of molten plastic.

In general, emitted fluorescence light has a longer wavelength and lower energy than the absorbed light.

The distribution shows that states with lower energy will always have a higher probability of being occupied .

lower edge

The lower edge of this belt was a uniform in thickness.

The edges of the labellum have tiny teeth and there is a small tail-like tip on the lower edge.

Above the main belt was a strake of armor thick that extended up to the lower edge of the main deck.

lower down   (下ろす)

Orchids can be found on the high slopes and ramsons lower down.

"what's stopping you from slipping one point lower down the scale?").

Some advise to lower down to starting position slowly and with control.

lower jaws

upper and lower jaws equal in length.

The upper and lower jaws are white.

Unlike most other halfbeaks, the upper and lower jaws are of a similar size.

lower course

The lower course of the Kubena and Lake Kubenskoyeare navigable as well.

In the 18th century, the lower course of the river flowed further south.

The Brazeau Reservoir was created on the lower course through the construction of the Brazeau Dam.

lower floors   (下層階)

The shopping mall occupies the lower floors of an unusual building.

A steam-powered lift carried coffins from the lower floors to the platform level.

Their upper story and roof were burned and the lower floors were soaked with water.

lower lip   (下唇)

The lower lip is furrowed and lined with 4-6 warts.

His jaws were large, and his lower lip protruded.

Plasma cell cheilitis usually involves the lower lip.

lower altitudes

Alfalfa and maize are cultivated at lower altitudes.

In lower altitudes, the temperature is around 80 °F (27 °C) year round.

Vegetation at lower altitudes is typical of a high tropical desert climate.

middle and lower

Over the next 10 years, the Tigers sank to the middle and lower ranks of the American League.

In southern Africa, it is restricted to the middle and lower Zambezi, and the Buzi and Pungwe Rivers.

The middle and lower Tano basins have been intensely explored for oil and natural gas since the mid-1980s.

lower tier

In case of a draw, the lower tier club advances.

Throughout this period, "Westens" played as a lower tier local side.

As a result, it appears more often than not that lower tier staff did not know him.

lower fuselage   (下胴体)

The plane suffered structural damage to the main landing gear and the lower fuselage.

The wing is high mounted, braced to the lower fuselage by a pair of V-form struts on both sides.

Each maninwheel was on a half-axle hinged from the lower fuselage longeron, as was the radius arm.

lower limit   (下限)

This suggests that there must be a lower limit for the mass of black holes.

A lower limit on the length of the route, at 500 feet, was also established.

These are the most energetic photons, having no defined lower limit to their wavelength.

lower leg

In 2014 his right lower leg also had to be amputated.

Due to diabetes his left lower leg had to be amputated.

Weakness frequently presents in the lower leg muscle groups.

lower temperature

Chocolate with a higher fat content will melt at a lower temperature.

Chemical reactions generally proceed more slowly at a lower temperature.

With each subsequent evaporation, the thermometer read a lower temperature, eventually reaching .

far lower

Smaller investors had earned far lower proceeds.

Employment in the yard is far lower.

Popularity and average salaries in women's leagues are far lower.

lower risk

This species is listed as lower risk, near threatened.

It may present a lower risk of inducing seizures than other carbapenems.

People with Down syndrome have a lower risk of hardening of the arteries.

considerably lower

This was considerably lower than previous first episodes.

That is considerably lower than in any other part of Ireland."

This strength is usually considerably lower than the final ultimate strength of a material.

lower middle

Serra comes from a lower middle class family.

The great majority came from lower middle class origins.

During the last stage of his life he spent a lower middle class life.

lower power

They also had lower power handling capabilities.

EDR can provide a lower power consumption through a reduced duty cycle.

The two motors, of similar but slightly lower power rating, were now set lower in the frame.

lower side

The lower side of the leaf is smooth, glossy and keeled.

On the lower side of the leaf, it is flush with the surface.

lower school   (下校)

In 1988, the new lower school was dedicated as Danner Hall.

The lower school (K–6) previously met at Saint John’s Episcopal Church.

This is embodied in the lower school rule: “Respect people and property”.

higher or lower

This membrane may be curved with the center either higher or lower than the edges.

In reining, a score starts 70 and can be higher or lower depending on the quality of the ride.

There is a lot of uncertainty about house prices, and the outcome may end up higher or lower than this estimate.

lower chamber   (下室)

There is a continuation of the horizontal passage in the south wall of the lower chamber; there is also a pit dug in the floor of the chamber.

As a member of the opposition coalition “Zajedno”, he was re-elected a Member of Federal Parliament in the Chamber of Citizens (lower chamber) in 1996.

Digging by the Severn Valley Caving Club in 1969 and 1970 led to the discovery of a passage dropping to a lower chamber with many passages leading off from it.

lower frequency

It was similar in design, but used the lower frequency set for transmission.

This occurs because a Rayleigh wave of lower frequency has a relatively long wavelength.

Waveguide becomes bulkier with lower frequency, which militates against its use on the lower bands.

due to lower

They also tend to display some degree of condensation due to lower deposition rates.

This project failed and was closed at the same year due to lower than expected gas volumes.

The reduction is both due to lower crime rates and to diversion of offenders into alternative programs.

lower frequencies

This would give the station greater range, since lower frequencies travel farther.

While GPUs operate at lower frequencies, they typically have many times the number of cores.

The most basal and rare E-M78* paragroup has been found at lower frequencies in Moroccan Arabs.

lower limb   (下肢)

The clinician exposes the lower limb.

This is because lower limb SVTs can migrate from superficial veins into deeper veins.

LW9 is a standing classification for people with upper and lower limb function problems.

lower taxes

They collected lower taxes from their people.

During his campaign, Holbrook advocated for lower taxes.

A wealthy citizen who moves to a jurisdiction with lower taxes is termed a "tax exile".

lower grades

The lower grades have two recesses.

During their first years in lower grades they began playing football in Madrid.

For the first school year, higher grades were held in Indiana while lower grades were held in Ohio.

lower elevation

Being at a lower elevation, the Russian River began cutting north into the drainage area of the Navarro River.

The lowland anoa spends its time in the lower elevation areas and is also found in core habitat of forested area.

The upper elevations of the Palomar Mountain Range have notably different habitats than its lower elevation foothills.

lower ranks

Over the next 10 years, the Tigers sank to the middle and lower ranks of the American League.

Until the end of the 1970s, FK Budva played their seasons only in Republic League and lower ranks.

The lower ranks prisoners at this camp fared much better than those in many other camps further south.

lower than expected

Also, youth turnout higher and senior turnout lower than expected.

In fact, the results showed a recidivism rate that was 40% lower than expected.

Ratings were lower than expected given the amount of press coverage the film received.

lower social   (低い社会)

Introverts have lower social engagement and energy levels than extraverts.

Curing saints were very in demand, particularly by the lower social classes.

During the early Hyksos period, members of lower social classes built their houses around their master’s house.

lower limbs   (下肢)

The most common symptom is muscle pain in the lower limbs on exercise—intermittent claudication.

The IPC defined this para-Alpine classification as "Athletes with amputations of the lower limbs."

Cross Country Canada defined this para-Nordic classification as "Impairement in the lower limbs and trunk.

lower river

The lower river is navigated year-around with canoes.

Only of the lower river are navigable for oceangoing ships.

"Kuling" was sold to China Merchants Steam Navigation Company for lower river service.

substantially lower   (かなり低い)

The substantially lower allocation proposed from below on roads was surprising.

Parts and components received substantially lower tariffs to help fledgling carmakers.

Durgada has an average literacy rate of 53%, substantially lower than the national average of 74%.

no lower

Basel II requires that the total capital ratio must be no lower than 8%.

Then from 1986, Athena were placed no lower than third for six straight seasons.

To starboard were two toilets or heads which, having no lower venting to the sea, required emptying by the crew.

lower grade

Glebe won the two lower grade competitions to add to their first grade triumph.

And the absence of marking/number indicates a lower grade bolt with low strength.

A team consisting of lower grade players was fielded and Glebe lost heavily, 40–9.

through the lower

It finds its food foraging through the lower and middle levels of the forest.

It rises through the lower crust in diapiric bodies that are less dense than the surrounding material.

He made his first appearance on the "dohyo" in March 1978, and he rose through the lower ranks fairly quickly.

lower rank

non-monastic) deacon is of lower rank than a hieromonk (a priest-monk) or a secular priest.

After two seasons in Republic league (third-tier competition), Kom was relegated to lower rank.

At the end of his two-year tour, he re-enlisted for another two years, despite having to serve at a lower rank.

somewhat lower

The temperature maxima are somewhat lower than in Bioko.

In the west the zone of high land is broader but somewhat lower.

During summer the lag is somewhat lower, with August being the warmest month.

lower wages

After enough time, a two-tier wage system can permanently lower wages in an entire industry.

They were expected to work for lower wages than men and upon marriage, terminate their employment.

Lagging nations have less experience; the new technique allows them to use their lower wages to enter the market.

lower wings

The D.VII had ailerons on both upper and lower wings linked by hinged struts.

Both upper and lower wings were built around two duralumin spars, with wooden ribs and fabric covering.

Its foldable wings allowed storage in a garage, and the lower wings could be rotated to act as ailerons and airbrakes.

between the lower

He was also plagued by escalating violence and power struggles between the lower Frankish nobility.

Therefore, bandwidth can be defined as the difference between the lower and upper half power points.

On her husband's death, Helena inherited part of Bulgarian lands between the lower Vardar and the Mesta.

lower number   (低い数字)

Stronger starting hands are identified by a lower number.

The lower number was based on misleading accounting measures and red tape.

The 1974 book that was the basis of the film estimated a much lower number of deaths.

lower middle class

Serra comes from a lower middle class family.

The great majority came from lower middle class origins.

During the last stage of his life he spent a lower middle class life.

lower density

The Integrator was test flown at lower density altitudes.

As the magma rises, it eventually reaches regions of lower density.

By buoyancy the air, which has a lower density than the liquid, rises quickly.

lower pressure   (より低い圧力)

These had the lower pressure cylinder on top for greater clearance from platforms.

These tubes didn't need gas in them to work, so they were evacuated to a lower pressure, around 10 atm (10 Pa).

By the 1870s, British physicist William Crookes and others were able to evacuate tubes to a lower pressure, below 10 atm.

lower ground

They move to lower ground in winter.

Established in 2001, it is located on the lower ground floor of T. C. Cheng Building.

A third route runs east to Commonburn House and thence towards Wooler and lower ground.

lower altitude   (より低い高度)

Near the village in a lower altitude there is a settlement named Kaluvia of Astras.

Pascal reasoned that if true, air pressure on a high mountain must be less than at a lower altitude.

In 2011, the LRO returned to the landing site at a lower altitude to take higher resolution photographs.