made up   (作り物)

These are made up of one ascender and one tracker.

The train sets are made up of following carriages:

The stamps have typically been made up into coils.

made his debut   (デビューしました)

On 14 September 2012, he made his debut for Terek.

He made his debut in a 4–1 loss against Liverpool.

He made his debut in 1907, with the drama "Dømde".

households were made   (世帯が作られた)

36% of all households were made up of individuals.

33% of all households were made up of individuals.

22% of all households were made up of individuals.

made available   (利用可能にしました)

Video made available on Youtube on April 28, 2015.

Nine months later, he was made available for loan.

In 2015, the series was made available on Crackle.

made his first

He made his first recording on a cylinder in 1883.

In 1964, he made his first trip abroad to France.

Roubaud made his first sketches in Saint Petersburg.

made his professional

Tsarev made his professional debut in October 2005.

Kelly made his professional MMA debut in July 2006.

He made his professional debut for Sian Przemyśl.

made several

Guthrie has also made several acting appearances.

Gleed and his pilots made several victory claims.

He had made several grants to Brahmanas of Vadnagar.

made no

Henry made no attempt to engage in combat himself.

With White to move: and White has made no progress.

They made no international appearances together.

then made

Willemse then made his way through to the top six.

The demo then made it to label head James Prince.

She then made some yarn and said it must be boiled.

made his senior   (彼の先輩を作りました)

He made his senior debut in the 1997 championship.

He made his senior debut in the 1967 championship.

Nolan made his senior debut during the 2017 league.

made her debut   (彼女のデビューをしました)

Tuven made her debut on the national team in 1994.

Englert made her debut on the German team in 2001.

In 2015, she made her debut single, "Aki-Aki Gila".

made public   (公開した)

They made public appearances around in South Korea.

The outcome of their processes is made public in ca.

Only the performance squad has been made public.

made possible   (可能にした)

The microphone made possible the more personal style.

Early and efficient completion made possible by RSWI, Canada.

Many advances in rock climbing were made possible by this method.

not made   (作られていない)

Mini-Microsoft has not made his identity public.

The required repairs were not made before the tragedy.

The details of this deal were not made public.

decision was made   (決定が下された)

In 2016 decision was made to accept female students.

In 1934 a decision was made to demolish Horsley Hall.

The final investment decision was made in October 2009.

ever made   (今までに作った)

The film has been called one of the worst ever made.

(This payment, incidentally, was not ever made!)

No one had ever made a lens in this way before.

never made   (作ったことがない)

They have never made the NCAA nor WNIT tournaments.

It was never made available in the United States.

He scored only 6–9 and never made "komusubi" again.

made use   (利用した)

There are two ways that Gann made use of eclipses.

The BBC Domesday Project made use of the language.

made use of this concept in the episode "Vox Sola".

made during

Thirty-six million prints were made during the war.

Several adaptations of the CHL were made during the war.

Around 100 were made during this period.

made an appearance   (登場しました)

He made an appearance in return to Halloween Town.

She also made an appearance on "The Today Show".

He also made an appearance for the reserve team.

made many

It has made many major Bollywood films since then.

He was an able cook and made many kinds of wine.

He made many claims scorning women of the night.

made the first

He made the first of five tours to Australia in 1952.

That was the year that they made the first Chatham Blanket.

He was made the first Lari MP with no elections being held.

made between

It was made between about 1430 to 1440, probably in London.

He sees the wedding arrangements made between him and Bhanu.

There were 47 films in the series, made between 1960 and 1965.

later made

He later made 12 appearances in the 1996 K League.

Kara-Tur was later made a continent of Abeir-Toril.

A music video was later made to accompany the song.

made more

In 1934, the ball was made more pointed at the ends.

He also noted, "Fouts made more mistakes than Rivers."

Regret that I couldn't have made more films.

made landfall   (上陸した)

On August 24, Tembin made landfall in southern Taiwan.

Annette made landfall at Mandora Station on 18 December.

Three tropical storms made landfall in the United States.

made her first

She made her first appearance on 24 November 2008.

Mishti made her first appearance on 18 April 2017.

She made her first cruise to southern waters in 1912.

made his international

He made his international debut for Malta in 2018.

He made his international debut for Malta in 2012.

having made

He left Plainmoor after only one season having made 24 appearances.

On 1 September 2011 he was released having made just two appearances.

He finished the season having made 21 league appearances for the club.

only made   (作られただけ)

He only made 15 appearances with 1 goal for the club.

After 15 minutes, Australia had only made 0/10.

It probably only made bricks in any quantity.

made significant   (重要にした)

Hoyt made significant contributions in five areas.

Stephen Smale made significant advances as well.

Control theory made significant strides over the next century.

made only   (のみ作られた)

Over the next two seasons, Herbel made only six starts.

Septeto Soprano made only one recording during this decade.

He made only six starts, losing them all.

film made   (フィルム製)

In the overseas market, the film made $2,790,000.

In its second weekend, the film made $13.4 million.

It was the first colour film made in Australia.

made the decision   (決定した)

Her mother made the decision to drop her surname.

made the decision to continue as a three-piece.

Bryan Konietzko made the decision to have it removed.

made it possible   (可能にした)

This made it possible to fold the scroll as an accordion.

These points made it possible for him to go to the Paralympics.

The MOSFET made it possible to build high-density integrated circuits.

made its debut

In addition, "Economic 90" made its debut on GDTV.

"Champagne per uno" made its debut April 12, 2012.

The Nissan Terra made its debut in Asia in early 2018.

made appearances   (登場した)

During this time she made appearances in "Cop Rock".

He made appearances in film from the late 1950s onward.

Tom made appearances on the following shows:

made another   (別にした)

It would have made another classic Smiths single".

He made another film appearance in 2003's "".

Franklin made another expedition to the Arctic in 1825.

changes were made

Various changes were made with Hunt's appointment.

Other changes were made to lower acquisition costs.

For the European tour a number of changes were made.

made a number   (数を作りました)

He made a number of films for Robert L. Lippert.

He made a number of studies of Richmond Bridge.

Bell made a number of administrative reforms.

team made   (チームメイド)

The team made their TV debut on the October 5th.

The team made similar result on season 2008-09.

In 2008, the team made it to the finals but fell short.

made their way

Thousands made their way to Mobile to find work.

These rumours then made their way into popular culture.

Two platoons successfully made their way to the other side.

made its first

The conjunto made its first overseas tour in 1955.

The Lie-Fang made its first flight on 10 May 1958.

The Jantar 2 made its first flight on 2 February 1976.

usually made   (通常作られる)

They are usually made with heavier construction.

The crests were usually made of plumes or horse hair.

They were usually made in the Hanyang Arsenal.

first made

Modern bikinis were first made of cotton and jersey.

Scalextric was first made in Havant, Hampshire in 1956.

made it clear   (明確にした)

He made it clear that his autocracy would not be limited.

But recent scholarship has made it clear that more was involved.

Anne turned to Paul when Nick made it clear he wanted a divorce.

often made   (よく作られた)

Simpler inlays are often made of plastic or painted.

Cheaper student models are often made in China.

Bolton’s artwork was often made into Christmas cards.

made contact   (連絡した)

She made contact with her and they agreed to meet.

He made contact with the spy Thomas Pichon.

He made contact with Henri Breuil (Abbé).

made clear   (明らかにした)

The form is made clear with the following example.

1980: Anne finally made clear signs of recovery.

How four attackers killed 238 people is not made clear.

made his way

Willemse then made his way through to the top six.

Released ashore, Dalzeel made his way back to Jamaica.

By 1955 Smyth had made his way onto the starting fifteen.

made numerous

Kronfeld has made numerous media appearances, e.g.

However, he made numerous Silver Age reappearances.

Local censorship boards made numerous cuts to the film.

made using

The platform changes are made using a footbridge.

In 2012 an iPad app was made using the paintings.

The programmes were made using stop-frame animation.

made his major   (彼の専攻を作りました)

Bonds made his major league debut on May 30, 1986.

He made his major league debut on April 11, 2019.

He made his major league debut in September 2012.

made against   (に対して作られた)

This attack was made against Tokyo on 25 February.

There was no resistance made against the second posse.

Accusations were made against the Soviet side as well.

made their first

In 1878 Australia made their first tour to England.

They made their first burn to put them into a orbit.

They made their first live performance on "Music Bank".

when he made   (彼が作ったとき)

Lozano was only 15 when he made his debut for Platense in 2002.

He was already 27 when he made his debut in the 1941 VFL season.

Pelty was 22 years old when he made his Major League debut that year.

made a total   (合計した)

He made a total of four appearances in 2016–17.

He made a total of 9 appearances in the season.

He made a total of 12 appearances for the club.

made his league

On 30 July 2018, Aleksić made his league debut.

He made his league debut in a 2-0 victory over Viikingit.

He made his league debut for Dublin in 2002 against Offaly.

attempt was made   (試みられた)

No attempt was made to introduce it into England.

During the siege, no attempt was made to assault.

The next day, an attempt was made to land in North Bay.

made famous   (有名になった)

Radha was made famous through Jayadeva's "Gitagovinda" poems.

The F5 model was made famous by the founder of bluegrass, Bill Monroe.

This kick was made famous by the "wide right" call by the TV announcers.

made history

Stony Brook made history in Week 5 by defeating Army 23–3.

After all, they made history as the first women ever to do so.

The film received numerous international awards and also made history.

eventually made

She eventually made a comeback as concert artist.

He and Oshins eventually made his mother relent.

Bowman was eventually made a producer on the series.

made it difficult   (困難にした)

This made it difficult for his galiots to manoeuvre.

Sometimes the security made it difficult for them, you know.

This made it difficult to change the code to work with EBCDIC.

film was made   (映画が作られた)

The film was made at Twickenham Studios in London.

A short film was made about the 1969 by-election.

The film was made without government investment.

made of wood   (木で作られた)

These statues are typically made of wood or iron.

The pillars, roofs and floors were made of wood.

The shell of the drum is made of wood or metal.

changes made

However, there were some significant changes made.

Some critics praised the changes made from the film.

Since 16 April 2009, the changes made by Act No.

made his return   (帰ってきた)

He made his return to in-ring action on November 1.

On 15 June 2009, Knežević made his return to Livorno.

He made his return in week 7 against the Houston Texans.

made a cameo   (カメオを作った)

Kaikala Satyanarayana made a cameo appearance.

"Fun Size"'s star Thomas McDonell made a cameo appearance.

The band also made a cameo appearance in the 2004 film "Sleepover".

made sure   (確認しました)

He made sure to include items from both traditions.

Mrs Grose assures her that she made sure Quint died.

Plato stated: "My mother made sure that I was normal.

buildings made

B. Priestley made this comment about Cotswold buildings made of the local stone.

The old buildings made the news after 6 July 1991 when they were bombed by members of the AWB.

In 1805, fire destroyed most of the Detroit settlement, which had primarily buildings made of wood.

made a guest

Wilcox made a guest appearance in 1971 in "Room 222".

His band, Kick!, made a guest appearance.

His daughter Haley made a guest appearance on "Chicago P.D."

attempts were made

Several attempts were made to develop the island.

New attempts were made meanwhile to get them to renounce.

Other attempts were made in the early 1950s to rework old sites.

buildings made up

housing and buildings made up 4.4% of the total area, while transportation infrastructure made up 2.9%.

Of the built up area, housing and buildings made up 9.9% and transportation infrastructure made up 2.1%.

Of the built up area, housing and buildings made up 9.1% and transportation infrastructure made up 3.6%.

made significant contributions   (多大な貢献をした)

Hoyt made significant contributions in five areas.

He made significant contributions in these sub-fields of astronomy.

He also made significant contributions to the development of XQuery.

made a single

Behind the stumps he took 3 catches and made a single stumping.

Behind the stumps he took six catches and made a single stumping.

Behind the stumps he took seven catches and made a single stumping.

made little   (少しした)

Such goals made little strategic or political sense.

The attack on the fort initially made little headway.

He made little impact as a breeding stallion.

made headlines

The incident made headlines in India in April 2018.

His death made headlines across the country.

Drees made headlines in while pitching for the Vancouver Canadians.

made just   (ちょうど作った)

Rosa made just one script ("Back in Time for a Dime").

He made just one appearance for Tacuarembó.

He made just 13 appearances in his sole season in Arnhem.

finally made   (ついに作った)

1980: Anne finally made clear signs of recovery.

This move was finally made in September 2008.

George finally made his guitar gently weep."

made its way

It is unknown how the bomb made its way on board.

It is currently unknown how it made its way to India.

It has also made its way into the mining songs.

made guest

Tim Finn and Peter Jones both made guest appearances.

While Keough, Rossi and Rovsek made guest appearances.

He has also made guest appearances throughout the season.

made their debut

The Winter Guard made their debut in "Iron Man" vol.

Players are listed in the order they made their debut.

made a name

Mithqal quickly made a name for himself as a leader of raids.

Ivers made a name for herself by winning money from poker games.

Eugene has quickly made a name for itself as a culinary hub in Oregon.

originally made

Both had been originally made for Topham Beauclerk.

Royale was originally made available in December 2004.

Cornelius kegs were originally made by Cornelius, Inc.

already made

None of them was aware that Roosevelt had already made his decision.

At the age of 20, he had already made 76 appearances for his native club.

The duo Camille Bordes-Resnais and Alexis Lecaye already made "Les Dames".

population was made

18.8% of the population was made up of foreign nationals.

, 15% of the population was made up of foreign nationals.

, 9.8% of the population was made up of foreign nationals.

made plans

The SWAT members quickly huddled up and made plans.

The monarchists made plans to send agents into Russia.

Auchinleck therefore made plans for a defensive battle.

made guest appearances

Tim Finn and Peter Jones both made guest appearances.

While Keough, Rossi and Rovsek made guest appearances.

He has also made guest appearances throughout the season.

band made

The band made a promotional video for the single.

The band made a promotional cassette for the record.

made a brief   (簡単に説明した)

He also made a brief appearance in "DIY SOS".

She made a brief return to Serie A with Lugo in 1998–99.

He also made a brief appearance in the Premier League 2.

made through

Offensively, many gains were made through holes he opened."

The inroads of the robbers of Kafiristan are made through Panjshir.

Sell in, on the other hand, refers to sales made through a channel.

again made

In 2013 the Storm jerseys were again made by Kooga.

Additions were again made in the late 19th century.

In 2008 he again made the list, ranked 28th.

made before

The required repairs were not made before the tragedy.

A French prose version was made before 1469.

Only two recordings were made before 1992.

made a significant   (重要な)

One of them, Nicolas Tuite, made a significant investment in his company.

This is awarded annually to a member who has made a significant contribution to the CDG.

His sire line is extinct, but he made a significant contribution to the Thoroughbred breed.

made the playoffs

The Eagles made the playoffs in 1988, 1989, and 1990.

The team made the playoffs for the sixth consecutive year.

The team made the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year.

films made

Masala films made Amitabh Bachchan the biggest Bollywood star of the period.

Marker is usually credited as director or co-director of all of the films made by SLON.

Exclusive, however, survived and continued to distribute films made by other companies.

subsequently made

The lighthouse was subsequently made functional.

Several attempts are subsequently made on Liz's life.

He subsequently made two appearances as a substitute.

made the final

He made the final by beating Ivan Ljubičić, the seventh seed, 7–5, 6–2.

He came second in his group and thereby made the final of the tournament.

They then converted a two-point conversion that made the final score 10–8.

made all

He also, for a time, made all the restaurant’s pasta.

The 2005 changes now made all allowable forms equal standing.

He made all five extra-point attempts.

made a member

In 1820 he was made a member of the Royal Society.

He was made a member of the Crown Management Board.

In 1974 he was made a member of the Mexican Academy.