İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

magazine published   (dergi yayınlandı)

is a magazine published thirteen times a year by Future.

The magazine published poets from different styles and schools.

"El Firulete" was a tango magazine published from 1994 until 2014.

literary magazine   (edebiyat dergisi)

He was founding editor of Pakin literary magazine.

It published the literary magazine "Heretica".

He directed the literary magazine "Letras del Ecuador".

magazine called   (dergi denir)

magazine called the song 'excruciatingly operatic'.

"Rolling Stone" magazine called them "emo-gone-pop".

"New York" magazine called the scene "torture porn."

monthly magazine   (Aylık Dergi)

and "FLASH", and monthly magazine and website ("Cyzo").

It was an elegant monthly magazine, made on glossy paper.

Now he is an editor in Al Arabi monthly magazine in Kuwait.

music magazine   (müzik dergisi)

"Jukebox") was a Yugoslav music magazine.

Gabrielle Domanski of the Canadian music magazine "exclaim!"

The Canadian music magazine "Exclaim!"

magazine named

The magazine named it the eighth best album of 2009.

"GQ" magazine named Todd Greene to the 2010 Bald 100.

"Wired" magazine named Chumby one of its top gadgets for 2008.

news magazine

KPIX has a long-running, locally produced news magazine.

L'Arche (magazine) L'Arche is a Jewish news magazine in France.

He currently serves as the editor in chief of "Time", a weekly news magazine.

weekly magazine   (haftalık dergi)

From 1975 to 1979 she edited a weekly magazine.

"The Field" was started as a weekly magazine in 1853.

She then worked as a magazine and weekly magazine reporter.

online magazine   (çevrimiçi dergi)

In 2005 Cabrera founded an online magazine Fightmag.

It publishes a quarterly online magazine.

She is also a collaborator in the online magazine "Esguard".

magazine ranked

"Spin" magazine ranked it as the #16 album of 1998.

In 2008, "Travel & Leisure" magazine ranked Austin No.

The magazine ranked the school 2008 out of 316 schools.

film magazine   (film dergisi)

The film magazine "Empire" was more positive,

The film magazine closed permanently on December 1, 1998.

He later became head editor of the film magazine "Varia".

magazine articles

He wrote over 40 books and 200 magazine articles.

She was also a writer of magazine articles.

and has written 32 magazine articles.

magazine article

It was based on a magazine article "Homesteads of Hate".

The partnership was mentioned in a "Time" magazine article.

Jim is also an occasional magazine article writer and comic book enthusiast.

magazine editor

She worked as a magazine editor and spoke to youth about patriotism.

To prove that she is business-minded, Carmella becomes a magazine editor.

Later he got the job of a magazine editor with a salary of Rs 60 per month.

magazine described

"Stylus" magazine described the video as "sublimely bizarre".

The magazine described Peter as an "educated, well-mannered, worldly guy."

magazine described it as a "carefully layered and brilliantly crafted [record]".

magazine wrote

while "Billboard" magazine wrote that it "leans a bit too heavily" to the song.

"Clash" magazine wrote that her second album "places Kadhja Bonet in a league of her own."

"New York" magazine wrote that "despite what the sign reads, countless restaurants trump this spot."

manga magazine   (manga dergisi)

It has been serialized in Kodansha's "seinen" manga magazine "good!

Tōma began the manga in Shogakukan's "shōjo" manga magazine, Cheese!

It began with "Shōnen Jump" manga magazine in 1968, later renamed "Weekly Shōnen Jump".

magazine covers   (Dergi kapakları)

My photograph was on magazine covers and front pages of newspapers.

Thourlby started his modeling career by working for the pulp magazine covers.

The magazine covers policy, politics, and the management of government enterprises.

quarterly magazine   (üç aylık dergi)

It publishes a quarterly magazine called "Gildebrief".

It was published on a quarterly magazine.

The combined quarterly magazine was known as "Dirva-Žinynas".

magazine gave

Tomáš Landa of Level magazine gave Mise Quadam 50%.

Games" magazine gave it a score of 77 out of 100.

Lukáš Erben of "Score" magazine gave Lurid Land 70%.

fashion magazine

In April 2012 she posed for fashion magazine Maxim in Portugal.

On May 10, Takahashi modeled for "Vanquish Venus" fashion magazine.

BASIC Magazine BASIC Magazine is a fashion magazine based in Beverly Hills, CA.

magazine reported

"Computer and Video Games" magazine reported in its supplement "Hand-Held Go!"

The German printed Greenpeace magazine reported in its February 2009 edition about this asylum case.

The magazine reported in March 1984 that it received three defective drives in two weeks, and "Compute!

magazine was published

The magazine was published between 1979 and 1980.

The magazine was published on a monthly basis.

new magazine

In 2001, Pat Buchanan offered Sobran a column in Buchanan's new magazine "The American Conservative".

Juan Hernández-Luike, one of Hernández- Luike's sons, managed the new magazine for the first few years.

With "Fate" and "Other Worlds" launched, Palmer began to plan for a new magazine, to be called "Imagination".

lifestyle magazine   (yaşam tarzı dergisi)

She wrote for and edited the paper's weekend lifestyle magazine.

Loaded (magazine) Loaded is an online men's lifestyle magazine.

Its sister publication is "Portland Monthly", a lifestyle magazine.

satirical magazine   (hiciv dergisi)

Holman was the co-editor of Black & White, a satirical magazine.

"Prezentul" was engaged in polemics with "Furnica", the satirical magazine.

The satirical magazine, Punch, characterised the campaign as Willcocks’ Weekend War.

magazine included

In 2009, Decibel magazine included the album in its "Hall of Fame" list.

Metal Hammer magazine included it in its Top 20 Albums of 1997 list at number 1.

The magazine included an article called "101 Reasons to Love Parks and Recreation."

trade magazine

"Die Schwalbe" is worldwide recognised as a trade magazine.

15 in ticket sales worldwide according to industry trade magazine Pollstar.

Film Business Asia Film Business Asia was a film trade magazine based in Hong Kong.

magazine is published

The magazine is published by Otava every Friday.

The magazine is published on a quarterly basis.

The magazine is published on a monthly basis.

magazine show   (dergi gösterisi)

He also fronted the lifestyle magazine show "Five News at Breakfast".

In 2006 she became the co-presenter of "Yom Hadash" (A New Day), Keshet's morning magazine show.

969 (TV series) 969 (formally called MTV Select or Select) was a one-hour lifestyle magazine show.

same magazine

The fight itself was also named "Fight of the Year" by the same magazine.

The same magazine named it in #8 on "Top 25 Power Metal Albums of All Time."

In 2004, the same magazine named it the 34th greatest British film of all time.


V Digital Services made Inc. magazine’s “Inc.

The magazine’s publisher and Editor in Chief is Enrique Perrella.

During his years in New York City, he was the magazine’s New York correspondent.

magazine s

V Digital Services made Inc. magazine’s “Inc.

The magazine’s publisher and Editor in Chief is Enrique Perrella.

During his years in New York City, he was the magazine’s New York correspondent.

powder magazine   (toz dergisi)

One room in the Austrian powder magazine is dedicated to Goethe and his visit.

Bonnet ordered his gunner, George Ross, to blow up the "Royal James's" powder magazine.

The wooden houses of Praga caught fire, leading to the massive explosion of a powder magazine.

newspaper and magazine

He also spends time with a young Spanish woman who works in a nearby newspaper and magazine kiosk.

Andy Collins has appeared in the following newspaper and magazine articles, websites and podcasts.

Polychlorinated biphenyls are often found in pigments which are used in newspaper and magazine paper.

pulp magazine   (kağıt hamuru dergisi)

Thourlby started his modeling career by working for the pulp magazine covers.

The story was first published in the June 1926 issue of the pulp magazine "Weird Tales".

"Men of Daring" also appeared in the first two issues of the short-lived pulp magazine "Red Star Adventures".

magazine listed

"Kludge" magazine listed it as one of the 25 best albums of 2001.

"Q" magazine listed it as the nineteenth greatest hip-hop song of all time.

In 2009, "People" magazine listed her as the fourth-best-dressed celebrity in India.

magazine featured

"Rock Hard" magazine featured "Ritual."

The magazine featured articles on celebrities and targeted women's.

The Toronto Special news magazine featured White Squirrel hunts in a past issue.

print magazine

In 2017, the print magazine became bi-monthly.

was the only print magazine especially for plus size women in Europe.

The print magazine ceased publication with the December 2016/January 2017 issue.

business magazine   (iş dergisi)

He was listed as Singapore's richest businessman by the business magazine "Forbes" in 2003.

He co-founded the business magazine "Governo e Empresa" and the political magazine "O Poder".

On August 2010, it was present in a ranking of the Brazilian business magazine "ISTOÉ Dinheiro".

fiction magazine

from 1975-1977 he was author and editor of the Norwegian science fiction magazine NOVA.

Rayer was largely associated with the John Carnell era of New Worlds science fiction magazine.

Fantasy Magazine Fantasy Magazine was an American online fantasy and science fiction magazine.

magazine publisher

Additionally, magazine publisher Meredith Corporation is based in Des Moines.

His son, Walter Pulitzer, who was an author and magazine publisher, died in 1926.

Pacific Magazines Pacific Magazines is a magazine publisher operating in Australia.

art magazine

Olga Perović, "Ovdje (Former Montenegrin art magazine)", September 1973.

Together with Włodzimierz Tetmajer, he founded a bi-weekly art magazine, "Świat" (The World).

From 1927 to 1936, Zaloscer was the editor of the art magazine "Belvedere", and corresponded with Thomas Mann.

magazine cover   (Dergi kapağı)

Achieving this will reward the player with a magazine cover.

And more recently, Deepika Padukone also shot for the magazine cover.

Alice started modeling in 2013 and also appeared on magazine cover photos.

magazine stated

In 1999, "Men's Health" magazine stated his height was .

"Flight" magazine stated that the number involved was "about four".

JazzTimes magazine stated that "their kinship goes far beyond technical facility or theory.

magazine noted

"Edge" magazine noted that "Alpha Centauri" remained "highly regarded" in 2006.

A writer of "Billboard" magazine noted that Knowles "brought all the fierceness" on stage for the tour.

The US "Soaring" magazine noted that the only single seater to beat them was the winner, Paul MacCready.

comics magazine

He created his most well-known series, "El Eden", for the Spanish comics magazine El Globo.

The series first appeared in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine "Pilote" on 29 October 1959.

The Eisner-winning digital comics magazine "PanelxPanel" selected "Isola" as its feature comic for April 2018.

magazine praised

The magazine praised Firebird's work on the port.

"Life" magazine praised Steiger's "endless versatility."

One magazine praised the book for being "quiet and beautiful".

first magazine

It was her first magazine pictorial.

Eventually Nicanor and Ramon established their first magazine, "El Oasis."

Daft Punk had their first magazine cover in that issue, and also their last unmasked photographs since.

humor magazine   (mizah dergisi)

While at MIT, he was editor of "VooDoo", the student humor magazine.

Kutty also contributed to Shankar's Weekly, a humor magazine launched in 1948.

Branscum is featured in issue #2 of print humor magazine The American Bystander.

school magazine   (okul dergisi)

The school magazine become "The Brooch" in 1976.

A school magazine entitled "Kananook" is published every year.

"The Record" is the school magazine.

magazine founded

Midnight Street Midnight Street is a British horror fiction magazine founded and published by Trevor Denyer.

Closer (magazine) Closer is a British tabloid magazine founded in 2005 and published by Bauer Consumer Media.

Gotham (magazine) Gotham was a regional magazine founded by publisher Jason Binn in 2001 and published by Niche Media, LLC.

magazine reviewed

In March 2018, "Time" magazine reviewed the status of the EPA's website after a year of Pruitt's tenure.

"Mix" magazine reviewed Country Bill's as one of "five vintage restaurants that have stood the test of time".

Deborah Evans Price, of "Billboard" magazine reviewed the song favorably calling it one of the best ballads of the year.

magazine was founded

The magazine was founded in 1949 by David J. Murphy.

The magazine was founded by Ljuba Čupa in August 1911.

In 2013, Pulp Literature magazine was founded on Bowen Island.

own magazine   (kendi dergisi)

In 1956, Bellas launched his own magazine, "The Male Figure".

Since 1999 Daisy, like Donald Duck has her own magazine in the Netherlands.

Zlarin has its own magazine called "Pisma s otoka" ("Letters from the island").

magazine programme

The Scottish magazine programme airs weekdays at 5pm.

He is a presenter on Deaf magazine programme "See Hear".

He is a former presenter on deaf magazine programme "See Hear".

magazine ceased

"Rock & Roll Disc" magazine ceased publication in 1992.

The magazine ceased publication in 2010.

The magazine ceased publication in 1921.

official magazine

In 1959, the sorority's official magazine creased publication.

"The Scroll" of Phi Delta Theta is the official magazine for members of the fraternity.

The institute's official magazine is "Supply Management", published monthly by Haymarket.

political magazine

"Žinyčia" was a cultural, not political magazine.

A political magazine, "Die Locomotive", was shut down by the government censors.

Globus (Macedonian magazine) Glbus was a weekly political magazine in Macedonia.

gaming magazine

Japanese gaming magazine "Famitsu" gave it 32 out of 40 score.

It won the 1987 Game of the Year award from Japanese gaming magazine "".

Japanese gaming magazine "Famitsu" gave the game a score of 32 out of 40.

science fiction magazine

from 1975-1977 he was author and editor of the Norwegian science fiction magazine NOVA.

Rayer was largely associated with the John Carnell era of New Worlds science fiction magazine.

Fantasy Magazine Fantasy Magazine was an American online fantasy and science fiction magazine.

magazine based

BASIC Magazine BASIC Magazine is a fashion magazine based in Beverly Hills, CA.

Film Business Asia Film Business Asia was a film trade magazine based in Hong Kong.

InRock InRock is a Russian language rock magazine based in Moscow and distributed CIS-wide.

magazine devoted

CD-Action CD-Action is a Polish magazine devoted to video games.

In 1997, Coppola founded "", a literary magazine devoted to short stories and design.

"The Costume Designer" is a quarterly magazine devoted to the costume design industry.

cultural magazine

George Lazăr (magazine) George Lazăr is a cultural magazine published in Bârlad.

Lamalif, a radical leftist political and cultural magazine, was based in Casablanca.

", the business and consumer magazine "mex" and the cultural magazine "hauptsache kultur".

magazine format

The magazine format had used photo covers of everyday teens.

In 1955, with issue 24, the comic book converted to a magazine format.

This was soon consolidated into a series of single films, moving away from the magazine format.

magazine writer

The novel's author, James Brady, is a magazine writer with columns in "Parade" magazine and "Advertising Age".

While following up on his second suggestion, he meets and befriends Cara (Beane), a struggling magazine writer.

Lee's husband, magazine writer Tom Wood, wrote a frank piece on Parsons which did not go over well with the columnist.

game magazine

However, it soon evolved into a video game magazine.

TwinBee" was awarded "Best Shooting Game of 1991" by the Japanese arcade game magazine "Gamest".

Pegasus (game magazine) Pegasus was a gaming magazine published from 1981 to 1983 by Judges Guild.

magazine placed

POZ magazine placed her on the "POZ 100" list of HIV/AIDS activists under 30.

In 2010 "Wasafiri" magazine placed "Orange Laughter" on its 25 Most Influential Books list.

In 2006, "Q" magazine placed the album at number 24 in its list of 40 Best Albums of the '80s.

magazine began

While in Hollywood, the idea of a magazine began to form.

The magazine began publication in 1991 as was published weekly.

The magazine began in 1996 as the "Christian Bookstore Journal".

magazine charts

It first reached the Billboard magazine charts on June 25, 1955, and spent a total of 7 weeks there.

Their most famous hit was "Moments to Remember", which first reached the "Billboard" magazine charts on September 3, 1955.

After their version was reviewed positively in "The Billboard" magazine on January 15, 1955, it entered the Billboard magazine charts on January 29, 1955, eventually spending 14 weeks in the there.

edited the magazine

He also edited the magazine "Avholds-Arbeideren" until 1961.

For a time after 1928, he edited the magazine, "World's Work".

During the Italian Campaign, she edited the magazine "Il Mondo Libero".

box magazine

The AR-30 features a 5-round detachable box magazine.

The M1951 is fed from an 8-round detachable box magazine.

Sustained rate also applies to box magazine fed assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles.

sports magazine

He continued working for the sports magazine until about 2005.

Originally Australian sports magazine Rugby League Week named the immortals.

He is co-founding editor of Some "Call It Ballin’", a literary sports magazine.

student magazine   (öğrenci dergisi)

He edited and wrote for "Granta", a student magazine.

Since 1937 VUWSA have funded student magazine "Salient'.

His first published poems appeared in the university's student magazine in 1930.

magazine dedicated

"The Street", a magazine dedicated to the show, was launched in 1989.

A few months after his death, "Roet" magazine dedicated an issue to Heyting.

In 1960 he worked with Revista Magisterio, a magazine dedicated to education.

magazine publishing   (dergi yayıncılığı)

Husni has been called a leading expert in magazine publishing.

The publishers did not intend to return as a print daily newspaper, concentrating instead on web and magazine publishing.

Weening had successful experience as a start-up CEO in book and magazine publishing, online services and enterprise software systems.

arts magazine

At Cambridge, he founded "Circuit", a literary and arts magazine that he co-edited between 1966 and 1969.

"Noesis" is the student creative arts magazine, providing a forum for student artists to publish their work.

She was the first woman to appear on the cover of a martial arts magazine, and in 1986 co-authored a book with George Chung titled, "Advanced Dynamic Kicks".

magazine became

In 2017, the print magazine became bi-monthly.

The magazine became available for US subscribers in 2012.

In 1999, the magazine became part of Bloomberg News and Ronald Henkoff became editor.

popular magazine

It is the second most popular magazine in Spain after "Pronto".

She published works in "Valery Kravets" ( "The Polar Truth") and in the popular magazine "Worker."

The Society's objective was to produce a popular magazine primarily focusing on Canadian geography.

founded the magazine

They founded the magazine to provide a voice for American Jews.

In 1939, he founded the magazine "Kingdom Come", which he edited.

Adonis), al-Khal founded the magazine "Shi'r" ("Poetry") in Beirut in 1957.

magazine ceased publication

"Rock & Roll Disc" magazine ceased publication in 1992.

The magazine ceased publication in 2010.

The magazine ceased publication in 1921.

culture magazine

Ubukata writes for the Japanese visual culture magazine "Newtype".

Spex (magazine) Spex was a German rock and pop culture magazine located in Berlin, Germany.

She was the creative director of fashion and culture magazine "Rodeo", between 2012 and 2015.

comic magazine

Adebayo also published the comic magazine "Skank".

It is the first Malayalam comic magazine to syndicate Disney Comics.

She went on to produce a sequel version, "Onmyōji: Tamatebako", in the comic magazine "Melody".

science magazine

Metallurgy Analysis Metallurgical analysis (冶金分析, in Chinese) is a science magazine based in Beijing, China.

He has hosted some episodes of two science magazine programmes - "Turning Point" and "Imaging Science" on Doordarshan in 1990s.

He was also one of the founders of "Ciência e Cultura", the science magazine of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC).

entertainment magazine

Anandadhara Anandadhara is a fortnightly entertainment magazine in Bangladesh.

Heat (magazine) Heat is a UK entertainment magazine published by Bauer Media Group.

A locally-printed lifestyle and entertainment magazine, Esperance Tide, was first published in 2016.

national magazine   (ulusal dergi)

receipt of national magazine and voting on national issues).

In the 1970s, one national magazine named Westlake one of the ten best suburbs in America.

A national magazine was launched by the London Committee in April 1963, published under the name "Resistance" from January 1964.