Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

newspapers and magazines   (periódicos y revistas)

He illustrated many newspapers and magazines as well.

The photos were published in newspapers and magazines.

The book has been reviewed in newspapers and magazines.

magazines such   (revistas como)

His writing also appeared in magazines such as "New Age" and "Cypria" .

While with Ford, she worked for magazines such as Seventeen and Glamour.

In the 1990s, she appeared on the covers of magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

magazines and newspapers   (revistas y periódicos)

to hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

She keeps regular columns in China for film magazines and newspapers.

He started working in fanzines, then moved on to magazines and newspapers.

magazines including

Hill has written for numerous magazines including a regular column for "Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty", "Hello!"

And has appeared in magazines including CR Fashion Book, Allure, Glamour, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, and Elle.

Cicoria has appeared in numerous magazines including, "The Week", "SuperConsciousness Magazine", and "Financial Times".

literary magazines

He has contributed to several literary magazines as an editor.

His works are published in many major literary magazines and national newspapers.

During the early 1910s, Karnabatt joined several of Romania's Symbolist circles and literary magazines.

other magazines   (otras revistas)

His cartoons also appear in "Reflex" and several other magazines.

His work has been published in "Trains", other magazines and many books.

Among other magazines, "POSE Mag" and "Liz Magazine" released articles of her.

various magazines

By 1910, the Institute's library contained 2015 books and various magazines.

About this time he also began to write science fiction for various magazines.

A series of Dizzy Gillespie pictures has been published in various magazines.

fashion magazines

Cole has modeled for fitness and fashion magazines.

She also worked as a model for fashion magazines and posters.

She studied fashion magazines and interpreted the latest fashion trend on her clothing.

books and magazines

It is notably referenced in numerous books and magazines.

Several photo books and magazines have showcased her photography.

The GAV has published several books and magazines according to their own orthographical rules.

several magazines

He also worked as Editor and Subeditor of several magazines during his lifetime.

She writes for several magazines, and works as an editor for "Beyond Blue" magazine.

Chase has been working as an influencer and appeared in several magazines and programmes.

pulp magazines   (revistas de pulpa)

Most of the stories were originally published in various pulp magazines.

Her first professional sales appeared in pulp magazines beginning in 1933.

His early work was commercial, including stories for pulp magazines, and he often wrote under pseudonyms.

published in magazines

She also wrote articles published in magazines.

His articles have been published in magazines and journals.

In the late 1940s several of his other stories were published in magazines.

music magazines

Online music magazines and blogs were often less kind.

She has also received attention from Louisiana newspapers and music magazines.

Many music magazines feature her CDs and often write reviews such as a review in "Evil Sponge".

many magazines

The popular press embraced him and his photo appeared in many magazines.

During his journey through Central America, Mexico and the US, he contributed to many magazines and journals.

After leaving Wisconsin, he freelanced in New York for many magazines including "Sports Illustrated", "TIME" and "LIFE".

journals and magazines

His scientific works were published in many journals and magazines around the world.

They wrote in journals and magazines in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

She was a frequent contributor to both Jewish and secular journals and magazines, publicly advocating for gender equality.

popular magazines

By 1892, he was also receiving commissions for illustrations in popular magazines of the era.

She managed a comeback in media and was on the covers of many popular magazines for a long time.

His writings on consciousness have appeared in a number of academic journals and popular magazines.

magazines published

Below is a list of magazines published in the Sambalpuri language:

In 1989 magazines published a letter by Gilman Louie, head of Spectrum Holobyte.

He is the publisher and primary contributor to books and magazines published by his company, RE/Search Publications.

national magazines   (revistas nacionales)

His photographs have appeared on covers of more than 100 national magazines.

Along with freelancing for several national magazines, he then worked at Men's Journal.

She also makes collaborations in national magazines and newspapers and radio stations as well.

numerous magazines

There are numerous magazines produced in and for the Dayton region.

Hill has written for numerous magazines including a regular column for "Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty", "Hello!"

Cicoria has appeared in numerous magazines including, "The Week", "SuperConsciousness Magazine", and "Financial Times".

magazines and journals

His articles have been published in magazines and journals.

Calio's writings have appeared internationally in anthologies, magazines and journals.

List of Nikola Tesla writings Tesla wrote a number of books and articles for magazines and journals.

appeared in magazines

His writing also appeared in magazines such as "New Age" and "Cypria" .

Her work has also appeared in magazines like "The Nation"," Vogue", and "Elle".

His work has also appeared in magazines such as Newsweek and Smithsonian Magazine.

such magazines

She has since appeared on morning talk shows and given interviews in such magazines as "People".

His first published works appeared such magazines as "Saturday Night", "Sports Illustrated" and "Esquire".

Welles was also a fetish magazine model for such magazines as "Bizarre" while using the stage name "Lisa Duran".

fiction magazines

Krenkel provided illustrations to several science fiction magazines.

Jean is doubtful, suggesting the idea of torus-shaped space stations hadn't yet made it into the science fiction magazines of his youth.

American science fiction magazines first appeared in the 1920s with the appearance of "Amazing Stories", a pulp magazine published by Hugo Gernsback.

number of magazines   (cantidad de revistas)

Woods has published prose and poetry in a number of magazines, including:

and has featured in a number of magazines like "Apps Magazine" , Mobile Choice

The publishing house was also responsible for the publication of a number of magazines.