Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

mail order   (Pedido por correo)

They may also be sold in sex shops or by mail order.

The mail order business had over 50,000 subscribers.

Others sell by appointment or mail order only.

mail service   (servicio de correo)

In 1856, Young organized an efficient mail service.

There is daily mail service and a private 1600' airstrip.

It was the first regular mail service established along the trail.

mail fraud   (Fraude de correo)

In 1872, Congress created the crime of mail fraud.

On August 25, 2006, Gonzalez was indicted on federal mail fraud charges.

In 1996, DiNapoli pleaded guilty in the federal mail fraud conspiracy case.

direct mail   (correo directo)

He initially built his agency using a direct mail promotion.

Hinners was one of the first American businesses to exclusively make use of direct mail order.

He came across an FH direct mail letter and started to contribute funds to FH every few months.

mail delivery   (entrega de correo)

This was used for mail delivery in Toronto as early as 1901.

A new, bomb-proof mail delivery room has already been built at the rear of the building.

A key interest of Deutsche Luft Hansa at that time was the reduction of mail delivery times.

air mail

He also flew the first air mail from Atlanta to Jacksonville, Florida in 1926.

In 1930, the administration invited tenders for an air mail and passenger carrier service.

During the Army's involvement they proved to be too unreliable and lost their air mail duties.

fan mail

He said that he received more fan mail about his role as Mr.

The film was a major financial success, and she received a lot of fan mail as a result.

The title began to receive fan mail and Lee started printing the letters in a letter column with issue #3.

hate mail   (correo de odio)

He has received hate mail for his statements.

The death threats and hate mail continued over the years.

She received a great deal of hate mail and angry phone calls.

through the mail

In the 1870s, he began marketing plans for churches through the mail.

In Washington, Oregon and Colorado all voting is done through the mail.

"You Are Invited," a song about an anonymous invitation that comes through the mail, deals with belonging and selflessness.

mail carrier

Chinaski is a writer who worked for years as a mail carrier.

to a simple "postbag" used by a mail carrier to deliver mail.

Carell states that he worked as a mail carrier in Littleton, Massachusetts.

voice mail

As Allison listens to a voice mail from her great-granddaughter, she slumps in her chair.

This email demonstrated that use of illegal interception of voice mail messages was being used at "News of the World" by more than just Clive Goodman.

Inspiration for the song came from a friend of Scott Kirkland who was using ecstasy and leaving voice mail messages telling him "I wish you could trip like I do."

via mail

Stallworth responded to the posting via mail to a P.O.

Wright contacted Sweetman via mail in 1991, to request an interview.

It is a Thursday newspaper delivered to subscribers via mail, but hits newsstands Wednesday.

mail art

Artists who became involved were often connected to the zine scene or mail art movements.

In the 1990s, anarchists became involved in the mail art movement – "art which uses the postal service in some way".

The threads of the story can be traced back as far as the 1980s on bulletin board systems, old xerox mail art networks and early zines.

mail room   (sala de correo)

Naegle began her career in the mail room at United Talent Agency.

He got a job at Masterdisk in the mail room and making cassettes in 1980.

Greenberg recalled "I think even the janitor and the mail room guys weighed in at one point.