main character   (主人公)

The book's main character, Linda, can taste words.

The default name for the main character is "Revya".

Otto is the main character of the series H.I.V.E.

main line   (本線)

It is a station on the New Delhi–Mumbai main line.

(The main line was not electrified until 1937).

The Morristown & Erie's main line diverges at this point.

main entrance   (正面玄関)

The main entrance to the park is off Freemans Lane.

The commissionaire kept watch at the main entrance.

On the main entrance there are sculptures of faces.

main draw   (メインドロー)

His next main draw appearance was at the U.S.

Note: Only main draw results are considered.

In 2015, he qualified for the main draw in Indian Wells.

main building   (本館)

The main building was sold to a funeral institute.

The main building at Singel 425 is from the 1960s.

The original main building was constructed in 1934.

main characters   (主人公)

Tom and Mark were the main characters of the show.

The story features seven main characters in total.

The following actors portray the main characters.

main event   (メインイベント)

The All-Star Game is the main event of the day.

The main event in the sporting calendar was Open Week.

The main event was a Turismo Carretera race.

main road   (主要道路)

Pennsylvania Route 68 is the main road in Eidenau.

Anzac Drive is a main road just outside Kalgoorlie.

This is the main road of northeastern Gibraltar.

main campus   (メインキャンパス)

Its main campus is located in Shah Alam, Selangor.

The main campus is located in Clifton Forge, Virginia.

A residential complex is near the main campus.

main source   (主な情報源)

This has been the main source of fiscal imbalance.

The village's main source of income is agriculture.

farming is the main source of income of natives.

main focus   (主な焦点)

Her main focus was on housing and homeless issues.

As of 2013, the Foundation’s main focus is autism.

Their relationship is the main focus of the series.

main street   (大通り)

These dolmens flank both sides of the main street.

Many houses on the narrow main street are slate hung.

He has a main street in Mettmann named in his memory.

main body   (本体)

Her main body of work consisted of seven novels.

The main body followed by the same route on 8 October.

Meem's men advanced with Jackson's main body.

singles main   (シングルスメイン)

Martínez made his ATP main draw debut at the 2018 Grand Prix Hassan II after qualifying for the singles main draw.

Seyboth Wild made his ATP main draw debut at the 2018 Brasil Open after receiving a wildcard into the singles main draw.

In 2005, he compete in the men's singles main draw at the All England Open after won three match in the qualification round.

singles main draw   (シングルスメインドロー)

Martínez made his ATP main draw debut at the 2018 Grand Prix Hassan II after qualifying for the singles main draw.

Seyboth Wild made his ATP main draw debut at the 2018 Brasil Open after receiving a wildcard into the singles main draw.

In 2005, he compete in the men's singles main draw at the All England Open after won three match in the qualification round.

main cast   (主要キャスト)

The main cast remained unchanged for all 11 years.

She was added to the main cast in the third season.

The main cast and musical group was composed of:

main reason   (主な理由)

That is the main reason for the floods in this area.

The main reason to be quiet while eating is for safety.

Climate change appears to be the main reason.

main house   (メインハウス)

Hopewell's two-story main house dates from 1818.

The main house has a Georgian center hall plan.

The main house, built in c.1812, is Georgian in style.

main theme   (メインテーマ)

Retributive justice is the main theme of the story.

The main theme was the inclusion of the NWO.

The main theme in his work is the struggle for survival.

main purpose   (主目的)

In Europe the breed's main purpose is to produce milk.

The main purpose of Gibraltar Dam is domestic water supply.

The main purpose is to collect money for several charities.

main part   (主要部分)

The complex consists of the main part and Ichgala.

Randalummoodu junction is a main part of Randalummodu

The main part of the forests is Tugai forest.

became the main   (メインになりました)

Quantity rather than quality became the main focus.

This became the main factory for wine manufacturing.

In May 1943 RAF Calveley became the main base for No.

main goal   (主な目標)

The shelter's main goal is sterilizing the cats.

Andropov's main goal was to avoid an open war.

His main goal was to keep the union together.

main objective   (主な目的)

The main objective of IST-AC is to educate engineers.

Recruitment is a main objective for martyrdom videos.

The main objective was reached in three hours.

main block   (メインブロック)

The main block of the house was built around 1855.

A 1-1/2 story ell extends to the rear of the main block.

A flush chimney rises from each gable end of the main block.

main hall   (メインホール)

The portal leads them to the Erlking's main hall.

The Mahavira Hall is the main hall of the temple.

The Mahavira Hall is the main hall in the temple.

main role   (主役)

Otherwise, their main role was convoy protection.

Her main role was to provide daily weather reports.

The force's main role is in national security.

main economic   (主な経済)

The main economic activity in Naranjal is farming.

The main economic sector in Tubas is agriculture.

The main economic activity in Las Minas is farming.

main roads   (主要道路)

The main roads generally radiate from Barcelona.

PR 1 also includes most main roads in the two parks.

All main roads and almost all regional roads are paved.

main antagonist   (主な敵)

is the main antagonist of "Wizard" portion of "".

He serves as the main antagonist of the third film.

He is ultimately the main antagonist of season two.

whose main   (その主な)

Most curling clubs have an ice maker whose main job is to care for the ice.

Sato was primarily a grappler whose main strength was found in his offensive skills.

Ashoke Sen is an Indian theoretical physicist whose main area of work is string theory.

main route   (メインルート)

It is also a main route to Sepang and Labu town.

It is a main route to Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport.

Banks Creek Road is the main route through the locality.

main types   (主なタイプ)

The unimproved grassland consists of two main types.

Four main types of population pairs exist in nature.

There are two main types of symbols, these are:

main stage   (メインステージ)

She performed on the main stage at most of these festivals.

The market also offers live entertainment on the main stage.

The main stage is in Plaza de César Chávez with others nearby.

main difference   (主な違い)

The main difference in the two classes is the motor rules.

The main difference between two styles is between the clothing.

One main difference is however the generation of candidate sets.

main station   (主要駅)

The main station building is now a private house.

DGG is main station to reach Bambleshwari Temple.

It is located 900m west of the main station.

main facade   (メインファサード)

The main facade on Amaliegade is seven bays long.

The main facade of the building has a rich decor.

The main facade has a base of smooth ashlar.

s main   (メイン)

The Association’s main office is based in Cologne.

As of 2013, the Foundation’s main focus is autism.

The company’s main facility is in Burlington, NC.

other main   (他のメイン)

The other main road is the modern Via Aurelia.

The other main Chinese paper in Montreal is Sept Days.

outside) the town are the other main residential areas.

main areas   (主なエリア)

The main areas of the sandwich skin were only thick.

Three main areas of interest rapidly developed.

It began with two main areas of concern.

main reasons   (主な理由)

Famine and drought were the main reasons of bread shortage.

Depression is one of the main reasons for cessation of use.

Climate change is attributed to land use for two main reasons.

main town   (本町)

It is also the name of the main town in the parish.

Aberdare East includes the main town of Aberdare.

The scene shows the main town of the Island."

main sequence   (メインシーケンス)

It is an A-type main sequence star of class A8V.

Gomeisa is a blue-white main sequence star.

This may indicate there is an undetected main sequence companion.

main battery   (メインバッテリー)

The main battery guns had stronger armor protection, at thick.

The main battery turrets had thick faces and 70 mm thick sides.

main island   (本島)

On the republic's main island, gusts reached at Le Morne Brabant.

Five of the districts are located on the main island, Grand Cayman.

Itô was born in Hokusei in Mie Prefecture on the main island of Honshū.

main altar   (主祭壇)

The main altar is made of stone and dates to 1818.

The main altar dates to 1682 and the bell to 1692.

Inside are one nave and a Neoclassical main altar.

main force   (主力)

Hasdrubal supervised the main force's crossing.

This tied up the main force of Roman infantry.

Radwan had placed two squadrons ahead of his main force.

main railway   (本線)

Exeter is served by three main railway stations.

The city's main railway hub is Nagano Station.

The main railway station is that at Logroño.

main base   (メインベース)

The TDS' main base is Touliki Base, in Nuku'alofa.

Its main base was Vancouver International Airport.

Its main base was Sarajevo International Airport.

main sources   (主な情報源)

The river, ponds and spring are main sources of irrigation.

The two main sources of feed for Zulu sheep are maize and hay.

The main sources of income are agriculture and animal rearing.

main office   (本社)

The Association’s main office is based in Cologne.

Its main office is in Norderstedt, North Germany.

The company's main office is located in Hoboken.

s main   (のメイン)

The Association’s main office is based in Cologne.

As of 2013, the Foundation’s main focus is autism.

The company’s main facility is in Burlington, NC.

main protagonist   (主人公)

Jack West Jr is the main protagonist of the book.

Marybeth is the main protagonist of the series.

This includes the main protagonist himself, Kinnikuman.

main attraction   (メインアトラクション)

The main attraction is the massive medieval castle.

The main attraction is the backwaters in Arpookara.

Its main attraction is the Stoneham Mountain Resort.

main armament   (主砲)

The Emil's main armament depended on the subtype.

The main armament of the ships were six single turret guns.

The main armament of the ships were four single turret guns.

main squad   (メインチーム)

He was promoted to the main squad for the 2011–12 campaign.

The main squad consisted almost exclusively of Dynamo Kyiv's players.

On 9 August of the following year, he was definitely promoted to the main squad.

main church   (メイン教会)

The main church is St. Peter and Paul Church, Brebbia.

Narvik Church is the main church for the town.

He was buried in the main church in Sant'Angelo in Vado.

main channel   (メインチャンネル)

The main channel of Boston Harbor empties into the sound.

Programmes of Channel 1 and 2 were combined in one main channel.

The main channel of the river is between this island and the south shore.

main feature   (主な特徴)

The main feature of the area is Cullamulcha lake.

The main feature was chloracne, a serious skin disease.

In this case, security is considered as a main feature.

main gate   (正門)

After 12:01 AM to close the main gate of village.

The main gate is at the southern side of the courtyard.

The bright red main gate makes it a very visible sight.

main opposition   (主な反対)

His party was the main opposition party in the parliament.

The main opposition again came from Roy Wilkins of the national NAACP office.

The Monarchist Party's main opposition was a group backed by the fraternities.

main rival   (主なライバル)

University's main rival is Colonial High School.

Jan Švejnar was considered his main rival.

Flamurtari Vlorë's main rival is Tirana.

along the main   (メインに沿って)

The Barkat Plaza is in the town centre along the main road.

The fields are along the main road from Swanlinbar to Ballinamore.

Bus and minibus services are also available along the main streets.

main work   (主な仕事)

Their main work was upgrading Paisley's water supply.

Dorrit Cohn's main work was in Narratology.

His main work is the "History of Little Russia" (in 5 vols.

main sponsor   (メインスポンサー)

The main sponsor is Fuente Del Norte Bus line.

Sfera radio station was the main sponsor of the album.

It was named after its main sponsor, Tennents.

main floor   (メインフロア)

The main floor was used as a nightclub from 1999 to 2011.

On the main floor is a branch of the Oxford County Library.

White women worked on the main floor.

main battle   (主戦)

The dukes of Alençon and Bar led the main battle.

The army's main battle tank is the Challenger 2.

Lee returns outside to the main battle, which is now over.

main city   (主要都市)

It is 44.3 km from its district main city Kakinada.

The main city of the Azores is Ponta Delgada.

The museum is located in Antakya, the main city of Hatay.

main deck   (メインデッキ)

Raised above the main deck, the cockpit creates a hump.

In 1960, Hurricane Donna broke a window on the main deck.

There were three watertight bulkheads, which reach to the main deck.

main square   (メイン広場)

The one in the main square is painted by M. Casula.

The main square (piazza) is the Piazza Aldo Moro.

Piazza De Ferrari Piazza De Ferrari is the main square of Genoa.

main story   (本編)

Als, Shankar sets a very nice ending to the main story.

"When we adapt, we get the main story or the main premise.

The arcs were put into the main story.

main lines   (本線)

It was one of the last new main lines to be built.

Telephones – main lines in use: 6,348,800 (2004).

By the 1970s, even main lines were being sold or abandoned.

main series   (メインシリーズ)

In the main series Petrov remained with the Campos team.

The company regularly released new games in the main series.

He represented Pori Aus in 1972-1981 during the main series.

main cause   (主要因)

The main cause of this condition is sun exposure.

This toxin is considered the main cause of CDAD.

Infectious diseases are a main cause of death for chimpanzees.

new main   (新しいメイン)

It was one of the last new main lines to be built.

A brand new main stand was erected and handed over in 2004.

He said at the time that Beautiful Sin became his new main priority.

between the main   (メインの間)

it is located between the main sets of tracks.

It forms the links between the main sections of the estate.

The space between the main arch is 290 metres (303 yards in total).

main game   (メインゲーム)

There are currently two main game modes, Career and Sandbox.

The main game was free, with an ability to purchase DLC content.

Unlike the main game, the teams in Team Adventure are predetermined.

main branch   (主枝)

FCAT established its main branch in Baliuag, Bulacan.

Its main branch is hidden deep within the Karameikan forests.

The average width of the main branch of the Sognefjord is less than .

main features   (主な特徴)

His main features are speed and shot from distance.

The main features are a fashion show and a gourmet food fair.

This mountain is one of the main features of the Moma Natural Park.

off the main   (メインオフ)

It lies 10 km from Ziarat, off the main road to Quetta.

The temple is located about 200 meters off the main road.

It is a branch off the main Gulen fjord.

main village   (本村)

The main village Panchayat is Elikkulam Panchayat.

Mandar is the main village connecting to Gujarat.

The river Kutila is around 1 km from the main village.

main buildings   (本館)

The main buildings were destroyed by fire in 1936.

Both the main buildings still stand in commercial use.

By 1842, the main buildings and the gardens were finished.

main competition   (主な競争)

His main competition came from William McAdoo.

The main competition pool is named after Dorothy L. Sheppard.

The main competition was between Sąjūdis and CPL (independent).

main categories   (主なカテゴリー)

Disorders were divided into four main categories.

The three main categories of diseases are listed below.

It is usually divided into at least seven main categories.

main highway   (メインハイウェイ)

New York Route 150 is the main highway in the community.

156.5 km of main highway, mostly state-maintained roads.

The main highway through the area is Federal Highway 180.

main function   (メイン機能)

The main function of this temple was Soorasamgaram.

Modular Battalions main function was internal operations.

This was her main function at Eleusis, and became panhellenic.

main aim   (主な目的)

The main aim of these forces is to split our country.

Its main aim is to manipulate the minds of the masses.

The main aim of the plan, however, was to improve public health.

main gun   (主砲)

"Derfflinger" had two main gun turrets destroyed.

The main gun and coax machine gun are 2-axis stabilized.

The ship carries one H/PJ-26 76 mm main gun placed forward.

main goals   (主な目標)

One of the main goals of GALZ is to assist people with HIV/AIDS.

Bringing art to the normal working class was one of their main goals.

The school's main goals are:

main language   (主な言語)

The main language of instruction used is Bengali.

Thai is the main language used within the hospital.

Bengali is the main language spoken in Bengal.

main components   (メインコンポーネント)

The main components of the Heath Robinson machine were as follows.

CEPT is organised into three main components: "As of April 2018 : 48 countries."

The ADI has four main components from which the program expects to achieve its objectives.

main river   (本川)

The area's main river is the Cuautitlán River.

The main river through the district is the Lam Takhong.

The Dharoi dam is located on the main river.

main army   (主軍)

In June, however, Mortier was called to join the main army.

Scott and Chalmers sought assistance from Bragg's main army.

By this time the main army had already failed at the siege of Riga .

above the main   (メインの上)

Raised above the main deck, the cockpit creates a hump.

The window above the main entrance is blind.

The mansard above the main cornice is supported by massive consoles.

main research   (主な研究)

Globevnik's main research interest is complex analysis.

His main research work is on growth and contract theory.

His main research was in algebraic geometry.

main business   (主な事業)

The company's main business is metal fabrication.

It is one of the main business areas of the district.

Agriculture and Textiles are the main business.

main streets   (メインストリート)

The main streets are decorated with national flags.

One of the main streets in Sarajevo carries his name.

Bus and minibus services are also available along the main streets.

main plot   (メインプロット)

The main plot of the episode centers on the Doctor.

The main plot revolves around Nick's young stepson (Gabriel) going missing.

They were added to the series to create an alternate story to the main plot.

main objectives   (主な目的)

This policy had two main objectives.

EGO pursues these main objectives:

The main objectives of UMMC are health services, learning and research.

doubles main   (メインを倍増)

Ferreira competed in the doubles main draws of Grand Prix tournaments at Seoul and Singapore in 1989.

Öz made her WTA main-draw debut at the 2018 İstanbul Cup, where she received a wild card into the singles draw, and in the doubles main draw, partnering Melis Sezer.

Painter was a doubles specialist and appeared in the men's doubles main draw of the Australian Open three times, with Neil Borwick in 1996, Jamie Holmes in 1997 and Toby Mitchell in 1999.