Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

order to maintain   (para mantener)

They hoped to acquire needed supplies in order to maintain their army.

In order to maintain his amateur, he played without pay with Truckers.

In order to maintain secrecy, frequencies were changed at irregular intervals.

able to maintain   (capaz de mantener)

In addition, it was able to maintain pregnancy in animals.

For several months, the French were able to maintain themselves.

Nevertheless, the SPD was able to maintain its absolute majority.

not maintain   (no mantener)

Carthage did not maintain a large, permanent, standing army.

Georgia does not maintain any trails.

Oman did not maintain relations with the Soviets during this time.

continued to maintain   (continuó manteniendo)

It continued to maintain the park up to the present day.

NYS&W continued to maintain a freight house at Marion Junction.

Members continued to maintain contact with the church in the west.

maintain order   (mantener orden)

Trenchard also advocated a system of 'air control' to maintain order in Britain's colonial empire.

Elam (Common) struggles to maintain order and has to rely on Cullen's help, causing the town to shun him.

Several media reports from this period depicted him as unable to maintain order over an increasingly dysfunctional council.

maintain control   (Mantén control)

Rulers relied on the region's pirates to maintain control.

The test pilot was able to maintain control, and climb to a safe altitude.

The pilot was unable to maintain control due to violent buffeting, and he ordered the crew to bail out.

help maintain   (ayudar a mantener)

An irrigation system provides 85 sprinkler heads to help maintain this practice location.

One of the purposes of a suspension is to help maintain contact between the tire and road.

The run hosts the Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade to raise money to help maintain the run.

required to maintain   (requerido para mantener)

The speed required to maintain Low Earth orbit is .

For all aliens, registration is required to maintain status.

For certified CMAs, CPE credits are required to maintain active status.

difficult to maintain   (difícil de mantener)

Such solutions were expensive to develop and difficult to maintain.

The AM transmitter was inefficient, worn-out and difficult to maintain.

It would be difficult to maintain the same opinion about a ratio of 2:3."

still maintain   (aún mantener)

The present version still maintain the style of the Qing dynasty.

The temple still maintain the style of the Yuan and Ming dynasties (1127–1644).

The people of village still maintain strongly the relation among different religion.

unable to maintain   (incapaz de mantener)

He was unable to maintain a long-term friendship.

Since then though, he has been unable to maintain his form.

Except for the Munich area, the unit was unable to maintain any momentum.

used to maintain   (solía mantener)

The IEBUPDTE utility is used to maintain source libraries.

Diets can also be used to maintain a stable body weight and improve health.

Common parts will be used to maintain the railroad's 710-engined SD90MAC fleet.

managed to maintain   (logrado mantener)

Jimmy has managed to maintain his neutrality, but at a price.

Bergholt has not always managed to maintain good relations with the Crown.

The company managed to maintain its standing as number three in overall market share.

continues to maintain   (continúa manteniendo)

The UN continues to maintain a peace building mission in Bangui.

The university continues to maintain strong ties to its faith-based heritage.

Development efforts migrated to the WHATWG, which continues to maintain a living standard.

ability to maintain   (capacidad de mantener)

The etymology of the area referred to its ability to maintain great crops for agriculture.

This is due for its ability to maintain high weld strength, hermetic sealing, and high production rates.

They are known for their ability to maintain stomach temperature (homeothermy), which is unusual among fish.

necessary to maintain   (necesario para mantener)

On the other hand it is necessary to maintain supremacy over them".

The heaters were retained since they were necessary to maintain oxygen pressure.

A small R substituent is necessary to maintain the rapid oral bioavailability of triptans.

maintain their own   (mantener su propio)

Some islands are also not connected to the other islands, and must maintain their own electric system.

(By the end of the 20th century, only Arlington and Henrico Counties were continuing to maintain their own roads.)

The St. Louis group now had to only maintain their own local network, and do basic work to compile the global list.

maintain peace   (mantener la paz)

The guardians used the three objects to maintain peace throughout the kingdom.

Aisha, meanwhile, is more mellow and conciliatory, and tries to maintain peace.

Til Hemdun, Marash and Behesni were given to the Sultan in order to maintain peace.

maintain contact   (mantener contacto)

Members continued to maintain contact with the church in the west.

They never touch, but still maintain contact through facial expressions and movements.

Writing letters is a popular way in which inmates maintain contact with the outside world.

build and maintain   (construir y mantener)

Also they had to build and maintain irrigation devices such as canals.

Still, he strove to build and maintain a literary aesthetic in his work.

Conversely, towed artillery was and remains cheaper to build and maintain.

needed to maintain   (necesario para mantener)

turning) is needed to maintain sufficient supply of oxygen and the right moisture level.

Uniformity, sterility and other requirements are needed to maintain Good Manufacturing Practices.

In order to capture dugongs and sea turtles, the hunters needed to maintain the utmost degree of stealth.

struggled to maintain   (luchado por mantener)

Since then Georgian wine producers have struggled to maintain output and break into new markets.

Palisade, like many other communities throughout Saskatchewan, has struggled to maintain a sturdy population.

Bullejos struggled to maintain PCE relations not only with other Spanish leftists, but with the Soviet Union.

maintain good   (mantener bien)

Heather must be cut at intervals to maintain good regrowth.

The director was able to maintain good tempo all through the film.

Bergholt has not always managed to maintain good relations with the Crown.

operate and maintain   (operar y mantener)

Watco operate and maintain the 22 locomotives and 574 wagons acquired by CBH.

Its primary function is to operate and maintain the Kariba Dam on the Zambezi River.

Many F7s remained in service for decades, as railroads found them economical to operate and maintain.

tried to maintain   (trató de mantener)

The Dutch tried to maintain the secret, but the new process soon became widely known in Europe.

Immediately after the loss, the Sandinistas tried to maintain unity around their revolutionary posture.

While China tried to maintain her suzerain relationship with Korea, Japan wanted to increase her sphere of influence.

establish and maintain   (establecer y mantener)

Thus, he struggled to establish and maintain his authority.

Instead, they may establish and maintain whatever tariff regime applying to imports from non-parties as deemed necessary.

The object of the firm was "to acquire options and rights in regard to wireless telegraphy and telephony, to establish and maintain stations, etc."

wanted to maintain   (quería mantener)

Bryn continued to see Sherrard discretely, but wanted to maintain her marriage.

Aaliyah reflected: "I always wanted to maintain that, even in high school when I first started to travel.

A week before his contract expiration, he attended the club's first session of the new season, insisting he wanted to maintain his fitness.

continue to maintain   (continuar manteniendo)

Some households in Nartan continue to maintain the original personal use lands as gardens.

Currently the bishops of the Assyrian Church of the East continue to maintain its apostolic succession.

Small Stone's newer bands, such as Lo-Pan, Backwoods Payback, and Freedom Hawk continue to maintain busy touring schedules.

maintain high   (mantener alto)

She works to introduce and maintain high quality water systems in rural regions.

It is also known to maintain high internal glutamate concentrations under stress conditions.

The boggy areas need ditch maintenance, and diversions and scrapes to maintain high water levels.

failed to maintain   (no pudo mantener)

Despite a meteoric rise to World Champion, his career results failed to maintain that level.

The Carlins failed to maintain radio contact, prompting a search by the United States Coast Guard.

However, the efforts of Arya Terung were unsuccessful, if not failed to maintain their occupation of the two regions.

maintain a high   (mantener un alto)

They maintain a high degree of communal harmony.

The Society's publications maintain a high academic standard and it has produced valuable Africana.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) expects it to maintain a high growth rate of 8.5 percent in 2013.

maintain a constant   (mantener una constante)

This shark has not been demonstrated to maintain a constant body temperature.

Bony fish have a swim bladder which helps them maintain a constant depth in the water column, but not a cloaca.

The middle ear is also lined with blood sinuses that inflate during diving, helping to maintain a constant pressure.

effort to maintain   (esfuerzo por mantener)

This means that the effort to maintain the links between thematic data and associated administrative units is reduced to a minimum.

Some interpreted his reversal as an effort to maintain the Court's judicial independence by alleviating the political pressure to create a court more friendly to the New Deal.

During this period, the abbey went to great effort to maintain its independence from the local authorities, including the Bishop of Senlis, in whose diocese they were situated.

create and maintain   (crear y mantener)

The platform allows individuals and businesses to create and maintain websites.

Now, in order to effectively create and maintain the EA products, a toolset should be selected.

Horton’s quest to create and maintain the Highlander School was opposed by Southern law enforcement.

did not maintain   (no mantuvo)

Carthage did not maintain a large, permanent, standing army.

Oman did not maintain relations with the Soviets during this time.

In addition, many (if not most) smaller ships did not maintain passenger lists.

trying to maintain   (tratando de mantener)

He warned against trying to maintain, and to spread or mimic worldwide, the American standard of living of the late 20th century.

Anne's best friend and actor Archibald is trying to maintain a good environment for the actors while they shoot Anne's next film.

"Lost Ones" is about a couple splitting up but trying to maintain their pride, and then realising that in reality they do regret it.

expensive to maintain   (caro de mantener)

However these buildings were unsuitable to tropical climate and expensive to maintain.

Many observers regarded AIRCOM's Sea Kings as unreliable, outdated and expensive to maintain.

It was less expensive to maintain than a team of horses to pull a wagon to do the equivalent work.

attempt to maintain   (intento de mantener)

In an attempt to maintain his tenuous control over his crew, Kidd relented and kept the prize.

On 17 April 1856, the chiefs signed a convention where the promised to attempt to maintain peace among the Marabout villages.

As Butler's men fled to the rear, his reserve regiment, the 7th South Carolina, counterattacked in an attempt to maintain the line.

maintain the same   (mantener lo mismo)

It would be difficult to maintain the same opinion about a ratio of 2:3."

But she believed that John Ross would never be able to maintain the same respect for her.

Once the vehicle enters the tunnel, it has to maintain the same speed throughout the tunnel.

sought to maintain   (buscó mantener)

These assigned duties sought to maintain structure in the kingdom.

Despite the considerable rises in the costs of many basic items, the government sought to maintain wages largely as they were.

While New Brunswick asserted that it sought to maintain its right to generate liquor revenues, other provinces were more equivocal on the issue.

maintain law   (mantener la ley)

Kshatriyas include those who maintain law and order.

Riot police were sent to maintain law and order and a curfew was briefly implemented on Hong Kong Island.

Honorary Police officers have, for centuries, been elected by parishioners to assist the connétable of the parish to maintain law and order.

develop and maintain   (desarrollar y mantener)

Sharab or Shart was 1/10th of crop production levied on farmers to develop and maintain water supply facilities.

The TEAF has been designed to help both the bureaus and the Department develop and maintain their Enterprise Architectures.

Meanwhile, Luke Leighton continued his work on his own fork through a new domain and continues to develop and maintain pyjamas on this branch.

helped maintain   (ayudó a mantener)

Titles, ranks, insignia, fiefs and other such rewards helped maintain the loyalty-patronage structure of the court.

The Senate's control over some of the Roman provinces helped maintain a republican façade for the autocratic Principate.

For the following years, the Scottish immigrants of Londonderry helped maintain the academy and also contributed funds for it.

maintain public   (mantener público)

There is a sustained effort to increase and maintain public art in the Westville Village Historic District.

In 1346, the citizens joined the Lusatian League for protection against robber barons and to maintain public peace ("Landfrieden").

At one point, de Gaulle went to see troops in Baden-Baden, possibly to secure the help of the army in case it were needed to maintain public order.