still maintained   (まだ維持されている)

The tower is still maintained and open to the public.

This tradition is very ancient and is still maintained.

The cultural and linguistic links were still maintained.

well maintained   (手入れが行き届いている)

The house is still occupied and well maintained

Fort William is well maintained and open to visitors.

This is one of the well maintained fort in Maharashtra.

owned and maintained

It is now owned and maintained by the village.

Highways in Texas are owned and maintained by the state.

The house is owned and maintained by the Friends of Bolton Mansion.

maintained close

He maintained close ties with Romanian orientalists.

Sullivan maintained close relationships to his family.

WESCO maintained close ties to its parent.

always maintained

Edwin Hopkins has always maintained his innocence regarding the murder.

Even with a change of the dominant male, constancy is almost always maintained.

Despite her physical difficulties, she always maintained a sense of her independence.

maintained through

The degree of flexibility is in part maintained through active labour market policies.

Thus, coalitions need to be constantly maintained through strategic bargaining and negotiation.

A frame is a stable structural combination of both bodies maintained through the dancers' arms and/or legs.

not maintained

The park area was not maintained and was not used by the public.

The following of Limited-access roads are not maintained by the state:

The Vance Hotel was rented periodically but was otherwise not maintained as it had been in the past.

now maintained

The property is now maintained by English Heritage.

This house is now maintained as a Schweitzer museum.

This is now maintained by MODOT and KDOT.

maintained control   (維持管理)

They maintained control over all of Afghanistan's major cities.

The English maintained control of the islands, repulsing an attempted French attack in 1666.

He has maintained control of Municipal councils, Market Committees and Society's in Osmanabad.

maintained a close

Bufalino maintained a close alliance with the New York Genovese family.

Norell maintained a close relationship with the school until his death in 1972.

Cooper maintained a close friendship with Mark O'Connell of Taking Back Sunday.

poorly maintained

Since it was opened, the facilities have been poorly maintained.

Kanakatte has several historic temples, which are poorly maintained.

The Rainbow Centre was in a row of buildings that was poorly maintained by the landlord.

operated and maintained

Daniel 3 and 4 are solely operated and maintained by Mississippi Power.

Until 2007, Glendower was operated and maintained by the Ohio Historical Society.

The bridge is owned, operated and maintained by the Starr Camargo Bridge Company.

maintained contact

On the latter’s arrest, Mrs. Holst maintained contact with him in prison and sent his food.

Under the Nazi regime, he maintained contact to circles of the banned Social Democratic Party.

For this purpose the Officer for Radio Control presumably maintained contact with this department.

maintained a strong

Sheriff Lee maintained a strong presence during Hurricane Katrina.

He also maintained a strong rivalry with Aragonese tenor Miguel Fleta.

Yulon has maintained a strong cooperative relationship with Nissan since 1957.

maintained throughout

The sunken circular plaza feature was maintained throughout.

The ground of four main beats is maintained throughout the piece.

Good order was maintained throughout the realm and there was respect for the law.

developed and maintained

Elizabeth Feinler developed and maintained the first ARPANET directory.

The format was developed and maintained by Canon with input from the CIFF Forum.

A database that was developed and maintained by the publisher John Wiley & Sons.

maintained his innocence   (彼の無実を維持した)

He maintained his innocence both then and later.

Dos Santos maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

Weil has maintained his innocence of the charges against him.

maintained good

Mastan maintained good relations with the other gang leaders.

Finland maintained good relations with a number of other Western powers.

Although rarely in agreement, they both maintained good will toward, and respect for, each other.

built and maintained

Levees along the Sacramento River were built and maintained by the Portuguese.

Coleman built and maintained miniature railroads in his homes in several states.

Most have Provincial (as opposed to National) Highway status, although some are built and maintained by cities.

managed and maintained

Eucalyptus County Park is managed and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department of the County of San Diego.

Trail Ownership The Conewago Recreation Trail is managed and maintained by the Lancaster County Department of Parks and Recreation.

"The MacePost" is a student operated newsletter website of the college, managed and maintained entirely by the student community of the college.

currently maintained

Nations currently maintained by SACEEC include:

It is currently maintained by Parks Victoria.

The lighthouse is currently maintained by the Bristol Port Company.

maintained an active

He did not retire and maintained an active full-time work schedule.

White maintained an active career as a performer, teacher, and composer.

He maintained an active involvement in rowing right through to his fifties.

government maintained   (政府が維持)

The Bermuda government maintained a local militia.

The government maintained it would only regulate criminal activity.

The government maintained the movement was being controlled by Maoist guerrilla agents.