İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

still maintains   (hala koruyor)

Today it still maintains a measure of autonomy.

This society still maintains the whole property today.

Halat still maintains he had no part in the murder plot.

maintains its own   (kendi bakımını yapar)

The OTCBB maintains its own trading halt list and a rolling 6-month history.

Every state maintains its own bar association, supervised by that state's highest court.

The city maintains its own public library, which opened on January 20, 1910, using funds donated by Andrew Carnegie.

maintains a list   (bir liste tutar)

She also maintains a list of blogs by Danish researchers.

The NGCB maintains a list of publications.

Crawley Borough Council maintains a list of all listed buildings.

maintains close

The club maintains close ties with the university.

The outfit maintains close links with the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA).

The council maintains close to equal representation between male and female representatives.

currently maintains

He currently maintains a studio and exhibits in New York City.

He created Les Pages Jèrriaises, and currently maintains them.

Cline currently maintains a private law practice in Lexington, Virginia.

maintains several

Circuit Playhouse, Inc. maintains several education and outreach programs.

Resian maintains several archaic features that have been lost in most other Slovene dialects.

The Army Corps of Engineers maintains several recreational areas including a campground at the lake.