İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

maintenance costs   (bakım maliyetleri)

The absence of hydraulics greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Safety problems were reported despite high maintenance costs.

It was closed in 2014 on the grounds of high maintenance costs.

aircraft maintenance   (uçak bakımı)

The company focused on aircraft maintenance and repair.

That requires fewer crews and allows less time-pressured aircraft maintenance.

In 1948 Laylin Jewett established an aircraft maintenance facility at Jewett Field.

maintenance and repair   (bakım ve onarım)

The company focused on aircraft maintenance and repair.

King Philip IV sent 19,000 ducats for maintenance and repair.

Optional services like insurance, maintenance and repair can be added.

construction and maintenance   (inşaat ve bakım)

IGSU is accountable for the construction and maintenance of public ABC shelters.

Privatization may also extend to all levels of infrastructure construction and maintenance.

In recent years, Greece has become a leader in the construction and maintenance of luxury yachts.

operation and maintenance   (operasyon ve bakım)

The system has relative low installment costs and low operation and maintenance requirements.

During 2004 CEPIS decided to hand over operation and maintenance support for EUCIP to ECDL Foundation.

The latter can be basically divided into (i) construction costs and (ii) operation and maintenance costs.

maintenance work   (Bakım çalışmaları)

The heavier maintenance work will still be carried at Leeds though.

Essential maintenance work was considered too much to be justified.

The reasons given were "making improvements" and "essential maintenance work".

maintenance facility   (bakım tesisi)

It has a maintenance facility located in Hesperia.

Taji was also the largest tank maintenance facility in Iraq.

In 1948 Laylin Jewett established an aircraft maintenance facility at Jewett Field.

maintenance facilities

At Enniskillen airport there are two helicopter maintenance facilities.

The main maintenance facilities of Gol Airlines are located at this airport.

Temporary barracks, dug in revetments and maintenance facilities were built.

lack of maintenance   (bakım eksikliği)

A front-end for CHILL was dropped due to a lack of maintenance.

Costa Rica's infrastructure has suffered from a lack of maintenance and new investment.

Many older residents left their houses, causing many of them to have a lack of maintenance.

maintenance personnel   (bakım personeli)

The training of maintenance personnel and flight crews is simplified.

URock also has three administrative assistants and maintenance personnel.

Its crews and maintenance personnel flew and maintained the 436th's Starlifters.

road maintenance   (yol bakımı)

Both councils are involved in town planning and road maintenance.

The Board works with the Town of Mt Pleasant for road maintenance and emergency services.

The DoT took over road maintenance from most counties in 1932, forming the "state secondary system".

repair and maintenance   (tamir ve bakım)

All across the region, the lack of repair and maintenance wasted away the physical assets.

Operating costs increased, including staff wages, repair and maintenance, electricity, and standing charges.

After a few years, they became self-sufficient in repair and maintenance of all of Iran's military helicopters.

care and maintenance   (bakım ve onarım)

Its simple wooden construction demands less care and maintenance than a katana.

After six months the mine went into "care and maintenance", and never re-opened.

A government agency decided who was allowed to enter the community and undertook its care and maintenance.

development and maintenance   (geliştirme ve bakım)

It is therefore of critical importance in the development and maintenance of myelin sheaths.

The development and maintenance authority of New Panvel is City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO).

Object-oriented programming (OOP) offered some interesting possibilities for application development and maintenance.

operations and maintenance

The MRGCD is responsible for operations and maintenance.

Daily operations and maintenance of the fleet are under contract with MV Transportation.

The Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) took over the operations and maintenance of Line 1 on September 12, 2015.

routine maintenance   (rutin bakım)

Proper routine maintenance of equipment reduces the likelihood of leaks.

Regular testing of FSD is a part of routine maintenance for gas appliances.

No further changes other than routine maintenance have occurred since then.

state maintenance   (devlet bakımı)

FM 2376 travels through a residential area with state maintenance ending at an intersection with Asbury Street.

At its southern end, state maintenance of Popham Road continues past Sea Street to the entrance to Fort Popham.

The highway continues north, passing several large buildings, before intersecting Midway Road, where state maintenance begins.

maintenance services

DiVolvo also was a dealer, offered maintenance services and served as training facility for Volvo in Southern America.

EC&M has a Defence business which offers design, construction, operation and maintenance services to the Australian Army.

He recommended that the various income maintenance services that had grown-up piecemeal since 1911 be systematized and made universal.

low maintenance   (düşük bakım)

short running time, little cleanup, low maintenance).

Stone is a highly durable, low maintenance building material with high thermal mass.

Fruit flies are often preferred over other animals due to their short life cycle and low maintenance requirements.

high maintenance

Old LED technologies had a very high maintenance cost.

Safety problems were reported despite high maintenance costs.

It was closed in 2014 on the grounds of high maintenance costs.

poor maintenance

The crash of Flight 4146 was blamed on poor maintenance.

The fire was blamed on poor maintenance and outdated equipment.

A USMC investigation concluded that poor maintenance caused the engine malfunction.

maintenance depot

On the north side of the station is the outdoor storage yard and maintenance depot for Line 2 trains.

During the 19th century, the supply and maintenance depot for ships at Stanley developed into a port serving ships rounding Cape Horn.

It is one of the oldest air force bases in Pakistan, originally functioning as a maintenance depot for the Royal Indian Air Force during the days of the British Raj.

track maintenance   (parça bakımı)

Apart from a recluse, only the section (track maintenance) crew lived at the station locality.

In early 2017, this culminated in numerous power outages, derailments, and delays due to track maintenance.

Track construction is entirely and track maintenance partly government financed both for long and short range trains.

regular maintenance

It undergoes regular maintenance and occasional restoration work.

Wind turbines need regular maintenance to stay reliable and available.

The exposures need regular maintenance to keep them clear of invasive species such as Bramble.