make up   (化妆)

The Chippewa alone make up 0.8% of the population.

He would make up songs and sing them all day long.

Together they make up 13,735 acres of surface area.

not make   (不做)

The council did not make any political decisions.

She could not make ends meet and the school closed.

Other codecs may not make those same assumptions.

did not make   (没有做)

The council did not make any political decisions.

However, he did not make the team's final roster.

However the song did not make the final track list.

make sure   (确保)

Just needed to make sure the damn pen worked!”.

You can use that to make sure it doesn't happen again.

My wife wants to make sure I mention that more often."

make way   (让路)

It was closed to make way for Kranji Racecourse.

The buildings were moved on a truck to make way for K-27.

That route was closed to make way for the new Métro line.

used to make   (用来)

In Vietnam, it is called and is used to make soup.

The fruits are also used to make fruit preserves.

In China the plants are used to make fragrant oils.

failed to make

She failed to make the top 10 and was placed 60th.

The Crocodiles again failed to make the playoffs.

They came in 12th and failed to make the finals.

order to make   (为了使)

This was done in order to make them submit easily.

in order to make a deal to take down Andrew Forson.

Sesame oil or perilla oil is added in order to make namul.

make use   (利用)

Some Protestant interpreters make use of typology.

Modern loanwords also make use of j k q v w x y z.

Many of her works make use of biofeedback systems.

able to make   (能够使)

Because I should have been able to make it happen.

He was also able to make the All-SEC freshman team.

But, Lilith was able to make a bargain with Elijah.

make room   (腾出空间)

ET slot to make room for "The Dan Patrick Show".

He landed in 1787 to make room for the new cathedral.

To make room a hull machine-gun is absent.

wanted to make   (想做)

Copenhagen wanted to make the loan move permanent.

We wanted to make a record you could pass down.

"I wanted to make the storyline contemporary.

decided to make

She decided to make a dash to the capital and back.

For 2002, Callaway decided to make Commemorative C8s.

They decided to make this a vocal tic for her.

make sense   (合理)

No, I guess it still doesn’t make sense to me.

However expressions of the form formula_124 make sense.

They didn't make sense, so she had to memorize every word.

trying to make

I'm just trying to make the area better for them."

I wasn't trying to make an integrated circuit".

I am trying to make something very different.

make their way

They make their way to Goldman's home in Riverdale.

agent orders the team to make their way up the building.

These fish occasionally make their way into the pet trade.

make more

We're going to make more hot music."

She retired in the 1930s but later returned to make more movies.

These impairments force older bees to make more provisioning trips.

make the final

It did not however make the final cut of the album.

However the song did not make the final track list.

"All players listed did not make the final roster."

make it more

Such conflicts may cause wrongdoing and make it more likely.

An update to the GB to make it more suitable for war time production.

These factors make it more difficult and dangerous to diagnose problems.

continued to make

She continued to make films through the mid-1990s.

Kelly continued to make frequent TV appearances.

She continued to make inroads on the pop chart as well.

began to make

in his studio where they began to make music.

Soon she began to make spoon sweets for Costa Navarino.

This began to make "wager at law" ineffective as a defense.

make money

I'm not just a tool for you to use to make money."

Hoping to make money, Peirce tried inventing.

Alice would make money by gambling and working as a dealer.

demolished to make

Some were demolished to make way for new, larger structures.

The station has been demolished to make way for the A358 road.

In 1880 the building was demolished to make way for a new building.

make a living

The two make a living with performing Schuberts songs.

His old boss told him "You will never make a living in cricket".

There they would try to make a living around their interests in jazz.

unable to make   (无法做出)

Callahan is unable to make it to the speech.

In 1973 Sugarloaf was unable to make any snow for December.

Abd ar-Rahman's sisters were unable to make the long voyage to al-Andalus.

enough to make

But he doubts he will live long enough to make the deal.

That was enough to make the playoffs.

In the 1830s Alexander Jackson Davis admired it enough to make a drawing of it.

make decisions   (做决定)

The President and I work together and make decisions.

"It's very, very difficult for Ezra to make decisions.

Management can make decisions faster and with fewer errors.

tried to make   (试图使)

Joey Logano tried to make it three-wide in turn one.

He tried to make love with Igna, but the latter refused.

At first, the researchers tried to make a fluorinated derivative.

how to make   (怎么做)

The problem is, we don't know how to make the box."

He came to America in 1887 where he learned how to make candy.

The DNA instructions for how to make a protein are called a gene.

attempt to make

I didn't attempt to make myself into that character.

It was an attempt to make a new version of the aging 2600.

It's an attempt to make the basic building blocks of music clear".

make it easier

Some scordatura make it easier to play in unusual keys.

A low occupancy level was expected "to make it easier to sell".

Terry advises Del Boy to tell Slater and make it easier on himself.

make an appearance

The Product G&B make an appearance in the video.

Tiberius and Livia did not make an appearance.

However, he failed to make an appearance for the club.

does not make

It does not make the ear more resistant to noise.

Madonna does not make things pretty and tie them up with a bow".

Heath calls Bianca to say goodbye in case he does not make it out.

make contact

The two make contact and attempt to find an escape.

Bedr was dispatched across the straits to make contact.

They were the people to first make contact with Captain Cook.

make no

It would make no sense to ask 'what was before God?'

The Buddhist legends make no mention of Kalinga campaign.

And make no mistake, justice will be done."

make peace

He tells her he will go to Big Jim to make peace.

Meanwhile, Julia tries to make peace with Amy.

Olenka and Kmita are reunited and make peace.

did make

He did make enough money to pay back his debtors.

Al-Fihri eventually did make another bid for power.

That did make some people squirm; make some people think.

make the playoffs

The Crocodiles again failed to make the playoffs.

The Nuggets would not make the playoffs again until 2019.

That was enough to make the playoffs.

ability to make   (制作能力)

Beiranvand's main trait is his ability to make very long throws.

She complimented Cardi B's ability to make good use of her only verse.

Cobweb's only apparent powers were allure and the ability to make an entrance.

want to make

I want to make them accountable for my son's death."

I felt sure that somebody would want to make it.

So beware when they want to make you vice president."

make another

Al-Fihri eventually did make another bid for power.

Barks never traveled to make another Disney appearance.

Sandip Ray wanted to make another sequel to this series.

try to make   (尝试使)

The player must then try to make loops out of them.

"Chasers" move quickly and try to make a catch.

Engineers try to make things that do not exist in nature.

make a film

He went on to make a film about drugs in the state.

Apte had desires to make a film based on it.

I would like to make a film like this.'

make their own

Brooks Brothers make their own version.

The group were then set free to make their own way back to Essex.

The Club Rothko Builder allows users to make their own 3D sculptures.

managed to make

Parker managed to make amends with another 1-yard TD run.

She managed to make him understand that he had to hide in a cave.

He thus managed to make the "Börsen-Courier" economically stable.

intended to make

Originally, he intended to make a music career.

Organisers intended to make the race finale harder for a peloton to control.

Spanx specializes in foundation garments intended to make people appear thinner.

make such

Two manufacturers currently make such geogrids.

Those same properties make such glass useful in camera lenses.

We must trust the accused to make such an important decision for himself.

required to make

However, only full-powered television stations were required to make the switch.

Relatively small quantities of essential oil are required to make large amounts of MDMA.

Finalists are then required to make a five-minute video pitching their product and company.

tries to make

While Boyle tries to make him confess, Marvin dies.

He insistently tries to make Radha accept his love.

Meanwhile, Julia tries to make peace with Amy.

make the film

The main motivation to make the film was curiosity.

George Raft signed on to make the film in July 1948.

Russell later said "it was a mistake" to make the film.

helped make

This helped make it truly Moru.

In the 1970s, he helped make South Florida a capital for the then new sport.

This campaign helped make the company well-known and ran until the early 1980s.

make good

The shadows are what make good movies".

She complimented Cardi B's ability to make good use of her only verse.

Fraser's men were up at 3 am, but did not make good time due to the darkness.

way to make

He promises he’ll find a way to make it up to Bob.

There’s no way to make a joke out of this.

I thought "Apes" would be a good way to make up for that."

make it possible

Modular vehicles make it possible to use different types of bodies, e.g.

Other semantics for Reo make it possible to model timed or probabilistic behavior.

An arcology is designed to make it possible to supply those items for a large population.

attempted to make

Producer Joel Silver still attempted to make a Sgt.

For a period, he attempted to make a career as an artist.

Ian attempted to make amends but Katie still held harsh feelings towards him.

make his debut

He was released before he could make his debut for the first team.

Cramer was set to make his debut at against former castmate Cale Yarbrough.

Wolff would instead make his debut against Ben Saunders at on December 10, 2008.

forced to make

The case was proven and Hall forced to make a retraction.

Despite this, Franco was forced to make some concessions.

On his return to base Dorehill was forced to make a crash-landing.

not to make

He chose not to make an attempt to regain the seat.

Their idea was not to make of France an antisemitic country.

Mr. Gardner is far too good a writer not to make a fair stab at the job.

make people

I don't want to do anything to make people dislike me.

I would retouch the pictures to make people look younger."

My only task is to make people happy.""

make the score

Detroit then kicked another field goal to make the score 20–7.

A single, two walks, and a bunt scored one run to make the score 11-10.

Tech was held to a field goal on the short field to make the score 20-14.

failing to make   (失败了)

The studio was finally shut down in 2013, after failing to make a profit.

Though failing to make much of a name, he ended up a support act for Steve Martin.

He also swam in the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, failing to make the final in either.

make amends

She later attempts to make amends for having done this.

Parker managed to make amends with another 1-yard TD run.

Jake explains the situation to Boyle and both make amends.

make all

For Reeve, God will surely make all things like new again.

Grubbs tells them they need to make all kinds of changes and Kernel agrees.

But in October, Swissair went bankrupt, unable to make all scheduled payments.

make it difficult

This would make it difficult to race and get a medal.

Removing too much dura will also make it difficult to close the tear.

Such clauses make it difficult to put on a show and/or limit production quality.

make a difference

She commented, "a desire to make a difference was kindled."

He returns to Florida, determined to make a difference in the state.

The altitude most definitely did make a difference to sight settings.

make an impact

Duce wanted the song "to really make an impact."

Campbell struggled to make an impact under Nathan Jones being mainly used as a substitute.

"Easy Prey" was released in the UK and Europe (via Virgin Records), failing to make an impact.

going to make

[Tyson Nam] is not going to make or break the UFC.

Both the players were going to make A$2.4 million.

We're definitely going to make it rewarding either way."

needed to make

Further study is needed to make a complete listing.

Just needed to make sure the damn pen worked!”.

This was less than the required 30% needed to make a referendum binding.

make love

To change her opinion, "Jim" and Kimmy make love.

"Then when she has had enough, make love to her."

Claude Pérès invited an actor to make love with him.

make ends   (收支相抵)

She could not make ends meet and the school closed.

Pearce became a professional translator to make ends meet.

It depicts a young married couple trying to make ends meet.

make ends meet   (入不敷出)

She could not make ends meet and the school closed.

Pearce became a professional translator to make ends meet.

It depicts a young married couple trying to make ends meet.

make matters

To make matters worse, his mother died of cancer.

To make matters worse, Mrs Luo is later taken hostage.

To make matters worse for Sara, Bruno will not let her divorce him.

help make

Steps can be taken to help make for a successful family vacation.

He was later called in to help make the film "Little Boy Lost" (1978).

It is meant to help make insurance more affordable to low waged families.

make recommendations   (提出建议)

The Committee can request information from and make recommendations to a party.

The TAC takes direction from the Board to make recommendations on policy issues.

Guidelines may make recommendations that are stronger than the supporting evidence.

attempts to make

She later attempts to make amends for having done this.

Doctor Nemesis then attempts to make a deal with Edward Hawkins to assist him.

This scheme attempts to make the interference-plus-noise term spectrally white.

make things

Engineers try to make things that do not exist in nature.

I tend to make things as what they are.

It is our turn to make things happen.

make a decision

Then they make a decision to choose the shape of a dog.

When this happened, the monarch was usually called on to make a decision.

He said, "We're speaking with him [Defoe] and then we'll make a decision.

make changes

Jerome Robbins was called in to give advice and make changes.

After the embarrassing 2003 season, the Tigers vowed to make changes.

They have to make changes there can’t be wandering pieces of the Kah-Gash.

designed to make

ending designed to make drive-in audiences uncomfortable.

The system is designed to make use of amplitude comparison for height finding.

It is a slightly revised version of Pitman shorthand designed to make it more systematic.

make them more   (让他们更多)

They also discussed “stupefying” men to make them more compliant.

After viewing Harley's initial designs, Sanger urged him to make them more grand.

A minimum aquarium length of 60 cm will make them more comfortable when swimming.

make a new

The two depart to make a new life for themselves.

This was closed in 1965 to make a new, modern school.

It was an attempt to make a new version of the aging 2600.

make matters worse   (让事情变得更糟)

To make matters worse, his mother died of cancer.

To make matters worse, Mrs Luo is later taken hostage.

To make matters worse for Sara, Bruno will not let her divorce him.

only make

They then agree to only make the kids eat healthy.

Likewise, sometimes they only make hairstyle and makeup changes.

Bob Feller, at age 35, could only make 19 starts, and finished at 13–3.

make music

Both men state that they were born to make music.

We make music about who we are and where we’re from.

in his studio where they began to make music.

make a good

I wouldn't make a good wife for anybody".

Together, the two make a good team.

Moreover, you can make a good story of what you have experienced.

plans to make

The municipality plans to make Ulft the local centre.

There are also plans to make NaCl available on handheld devices.

There was plans to make an animated series featuring Batman and Superman.

effort to make

In 1449 Kyoto made one last effort to make the system work.

Samuel Milroy lead the effort to make Delphi the county seat in May 1828.

The plant transitioned in the war effort to make tarps for the military during WWII.

opportunity to make

The opportunity to make film is a random occurrence for Yu.

The fur trade looked like a good opportunity to make a profit.

Children will have the opportunity to make a candy straw or have their faces painted.

expected to make

Frost was expected to make $1 million from the interviews.

German industry is expected to make a sizeable contribution.

He is expected to make a recovery in time for spring training.

make the game

Riza scored to make the game 3–1 before they finally lost 4–2.

This enables the developer to make the game world truly unique.

His ability to break tackles and make the game quick is outstanding.”

make it look

in the middle of 'H' to make it look like two 1s or Is).

We didn't even try to make it look like we were really waterskiing."

The area around the elevator was painted white to make it look like ice.

time to make

I thought it was about time to make something up".

Her first solo effort in three years, Case stated that "it took a very long time to make".

They were tweaked to include the customs and culture of the time to make them contemporary.

make his first

He was able to make his first playoff appearance with the Blues that season as well.

When Brent arrives at Bellevue, Washington he starts to make his first whirligig, a harpist.

Harban has come through the youth ranks with Barnsley he has yet to make his first team debut.

make the most

It is not mandatory to make the most number of hops possible.

Kimberly finally accepts and decides to make the most of her time with Michael.

Mason wants to make the most of the time they have left and organises a lunch on the beach.

make a profit   (赚钱)

The fur trade looked like a good opportunity to make a profit.

For the first time, the owners of the station began to make a profit.

These concessions used forced labour of the Africans to make a profit.

power to make

This verse suggests that God has the power to make angels.

Section 4 deals with power to make rules.

Dodge is delighted and does everything in his power to make her happy.

then make

Soo-ro is able to hide then make a quick escape.

We can then make a second mapping to "A" type points.

Arai and Hikaru then make amends at the end of the holiday.

make clear

The video does not make clear what those groups were doing prior to their exit.

Below we make clear the connection between multi-way ANOVA and linear regression.

The earliest editions make clear that it takes place no earlier than the year 1960.

make it clear

Brian added parentheses on his album to make it clear.

and however, make it clear that John was the spiritual successor to Elijah.

In these cases, users are required make it clear that their intention is to educate others.

wants to make

My wife wants to make sure I mention that more often."

Nila considered Vinoth as a friend who wants to make her happy.

The king wants to make war, but the prince wants to win Ida's love.