makes up   (弥补)

The brain makes up the largest portion of the CNS.

Seafood makes up a big part of their meat dishes.

In turn, she makes up more fake facts as a prank.

makes use   (利用)

The calculation makes use of the Beer–Lambert law.

Regulation of processes makes use of ions(Ca/K/Mg).

The opera also makes use of Scottish folk tunes.

makes no   (没有)

The account makes no mention of "Prince Blucher".

"Playing in front of an empty house makes no sense!"

It makes no difference to Hawksmoor’s bizarre poetry.

what makes

The simplicity of it is what makes it so big".

That is what makes it so difficult to forgive.

Kano added "that's what makes it so exciting.

makes it possible

This makes it possible to describe very general operations.

This makes it possible to study dynamics of entire functions.

However, torrefaction makes it possible for biomass to replace coal.

makes sense   (说得通)

So it makes sense for them to want to be there."

This second definition makes sense without the axiom of choice.

So in a way, it makes sense for it to be a chill, cool down episode.

makes it difficult

This makes it difficult to apply to the elderly.

This makes it difficult to use the absolute magnitude for a size estimate.

This loss of trust makes it difficult to return to the cooperative relationship.

makes it clear

The film makes it clear this wasn't always an easy mix."

Mac makes it clear that everyone dies if King does the same.

The text makes it clear to the reader why the argument or claim is as such.

makes an appearance

LYPS) makes an appearance at the end of the show.

The Bat Skiboat makes an appearance early in "".

Harris also makes an appearance as a waiter in the video.

makes a cameo   (做客串)

The owarai duo Utopia makes a cameo appearance.

Trevor Horn makes a cameo appearance as the movie mogul.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw makes a cameo.

makes his way

However, Fernand escapes alive and makes his way home.

He then makes his way to rescue those who were captured.

Garivald makes his way back to Obilot.

makes reference   (参考)

The Insignia makes reference to the Patron of Paratroopers.

Holmes receives an odd letter that makes reference to vampires.

then makes

This then makes the material easier to wash away.

It then makes her desperate to have a baby with Bernie.

He then makes his way to rescue those who were captured.

makes it easier

It simply makes it easier to console oneself with."

This makes it easier to read turbid samples.

This makes it easier for people to see patterns in the data.

makes clear   (明确)

Older literature makes clear distinctions between sea-draugar and land-draugar.

Her memoir makes clear that the land was never clearcut either for lumber or for potash.

It is at this point in the story that the story makes clear that the Captain is Carla's brother.

makes several

Gloop makes several guest appearances on "" as well.

The monitoring device makes several attempts to switch back on.

Director Venkat Prabhu makes several cameos throughout the film.

makes it more

Experiencing something makes it more memorable.

This makes it more difficult to control the size of the fragments in the marker.

The sleek shape of the Sandeq makes it more agile and faster than other sailboats.

makes its way

It commonly makes its way into the aquarium trade.

It sometimes makes its way into the aquarium trade.

makes sure

He makes sure not to meet the desecrators of Shabbat.

This makes sure the beds do not receive unequal amounts of water.

She is charged with assault, but Sonny makes sure she is released.

often makes

It often makes its way into the aquarium trade.

Zhe Yan often makes plum wine and is a renowned doctor.

For example, eating one food too often makes a person lose a taste for it.

makes no mention

The account makes no mention of "Prince Blucher".

The code makes no mention of what gender may marry which.

However, this saga makes no mention of the great necklace.

makes a deal

She offers to aid Rahul and also makes a deal with her father.

Priyanka makes a deal with Kanika to split the money equally for hiding the truth.

He makes a deal to find the last piece of the spear in exchange for Nicole's life.

only makes

Ibn Qutaybah's "Kitab al-Ma'arif" only makes a bare mention.

But it only makes them angry."

She only makes two appearances in "Raining Daze" where she tries to kill a seal.

makes contact

He kills a tiger and makes contact with Ursel in a neighbouring cell.

The kicking foot usually makes contact with the ball slightly on the instep.

This section of the rim just makes contact with the inner wall of Neper crater.

makes extensive

The poem also makes extensive use of elided metaphors.

Japanese law makes extensive use of in civil disputes.

The album makes extensive use of the Fairlight CMI digital sampling synthesizer.

makes a brief

Tweel makes a brief appearance in Larry Niven's "Rainbow Mars".

Pausanias makes a brief and confused mention of a war in Britain.

Actor Mark Bringleson makes a brief cameo as Warhol in "" (1997).

makes it easy

This practice makes it easy to trace female families.

This makes it easy for neighbours to get to know each other.

The fact that it lives in shallower waters makes it easy to be caught by fisheries.

makes all

This makes all the denominations of the kina issued in polymer.

It has been said that the possibility of suicide makes all humans existentialists.

A solution to the system above is given by since it makes all three equations valid.

player makes

For example: a player makes a pick pocketing test for her character.

The player character's death is possible if the player makes a wrong decision.

The Hall selects the logo "based on where that player makes his most indelible mark."

makes extensive use

The poem also makes extensive use of elided metaphors.

Japanese law makes extensive use of in civil disputes.

The album makes extensive use of the Fairlight CMI digital sampling synthesizer.

makes friends

Jamie makes friends with the Cree Tribe's Chief's son, Awasin.

He makes friends with a giant and other creatures of the night.

Meanwhile, Daja makes friends with a local non-magical firefighter, Ben Ladradun.

makes it very

This makes it very difficult for people in Romania to go to the Games.

This makes it very hard to create a break, which leads to more interactive play.

This makes it very hard for people to acknowledge America's status as an empire.

makes fun

Everyone abuses and makes fun of the boy except Kiviuq.

In "Dirty Objects", James makes fun of Toby's "shabby" appearance.

In the video, he makes fun of the supposedly realistic acting and the script.

makes it impossible

In the rainy season, water flow makes it impossible to pass through to the village.

Likewise, W255CJ makes it impossible to hear those stations in metro Atlanta anymore.

Saint Gregory's narrative makes it impossible to suppose him younger than 20 at the time.

now makes

She is unaware that her husband now makes his living as a burglar.

Huss now makes a modern version of the Troika, called the AirBoat.

Fellows now makes his programmes in his own digital recording studio.

makes his first

makes his first appearance in "The King of Fighters XI" as the sub-boss.

Patrick Troughton makes his first, uncredited appearance as the Second Doctor.

Michael Stevenson makes his first appearance as Corporal Iain Dean in the special.

makes her way

Leclerc dies and Pauline makes her way back to Paris.

The Titan Phoebe escapes and makes her way to Earth in search of Donna.

Theresa makes her way with Michaela, and are followed by Jacqui and Carmel.

still makes

He still makes occasional appearances in historic racing events.

It still makes powerful reading.

Steve England went on to form his own production company and still makes radio jingles today.

makes frequent

He makes frequent appearances at the Regina A.

Albinas makes frequent references to his pre-war memories.

The Zohar makes frequent and lengthy references to reincarnation.

makes more   (使更多)

New arable land makes more food, and can reduce starvation.

Its long, velvety coat and its stamina makes more suitable than many breeds for harsh weather.

This proved correct; the company now makes more money in Las Vegas from conventions than gambling.

makes another

Sylvester makes another attempt at stacking the baggage to reach Tweety.

Sathya escapes from the police's net and makes another attempt at the minister.

Meanwhile, Sandhya makes another attempt at suicide, but Raju thwarts it again.

makes many

She faces trials both inner and outer, and makes many friends.

Joyce Carol Oates's 1973 story "The Dead" makes many allusions to Joyce's story.

That makes many words become similar to those of English: "beaten", "listen" etc.

makes plans

Zain makes plans to escape with Sahar and begin a new life.

They are able to barely escape, and Lo makes plans to disappear to mainland China.

Homer even makes plans to marry Wally, despite the fact that she has fallen for Steve.

makes a sharp

The Columbia makes a sharp bend to the west at the Washington–Oregon border.

At this point, Highway 300 runs south-southeast and makes a sharp turn to the east-northeast.

At Old Queen Anne Road, Route 137 makes a sharp turn to the northwest and enters downtown East Harwich.

makes people

Grasping this paradox, ... She makes people care because she cares.

The brief to the writers was clear – a situation comedy makes people laugh...

Rangadasu is envious about his popularity, hence he makes people doubt his devotion.

makes references

It also makes references to gerrymandering, and genetic mutation in animals.

In later episodes of the show, Budulis makes references to his work as a labourer in Ireland.

Jimmy Eat World makes references to several bands, albums, and songs in the lyrical compositions of "Bleed American".

makes recommendations

The panel screens all candidates for Superior Court judgeships in New Jersey and makes recommendations to the governor and his staff.

It makes recommendations focusing on how to improve the access to and use of space-based information in risk and disaster management.

A citizen advisory committee, the Transportation Board, makes recommendations to the Town Council on transportation and traffic issues.

makes possible

.This is what imagery, I have come to learn, makes possible.

It makes possible a subsequent deeper regaining of the self through something other than the self.

The search engine also makes possible new forms of research, known as "text mining" and "data mining."

makes good

It is a fast-growing tree and makes good firewood.

Brody makes good on his pledge to help stop Nazir's attack.

But as ex-problem drinkers, we can say that his explanation makes good sense.

makes it hard

The large number of shareholders also makes it hard for them to organize.

Bad water quality makes it hard for this species to survive and reproduce.

It brings on consternation and makes it hard to concentrate on agreed targets.

film makes

The film makes it clear this wasn't always an easy mix."

The "Los Angeles Times" said "I wish I could say the film makes some claim on artistry."

The film makes great use of Dantes’ particular talents, and it makes for a very enjoyable performance".

company makes

The company makes high-end tandem and single bicycles.

One company makes it industrially.

The company makes two models - URI Desert Runner and URI Mining Vehicle.

makes available

For the first time, an institution makes available online a consistent variety of cataloged multimedia documents.

The CCP collects, preserves, interprets, and makes available materials that are essential to understanding photography and its history.

His essays are published regularly on CounterPunch and Truthout and the 200+ songs he makes available on the web have been downloaded more than a million times.

way that makes

The book is laid out in a way that makes it ideal for study in a class or for individual reading.

As the princess leaves, she glances at Kalyanavarman in a way that makes her passion for him evident.

The prophets reacted in such a way that makes sense if he was carried away, and not simply straight up ().

makes the case

The film showcases their resilience and makes the case for greater employment opportunities for all.

The book is a transfeminist manifesto which makes the case that transphobia is rooted in sexism and that transgender activism is a feminist movement.

He makes the case for supporting Alaska's higher education system, both extolling the virtues of education and the role the university can play in bolstering the state's economy.

makes a good

It makes a good companion plant for cucumbers and broccoli.

Stainless steel also makes a good spring and is resistant to corrosion.

Because air has such low density, air is a very poor conductor and therefore makes a good insulator.

makes no sense

"Playing in front of an empty house makes no sense!"

Since Man can outdo any hurricane, fear makes no sense.

It makes no sense."

makes regular

WCCO-TV sports anchor Mark Rosen makes regular appearances on The Progrum Monday thru Thursday.

She makes regular appearances thereafter, leading to her and Cliff's on-again, off-again relationship.

Jones makes regular appearances in after dinner speaking and still keeps a small involvement in boxing.

makes mention

For example, in P, an entire chapter is found of which no other manuscript makes mention.

George MacDonald Fraser makes mention of "an "abigail" fussing about the room" in his novel "Flashman" from "The Flashman Papers" series.

The play takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; although never officially named, it makes mention of several key locations in Pittsburgh.

makes a distinction

Unix makes a distinction between character devices and block devices.

Like C, JavaScript makes a distinction between expressions and statements.

He makes a distinction between the descriptive and instructional sciences.

makes them more

Breathing from your diaphragm relaxes the rider and makes them more athletically capable.

Counterfeits that reach the philatelic community are fairly scarce, and that alone makes them more valuable.

Sufficiently small diamonds can form in the cold of space because their lower surface energy makes them more stable than graphite.

because it makes

This is important because it makes it easier for the youth advocate to empathize with their clients.

The J3068 connector is mechanically identical to the Type 2 connector, because it makes Normative references to IEC 62196-2 and -3.

She craves the time that she is with Paul, because it makes her feel like a woman and she can reconnect with that raw passion and fire.

system makes

The unix operating system makes this possible by use of pipes and redirects.

He tells Pauline to stop blaming herself as the system makes the poor feel inadequate or wicked.

The simpleness and convince of this mounting system makes this scope a very combat effective and practical system.

song makes

According to Iglesias, the song makes him "feel like a kid again."

This song makes you think about and feel for the people you really love in your life.

The song makes allusions to Japanese necrophiliac murderer and cannibal Issei Sagawa.

makes appearances

Their single "Cages" makes appearances on several compilation albums.

In addition to the televised series, Andy makes appearances in "Torchwood" novels and audio dramas.

He occasionally makes appearances in the "Dictionary Corner" on Channel 4's "Countdown", the latest during the week of 11 April 2011.

makes it harder

It also makes it harder for her to express her feelings to him.

She is a superfan of Luke, which makes it harder for Jenny to keep his secret.

Everything is being shared on social media so it makes it harder for celebrities to live private lives.