İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

before making   (yapmadan önce)

He worked as an engineer before making aliyah to Israel in 1990.

He then moved to Aberystwyth Town before making his Port Talbot bow, .

The Parole Board must consider these submissions before making a decision.

making up   (telafi etme)

album making up the middle third of the concert.

"People don't ask for facts in making up their minds.

census was 19,335,377 making up 74.1% of the total population.

making his debut   (ilk çıkışını yapmak)

Verdasco is making his debut at the championship.

Soderling is making his debut at the event.

Motagua, making his debut on 15 November 1997 against Victoria.

decision making   (karar verme)

This helps avert a save-reload approach to decision making.

Subject orientation can be really useful for decision making.

Hume calls this form of decision making the liberty of spontaneity.

thus making   (böylece)

Bruegel is thus making fun of noisy, aggressive women.

The left breast of Sati fell at this spot, thus making it a Shakti Peetha.

F was developed as a modern Fortran, thus making it a subset of Fortran 95.

began making   (yapmaya başladı)

They began making observations in the summer of 1959.

Popes began making such decrees in the tenth century.

Boumaaza began making YouTube videos in 2007.

making use   (yapma kullanımı)

Mariposa ended up fighting Robin Mask himself, making use of the stolen staff.

A life system was implemented into the single-player game making use of the score.

The length of the boat also allowed any steps to be avoided, making use only of slopes.

without making

In the field he recorded nine putouts without making an error.

The GT40 chassis was upgraded without making any major changes.

The Cowboys finished the year at 9-7 without making the playoffs.

making sure   (emin olmak)

From collecting debts, to making sure problems disappear.

"The second century is about making sure that is not the case."

and making sure to keep his shadow in between himself and Mouse.

started making

He started making robots at about 11 years of age.

He started making films when he was about 12.

Disston also started making files in 1865.

making it difficult

Paris was now blockaded, making it difficult to supply the city by river or elsewhere.

Ratings were still decent, but demographics were making it difficult to sell advertising.

She did not commonly date her works, therefore making it difficult to track her progression.

making music

After this cd, Dimension 5 stopped making music.

Parks is no longer actively making music.

He started making music at age fifteen.

making his first

was commanded by LCDR Fred Connaway, making his first war patrol.

Mechelen, making his first first-team appearance in 1993, at the age of 20.

After making his first appearance in July, he did not play again until August.

not making   (yapmamak)

Therefore, she is not making a counteroffer either.

After not making the team, he enrolled at Graduate school.

But we are not making any assumptions.

making a total   (toplam yapmak)

Later, he managed to hit two more skulls making a total of four.

Her sentences are set to run consecutively, making a total of 28 years.

Each ward elects four town councillors, making a total of 24 councillors.

making it more

In 1869 he received more bones and corrected its stance, making it more upright.

The two developed a plan to modernize the state government, making it more efficient.

Many have been unemployed for extensive periods, making it more difficult to regain employment.

when making   (yaparken)

Neither should be necessary when making a high-quality parfait.

This process is more common when making deinked pulp for tissue.

Applicants do not need to mention the Act when making a request.

making it possible

One cabin has a glass floor, making it possible to view the 400 metre drop from a different angle.

The merged pelvic lumbar spine was present, making it possible to support the floating movement of the tail.

The monster throws a rock at the man, knocking him out of the circle and making it possible for it to kill him.

well as making   (yapmanın yanı sıra)

He well as making the quarterfinals of French Open losing to Söderling.

He also played for Cambridge University, as well as making a single appearance for Free Foresters.

That year she received Big 12 Honorable Mention as well as making the All-Big 12 Academic First Team.

making it easier   (kolaylaştırmak)

Ignition Banbury focused on making it easier and less linear.

The arms and forearms shortened relative to the legs making it easier to run.

The airflare is ultimately a more technical move, making it easier to do them continuously.

film making   (film çekmek)

The result is a piece of film making on the edge."

He became interested in film making as a teenager.

The fast filming process he uses is a form of guerrilla film making.

making only   (sadece yapma)

In 1991, he appeared in 53 games, making only one start.

Nowland was released after making only one league appearance.

In this game, now batting at seven, he did no better, making only 11 and 1.

making landfall   (toprak yapmak)

Upon making landfall, a barometric pressure of 1007 mb accompanied the storm.

Goddard flew on instruments at low level over the sea, making landfall on target.

The storm impacted nearly all of Florida, despite not making landfall in the state.

thereby making   (böylece)

He convinces Y. Vijaya in remarrying him, thereby making Babloo and Suguna as step-siblings.

If not called, issue has a large step - similar to Tier 1 - thereby making the call more likely.

100 grams), thereby making for more steady aiming by moving the balance point of the rifle forward.

making decisions   (Karar vermek)

Poor concentration or difficulty making decisions are treated as another possible symptom.

Nigerians were asked to forgo statism and tribal affiliations and open minded in making decisions.

They also work to keep individuals from making decisions that will increase their likelihood of contact with the law.

making more   (daha fazlasını yapmak)

This required making more contacts.

He was also successful in making more boxers qualify for the Olympics.

As Elena is a vampire, her blood will not work in making more hybrids.

making the film   (filmi yapmak)

It was an incredible experience making the film."

But no Hollywood studios were interested in making the film.

He added that making the film was a life-changing experience for him.

making it impossible   (imkansız hale getirmek)

When they arrived, Makuta destroyed the entrance, making it impossible to leave.

This proved fruitless, as Facebook memorialised the account, making it impossible to log on.

"Waterloo" drew a million, eventually crashing the servers and making it impossible to view.

process of making

The process of making beer is known as brewing.

The firm instead kept secret their process of making chewing gum.

Molecular cloning refers to the process of making multiple molecules.

used for making

Gall-nuts were also used for making fine black writing ink.

In prehistoric times, they have been used for making bone tools.

The deposits are 100 percent quartz crystal and is used for making glass.

policy making   (politika oluşturma)

Other applications include marketing and policy making.

Because of this interpretation, the AFp is well suited for the public policy making.

Ogata also criticised the fact that women with children were rarely consulted in policy making.

making films

She has been making films for more than twenty years.

He started making films when he was about 12.

Later, in the 1990s, he moved into making films of wildlife.

making several

This led to making several ground-breaking music videos for the band.

The company fought the land expropriation, making several legal arguments.

Carter has been credited for making several videos and cameos that became Internet memes.

making their way

Chapter one begins with all of the Toa making their way to Mata Nui.

At the same time, the Russians were making their way towards the city.

As the crowd began making their way home from Ninian Park, the news began to filter out slowly.

making preparations   (hazırlık yapmak)

Steve and Kimberly arrive in Nassau and begin making preparations for the rescue.

While Butler was gathering his forces, Flag Officer Stringham was also making preparations.

Suharto then turned his attention to Halim and began making preparations to attack the air base.

making money

However, the ship has failed in making money in this venture.

So, what is the point of making money?

For making money he decides to marry a disabled women, Simran.

making all   (hepsini yapmak)

He lunged at the Turks, grazing one and making all three run.

Most services on the Musashino Line are local trains making all stops.

Slayton was responsible for making all Gemini and Apollo crew assignments.

making fun

Is he making fun of art and the whole gallery scene?

Bruegel is thus making fun of noisy, aggressive women.

Students are making fun of Bella and calling her a slut.

making process

Every step in the film making process needs to be rethought and reinvented.

She also serves as overseer of the bread making process prior to the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Every year, Hui Lau Shan used up to a thousand tonnes of mangoes in their dessert making process.

making contact

They aim to defeat each other without making contact with their opponent's body.

In the early Marvel Comics, Jazz was portrayed easily and productively making contact with humans.

He started 34th and finished 33rd after struggling early in the race and making contact with Blake Koch.

making the score

Ellis who hit his second double, making the score 5-0.

Cameron Smith kicked the conversion, making the score 6-0.

Tech ended this drive in a field goal, making the score 17-7.

making appearances

making appearances as early as Issue #3.

He began making appearances in 2015, and became Phayao's primary goalkeeper.

"Feature dancers" tend to have their own celebrity, touring a club circuit and making appearances.

making such   (böyle yapmak)

Popes began making such decrees in the tenth century.

When they tried, it kept making such noise that the servants would come.

I am certain that the people are trying to stir up trouble by making such a false accusation."

making his way

Mithqal had another advantage while he was making his way.

Reginald begins piano lessons, making his way into the Royal Academy of Music.

Along with colleagues from Polish Radio, he escaped the city, making his way to Lwów.

during the making

He injured his back during the making of the film.

Blair would develop bursitis in her hip during the making of the picture.

The T.V on the table shows a film that was shot during the making session.

making no

We'd spent a lot of time making no money whatsoever, so it felt very relevant."

Bush gave a standard stump speech making no specific reference to the university.

He left the club in 2000 after making no appearances, and subsequently joined Bangu.

making false   (yanlış yapmak)

They accused her of making false allegations against it.

Sheriff Frank Cassell was convicted of making false statements to agents of the FBI.

It is known that during the 5th century BC, the Phoenicians were making false teeth.

making plans

He and his friends started making plans to join the movement.

Hammond had started making plans for his skyscraper in the early 1880s.

By October 1558, Elizabeth was already making plans for her government.

making just   (sadece)

He was released on 4 December 2018 after making just three Pro14 appearances.

According to Channa’s paternal side of the family, Channa was making just Rs.

After America's entry into the war, Warner decided to focus on making just war films.

making his professional

He joined Oshima stable upon his graduation from junior high, making his professional debut in March 1981.

Born in Bad Kreuznach, Friedrich started playing football at SG Guldental 07, making his professional debuts with 1.

His first bout was against Anthony Mack (who was also making his professional debut that evening) on February 24, 1996.

making the first

As previously stated, variety is good when making the first step of choosing an assortment.

However, the credit for making the first Indian feature film is attributed to Dadasaheb Phalke.

In the 1960s, Rudy Bozak began making the first DJ mixers, mixing consoles specialized for DJing.

up making

The film ended up making a profit of $65,000.

However, he ended up making a different film.

He ended up making sandwiches for the others.

only making   (sadece yapmak)

He achieved the 30 assists while only making two turnovers.

4 here and only making No.

However the album didn't sell well only making 67 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

making love   (sevişmek)

Just as Faust is making love to her the sands run out.

He finds his brother in the bushes, making love with Buffy.

It also showed Oedipus and Jocasta in bed together, making love.

making the final

He placed 13th, just short of making the final.

The final percentage modifier would be +60%, making the final cost 32 points.

Over 25 songs were finally recorded for the album, only 12 making the final cut.

making an appearance

She was subsequently released on July 15 without making an appearance for the club.

Each year, one generation of bees is formed, making an appearance during the spring.

She ended up making an appearance in "Bride of the Monster" (1956), also with Lugosi.

making them more   (onları daha fazla yapmak)

He removed the flex from crampons, making them more rigid for front-pointing.

This generally allows better insulation making them more suitable for use in cold water.

They reduce their “core” metabolic repertoire, making them more dependant on their host and environment.

known for making

The inhabitants were known for making wooden tubs and wagons.

He is also known for making the cadenette hairstyle fashionable.

He is known for making a high-pitched noise at the sign of any danger.

responsible for making   (yapmaktan sorumlu)

Tyrell was responsible for making that deal as an executive at Scepter.

Slayton was responsible for making all Gemini and Apollo crew assignments.

The EPA is also responsible for making sure each state and tribe abides by the permits.

making his senior

Since making his senior debut, Lam became a first team regular at the national team.

Priror to making his senior debut, Muzaka represented Albania at under-19 and -21 levels.

Casey subsequently joined the under-21 team before making his senior debut during the 2012 league.

capable of making   (yapabilen)

capable of making single-varietal cider.

"We have maybe 10 guys now capable of making All-Pro," said Greene in 1972.

In particular, making these machines capable of making important decisions the way humans do.

idea of making

84% opposed the idea of making a new offer.

The idea of making a film on identity loss due to migration was a childhood dream of the director.

Kumar got the idea of making a film based on the Bhopal disaster after he read a book based on it.

effectively making   (etkili bir şekilde yapmak)

This allows him to absorb any attacks directed at him, effectively making him impervious to pain.

Other languages may use a Semitic abjad with mandatory vowel diacritics, effectively making them abugidas.

This incident further consolidated Hoxha's power, effectively making Khrushchev-esque reforms nearly impossible.

making many

Growing up, he continued making many theatre plays in Texas.

We hope you enjoy it and I'm looking forward to making many more."

Brimson played predominantly touch football growing up making many rep teams.

time making

As a result, the boys spent their free time making short films.

We'd spent a lot of time making no money whatsoever, so it felt very relevant."

During those years, however, they were generally having a hard time making ends meet.

making her debut

Stella started her entertainment career by making her debut .

Since making her debut for the England women's national football team in 1997, Brown won over 80 caps.

Pantaleoni joined the roster at La Scala in 1883, making her debut in the title role of "La Gioconda".

making a film   (film yapmak)

Apte had tried making a film based on the story but was not successful.

He was making a film with texture, grounding it, playing the truths rather than the gags".

The idea of making a film on identity loss due to migration was a childhood dream of the director.

making a living

He now lives in Zimbabwe, making a living through selling wine and craft beer.

After university Rathbone lived in Turkey for three years, making a living by teaching English.

After enduring a decade of barely making a living, I gave up Rothman ended up leaving the industry.

making new

Introducing "sources" unifies the formalism, by making new vertices where one line can end.

The tour was ultimately canceled as Tinashe wanted to focus on making new songs for the album.

This would have given additional range and a greater payload, making new commercial routes possible.

making way

"Yamal" can break ice while making way either forwards or backwards.

These buildings were destroyed in 1864 making way for De Keyser's Royal Hotel.

On August 30, 1996, one Atlanta-area station switched frequencies, making way for another.

used in making

Maize is also used in making ethanol and other biofuels.

As a hardwood, alder is used in making furniture, cabinets, and other woodworking products.

It is used in making Jhapi, a traditional head cover often used to felicitate guests in Assam.

making another   (başka bir tane yapmak)

Realizing she's just making another excuse, she stays by Ghemor's side until the end.

They began working with Tan's Film afterwards, making another five films with the company.

Fuhito succeeded in making another of his daughters, Kōmyōshi, the empress consort of Emperor Shōmu.

interested in making

But no Hollywood studios were interested in making the film.

"I am not interested in making fanciful romantic movies at all.

Various directors, including Terry Gilliam and Roman Polanski, were interested in making the film.


That same year, Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McLain won 31 games – making him the last pitcher to win 30 games in a season.

The latest official estimate as at mid 2019 is 2,237,006 – making it the eighth most populated suburb in the world at the latter date.

Floss also has a best friend, Rhiannon, who isn't much of a friend – making fun of her and her father and starting cruel rumours about her.

making progress   (gelişme kaydetme)

"I'm making progress," said Yen Hui.<br> "What do you mean?"

"I am making progress," said Yan Hui.<br> "What do you mean?"

<br> Yan Hui saw Confucius on another day and said, "I am making progress."

making their first

Both teams were making their first appearances in the final.

Facebook has rapidly become the platform of choice for those citizens making their first steps online.

The early 18th century had dominoes making their way to Europe, making their first appearance in Italy.

way of making

Cryptography offers a way of making the erasure almost instantaneous.

Non-standard analysis is a way of making this mathematically rigorous.

He soon begins seeing Robin but has flings with Carly, who uses him as a way of making Robin jealous.

decision making process   (karar verme süreci)

Typically, the decision making process incorporates the analysis of one or more visualizations of data.

Ordeals the divine methods of proof and Oaths for simple cases were used to help in the decision making process.

Participants have other demands on their time, and actively arrive to, and leave from, the decision making process.

continued making

They continued making trips to see each other.

The company has continued making cars since.

Growing up, he continued making many theatre plays in Texas.

making good

Are some countries making good progress in improving child well-being?

This is probably due to the perennial difficulty of making good blue dyes and pigments.

Sterling lost four fumbles and another interception while only making good on 3 of 14 third down situations.

making significant   (anlamlı yapmak)

In response to worker grievances, Bongo negotiated on a sector-by-sector basis, making significant wage concessions.

The Serbs drafted their reply to the ultimatum in such a way as to give the impression of making significant concessions.

Robey (1998) determined that at least 2 hours of treatment per week is recommended for making significant language gains.

eventually making

It meandered erratically for several days, until eventually making landfall in Veracruz.

As the series progressed Toho would rescale the character, eventually making Godzilla as tall as .

He returned to Olimpia for the 2013 campaign, eventually making six further appearances for the club.

making the playoffs

The Cowboys finished the year at 9-7 without making the playoffs.

The Marlins played four season in the Bartercard cup, making the playoffs just once.

With the Breakers making the playoffs in 2012/13, it was their fifth appearance in the NBL Finals.

goal of making

The National Digital Library exceeded its goal of making five million items available online by 2000.

As long as the goal of making the audience laugh is achieved, that’s sometimes all you really need from a sitcom.

Fundamental analysis is performed on historical and present data, but with the goal of making financial forecasts.

including making

His father was a lawyer and his mother worked at various jobs, including making slippers and little paintings.

Necessary amendments would be made to the single-window clearance Act, including making the application process online.

However, statistical modeling has disadvantages, including making broad assumptions based on missing knowledge in lichen ecology.

succeeded in making   (yapmayı başardı)

He succeeded in making Benevento an archdiocese in 969.

He succeeded in making a good impression for a short while and share price firmed up.

Not even Peruvians or Ecuadorians succeeded in making headway in this area some fifty years ago.

before making landfall   (karaya inmeden önce)

Ambergris is rare; once expelled by a whale, it often floats for years before making landfall.

Baker weakened slightly before making landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama with winds of on August 31.

The crew all managed to escape the stricken vessel and then rowed 8 miles south before making landfall.

such as making

Rude behaviours often disturb other people, such as making noise or playing loud music.

The people had skills such as making pottery, building houses from wood, weaving, and knapping (stone tool working).

To achieve something great, such as making our college the first tobacco-free college in the state of Gujarat; it doesn't require a huge step.

making it clear   (açıklığa kavuşturmak)

After making it clear he would not resign, Monk was sacked on 18 June.

The revolutionaries won this battle decisively, making it clear that Díaz could no longer retain power.

The supplier is reluctant to give it to him, making it clear that if he doesn't pay the next day there will be consequences.

making its way   (yol yapmak)

Occasionally making its way into the aquarium trade, this is a hardy little specimen.

The phylloxera epidemic that ravaged vineyards across France was finally making its way to Champagne.

Flying boats operated from the loch to protect allied shipping making its way to Liverpool or Glasgow.

making it easy

The construction also attracts the attention of motorists, making it easy to find the rest area.

Granite pavers have high integral strength and density making it easy to maintain and hard-wearing in outdoor use.

Sugarcane was grown and refined in India before 500 BC and was crystallized, making it easy to transport, by AD 500.

making changes

Stuart also gets the nurses' back up a bit by making changes.

The Sega team considered fan input when making changes to "Yakuza 2".

One of the difficulties of making changes, however, is the political process itself.

start making   (yapmaya başla)

In 2013, Cody appeared in 12 games with 1 start making 15 tackles.

They kiss and start making out in the tour boat, but Lilly runs away.

In 2011, Hughes appeared in 12 games with one start making 13 tackles and one sack.

making his own

He is a sportsman by vocation, trains daily and enjoys making his own diet.

He came back to the country and thought of directing and making his own films.

After receiving a loan to purchase materials, he began making his own cowboy boots.

stopped making

After this cd, Dimension 5 stopped making music.

By 2007, these investors stopped making movie-finance deals.

The company then filed for reorganization in the following year and stopped making video games altogether.

making them difficult

Spiders as hosts are able hunters making them difficult prey to parasitize.

In general they are shy and secretive birds, making them difficult to observe.

still making   (hala yapıyor)

We’re still making rock music.

Palin responded, "I think the public rightfully is still making it an issue.

They are still making steam engines using traditional technology and methods.

therefore making

She did not commonly date her works, therefore making it difficult to track her progression.

With its old and classic, therefore making it a location for filming many movies and TV dramas.

The Show was filmed in Enfield, North London in August 2011 therefore making the show heavily delayed from its initial broadcast.

making a comeback

Soon after making a comeback he suffered an ankle injury.

After a few months, superheroes appeared to be making a comeback.

A 2012 article in "The Guardian" described board games as "making a comeback".

making the album

The name represents the change Sawyer went through in the process of making the album.

117 on the Billboard New Artist Chart, making the album Jag Panzer's most successful to date.

Ai started making the album after she finished her "What's Goin' On Ai" tour in December 2006.