İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

males and females   (erkekler ve kadınlar)

Adult males and females associate by mid February.

The underside is tan for both males and females.

The disease affects males and females almost equally.

mm for males   (erkekler için mm)

The length of the forewings is 18.2 mm for males.

The length of the forewings is 14.9 mm for males.

They grow up to 49–58 mm for males and 62–63 mm of females.

adult males   (yetişkin erkekler)

She had embarked 161 adult males and 78 adult females.

Nuptial pad on finger present in adult males.

In 1641/2 96 adult males signed the Protestation returns.

other males   (diğer erkekler)

When males permanently leave, they either live alone or with other males.

After mating the female is unreceptive to other males and remains monandrous.

When a male establishes his position on the female's dorsum, other males retreat.

both males

The underside is tan for both males and females.

The club has 11 teams in various leagues for both males and females.

It was observed that both males and females suffer from traumatic insemination.

between males

In some species, the pattern varies between males and females.

A GPI equal to one signifies equality between males and females.

In some regions, no difference in size is seen between males and females.

larger than males

On average, female bowheads are larger than males.

On average, females grow to be slightly larger than males.

Generally, females are larger than males.

males measure   (erkekler ölçmek)

Adult males measure and females in snout–vent length.

The males measure , while females measure up to almost .

Adult males measure and adult females in snout–vent length.

young males

They occur most commonly in young males and older females.

Most of these Chinese were young males, and they took Cham women as wives.

Mature females or young males only show the two black spots on the dorsal fin.

white males

In Newark County 76% of black males graduated compared to 67% for white males.

In the Detroit school district the graduation rate of black males was 20% but 7% for white males.

The soldiers of the Confederate armed forces consisted mainly of white males aged between 16 and 28.

among males

Tritanopia is equally distributed among males and females.

Its prevalence is higher among males with an early onset of the disease.

A dominance hierarchy exists among males, whether they range socially or solitarily.

all males

In the resolution of legal disputes, all males past puberty preside and have an equal voice in the final decision.

General Election Law The was a law passed in Taishō period Japan, extending suffrage to all males aged 25 and over.

When several males become aware of a receptive female, all males try to mount her; the males do not assault each other directly.

females and males

It can affect both females and males with a 6:1 ratio.

In late summer and early fall, new breeding females and males emerge.

Both females and males develop breasts from the same embryological tissues.

males numbered

Its population in 2011 was 549, of which males numbered 281 and females were 268.

In 2011, the total population for the "small area" had risen, to 241, of which males numbered 123 and females 118.

The total population in the division at the time of the 2011 census was 807, of which males numbered 420 and females were 387.