İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

young man   (genç adam)

As a young man, Raymond briefly attended seminary.

As a young man, I chafed at this state of affairs.

As a young man, Cargas struggled to find a career.

man named   (adlı adam)

Alfredo was bought by a very cruel man named Citron.

A man named Farnsbarns has been following Jenny.

She may have born a Dyer or married a man named Dyer.

old man   (yaşlı adam)

the old man promises but does not go beyond that.

Marshall asks Sara why the old man is frightened.

Suddenly you see an old man dressed as an abbot.

another man   (diğer adam)

However, Khan is shot and killed by another man.

This led to the trial of another man, Leopald Harris.

The film opens with a man chasing another man.

first man   (ilk adam)

K Damodaran was its first man in place.

In fact, the first man to enlist was also a member of the CLB.

According to Abraham Fornander, Welaʻahilaninui was the first man.

white man   (Beyaz adam)

You must go by the way white man had hitherto gone.

Huey Calhoun, a white man, arrives on the scene.

At the same time, a white man comes into view.

black man   (siyah adam)

Ying — The only black man living in Pebble Town.

A black man sitting nearby asks him to stop.

Dumas was replaced by another black man, Samuel Armstead.

no man

de Cuenca, no man was killed in the "Encarnación".

Faith is an operation of God; let no man glory in manhood.

The few parties that crossed no man's land found uncut wire.

man called   (adam aradı)

His physician was a Greek man called Philotas.

The owner of the store is an old man called Mr. Coates.

God felt regret for making humans, but there was a man called Noah.

best man

Mitchell was the best man at the wedding ceremony.

They each served as the best man at the other's wedding.

Actor Stewart Granger was the best man at their wedding.

man whose   (kimin)

Therefore we must take a man whose opinions are known."

The song is a narration by a man whose girlfriend is in a coma.

The Deaf Man is a tall, blond man whose real name is never revealed.

every man

Durant tells him to arm every man in town and send for Cullen.

When the baby was four, the king had every man give him a gift.

In these years four women emigrated from England for every man.

gay man   (eşcinsel adam)

The actor gave details of his life as a gay man.

It is also the story of his coming out as a gay man.

Rene is a gay man who came out of the closet at age 70.

dead man

Scientifically, Mr. Bastiat, you are a dead man".

A lamp is burning on the table beside the dead man.

The only witness is Kim Soo-jin, the dead man's wife.

leading man

He [Williams] wasn't a leading man, it has to be said.

In March Richard Greene was signed to be her leading man.

I thought he was the best leading man I ever worked with.

rich man   (zengin adam)

They oughta get a rich man to vote like that.""

Nur went on to the Middle East and came back a rich man.

Song Jinjian (; 1821–1863), a local rich man, acquired it.

wealthy man   (zengin adam)

A wealthy man's hair would often be maintained by a valet.

The second place they came to was the home of a wealthy man.

He was a very wealthy man and owned numerous estates in Cheshire.

older man   (daha yaşlı adam)

The older man struck her in the face, knocking her out.

The older man's son, Stuart, then forces Derek to find the girls.

As a teen, Tunnillie was taken in by an older man named Iyola Tunili.

man and woman

The figures unmask to reveal that they are a man and woman.

When the man and woman returned to the car, the detective arrested them.

It is made clear that the marriage finances were held by both man and woman.

last man   (son adam)

Coach Schwartz actually said Silva was the last man cut.

He was the last man to captain England on his Test debut.

The Spartans are killed to the last man by a storm of arrows.

only man   (tek adam)

Carmel tells him that he is the only man she wants.

He is the only man to have captained England at both sports.

"Gilligan, you're the only man for me!'

front man   (ön adam)

Gramm became front man for the band Black Sheep.

Ghent was the front man in Colonel Bruce Hampton's band.

Yuzon was the front man of a rock band named White Chapel at that time.

man   (adam ')

“The man’s death is not being treated as suspicious”.

She falls in love with A.R.K., a lecturer, then she marries the man’s son, Murali.

A man’s work expresses his character and each should be used to illumine the other.”

business man   (iş adamı)

He is a prominent business man and a young leader.

As a business man, Batt is a franchisee of Jos.

Malik Tujjar was one of the richest business man of his time.

same man

The same man also makes an offer to buy Kirrin Island.

The Cornish Saint Erc is generally believed to be the same man.

Martha and Isamar will become rivals for the love of the same man, Alejandro.

man s   (erkek)

“The man’s death is not being treated as suspicious”.

She falls in love with A.R.K., a lecturer, then she marries the man’s son, Murali.

A man’s work expresses his character and each should be used to illumine the other.”

common man   (sıradan adam)

The show is a satirical take on the common man's issues.

He promises what benefits the common man but does what benefits him.

Balraj, a common man, lives happily with his two brothers Ajay and Uday.

elderly man   (yaşlı adam)

"Thanks," said the elderly man.

The cartoon consisted of a boy holding a cat conversing with an elderly man.

He also had a cameo as the elderly man who directs Marjorie to Norton Baskin's hotel.

poor man   (zavallı adam)

To a poor man has not got the right that he has had.

He assumes that Amba Prasad is a poor man and pays him.

A poor man's marriage will kill you early.

married man

As a married man Archer was unavailable, however.

A married man may be ordained as a priest or deacon.

Wenceslao Pedernera was a married man who had three daughters.

between a man

"Marriage is defined as a 'union between a man and a woman'.

The song itself is a courtship conversation in Middle French between a man and woman.

Marriage in Islam In Islam, marriage () is a legal contract between a man and a woman.

other man   (diğer adam)

Bill was the other man – the father of Lucas.

He fires without care, and kills the other man instantly.

He believes that no other man can love her as much as he does.

each man

Bagnasco affirmed that each man has the right to be employed.

Commanders ordered each man in turn to stand up but were ignored.

She counsels each man separately.

good man   (iyi adam)

Rowlett said, "A great and good man has gone.

He was a really good man and we had a lot of fun together.

Malayandi asks for forgiveness and he decides to become a good man.

local man

In her late teens, Pilchowa married a local man.

He is then aided by a local man in getting his revenge.

They did appear to be intimidated by Tony Petrucci, a local man.

young man named

A young man named Jesse W. Weik who had corresponded with Herndon became a good friend.

In the 1740s, a gifted young man named Shalom Mizrachi Sharabi arrived in Jerusalem from Yemen.

They meet a sinister but charming young man named Marco (Martin Kiefer) while playing at the sea.

homeless man   (evsiz adam)

Jack Cracker is a homeless man who lives in the swamp.

It can also mean a tramp or homeless man.

However, when he passes out drunk, a homeless man steals his belongings.

mysterious man   (gizemli adam)

A mysterious man called Chundra (Turhan Bey) continues to observe him.

En route Pyotr gets lost in a blizzard, but is rescued by a mysterious man.

He is falsely told by a mysterious man that Shadowhawk is the son of Firepower.

family man   (Aile adamı)

He was a family man, a Scout leader and keen sports player.

This is a story of doubt, trust, responsibilities of a family man.

Ajay is a family man, who was raised and educated in Erinsborough.

man whom   (adam kim)

Kim Bok-dong eventually met a man whom she fell in love with.

Who is that man whom he has to kill?

She was previously in a relationship with a man whom she used for money.

great man   (harika adam)

Wales has lost a great man, and I mourn a true friend.'

Tolstoy: a great writer, a great thinker and a great man.

It furthers one to see the great man."

man made

This list encompasses both natural and man made lakes.

It is connected to the beach by a man made land bridge.

Kleivin is partially natural harbour and partially man made.

younger man

In his 30s, his slightly rounded face gave him the look of a much younger man."

Chávez then nailed Taylor with a tremendous right hand that dropped the younger man.

In 1920 Colette published "Chéri", portraying love between an older woman and a much younger man.

man of letters   (Mektup adamı)

At the same time, Cánovas remained an active man of letters.

His son James (1643–1713) was a noted antiquary and man of letters.

It is named after Dimitrie Cantemir, Moldavian voivod and prolific man of letters.

blind man   (kör adam)

The blind man actually wants to sell a dream rather than buy one.

There, he befriended Henry Moyes, a young blind man who showed precocious aptitude.

As a boy he earned money from reading the reports of Parliament to a local blind man.

richest man   (en zengin adam)

He became United Kingdom's 57th richest man.

He was regarded by some as the richest man in the Colony.

He was once the richest man in the world.

when a man   (ne zaman bir adam)

Sometimes when a man passes away he is covered with a black kelaghayi.

The second occurred when a man was found hanging from a tree after going missing.

Later, he's shattering glass again when a man throws him through the window of a pub.

free man   (Özgür adam)

He is twice branded as a slave but now is a free man.

It is of French origin meaning "free man" or "petite".

To be a free man he has to kill one more man.

man known

Hales was a large man known to all as "Smiler" Hales.

Among them is an enigmatic young man known as Shua (Marc Worden).

This name was chosen because of the legendary man known as Padula.

man behind   (arkasındaki adam)

The man behind this great venture is DrT.

"PC Magazine" asked if Gates was "the man behind the machine?".

The man behind the plot was Minister of Economic Affairs, Jan Vapaavuori.

between man

a bargain, which is a wager of skill between man and man.

The bond between man and the soil is, seemingly, restored with Noah.

He views his imagery as exploring the “contact zone” between man and nature.

third man

The third man was buried 9 June 1942.

Arivanandam kidnaps the third man when Sarojini is stuck in traffic.

The third man, Private Robert Warnock, was shot and mortally wounded.

man killed   (öldürülen adam)

"Otter" suffered one man killed and one man wounded.

In the engagement, "Champion" suffered one man killed.

The British lost one man killed and two wounded in the action.

named man

He was named man of the match by Liverpool's official website.

Onyema was named man of the year for 2012,by ThisDay newspaper.

He was later named man of the match.

military man

Mạc Đăng Dung was a military man who rose through the ranks.

As a career military man, he naturally had little in common with the academics.

Like many churchmen of his day, de Sourdis was a military man as well as a prelate.

con man   (dolandırıcı)

Crumb's bearded guru is too unapologetic to be called a con man.

The sisters' first client turns out to be a con man and he steals their money.

Hathaway and his assistant Sebastian Brudenell discover that the fiancé is a con man.

powerful man

Kichaka was a very powerful man and had immense strength.

I know he's the richest and most powerful man in Erinsborough.

According to Livy he was by far the most powerful man in Hispania.

man of great   (harika adam)

Abauzit was a man of great learning and of wonderful versatility.

Müller was a man of great and versatile talents, an excellent orator, and a suggestive writer.

He was an energetic man of great physical endurance who possessed an almost boyish enthusiasm.

holy man   (kutsal adam)

Visitors traveled great distances to see the celebrated holy man.

Dogfael Dogfael (Dogmael) was a Welsh holy man of the 6th century.

In this town lies the Muslim holy man Sidi Khaled Ibn Sinan al Absi.

second man   (ikinci adam)

), she became the second man for Yoka Wao from 2002 to 2005.

A second man appears out of nowhere and flys at Simone with a hammer.

Simone brutally dispatches the second man and he and Marcello leave with a haul of coke.

single man   (bekar adam)

He enjoys being the "sole and single man" on Earth.

The bar is the "fence", and a single man is "kicked" rather than hit.

In "Love Pool", single man Mark meets a woman while carpooling with the service Uber.

straight man   (düz adam)

He is usually the straight man to Granny and Jethro's antics.

"The Gorilla" (1939) had him playing straight man to Patsy Kelly and the Ritz Brothers.

The two lead hosts serve as a double act, with John Boy the comic foil and Billy the straight man.

man living

Ying — The only black man living in Pebble Town.

A man living in the jungle rescues her, and they fall in love.

It was the brainchild of Gabriel Hugon, a French man living in Manchester.

new man

But he recovers and start his life as a new man.

This new man was no longer British.

It appears that Procat is functioning under the leadership of a new man, codenamed "Mirage".

big man

For example, ("He is a big man") can be expressed as simply .

After his arrest, Njoroge asked: "Why don't you go after the big man?"

The big man selected Michigan over Illinois in making his final choice.

man or woman

Context also determines a man or woman's emotional behavior.

One man or woman leads the song by singing the first few words and then the others follow.

Polyfidelity requires consensus to accept a new person into the group, either a man or woman.

man wearing   (giyen adam)

One day, the men carrying the cloak noticed a man wearing green praying by it.

He spots a man wearing a leather mask and goes with him to a room to have sex.

Meanwhile, a man wearing a trench coat and an eye patch is following Tomie and photographing her.

medicine man   (tıpçı)

He was initially treated by a local medicine man.

But the medicine man was not allowed across the border.

A sick person could be left in a room, alone except for a medicine man.

man died   (adam öldü)

Those who refused to kill their fellow man died.

One man died in the U-boat; there were 56 survivors.

One man died in the U-boat; there were 42 survivors.

little man   (küçük adam)

Mr. Travnicek is a typical "little man" character, mostly in a bad mood.

The stepmother sends her own daughter, who acts rudely to the little man.

Despite this, he was described as a "sallow, baldish, unhealthy looking little man."

wise man   (Bilge Adam)

Therefore, the priest is a knowledgeable and wise man.

They follow the local wise man's advice without success.

He was described as ‘a wise man ... of great experience.’

man squad   (adam takımı)

In May 2018 he was named in Iceland’s 23 man squad for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In May 2018 he was named in Tite’s final 23 man squad for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In May 2018 he was named in Sweden's 23 man squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

religious man

Daniel James, like his partners was a religious man.

Still, at heart, he remained a religious man in word and deed.

Underneath this covering, "it would seem to me that Mr. Streiman is a religious man".

man responsible   (sorumlu adam)

The man responsible was Lewis Powell a.k.a.

The man responsible for Conley's downfall was Governor Joseph M. Dixon.

He assures her the man responsible for her condition has been arrested.

working man

In the past this sort of establishment was the haven of the short order cook grilling or frying simple foods for the working man.

Above are people who symbolise all who have contributed to Australia, from left the early settlers to right the modern working man.

When he’s at his best, we get songs that celebrate the working man and the country boy without a whiff of condescension or pandering."

man to win

He became the first American man to win the Two-Man World Cup title.

This made him the third Nigerian man to win the event at the African Games.

Ralph Guldahl retains his U.S. Open crown, becoming only the fourth man to win back-to-back titles.

man was killed

de Cuenca, no man was killed in the "Encarnación".

One man was killed, seven others were wounded.

One man was killed, two others were wounded.

man dressed   (giyimli adam)

Suddenly you see an old man dressed as an abbot.

In 1876, Thompson was arrested for "being a man dressed in women's clothing".

In the dark room, Perry smokes a cigarette as a man dressed in a suit sits beside her.

innocent man   (masum adam)

Ducasse will venture to do anything to an innocent man for the punishment of a criminal.”

He also threatened a suspect, and tried to frame an innocent man for being in charge of the drug ring.

On 28 November 2011 an innocent man was mistakenly shot dead in retaliation for the murder of Liam Kenny.

hit man

Naish shines as the principal hit man."

Jimmy is contacted from jail by Mafia hit man Carmine D'Nardis.

Frank Falenczyk is a hit man for his Polish mob family in Buffalo, New York.

honest man   (dürüst adam)

Lachenal had the reputation of being an honest man, even bluntly honest.

She mistakenly takes Pharaoh to be an honest man and moves onto his hacienda.

When Camb took the stand, the prosecution barrister asked him if he considered himself an honest man.

man when   (adam ne zaman)

Hoffer was a young man when he also lost his father.

Arivanandam kidnaps the third man when Sarojini is stuck in traffic.

However, if Commius was a young man when appointed by Caesar he could very well have lived until 20 BC.

unknown man

This unknown man tells them that they can still win, but they must join him in order to do it.

Her husband explained that an unknown man jumped out of the bushes and knocked him unconscious.

In December 1934, an unknown man surprised Tudor at his "Credința" office, and gave him a severe beating.

killed a man

He never killed a man that did not need killing.

On one occasion, he killed a man with his naval cutlass.

However, in his youth, he (the eldest) killed a man from a foreign family.

strong man

This seems highly unlikely because an executioner must be a strong man.

He was a huge, strong man, and easily handled a large stick as whether it was nothing.

Ghias ad-din is reported by the Georgian annals to have been a handsome and physically strong man.

man standing   (ayakta adam)

, "the man standing over there's hat").

Rocca, the last man standing, directs the Italians' anger to the Germans.

Shortly thereafter, he was the final man standing out of the original 90 recruits.

enlisted man

He refused an officer's commission and entered the Army as an enlisted man.

Historian Stewart Sifakis wrote that Williams served "apparently as an enlisted man."

He started as an enlisted man in anti-aircraft and rose to second lieutenant in the 78th Infantry Division.

masked man   (maskeli adam)

The tall masked man's letter is followed by a letter from A.M.C.

A masked man appears, who introduces himself as Rick (Jon Huertas).

A masked man appears and rams an axe into Måns' head as Sara runs off.

man ever

For his efforts, he was the only man ever initiated into Delta Gamma.

He was the third Scottish man ever to represent a constituency in Wales as MP.

If this man ever understood the international creed of socialism, he long ago forgot it.

man without

Johnny is depicted as a man without a conscience.

The men sing a chorale over his body, saluting "a man without fear".

The official history remarked: “he behaved in action as a man without fear”.

handsome man   (yakışıklı adam)

A tall, slim, handsome man, he could often appear aloof, even arrogant.

According to Mountstuart Elphinstone, "The King of Kabul [Shah Shuja] was a handsome man".

The Silent Knight is a young handsome man named Brian Kent, living in sixth-century Great Britain.

not a man   (adam değil)

He was not a man who was going to die in his bed of old age".

His response is most often given as, "I have not a man that is afraid to go."

For example, the book's main character Lopuhov says "I am not a man to make sacrifices.

strange man   (tuhaf adam)

They encounter a strange man, who turns out to have magic powers.

On the day of the party, a strange man shows up at the judge's house.

The next day, a strange man walks through customs, and Tina asks to inspect his bag.

tall man

For example, "the tall man" or "walks his dog".

The Colonel was a very tall man and of fine proportions.

A tall man, he was able to use his height and reach to his advantage when bowling.

most powerful man   (en güçlü adam)

I know he's the richest and most powerful man in Erinsborough.

According to Livy he was by far the most powerful man in Hispania.

The most powerful man may be Mohamed Mediène, the head of military intelligence.

only one man   (sadece bir adam)

"Cornwallis" suffered only one man wounded in the action.

During the dig, there were only two accidents, and only one man died.

Mithqal was riding his mare in the desert accompanied by only one man.

man does

A man does not gives sections of himself to the things that he loves.

While Socrates believed no man does evil knowingly, Plato was skeptical.

However the man does not name a victim for Killjoy, leaving the scene without doing so.

dying man   (ölen adam)

He pledges to the dying man that he will take his body to his sister Amaya (Jaclyn DeSantis).

However, sources disagree whether the man hanged was the culprit or an older, possibly dying man.

Barnard later wrote, "For a dying man it is not a difficult decision because he knows he is at the end.

ordinary man

She was convinced that Bhakti Thapa was no ordinary man.

Joe/Narcissus (Jack Bittner) is an ordinary man who has recently signed a complicated lease on a room.

Metzen conceived Raynor to represent the ordinary man in a series populated with politically motivated characters.

man then

The man then assists the lady into a smooth landing on the ice.

The man then allows Death to take him without further complaint.

The old man then issues further warnings about the nature of the beast.