Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not manage   (no administrar)

The Sooners did not manage a single first down.

The Commission does not manage any land itself.

The Ukrainian Army did not manage to capture the city.

did manage   (logró)

However, Gibbs did manage to score in the first Test.

He did manage a draw in his first bout with Langford in 1920.

However, he did manage to play in part of the Preseason games.

did not manage   (no logró)

The Sooners did not manage a single first down.

The Ukrainian Army did not manage to capture the city.

The party did not manage to obtain the seat.

manage to escape   (logran escapar)

The women manage to escape and Elizabeth goes with them.

Pluto, Dina and Bruno manage to escape.

Using their different tactics, they manage to escape the room.

only manage   (solo administrar)

He faced Big Buck's again at Aintree but could only manage 4th.

At her fourth games she competed in just the 100m breaststroke where she could only manage fifth.

Unfortunately for him, he could only manage 11 more in the nine further matches he played that summer.

manage to get   (gestionar para conseguir)

The police manage to get the bomb off Henry's body.

MEPs didn't manage to get everything they demanded.

The second part ""you manage to get up each morning etc.

continued to manage   (continuó manejando)

Elwood continued to manage the resort until 1961.

Timbercreek continued to manage the units.

Lomax continued to manage acts after separating from Earle.

used to manage   (solía administrar)

Nuts, herbs were used to manage drinking water.

Additionally, the data is used to manage habitats on airfields.

Zune software is used to manage and sync content on Windows Phone 7 devices with PCs.

help manage   (ayuda a gestionar)

In this regard, escalators help manage the flow of people.

Some new services were developed to help manage demand, including NHS Direct.

To help manage their terror, they find solace in their death-denying beliefs, such as their religion.

how to manage   (como administrar)

Businesses also receive advice on how to manage the cloud.

We’re doing what we can to figure out how to manage that effectively."

Nearly everything computer programmers do requires them to consider how to manage memory.

able to manage   (capaz de gestionar)

Yet for long periods Carthage was able to manage these social difficulties.

The player is able to manage their nation's foreign and internal policies on the Diplomacy page.

Players are also able to manage the content of their Wii memory cards through the game's interface.

manage all   (gestionar todo)

A core team of members manage all routing and highsite maintenance.

I manage all these.

These bodies are empowered to manage all affairs that do not concern the national denomination.

difficult to manage   (difícil de manejar)

This waste is difficult to manage.

Mast-aft rigs depend on a large foresail which, like any sail, becomes more difficult to manage with its size.

In 1922 he became increasingly temperamental and difficult to manage and failed to win or place in five starts.

manage to win   (lograr ganar)

(Before 2005, Debrecen did not manage to win the league.)

The New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP) did not manage to win the seat until 1981.

Ethnikos did not manage to win any game, as the star player of the team Washington Calcattera had been injured.

manage to find   (poder encontrar)

Sienna and Dodger then disown Patrick and later manage to find Nico.

The two manage to find happiness with the arrival of their first child, who was named Yuriko.

When Eitri doesn't manage to find a handle for the axe, Groot gives up one of his arms for the purpose.

manage their own   (gestionar su propio)

Despite this, the schools are independent of each other and are free to manage their own affairs.

In 1995, the legal battles ended with Saskatchewan's Francophones winning the right to manage their own schools.

They call their own Ministers, select their own leadership, own their own property, and manage their own affairs.

ability to manage   (capacidad de gestionar)

On the other hand, parents may better understand their ability to manage another child.

Kabila demonstrated little ability to manage the problems of his country, and lost his allies.

It reflects the institution’s maturity and ability to manage and conduct its specialist discipline.

order to manage   (para gestionar)

Stanislawski left at the end of the 2010–11 season in order to manage 1899 Hoffenheim.

Trivers argues that friendship and various social emotions evolved in order to manage reciprocity.

In order to manage these kinds of contractual obligations the university started the TU/e Holding B.V. in 1997.

better manage   (gestionar mejor)

It expected that AirAsia wants its own an airport to help better manage airport costs.

To better manage the Frankish Empire, Charlemagne divided his kingdom into individual "Gaue".

In 2016 Moto Morini increased the commercial structure in order to better manage the new sales network.

manage to make   (lograr hacer)

They manage to make it to the final round, though in immense pain from the pins.

Roland and Jake manage to make their way out of the desert, into lusher territory.

He did manage to make 12 appearances, scoring once (against Bodø/Glimt on 20 September).