İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

managed to escape   (Kaçmayı başardı)

However, he managed to escape from the young hero.

In 1959, Lama Gönpo managed to escape from Tibet.

The only exception was Su Yu, who managed to escape.

managed to get   (elde etmeyi başarmak)

The submarines managed to get 127 out of the water.

His team managed to get in bronze medal position.

They never managed to get into the Asian market.

only managed   (sadece yönetilen)

He only managed to score one goal while in Helsinki.

He only managed a 6–9 record in the tournament.

In 2007, he only managed to play five games.

managed to win   (kazanmayı başardı)

In the end, Enckelman managed to win the spot.

The Saints also managed to win the Knock-Out.

They managed to win that final game 6-5 after trailing 5-0.

still managed   (hala yönetiliyor)

He still managed to average 11 points per game.

However, he still managed to continue acting.

Tregothnan is still managed by the Boscawen family today.

owned and managed

It is owned and managed by Leicester City Council.

It is owned and managed by Watford Borough Council.

It is owned and managed by Ditton Parish Council.

managed to reach

They managed to reach the only lifeboat to get away.

Australia managed to reach 221 and avoid the follow on.

Nevertheless, he managed to reach the city.

managed to make   (yapmayı başardı)

Parker managed to make amends with another 1-yard TD run.

She managed to make him understand that he had to hide in a cave.

He thus managed to make the "Börsen-Courier" economically stable.

managed to score

He managed to score 13 goals in the 2003–04 season.

He only managed to score one goal while in Helsinki.

Snell Jr. also managed to score 13 rushing touchdowns.

managed to keep   (tutmayı başardı)

The town has managed to keep random planning in its landscape.

By the night both the French and the Russians managed to keep their positions.

She managed to keep the girl calm and hidden while she took care of an MRD raid.

managed to secure   (güven altına almayı başardı)

Sneed's well-paid legal team managed to secure a mistrial.

In spite of this penalty, they managed to secure a place in the UEFA Cup.

In February, he managed to secure a two-week trial for his younger brother.

managed to finish

She qualified for six rounds and managed to finish a few times.

And in the league the club managed to finish in the 11th position.

Echeverría finally managed to finish his speech right at the 181st second.

managed to hold

In August 1979, it managed to hold a meeting which DPR members attended.

Afterwards, the Pittsburgh managed to hold off a late drive by Cleveland.

Police that had already been stationed there earlier managed to hold them off.

managed to take   (almayı başardı)

She managed to take second place from the last spot of 15th.

At km 89, Worrack, Arndt, Wild and Visser managed to take off.

Despite this, "Calpe" managed to take on and care for 278 casualties.

managed to survive   (hayatta kalmayı başardı)

By 1944 only a few managed to survive.

He managed to survive the battle.

Five of them managed to survive.

team managed   (takım yönetildi)

His team managed to get in bronze medal position.

However the team managed only four wins to finish 11th.

team managed by the Public Works Department.

managed to capture   (yakalamayı başardı)

The Lithuanians managed to capture three Russian flags.

Gentile managed to capture his highly unusual injury on video.

Their attack was a success and they managed to capture Jin Zong alive.

managed only   (sadece yönetilen)

However the team managed only four wins to finish 11th.

However, even Dominic managed only a few converts among the Cathari.

Portability was managed only by rail and with the use of thirty boxcars.

managed to defeat

The Guardians managed to defeat her and her Ragorlang.

But the two Indian kings had managed to defeat the Tibetans.

With the aid of Captain America they managed to defeat the Viper.

then managed

He then managed Highland League club Cove Rangers.

He then managed to land without further incident.

They were then managed by Jason Gerodias.

now managed

The complex is now managed by Archaeological Survey of India.

The school is now managed by the third generation of the family.

The project is now managed by the Center for Literature and Arts.

managed to gain   (kazanmayı başardı)

managed to gain a large following among young viewers.

Therefore, Sting managed to gain Alex Y back.

During those three days, the Allies had managed to gain .

never managed   (asla yönetilmedi)

They never managed to get into the Asian market.

As a result of his death however, Shadow never managed to do so.

The senior national team never managed to qualify for the Olympics.

later managed

He later managed in the minors from 1905 to 1907.

He later managed Coleraine and Limavady United.

Marley later managed Briggs as a professional.

managed to avoid   (kaçınmayı başardı)

Again, the convoy managed to avoid being attacked.

Guy Edwards's Hesketh managed to avoid the Ferrari.

"Unity" crew managed to avoid damage and pulled alongside "Margaretta".

managed to convince   (ikna etmeyi başardı)

While he managed to convince Rundstedt, they still needed to win over Hitler.

However, she managed to convince her parents and the cousin to cancel the marriage.

He managed to convince a local tavern owner to invest in bringing over some performers.

managed to break   (kırmayı başardı)

Johnson managed to break through the straps.

Teach drew his cutlass and managed to break Maynard's sword.

Yet he managed to break through the lines of Sitawaka men and open up a pass.

managed to obtain

Cummings arrived in New York and managed to obtain several meetings.

Gradually Portuguese managed to obtain the upper hand and Tikiri Bandara's units withdrew from the field.

During these years of struggle, he also managed to obtain a degree in law from the Government Law College.

currently managed

They are currently managed by Mervyn Pattison.

The homes are currently managed by a charitable trust.

The manor is currently managed by the Parish of Preska.

managed to find   (bulmayı başardı)

While a soldier, he managed to find time for study.

After one and a half months of deliberation, he managed to find a solution.

There, he managed to find some blacks who were interested in going to Haiti.

managed to qualify

Again, he managed to qualify for the Europa League.

The senior national team never managed to qualify for the Olympics.

Gabrielius Vagelis had already managed to qualify from the first heat as a solo act.

finally managed   (sonunda yönetildi)

Cardiff rugby finally managed a revival of some sort in the 1930s.

Echeverría finally managed to finish his speech right at the 181st second.

He resumed his education at this point and finally managed to graduate in 1916.

managed to stay   (kalmayı başardı)

Few families managed to stay together throughout the night.

He still managed to stay in the top three throughout much of the race.

They managed to stay in Division 1 for the 2007–08 and the 2008–09 season.

managed to retain   (tutmayı başardı)

Adelaide also managed to retain her entire territorial dowry.

They managed to retain their title.

A.D. Patel managed to retain this seat with a reduced majority in 1947.

managed to play   (oynamayı başardı)

In all he managed to play every game for the season.

In 2007, he only managed to play five games.

At that time the club only managed to play friendly matches.

managed to return   (geri dönmeyi başardı)

Two managed to return home, while the others were soon captured.

He never managed to return to "jūryō" and retired from active competition in March 1994.

She managed to return to Newport News, Virginia, with her cargo, 10,000 tons of coal, intact.

managed to save

Chow managed to save Xue and his troops.

Karen managed to save the doll and sew his arms and legs back on.

He managed to save a few notes and pencil sketches and little else.

managed to maintain   (sürdürmeyi başardı)

Jimmy has managed to maintain his neutrality, but at a price.

Bergholt has not always managed to maintain good relations with the Crown.

The company managed to maintain its standing as number three in overall market share.

managed just   (sadece başardı)

Astle managed just 127 runs at an average of 31.75 in the three match series.

However, he managed just 1 goal in 11 appearances for the Under-21s between 2004–2005.

He fell out of favour by 2014 however and managed just seven matches at the top level.

managed to bring   (getirmeyi başardı)

Thus, Marcellus managed to bring the war to an end before the arrival of Lucullus.

I find it extraordinary that we have managed to bring this talented player to Enschede.

Lieutenant George Watt of "Shannon" then managed to bring the ship off the shore without loss.

club managed

And in the league the club managed to finish in the 11th position.

In the 2007–08 season the club managed to avoid relegation, finishing 14th.

He with his club managed to become runner-up 2017 Liga 2 and got promotion to 2018 Liga 1.

managed to achieve

Thus he managed to achieve closer links with the British mission.

Operation Gustavus failed before the agents managed to achieve any results.

He managed to achieve this but was believed to be highly political behind the scene.

managed to beat   (yenmeyi başardı)

Harrison was knocked down but managed to beat the count.

Lo Greco appeared hurt, but managed to beat the 10 count.

Bradford managed to beat Hull F.C.

managed through

LDP is accessed and managed through OU Campus.

Their political allegiance was often managed through patronage.

The Centre became solely managed through Southern Cross University in 2010.

eventually managed

He eventually managed to locate him in Hong Kong, narrowly missing a lethal trap set up by Orion.

Alexander, however, detecting the horse's fear of its own shadow, asked to tame the horse, which he eventually managed.

Sikka eventually managed to meet the officer's mother in Malerkotla, Punjab where she eventually unfolded further elements of her story.

managed to persuade   (ikna etmeyi başardı)

Eventually, however, Zaitsev managed to persuade Kalashnikov.

The Greeks somehow managed to persuade the warrior seer to reveal the weakness of Troy.

She tried to quit the project but Waters and her cast mates managed to persuade her to stay.

managed to become   (olmayı başardı)

However, he managed to become a state leader, i.e.

Here she managed to become a qualified technician and engineer.

He soon managed to become the youngest player ever to score in the Greek Super League.

managed to establish   (kurmayı başardı)

Through his extensive playing career, Ortiz managed to establish his coaching career.

This season under manager Esad Karishik they have managed to establish themselves in the middle of the table.

In the 15th century the Cirksena dynasty managed to establish its authority in practically all of East Frisia.

previously managed   (önceden yönetildi)

He previously managed clubs including DSV Leoben.

Taylor had previously managed Hendrie for England under-21s.

O'Dowd previously managed his local club Skryne to success in 2004.

managed the team   (takımı yönetti)

Between 1994 and 1996, Terry Venables managed the team.

Marty Purtell managed the team from 1923–24, and in 1933.

She managed the team until 2017 season.

managed to flee   (kaçmayı başardı)

With her help, he managed to flee to Paris in 1966, where he remained.

Others managed to flee abroad.

The assailant then managed to flee the scene and no arrests have been made.

managed by former

The 1986 team was managed by former player Leon Roberts.

The band was managed by former Pet Shop Boys manager Tom Watkins.

All social enterprises are staffed and partially managed by former trainees.

managed to enter   (girmeyi başardı)

Two thousand Fatah fighters managed to enter Syria.

According to one source, she managed to enter the Irish Sea.

It also managed to enter government under a traffic light coalition.

even managed

The PAIGC even managed to acquire a significant anti-aircraft capability in order to defend itself against aerial attack.

Armia Krajowa field agents even managed to obtain pieces of the fired rockets, by arriving on the scene before German patrols.

He continued to appear regularly for the club until the end of the season and he even managed to score his first goal for Iraklis, in a match against OFI.

managed to recover   (kurtarmayı başardı)

He managed to recover in the following April.

The contractor managed to recover lost time through hiring additional workers.

Zappa managed to recover some of his possessions before the studio was torn down in 1966.

managed to create

In 1765 they managed to create a tulle-like fabric on a so-called stocking framework.

"-The Milan Film Festival "Edward Quist has managed to create a real jewel of "counter-animation."

Through the late 1990s, BeOS managed to create a niche of followers, but the company failed to remain viable.

successfully managed   (başarıyla yönetildi)

Faber successfully managed to find his way to London by way of Paris and Spain.

He also successfully managed other lands owned by the family in the Salinas Valley.

This job was one of a kind in the region and was successfully managed with high safety standards.

managed the club

He managed the club until end of 2017 season.

He managed the club in 3 season until 2016.

He managed the club and promoted the club to Japan Football League.

managed to peak   (zirveye ulaşmayı başardı)

The song managed to peak at number one in New Zealand.

The song managed to peak at number 15.

On native Airplay 100, "Lemonade" managed to peak at number 22.

managed several

He has managed several top Norwegian football teams.

He also managed several MCC tours in the 1960s and 1970s.

Dubois has managed several clubs in Nicaragua at different levels.

managed care   (yönetilen bakım)

The majority of U.S. chiropractors participate in some form of managed care.

supported by evidence) and conceivably reimbursable under managed care health payment systems.

In 1991, Kaiser Permanente, a managed care organization in the US, began an evidence-based guidelines program.

not managed

If encryption keys are not managed and stored properly, highly sensitive data may be leaked.

The Ten Years' War failed because it had not managed to proceed beyond the eastern provinces.

However, he did not managed in the league, because he resigned as manager end of 1966 season.

managed to put   (koymayı başardı)

He managed to put the city in order and improved the performance of the police.

In the fourth quarter, Mare managed to put the game away with a 28-yard field goal.

He and Wheeljack managed to put Skywarp to flight, but he promised to return with reinforcements.

managed to raise   (yükseltmeyi başardı)

The band managed to raise $31,465 in support of the new album.

Despite everything, not Yorin FM managed to raise the listening figures.

Kjellberg donated $10,000 to his fundraiser and managed to raise over $30,000 for NAMI.

managed to sell   (satmayı başardı)

By 2005, Toyota managed to sell 126,529 units.

The game managed to sell over 141,000 copies in Japan by the end of 1999.

The album managed to sell over 1,350,000 copies according to Motown data.

managed to complete

19 of the 40 horses that started managed to complete the course.

9830, managed to complete .

Appointed deputy chair, Gad managed to complete all the arrangements on time.

managed to kill

The lone gunman managed to kill four residents, before being killed himself.

She managed to kill four people and poisoned three others who managed to survive.

Eventually the IDF forces at the site managed to kill the remaining two militants.

station is managed   (istasyon yönetiliyor)

The station is managed by Northern but also served by Grand Central.

The station is managed by Great Western Railway, which also operates all trains serving it.

managed to regain

After two complete rolls, Sperry managed to regain control and land safely.

Near the end of the journey, he had a significant slip, but managed to regain his balance quickly.

He deposed several high diocesan officials and by 1429,he managed to regain control of the bishopric.

managed to pull   (çekmeyi başardı)

This time the Dodgers managed to pull out the win 5-3 in 11 innings.

The adult Carol managed to pull her younger self and Bart into the future.

In the end, Bush managed to pull off a narrow victory in the general election.

managed to evade   (kaçmayı başardı)

Dollhouse managed to evade capture, however.

Paul ran, and was quickly found by Icey, but he managed to evade her.

He lost his valuables and barely managed to evade being taken prisoner.

forces managed

Procopius notes that the Roman forces managed to pillage the enemy camp.

On July 29 Ukrainian forces managed to take the city under its full control.

His forces managed to defeat those of Gnaeus Papirius Carbo after expelling Carbo from Picenum.

managed to remain   (kalmayı başardı)

Hoxha managed to remain firm and his support had not declined.

During their first year they were close to relegation, but managed to remain on top.

Though his career has been spotty, he still managed to remain undefeated up until April 2005.

managed to chart

The song also managed to chart at #39 in Italy.

The promotional release managed to chart at No.

Elsewhere, it managed to chart at number 194 in France.

somehow managed   (bir şekilde yönetildi)

The Greeks somehow managed to persuade the warrior seer to reveal the weakness of Troy.

Needing only 159 to win England collapsed to 68/8 (Barrington 13), but somehow managed a draw.

He somehow managed to curl the ball inside the near post past Kevin Keelan in the Norwich goal.

managed to land   (inmeyi başardı)

He then managed to land without further incident.

Some 300 commandos managed to land in the Burauen area on Leyte.

Somehow, he managed to land on Mata Nui and began selling Kolhii balls infected by Makuta.

managed to turn

The Mercury managed to turn it around and end the season on a high, going 5–2 in August.

She managed to turn this role into a position managing her own company, the Viola Gillette Opera Company.

Indians General Manager John Hart and team owner Richard Jacobs managed to turn the team's fortunes around.

managed to pass   (geçmeyi başardı)

It was only after a gap of two years that he managed to pass this exam.

Fighting by day and marching by night, they managed to pass through encircling German troops to finally reach Dunkirk.

This long pitstop allowed the Solar Productions Porsche 908/02 to take 1st- but Andretti had managed to pass Revson and take the lead back.

managed to acquire

Louisville also had a free black population, among whom some managed to acquire property.

In the 15th century, the Duchy of Burgundy managed to acquire "de facto" control over Cambrésis.

In 2005, Illuminare, with the assistance of Dr. Dominique Vanwijnsberghe, managed to acquire his archives.

managed to cross   (geçmeyi başardı)

He managed to cross the finish line holding off the pack for second place.

At Jenkins' Ferry, Steele managed to cross the Saline River and return to Little Rock.

The Chimera have managed to cross over into North America and threaten to take over the continent.

managed and maintained

Eucalyptus County Park is managed and maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department of the County of San Diego.

Trail Ownership The Conewago Recreation Trail is managed and maintained by the Lancaster County Department of Parks and Recreation.

"The MacePost" is a student operated newsletter website of the college, managed and maintained entirely by the student community of the college.

managed to destroy

The Phantoms, in turn, managed to destroy two MiG-21s, three MiG-17s, and one MiG-19.

First it Spartan-Macedonian forces suffered two defeats but in 379 they managed to destroy Olynthus.

The French managed to destroy the German freighter and a corvette without losses of their own before withdrawing.

managed to drive   (sürmeyi başardı)

Indeed, Dale had earlier managed to drive away Josie.

Together with the Tibetan army they managed to drive out the Nepalese by the autumn of 1792.

Mithqal and his escort fired back and managed to drive off their attackers, but Mithqal was badly wounded.

managed to come

The insurgents managed to come so close that they started cutting the wire-fence.

Although Astralis was favored, SK managed to come back from a slight deficit and win in overtime.

He met the USA's Miles Chamley-Watson and took a 10–3 lead, but the American managed to come back.

managed to produce   (üretmeyi başardı)

The event was not a pay-per-view event but managed to produce pay-per-view calibre matches.

The Ministry of Agriculture then managed to produce and cultivate a hybrid between basmati and local rice in 2017.

Tim managed to produce a script within a few weeks for a 15-minute short film intended for entry into film festivals.

managed to build

S2S Pte Ltd has managed to build a very strong network across Asia.

Polish academics mostly relied on Western studies and managed to build up the whole concept.

Most of central Asmara was built between 1935 and 1941, so effectively the Italians managed to build almost an entire city, in just six years.

managed to advance

The French attack managed to advance on the flanks but was held up in the centre.

Regardless, both teams managed to advance to (and lose) their respective conference championships.

On the extreme left, only isolated groups managed to advance, where they met troops from the 51st Division.

company managed   (şirket yönetti)

In South Australia the company managed blue gum plantations on Kangaroo Island.

The company managed to maintain its standing as number three in overall market share.

As the first mover, the company managed to be profitable as the momentum of parkour and its popularity grew.