management system   (管理系统)

Banks can review their risk management system.

VDA 6.1 VDA 6.1 is a German quality management system standard.

mSQL was the first low-cost SQL-based database management system.

management company   (管理公司)

The management company Phat Planet signed the group in 2011.

TKO was managed by White's father's music management company.

They run an event management company.

management team   (管理团队)

The management team comprises twelve managers.

Connolly was included on the management team as coach.

She became part of the management team that ran the company.

risk management   (风险管理)

The focus on real-time risk management paid off.

Banks can review their risk management system.

Derivatives can be used either for risk management (i.e.

project management   (项目管理)

is a professional advanced degree in project management.

The project management contractor was Jurong Engineering.

The method does not include any times for training or project management.

management systems

These systems are starting to be called train management systems.

Many blog systems come with built-in widget management systems as plug-ins.

public health, district heating, urban mobility and waste management systems.

new management

Under new management in 2004, GigaMedia began to restructure.

It was then established under the new management in 2065 B.S.

A new management team retained many of the staff from Hunter Rubber.

asset management   (资产管理)

The main business is asset management.

The EAM system is only one of the 'enables' to good asset management.

Software asset management is one kind of infrastructure asset management.

resource management   (资源管理)

in human resource management and an M.S.

Coon has advocated for community-based ecological resource management and land use.

Pollution control and resource management laws may be assessed against this principle.

waste management   (废物管理)

They are also involved in waste management and research.

the waste management university project.

"Vermiculture is an eco-friendly waste management technology.

business management

He is majoring in business management and human resources.

Ou holds a business management degree from Pace University.

He studied law and business management as a university student.

senior management

Interim Jess Womack continued OIG investigations of LAUSD senior management.

Prior to this role, David has held senior management and technical roles in Alcoa.

Nominations are then endorsed by the senior management team to proceed to the next stage.

management software

This is relevant to sweet retail management software programs.

GPC-4 was running system management software at the time of failure.

The core features of proposal management software vary widely between systems.

water management

The canals served for defence, water management and transport.

Created in 1932, the GRCA is the oldest water management agency in Canada.

It impounds the Ottauquechee River for flood control and storm water management.

management services

Facilities management services are provided by Sodexo.

Below is a comparison of notable customer feedback management services.

Part 2 of the Act seeks to regulate the provision of claims management services.

financial management

The Interreg agreements significantly simplify the financial management.

The MSM or M.Com finance (or financial management ) closely correspond to the MSF.

Talbi Alami holds a PhD in financial management from the University of Mohammed V.

management plan

Regeneration has been a natural process as part of the management plan since 1960.

The management plan for the north Thousand Islands is currently (April 2013) under revision.

In education, reality therapy can be used as a basis for the school's classroom management plan.

management practices

Techniques and technologies to treat such water are known as best management practices (BMPs).

The soil management practices required to maintain soil tilth are a function of the type of soil.

If best management practices are followed, short-term impacts on the aquatic biology are minimal.

data management

Next comes the data management phase.

Nowadays, data management has transferred over from local storage to the cloud.

In early 2018, Rubrik purchased, another cloud data management company.

management firm

In 1967, he founded the investment management firm Sanford Bernstein.

He is the founder and CEO of PW Partners, LLC, an investment management firm.

On January 5, 2015, Dun & Bradstreet acquired the data management firm NetProspex.

content management

BEAM.TV BEAM.TV is an online digital delivery and content management platform.

Microweber Microweber is an open-source content management system and website builder.

Fabrik started a free online digital content management site called Joggle in early 2008.

management consultant   (管理顾问)

Graduating in 2010, she now works as a management consultant.

Yi Sun Yi Sun (born 1975) is a Chinese management consultant.

He rejoined ABS-CBN as a director and management consultant in 2006.

investment management

microfinance investments) and investment management.

In 1967, he founded the investment management firm Sanford Bernstein.

He is the founder and CEO of PW Partners, LLC, an investment management firm.

management committee

Each QiYuan has its own management committee.

A management committee was formed to look after the school.

Owen also chaired the management committee of Lewisham Hospital.

management positions

She also held management positions at IBM.

Sixty of those graduates had moved into management positions across the network.

In business he worked in senior management positions for Qantas and the Hilton Hotel Group.

information management

Passing the exam results in certification for health information management.

The combined company provided customer management and information management products.

No longer was information management a simple job that could be performed by almost anyone.

database management   (数据库管理)

mSQL was the first low-cost SQL-based database management system.

Berkeley DB Java Edition (JE) is a pure Java database management library.

The organizational aspects job could best be compared to database management.

took over management   (接管管理)

Shutt took over management of the hotel on May 16, 1910.

Coy and Green took over management of Bryant's ministries.

He then took over management of Gamma Ethniki side Panetolikos.

land management

However, land management with fire is thought to be a threat to Australian species.

Farmers can evaluate various land management scenarios to learn which is the best fit.

So much of this type of habitat has been "lost" due to changes in land management and land use.

forest management

As of 2016 there was no effective forest management.

The Provincial court, rail and forest management offices are in Radom.

The fee for staying overnight goes to community development and forest management.

assets under management

The bank has around € 9 billion assets under management.

It has assets under management of approximately US$4 billion.

At the time of his death, Veritas had $2.2 billion in assets under management.

management consulting   (管理咨询)

PRTM PRTM is a management consulting subsidiary of PwC.

Upon graduating Karen secured a graduate role with a management consulting firm in London.

He was the Chairman of KCA LLC management consulting company until his passing in August 2015.

wealth management   (财富管理)

His brother works in wealth management.

Lynn currently works in wealth management at a major global bank.

It is wholly owned by the Oetker Group and focused on wealth management.

management buyout   (管理收购)

In November 1994 it was sold in a management buyout.

It was the subject of a management buyout from Exel in June 1997.

In 1999, she led a management buyout and acquired the majority shareholding.

team management

In retirement from playing McCarthy moved into coaching and team management.

The gameplay of "X-COM: Alliance" would emphasize team management and tactics.

In retirement from playing Wall became involved in team management and coaching.

environmental management

Its inventor has referred to it as "an environmental management device".

SMPI is committed to environmental management and became ISO 14001 certified in 2008.

The foundation of Teatown's Stewardship Program is built on science and environmental management.

emergency management

Each county has a bureau in charge of emergency management in the area.

Prior to his involvement in emergency management, he worked in various fields including the finance industry.

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida, revealing the need for a redesign of Florida's emergency management operations.

property management

Sanford Capital Sanford Capital is a property management company based in Bethesda, Maryland.

In 1999, he emigrated to Florida to set up a property management company, which he sold in 2004.

In 1996, it expanded into the residential property management business with the acquisition of two Florida property-management firms.

quality management

VDA 6.1 VDA 6.1 is a German quality management system standard.

It is mainly applicable to safety and quality management standards.

It also provides them with the managerial skills for productivity and total quality management.

traffic management

In 1985, a second generation traffic management system was installed in Cairns, Australia.

STREAMS implements adaptive traffic management through a feature called "Dynamic Plan Selection".

Advanced traffic management systems come under the banner of ITS (intelligent transport systems).

wildlife management   (野生动物管理)

Artemis was symbolic of ethical principles of hunting and wildlife management.

Wildlife damage management is a specialized field within the wildlife management profession.

These include teacher training colleges, business colleges and wildlife management colleges.

crisis management

It is in charge of negotiations and crisis management.

The Iranian government was criticized regarding to crisis management of the earthquake.

As of 2012 the school offers a crisis management course with a focus on the 2011 England riots.

memory management

Instead, region-based memory management is used throughout.

Ada's dynamic memory management is high-level and type-safe.

Moreover, segmentation is more of user's end of memory management scheme.

rights management

The PC version will be free of digital rights management.

Recorders will not be able to skip over ads, and must enforce digital rights management.

Many of the initial games offered digitally came with the Software Passport digital rights management (DRM).

resources management

She has a degree in modern literature and human resources management.

Increasing urbanization will put pressure on water resources management in Costa Rica.

ICRISAT adopts Integrated genetic and natural resources management as its overarching research strategy.

management contract

After her management contract with Harry M. Miller ended, she signed with Epic.

In January 1960, Ford signed a two-year employment management contract with Leslie Grade.

In 2012 the band signed a management contract for Scandinavia with Danish 3rd Tsunami Agency.

case management

Additional skills specific to case management are learned in the role.

In a tightly managed plan case management may be integral to the benefits program.

The drug court regime consists of more intensive treatment and judicial case management.

chain management

"SCMR" covers analysis and trends in supply chain management.

In a Supply chain management flow, the finished goods of a supplier can constitute the raw material of a buyer.

He speaks on personal motivation and success, entrepreneurship, commercialization, and supply chain management.

management style

Donald Trump respected Esposito and his management style.

Povenmire praised this management style for letting him "have [...] fun."

Schorenstein's blunt, transactional management style would profoundly influence Esposito.

management board

A village management board was established for Parow in 1902.

Under the two-tier system the SE is managed by a management board.

He has been a member of the management board since 1 January 2015.

poor management

Robinson and Jones talked about the contract issues and poor management of En Vogue.

In 2010, she left En Vogue once again due to poor management and compensation of work.

Due to poor management, the team signed a number of over-paid and under-performing "stars".

knowledge management

The UN-SPIDER Bonn Office is responsible for UN-SPIDER's knowledge management.

Since 2014 he is professor for knowledge management at the Philipps University of Marburg.

UN-SPIDER's knowledge management activities are accompanied by its awareness-raising efforts.

supply chain management

"SCMR" covers analysis and trends in supply chain management.

He speaks on personal motivation and success, entrepreneurship, commercialization, and supply chain management.

It has four core activities: supply chain management, marketing and brand building; EMS; property holding division, and others.

pain management

Initial treatment involves pain management.

Certain drugs that have been introduced for uses other than analgesics are also used in pain management.

Buprenorphine is similar to methadone in that it is used in opioid replacement therapy as well as pain management.

management decided

Station management decided to flip to a Top 40 format.

Orioles' management decided to go ahead with the third game.

In 2006, management decided to change Radio One branding into 101 Jak FM.

management structure

Following financial challenges, the management structure was changed.

Apart from military and diplomatic problems, he was also concerned with the management structure of the state.

He comes to believe that there are inherent problems with the organization's management structure, and decides to leave in 2006.

management issues

He struggled through school, frequently getting into trouble and had anger management issues.

Many corporations resolved their data management issues by standardizing and automating processes.

The crash leaves Chris with lasting mental impairments, including anterograde amnesia and anger management issues.

sports management

McPherson has since developed a career in sports management.

After retiring from competition, Quax established a career in sports management.

In 1985, Walters set up a sports management agency with Franzese as a silent partner.

management program

He later completed an executive management program at Babson College.

However, in 1997, the area was dropped from the wildlife management program due to budget cuts.

A database can be used to record and access the vendor data within a contractor management program.

hotel management

The classes cover all aspects of hotel management.

in restaurant and hotel management.

GLH is the largest owner-operator hotel management company in London with over 5,000 hotel rooms.

management skills

His management skills were good and the paper prospered under him.

These range from circuit theory to the management skills of a project manager.

An example would be classes that focus on study skills or time management skills.

top management

He had experience with print ads in TV and newspaper and been involved with the top management.

As part of the top management, she is involved in the solutions of financial issues of Narxoz University.

After 2006, he held various top management positions in large corporations like Mechel, Rostopprom, and Rosneft.

anger management   (情绪管理)

The charges were dropped after he agreed to take anger management classes.

She was also ordered to pay restitution and attend anger management classes.

She pleaded guilty to an assault charge and was sentenced to anger management classes.

disaster management

The first was a statement on disaster management.

In my 25 years in disaster management, I have never seen something like this."

Those come forward to teach fellow citizens in basic disaster management are termed as ‘Transmitters’.

management plans

Program management plans are created to implement the individual solutions.

There are no national management plans for the Amazonian Manatee, except in Colombia.

For the conservation of this species habitat management plans were created or adjusted.

network management

It developed and provided network management software for monitoring and managing Internet Protocol networks.

(Network management segment, network management end-to-end, resource management, and reserved for future use.)

The JIDM specification was considered the most significant work to use the CORBA framework in network management mapping.

digital rights management

The PC version will be free of digital rights management.

Recorders will not be able to skip over ads, and must enforce digital rights management.

Many of the initial games offered digitally came with the Software Passport digital rights management (DRM).

performance management

It is helpful to see an example of project tracking that does not include earned value performance management.

JumpSoft JumpSoft Inc is an American software company that provides application performance management (APM) software.

These sessions cover areas such as predictive maintenance, digitised performance management, procurement and supply chain.

energy management

Marine energy management can both be applied on board and onshore.

It puts operating and environmental parameters in an energy management context.

The goal of marine energy management is to These are two separated optimization problems.

management techniques

FortZED relied upon energy demand management techniques to encourage use of energy at the most efficient times.

Israel, a leading country in terms of its dairy management techniques, can be a good model for the State to follow.

Individuals and organizations who are the subject of news reports may use news management techniques to try to make a favourable impression.

management strategies

During the construction the green guide was adopted as well as waste management strategies.

Before human innovation and management strategies, seawater immensely flood the Delta marshes.

Other management strategies include selective breeding for more parasite-resistant sheep or goats (e.g.

management tools

Users can obtain widgets and other widget management tools from various widget companies.

By 2009, most agile software development and application lifecycle management tools provided integration with Mylyn.

Microsoft Active Directory management tools include: These management tools may not provide enough functionality for efficient workflow in large environments.

construction management

Menshikov assigned overall construction management to Ivan Zarudny.

Project and construction management was handled by Constech Management Group.

The contract includes the design, construction management and project management of the facilities.

relationship management

These systems are also used for customer relationship management (CRM).

It is generally a part of company's customer relationship management infrastructure.

Customer relationship management was popularized in 1997, due to the work of Siebel, Gartner, and IBM.

management tool

SDL MultiTerm Desktop is the desktop terminology management tool from SDL.

In computing, Puppet is an open-core software configuration management tool.

Antonio Hidalgo and Jose Albor proposed the use of typologies as an innovation management tool.

database management system   (数据库管理系统)

mSQL was the first low-cost SQL-based database management system.

MSQL mSQL or Mini SQL is a lightweight database management system from Hughes Technologies.

Tinlib Tinlib was an integrated library system based on a database management system named Tinman.

management companies

It further introduced a scheme of regulation for claims management companies.

The "Financial Times" has called Q Prime "One of the most admired artist management companies".

To simplify the process, there are event management companies that help in executing the process.

general management

She holds an MBA in general management.

Sakkers is currently a member of the daily and general management of VNO-NCW.

The Board of Directors has the control and general management of the affairs and business of the organization.

power management

Delta manufactures power management and thermal solutions.

It uses a Qualcomm PM8921 power management chip to handle battery charging.

In power management she led the design of one of the first systems to implement cross-layer energy management.

management programs

It promotes public policy and public health management programs.

Corvinus School of Management is active in four areas of post-experience management programs.

Additional ecological surveys and establishing management programs are necessary to resolve these questions.

artist management

Uno was released on July 12, 2004 by the artist management company Drowned In Sound.

Also included are No Half Measures Ltd. (artist management) and Measured Music (publishing).

The "Financial Times" has called Q Prime "One of the most admired artist management companies".

engine management

<nowiki>*</nowiki> Depending on engine management.

Thus, the engine management has precise information which group of cylinders to fire, and which group of injectors to spray.

The engine management system is a Pi Research Pectel electronic engine control unit (ECU), the MQ12, which has more capability than the unit in FPA.

management training

Tessa Padden Tessa Padden is a Deaf British television presenter and management training consultant.

SimulTrain SimulTrain is a Project Management Simulator used in project management training programs.

He joined the company immediately after completing his MBA through its corporate management training program.

station management

Washburn was eventually able to talk station management into adding Neal Boortz to the lineup.

This, coupled with the declining ratings, eventually caused station management to cancel the newscast.

KOHM/KTTZ station management had expressed a long-term goal of returning students to the operation of KTXT-FM.

strategic management

2000 October – Tallinn Stock Exchange and Estonian CSD formed, based on the two companies, a group under single strategic management.

In early 2006 until the end of 2014 he held the chair for strategic management at the political science faculty at the University of Erfurt.

CMA curriculum includes subjects like strategic management, reporting and control, technology and analytics, leadership, business acumen and operations, and professional values and ethics.

pest management   (害虫管理)

Integrated pest management methods undertaken by governments.

Found throughout the tropics, they have gained prominence as integrated pest management agents.

During the 1990s, FAO took a leading role in the promotion of integrated pest management for rice production in Asia.

event management

In 2018, IMG was hired to oversee event management.

, the ASEAN’s leading creative event management organization.

They run an event management company.

management area

Crumbled House is a Chaco Protection Site, or special management area.

Wards are listed by management area to which linked for area committee purposes.

The Naugatuck has a trout management area between Route 118 and the Thomaston Dam.

talent management

This deal led them from talent management to film production.

In 2014, Soo founded her own talent management company, Beyond Artistes.

Those businesses consist of radio, print media, talent management, and a production house.

scientific management

The Babbage principle is an inherent assumption in Frederick Winslow Taylor's scientific management.

Fascism admired advances in the economy in the early 20th century, particularly Fordism and scientific management.

Lipmann was very critical of the scientific management approaches of Frederick Winslow Taylor and Lillian and Frank Gilbreth.

management business

In 2008, it bought Idiom Technologies, a global information system management business.

Capital acquired the Jenny Craig weight management business from North Castle Partners.

Enron International (EI) was Enron's wholesale asset development and asset management business.

sustainable management

One of FAO's strategic goals is the sustainable management of the world's forests.

As a sustainable management model, the red pine stand is periodically thinned for maximum health.

The biosphere reserve has induced sustainable management of the wetlands, including monitoring groundwater and the chemistry of the escarpment water source.

management agency

Feldman & Associates, a major Canadian touring and management agency.

Created in 1932, the GRCA is the oldest water management agency in Canada.

In August 2017, Oh signed with new management agency Celltrion Entertainment.

time management

time management and communication strategies) and career planning (e.g.

An example would be classes that focus on study skills or time management skills.

Frequently revisited topics of discussion include time management, workflow automation, and Apple products.

inventory management   (库存管理)

The company provides airfreight, inland transport, warehousing, insurance, and inventory management.

In 2016 Vend also launched an app separate to its own platform for inventory management named Counter.

Registration services pertain to the technical coordination and inventory management of Internet number resources.

content management system

Microweber Microweber is an open-source content management system and website builder.

The site began using Vox Media's content management system, Chorus, and producing more video content.

At the same time, the group is engaged in the design of a new website, with other content management system.

development and management

The company operates internationally providing property development and management services.

Over the past five years California voters have approved $3 billion in bonds for water development and management.

The title sponsor was Ginn Resorts, a resort development and management firm with headquarters in Celebration, Florida.

club management

They then highlight this player to the club management.

In July 2007 club management announced next renovation of stadium.

Two years later Dooley was back in club management, this time with his adopted home of Tullamore.

management strategy

The major goal of the Secretariat is to develop a coordinated management strategy.

The Four National Taps form the backbone of PUB's, and in turn Singapore's, water management strategy.

In addition, it established appropriate governance mechanisms and developed a risk management strategy.

human resource management

in human resource management and an M.S.

Students can choose to pursue a general BBA or specialize in accounting, human resource management, or marketing.

Warren has 30 years of experience in human resource management and hospital administration, including 26 years at the UM.