İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

manages to escape   (kaçmayı başarıyor)

He manages to escape the attack along with his team.

Sebastian barely manages to escape and the two fight.

Joe counterattack, Firefly manages to escape yet again.

manages to get   (almayı başarır)

He however manages to get in and reconciles with Yamaja.

intervenes and manages to get his daughter-in-law remarried.

She manages to get in, but is caught.

manages to convince   (ikna etmeyi başarır)

She manages to convince Janet that Ace is a heel.

She manages to convince Bobby to sell the ranch to her.

Lightning manages to convince her to free the souls of the dead.

manages to kill

She manages to kill several of them and finds Inman's body.

He manages to kill Sagar's bodyguard but Sagar himself escapes.

Leon confronts Saddler, and with Ada's help, manages to kill him.

still manages   (hala yönetiyor)

It still manages to be cool, but also melodic."

Wounded, he still manages to free a famous pianist from a work gang.

When asked about his longevity and how he still manages to keep so busy and healthy he remarked, "Not many secrets.

owns and manages

It owns and manages the 58 HWT technology park property.

He owns and manages his own store, Long Beach Woodwinds.

Truphone owns and manages its own core mobile technology.

manages to make   (yapmayı başarır)

Marty manages to make it to the main exit and leave.

Jake manages to make up with Sophia.

Most of these hokku are quite flat but in one or two she manages to make the images work.

currently manages

He currently manages Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza.

DoDEA currently manages four schools on Camp Humphreys.

He currently manages Liga Panameña de Futbol team Chorrillo.

manages to defeat

With the help of Jetfire, Jazz manages to defeat Bruticus.

X's group manages to defeat the Rebellion Army but Spider presumably dies in the process.

Soma manages to defeat it, but the souls that composed the demon begin to fall under Soma's dominance.

manages to save

Joona manages to save Benjamin, but Lydia drowns.

He nearly kills Batman, but Dick manages to save him.

Udhaya manages to save the school kids from the explosion.

manages to find   (bulmayı başarır)

Zhihua agrees, and manages to find Jianhao.

Fernie manages to find works as a counter girl in a department store.

Jake manages to find someone who took the earrings and go to her house.