mangrove forests

On the coastline are numerous sandy beaches and mangrove forests.

The most pristine mangrove forests are found in Koh Kong Province.

The place has expanses of mangrove forests, paddy fields and coconut groves.

mangrove forest

It also has extensive mangrove forest and seagrass fields.

The mangrove forest has an area of about 10.1 hectares or % of the island.

The project goes through of mangrove forest and through of beach, both within area.

mangrove swamps

At least 34 hectares of mangrove swamps were covered in the spill.

The main types of intertidal wetlands are mudflats (e.g., mangrove swamps) and salt marshes.

Jiwani coast provides two main ecological habitats; the mangrove swamps and the sandy beaches.