designed and manufactured   (設計および製造)

The Fossmobile was designed and manufactured by George Foote Foss.

The Aludra was designed and manufactured by Malaysian local company CTRM.

In 1960s the plant designed and manufactured draglines with booms 90–100 m long.

manufactured goods   (製品)

Producing the manufactured goods was Britain’s job.

Most manufactured goods and fuel are imported.

From Europe they returned to Paspébiac with manufactured goods.

manufactured and sold   (製造販売)

CII also manufactured and sold some 160 Sigma 2 systems.

It is still manufactured and sold as an educational aid or curiosity.

cups, and 40mm 3-star Beer Pong balls, all manufactured and sold by BPONG.COM.

developed and manufactured

It was developed and manufactured by Bofors.

The company developed and manufactured the Centinela helicopter.

The IBM 5110 personal computer was developed and manufactured in the facility.

company manufactured   (製造会社)

From 2010 to 2013, the company manufactured the Wind.

The company manufactured mainly cast iron consumer goods.

The company manufactured pipe tobacco, cigarettes, and charcoal.

manufactured and marketed

This album was manufactured and marketed by Sagarika Musics Pvt Ltd.

It is being manufactured and marketed in Japan by Shionogi under the trade name Mulpleta.

The Airbus A300 was to be the first aircraft to be developed, manufactured and marketed by Airbus.

automobile manufactured

Gobron-Brillié Gobron-Brillié was an early French automobile manufactured from 1898 to 1930.

Renault Towncar The Renault type CB Town Car is an automobile manufactured between 1912 and 1933 by Renault.

Glide (automobile) The Glide automobile was an American automobile manufactured by the Bartholomew Company in Peoria Heights, Illinois beginning in 1902.

manufactured using

Because all layers are made of silicon, they can be manufactured using PECVD.

The SID was originally manufactured using NMOS at 7 and in some areas 6 micrometers.

Early research (pre-1944) was carried out on small samples manufactured using a cyclotron.

car manufactured

Lexus LFA The is a two-seat sports car manufactured by Lexus, the luxury car division of Toyota.

Renault Grand Prix The Renault Grand Prix was a race car manufactured between 1906 and 1908 by French car maker Renault.

Ruf SCR 2018 The Ruf SCR is a German rear-engined sports car manufactured by German automobile manufacturer Ruf Automobile.

products manufactured

Many of the Micro MR-1 models were re-badged products manufactured by Marchon, Inc.

The products manufactured are according to IEC, ANSI, IS, BS and other international standards.

In 2011 eSys became the exclusive distributor of products manufactured by Transcend Incorporated.

manufactured between

18,976 BMW 3/15s were manufactured between 1929 and 1932.

The Studio Swamp Ash (LPSANSCH1) was manufactured between 2003 and 2011.

Slightly over 100,000 Austin 8s have been manufactured between 1939 and 1948.

originally manufactured

Brooks, founded in 1914, originally manufactured shoes for a broad range of sports.

The SID was originally manufactured using NMOS at 7 and in some areas 6 micrometers.

The fairly new Haloid Company originally manufactured photographic paper and equipment.

manufactured products

They traded natural and forest goods in exchange for manufactured products.

It was hoped this would improve the standard of manufactured products in the country.

Gusmer also provides some of its partners with manufactured products to their core markets.

first manufactured

It was first manufactured in 2004.

The trees were first manufactured by Modern Coatings, Inc. of Chicago.

His factory beside the Mousam River first manufactured carriage robes and blankets.