İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

aircraft manufacturer   (uçak üreticisi)

is an Italian aircraft manufacturer based in Corigliano d'Otranto.

Hanriot (disambiguation) Hanriot is a French aircraft manufacturer.

Roland Aircraft Roland Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer based in Mendig.

car manufacturer   (araba üreticisi)

Sports car manufacturer Pagani is located here.

The Adiva was also sold by car manufacturer Renault under the name Full Time.

Prior to World War I, the Austrian Empire had five car manufacturer companies.

manufacturer based   (üretici tabanlı)

is a Polish aircraft engine manufacturer based in Bydgoszcz.

is an Italian aircraft manufacturer based in Corigliano d'Otranto.

Delphia Yachts Delphia Yachts is a yacht manufacturer based in Olecko, Poland.

automobile manufacturer   (otomobil üreticisi)

Pars Khodro Pars Khodro () is an Iranian automobile manufacturer.

Nota Nota Sports and Racing Cars is an automobile manufacturer in Australia.

Mercer (automobile) Mercer was an American automobile manufacturer from 1909 until 1925.

largest manufacturer   (en büyük üretici)

It is the world's largest manufacturer of aircraft landing gear.

The largest manufacturer of hybrid computers was Electronics Associates.

The Imperial Tobacco Company (1912) became Canada's largest manufacturer of cigarettes.

equipment manufacturer   (ekipman Üreticisi)

Essex Wire Corporation was founded in 1930 and was an original equipment manufacturer.

These are provided by one of the world telecommunication equipment manufacturer, Huawei.

The headquarters of German television and AV equipment manufacturer, Loewe, is located here.

leading manufacturer   (lider üretici)

The company is also the world's leading manufacturer of CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders.

In Towaco is a location of the leading manufacturer of machines and plants for the foam industry.

Thomas Hine & Co. Thomas Hine & Co. is a leading manufacturer of cognac, owned by the French company EDV SAS.

engine manufacturer   (motor üreticisi)

is a Polish aircraft engine manufacturer based in Bydgoszcz.

SCI Aviation SCI Aviation is a Chinese aircraft engine manufacturer.

Rotex Electric Rotex Electric is a Czech aircraft engine manufacturer based in Prague.

major manufacturer   (ana üretici)

It was a major manufacturer, but you would have not found its name on any products.

Mitsuba Corporation, a major manufacturer of automotive parts is headquartered in the city.

Metal bassoons were made in the past but have not been produced by any major manufacturer since 1889.

vehicle manufacturer   (araç üreticisi)

In 1998, Carpenter was acquired by specialty vehicle manufacturer Spartan Motors.

Chrysler is the world's 11th largest vehicle manufacturer as ranked by OICA in 2012.

Sutphen Sutphen is an emergency services vehicle manufacturer and marketer based in Amlin, Ohio.

textile manufacturer   (tekstil üreticisi)

Barbet was mayor of Rouen and a wealthy textile manufacturer.

As of 2017, Ruyi Group was the largest textile manufacturer in China.

(Kitchenman) Coyne, a daughter of textile manufacturer James Kitchenman.

motorcycle manufacturer   (motosiklet üreticisi)

Their motorcycles used engines from NSU, another motorcycle manufacturer.

Lube Motorcycles Founded in 1947, Lube Motorcycles was a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer, based in Barakaldo.

Sparta gave motorising bicycles a last shot, which meant a cooperation with German motorcycle manufacturer Sachs.

manufacturer founded   (üretici kuruldu)

Petrof Petrof is a Czech piano manufacturer founded in 1864.

Schlage Schlage (pronounced ) is a lock manufacturer founded in 1920 by Walter Schlage.

Litespeed Litespeed is a U.S. bicycle manufacturer founded in 1986 in Ooltewah, Tennessee.

manufacturer and distributor   (üretici ve distribütör)

The company once was a manufacturer and distributor of electronic goods under the brand DiStar.

In early 1997, DenAmerica purchased the Black-eyed Pea restaurant chain from Unigate plc, a British food manufacturer and distributor.

The company was spun out from BHP in 2000 as OneSteel when it was almost entirely a domestically focused steel manufacturer and distributor.

bus manufacturer   (otobüs üreticisi)

Nova Bus Nova Bus is a bus manufacturer headquartered in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada.

The oldest surviving bus manufacturer in North America, Thomas Built Buses traces its roots to 1916.

By 1996, Thomas had become the largest school bus manufacturer in the United States (by market share).

aircraft manufacturer based   (uçak üreticisi tabanlı)

is an Italian aircraft manufacturer based in Corigliano d'Otranto.

Roland Aircraft Roland Aircraft is a German aircraft manufacturer based in Mendig.

Microleve Microleve was a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer based in Rio de Janeiro.