manufacturing company   (製造会社)

It was the first aircraft manufacturing company in the world.

In 1850, he became a partner in a clothing manufacturing company.

Hoke established a tool manufacturing company, Hoke's Tool Company.

manufacturing plant   (製造工場)

He set up his manufacturing plant on Northfleet creek, Kent.

The manufacturing plant in El Salheya employs c. 2500 people.

In April 2005 TCL closed its manufacturing plant in Türkheim, Bavaria.

manufacturing process   (製造プロセス)

Noyce considered the IC manufacturing process as follows.

The manufacturing process should be appropriately described and validated.

The chief manufacturing process in blade fabrication is the layering of plies.

manufacturing facility   (製造施設)

WuXi opened a large-scale manufacturing facility in Jinshan in 2010.

A converted chicken coop served as the first manufacturing facility.

The plant later will be transformed into a faucet manufacturing facility.

manufacturing facilities   (製造施設)

Tanaka Kikinzoku expanded its manufacturing facilities in 2011.

It has 18 R&D centers, 20 major manufacturing facilities and over 40 sales offices worldwide.

Hart & Cooley, Inc. has distribution centers and manufacturing facilities across North America.

manufacturing industry

The garment manufacturing industry was part of this decline.

Also during that time, the can manufacturing industry consolidated.

This however paved the way for a booming railway manufacturing industry.

manufacturing plants

In 1919-20 the manufacturing plants were demolished.

New manufacturing plants were opened in Racine in 1902 and 1905.

, Cristal Global has eight manufacturing plants in 6 countries and on 5 continents.

began manufacturing

In 1884 Wasgatt began manufacturing shoes.

In 1911 the Blum Brothers began manufacturing cheese boxes.

Later in 2011, the plant began manufacturing the Buick Verano.

manufacturing business   (製造業)

Burberry's also included a clothing manufacturing business.

He had a plastic manufacturing business.

During this time, Mingay ran his own radio manufacturing business.

manufacturing sector   (製造業)

The manufacturing sector is located mainly in the industrial areas.

Brazil has the second-largest manufacturing sector in the Americas.

The small manufacturing sector primarily processes agricultural products.

manufacturing companies

Porcelain manufacturing companies in Europe

He went on to form two other aircraft manufacturing companies in the 1930s.

Over the years most of those manufacturing companies have either closed or relocated.

manufacturing processes

In electronics manufacturing processes, vacuum grease is often used to prevent corrosion.

Industrial Revolution Factory Industrial process Taxonomy of manufacturing processes

The private sector apparel industry is one of the most dynamic manufacturing processes in Egypt.

manufacturing industries

They helped develop New York City's manufacturing industries.

The performance of individual manufacturing industries has been uneven, however.

Hosur is an industrial hub and houses several automobile and manufacturing industries.

manufacturing operations

U.S. manufacturing operations were concentrated in Boulder, Colorado.

The airport forms an integral part of these manufacturing operations.

Ridge Runner ceased manufacturing operations sometime during 2007 or 2008.

textile manufacturing   (繊維製造)

Establishing themselves as such were a few businesses in textile manufacturing.

He moved to the United States in 1966, where he established a textile manufacturing business.

The economy of the city of Malatya is dominated by agriculture, textile manufacturing, and construction.

design and manufacturing

Hydroline is specialized in design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, R&D services and testing.

Development of design and manufacturing techniques to prevent 1000 V self-destructive arcing continued.

That was the beginning of the new AiResearch Industrial Division for turbocharger design and manufacturing".

aircraft manufacturing

It was the first aircraft manufacturing company in the world.

He went on to form two other aircraft manufacturing companies in the 1930s.

Vultee pioneered the use of the powered assembly line for aircraft manufacturing.

started manufacturing

Candee then started manufacturing elastic suspenders.

The same year, the company started manufacturing lollipops.

Jerome started manufacturing in Bristol off of West Street.

new manufacturing

Ford placed Aston Martin in the Premier Automotive Group, invested in new manufacturing and ramped up production.

Wings were made thinner and swept back to reduce transonic drag, which required new manufacturing methods to obtain sufficient strength.

The Skylark was successful to a limited degree but it introduced Slingsby to new manufacturing techniques and the vagaries of laminar flow.

manufacturing techniques

Development of design and manufacturing techniques to prevent 1000 V self-destructive arcing continued.

The porcelain's quality was internationally recognized, and its manufacturing techniques were kept a state secret.

The 19th century brought the industrial revolution with great advances in iron and glass manufacturing techniques.

manufacturing jobs

There were no manufacturing jobs in 1831.

More than 100,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost since the 1970s.

U.S. manufacturing jobs have decreased by almost five million since 2000.

manufacturing center

This nickname comes from Dayton's prominence as a Midwestern manufacturing center.

By the early 20th century, Cleveland had emerged as a major American manufacturing center.

The line started from the heart of the manufacturing center of Reading to the very pinnacle of Neversink.

automobile manufacturing

Barcelona has long been an important European automobile manufacturing centre.

The plant closed on 3 October 2017, marking the end of Toyota's automobile manufacturing in Australia.

By the early 1990s Vladimir Kadannikov was the head of AvtoVAZ, a Russian automobile manufacturing company.

manufacturing costs

Including this display increased manufacturing costs.

Costimator was released in late 1982, designed to model manufacturing costs.

This was probably to reduce manufacturing costs, as there is no other obvious benefit of doing this.

manufacturing firm   (製造会社)

Charles Spencer founded the balloon manufacturing firm of C. G. Spencer & Sons.

Metric Hosiery Company The Metric Hosiery Company was a New York City clothing manufacturing firm.

The Ghanaian Premier League side, have struck a partnership deal with kit manufacturing firm, Puma AG.

car manufacturing

By the 1930s Gräf & Stift had begun making trucks and buses, and it ceased car manufacturing in 1938.

The plant became the only car manufacturing plant in Flanders after Ford Genk closed at the end of 2014.

DKW engines were used by Saab as a model for the Saab two-stroke in its Saab 92 car manufacturing venture, in 1947.

manufacturing base

Today, Hermosa is a predominantly Hispanic blue collar community, with a sizable manufacturing base.

As one of the most populous cities of the 1950s, Buffalo's economy revolved almost entirely on its manufacturing base.

The Report warned that Britain needed to expand its declining manufacturing base to combat the fall in revenue from North Sea oil.

additive manufacturing   (積層造形)

In the 2010s, additive manufacturing entered production to a much greater extent.

The growth of additive manufacturing could have a large impact on the environment.

Continuing to adopt additive manufacturing does pose some environmental downsides, however.

manufacturing and distribution

as well as its subsidiary Japan Capsule Computers Co., Ltd., both of which were devoted to the manufacturing and distribution of electronic game machines.

The company introduced the Zeebo in limited quantities in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on June 1, 2009, with manufacturing and distribution provided by Tectoy.

In 2007, Peter Millar signed a license agreement with Empire Clothing of Canada for manufacturing and distribution of Peter Millar's tailored clothing line.

manufacturing company based   (製造会社ベース)

OPEX (corporation) OPEX Corporation is a manufacturing company based in Moorestown, New Jersey.

WhiteWater West WhiteWater West is a manufacturing company based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

He was the founder and former President of Positronic, a manufacturing company based in Springfield, Missouri.

light manufacturing   (光製造)

The railroads brought warehouses and light manufacturing.

It then housed various light manufacturing activities until 2004.

Proximity to the railroads attracted light manufacturing and shops.