İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

many years   (uzun yıllar)

This had been a vision of Graham’s for many years.

He worked as a farmer and mechanic for many years.

For many years, it was the longest dinosaur known.

many other   (Diğer birçok)

There are many other side streets around the town.

There are many other deliberately insulting terms.

Knuth's model has many other instructions as well.

many others   (diğerleri)

Members include Gandi, Alern, FDN and many others.

Many Potanos were killed, and many others captured.

in phone numbers), acronyms, arrows and many others.

many different   (çok farklı)

There are many different uses for the dative case.

Pornsak has hosted many different genres of shows.

These texts teach many different Chakra theories.

so many   (çok fazla)

There are so many institutions under this diocese.

There are so many things that I can not understand.

But it can be so many things to different people.

many people   (birçok insan)

This led many people to rethink their investments.

Not many people do, but I do,' [Rory] Cooke jokes.

His conversion also brought many people to Islam.

many more   (çok daha fazlası)

and Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and many more.)

Some examples of these hymns are , , and many more.

led many more Kentuckians to enlist for the war.

many times   (bir cok zaman)

Alya have said many times that her passion is art.

Abu Bakr was persecuted many times by the Quraysh.

The offices of the newspaper have moved many times.

how many   (kaç)

It is not clear how many children the couple had.

The Germans tried to conceal how many they had killed.

how many times the experiment was replicated.

many cases   (birçok vaka)

and so, in many cases, it was given to the princes.

In many cases, the entire database is replicated.

In many cases, the first sign is a heart attack.

many countries   (bir çok ülke)

Rashed served the UN and worked in many countries.

The popular Model 3 was copied in many countries.

Nagy's plays have been performed in many countries.

too many   (çok fazla)

I think too many people take their health for granted.

Basically, we never used too many microphones.

– Because there are too many Caterpillars!"

many ways   (çok şekilde)

There are many ways to enumerate "k" combinations.

Urban served the English government in many ways.

Orser and Boitano were well-matched in many ways.

many of whom   (birçoğu)

Dozens of artists went to Bristol, many of whom had never been to Bristol.

Congress authorized a uniformed Volunteer Navy, many of whom were British.

The village of Ouakam is home to the Lebou people, many of whom are fishermen.

among many   (birçok arasında)

As such, the field was divided among many local favorites.

"The Godfather" (1969); among many others.

An example among many is the usual representation of graphs.

well as many   (pek çok)

had his family as well as many hospital bills.

Arabic, Hebrew) languages, as well as many more scripts.

as well as many theatrical and musical productions across New Zealand.

many new

Falderman described many new taxa of Coleoptera.

RTL promised "many new features and a few surprises."

ZYX Records has released many new CD mixes since 2000.

many parts   (birçok bölümü)

The Manor is made up of many parts from many eras.

This system was used in many parts of ancient Africa.

There are names for all the many parts of the orders.

including many   (birçok dahil)

Many people died including many foreign tourists.

They attacked all the seaports including many river ports.

Over 20 people were injured including many women and children.

many species   (birçok tür)

Until now, many species could not be isolated at all.

There are many species, extant and extinct, including:

It is a good habitate for many species of orchids too.

made many

It has made many major Bollywood films since then.

He was an able cook and made many kinds of wine.

He made many claims scorning women of the night.

many areas   (birçok alan)

This holds true today, for many areas of the world.

In many areas, local extinction is frequent .

This is an omnibus act covering many areas.

home to many   (birçok kişiye ev sahipliği)

Vesuvius and was home to many villas and farmhouses.

The town is home to many wineries and vineyards.

The island is home to many bird cliff nesting areas.

contains many   (çok içerir)

The video contains many scenes involving violence.

The league contains many of the junior RCSL clubs.

It contains many white, filiform spiral threads.

many small

many small island groups surround its beaches.

There are many small temples near this temple.

Body rugose (wrinkled) with many small conical spines.

many places   (birçok yerde)

Also there are many places where one can eat (e.g.

Tradition and custom are celebrated in many places.

In many places, the waves reached as far as inland.

received many   (çok aldı)

Shaoxinggaoji high school has received many awards

Lion's Choice has received many awards and honors.

He received many award nominations for the film.

many local

During this time, he befriended many local scholars.

It contains the graves of many local families.

Cape Town has many local community newspapers.

many awards   (birçok ödül)

Shaoxinggaoji high school has received many awards

Lion's Choice has received many awards and honors.

Throughout its history, ICTV has won many awards.

although many   (çok olmasına rağmen)

The official language is French, although many Martinicans speak a Creole patois.

This school is still in use, although many additions have been built through the years.

Germanium occurs mostly in the oxidation state +4 although many +2 compounds are known.

many members

Rodal died in battle with many members of his unit.

It had about as many members as the Central Committee.

It is unknown how many members the group has.

many types   (birçok çeşit)

There are many types of psychic readings practiced.

It is often used in many types of cellular systems.

The Brule River is stocked with many types of trout.

along with many   (çoğu ile birlikte)

The garage along with many others was requisitioned in the First World War.

Gofio is a Canarian food also known by Cubans, along with many other kinds.

In the 2010s, the population declined, along with many other towns in Belarus.

wrote many

Bryan wrote many books about Henry Ford including:

He wrote many songs for himself and also for others.

He wrote many books, none of which has survived.

won many

Throughout its history, ICTV has won many awards.

The newspaper has won many Country Press SA awards.

The station has won many "best kept station" awards.

many books

Bryan wrote many books about Henry Ford including:

McCasland was the author of many books on religion.

He wrote many books, none of which has survived.

considered by many   (birçok kişi tarafından değerlendirildi)

It is considered by many to be their finest work.

Karl Marx was considered by many to be a theomachist.

He was considered by many as a patriotic nationalist.

many important

Over time they obtained many important privileges.

With this, NPO 3FM quickly lost many important DJs.

He held many important post in government of India.

many artists

It had a great image and attracted many artists.

The song has been covered by many artists.

The house is a place of culture and attracts many artists.

found in many

His work can be found in many public collections.

Excellent sandy beaches are found in many locations.

Surya temples are found in many parts of India.

used in many

It is often used in many types of cellular systems.

They are widely used in many electronic devices.

It continues to be used in many other countries.

produced many

The school has produced many notable professionals:

The island has produced many world-class fencers.

She has produced many award-winning Broadway plays.

included many

The pediments of the Parthenon included many statues.

The documentary included many other well-known people.

The redesign of the Peruvian plates included many changes.

many aspects   (birçok açıdan)

Hamilton disliked many aspects of modern life.

The Mahadevi goddess has many aspects to her personality.

In many aspects, the Agni-5 carries forward the Agni-3 pedigree.

among many others

"The Godfather" (1969); among many others.

and Peter Brötzmann, among many others.

This new image eventually helped cure Ivan, among many others.

includes many

Swing also includes many spins and underarm turns.

It includes many professionals and university graduates.

Boyle’s career in public service includes many appointments.

through many   (birçok aracılığıyla)

IPTBO can be synthesized through many reaction paths.

The book was expanded in 1858, going through many editions.

"The Hazard Herald" went through many changes in the 1940s.

because many   (çünkü birçok)

This was because many people from his extended family had curly hair.

From summer 2012, he played as center because many defenders got hurt.

The list is not complete, because many of the earlier holders are unknown.

many notable   (çok dikkate değer)

There are many notable places in the Skole region.

The school has produced many notable professionals:

The square has had many notable residents.

many students   (Bir çok öğrenci)

"Already she had gathered many students around her.

For many students, funding was a severe problem.

The school also has many students from abroad.

appeared in many   (birçoğunda ortaya çıktı)

For Red Stitch he has appeared in many productions.

Casa Milà appeared in many satirical magazines.

Pooja Bhatt appeared in many bold shoots like Stardust.

many women

In high-income areas, many women hire other laborers.

She inspired many women to devote themselves to research.

In urban areas, many women and men wear Western-style attire.

when many   (ne zaman)

Dada in Paris surged in 1920 when many of the originators converged there.

The phenomenon of overchoice occurs when many equivalent choices are available.

It was a time when many children had rickets and other nutritional deficiencies.

though many   (çok olmasına rağmen)

None of the guests died, though many suffered greatly.

Each house generally has a tube well though many houses may share one too.

Multiple versions of the Actaeon myth survive, though many are fragmentary.

many international

Participant of many international chess tournaments.

It subsequently has had many international productions.

The film was also released in many international markets.

many decades   (on yıllar)

The older khaki uniforms were used for many decades.

These directors' works often span many decades and genres.

This tradition dates back many decades.

many things   (birçok şey)

In many things he was just like an innocent child.

There are so many things that I can not understand.

Not many things are known about Dagmar as a person.

many centuries   (yüzyıllar)

The use of the gesture dates back many centuries.

Options contracts have been known for many centuries.

English folklore developed over many centuries.

many major   (çok büyük)

It has made many major Bollywood films since then.

The next day, the story was in many major newspapers.

This being one of the many major bugs faced by the users.

first of many

This was the first of many Schoenstatt Summers.

They were the first of many raids on Darwin.

It was just the first of many championships.

many works

He also published many works on Indian philosophy.

Agrippina has been depicted in many works of art.

He translated many works, some by using a pseudonym.

many changes

Carmella underwent many changes during her tenure.

There have been many changes since those times.

The second edition contains many changes to the text.

many forms   (birçok form)

The activism of Hijas de Cuauhtemoc took many forms.

It also incorporates elements from many forms of pop.

We see it in many forms and apply it to many problems.

many prominent   (çok önemli)

There are also many prominent heritage buildings along Sparks Street.

"Our Mother’s House" received high praise from many prominent critics.

It also saw the return of many prominent players from military service.

many critics   (birçok eleştirmen)

Seboko had many critics because she was a woman.

"All Is Lost" was listed on many critics' top ten lists.

The performance was panned by many critics.

many languages

His verse was also translated into many languages.

ALGOL 60 inspired many languages that followed it.

His works have been translated to many languages.

many young   (çok genç)

This has facilitated the growth of many young players.

She mentored many young communists and labor activists.

Robinson inspired many young women to join the protest and to fight.

played many

He played many matches as mainly right midfielder.

He played many matches as right and left side back.

He played many matches as regular player in 2014.

published many

He also published many works on Indian philosophy.

He has published many of these photos on the web.

He published many articles about technologies.

many fans   (birçok hayran)

The song attracted many fans, which led to F.I.R.

Not many fans noticed the championship win.

many children   (birçok çocuk)

Taliaferro had many children, several died young.

It proved a disaster, and many children died there.

It is not clear how many children the couple had.

spent many

She spent many of her early years in Rimini.

The National Soccer League spent many years in development.

Meanwhile, Jowangsin spent many years underwater as a corpse.

many articles

The editor, Huth, provided many articles on a CD-ROM.

He has written many articles in Armenian and Russian.

He published many articles about technologies.

many famous   (çok ünlü)

Florida is also the home of many famous actors.

There are many famous abbeys across Europe.

The cast included many famous artists from various fields.

many cities

They then visited many cities on the North Island.

The audio was released in many cities across Tamil Nadu.

Griboyedov in many cities of Russia and neighboring countries.

great many   (çok fazla)

It also killed a great many innocent civilians.

This causes a stampede which kills a great many people.

Large or fast ships could require a great many boilers.

led many

This led many people to rethink their investments.

led many more Kentuckians to enlist for the war.

This inaction led many pro-Soviets to question their loyalties.

many occasions

She has worked with her mother Lola in many occasions.

The hospital itself came under heavy fire on many occasions.

Ensemble, with its new members, performed in many occasions .

many songs

He also composed many songs and much piano music.

He wrote many songs for himself and also for others.

He also wrote the lyrics of many songs (over 1,000).

caused many   (birçok kişiye neden oldu)

Lightning in particular caused many forest fires.

Pascal's results caused many disputes before being accepted.

This caused many public complaints by disgruntled Air Guardsmen.

many public   (birçok kamu)

It presents many public shows throughout the year.

His work can be found in many public collections.

In Australia, Wardell designed many public buildings.

many buildings

In Yuan China, he designed and built many buildings.

Red sandstone is used, as in many buildings in Glasgow.

Leffland designed many buildings in Victoria.

used by many

Grimaldi's design is used by many modern clowns.

Another method is used by many molluscs, themselves.

many thousands   (binlerce)

The Suta's son, slew many thousands of other warriors.

Koerner produced many thousands of works in his career.

It has been used for many thousands of years.

many films

He worked with actor Kamal Haasan in many films.

It is one of many films by the French troupe Le Splendid.

She has acted many films and televisions in her acting career.

many residents   (birçok sakin)

Haiyuan County has many residents of the Hui ethnicity.

In addition, many residents use Highway 75 to commute from and to Winnipeg.

But the use of Teladas poisoned the air and many residents became ill or died.

many large

There are many large houses along Dittmer Drive.

It still retains many large animals, such as hippos.

Alberta is home to many large carnivores.

many men

A beautiful woman, Robins was pursued by many men.

He lost many men and returned to his camp at night.

They find many men, turned to stone, and food laid out.

many players

Slovakia has had many players in the NHL.

In 2000 the club went bankrupt and many players left the club.

The Canadian Tour has sent many players on to PGA Tour success.

attracted many   (çok çekti)

The song attracted many fans, which led to F.I.R.

It had a great image and attracted many artists.

The work attracted many new residents.

include many

Recommended sports include many standing related sports.

Cast and crew include many professionals and volunteers.

Nair's works also include many travelogues.

many matches

However he could not play many matches until 2004.

He played many matches as mainly right midfielder.

He played many matches as right and left side back.

many months

However, the men were not called up for many months.

It sailed for many months, changing its name several times.

Ged spends many months healing before resuming his studies.

features many

The trail also features many eastern wildflowers.

The film features many characters from the show.

Dhanvantarivana features many medicinal plants.

many modern

This building would consist of many modern aspects.

Grimaldi's design is used by many modern clowns.

many popular

The battle was the subject of many popular prints.

There are many popular tourist attractions in the Outback.

Tandlianwala has many popular sports like cricket, football and volleyball.

led to many   (birçok kişiye yol açtı)

This led to many songtexts for the same melodies.

This led to many years of bitterness on Stannis' part.

This led to many collisions on a crossing.

involved in many

Prosper was also involved in many real estate dealings.

During the 13th century, sorcery was involved in many deaths.

He has been involved in many challenging real estate transactions.

many problems

The model had many problems, and was discontinued.

Major flooding in Davenport causes many problems.

The team had many problems, and did not do well.

many other countries   (diğer birçok ülke)

It was published in many other countries as well.

It continues to be used in many other countries.

1 in America and many other countries and in the UK it reached No.