İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

world map   (Dünya haritası)

It remained the most accurate world map for the next three centuries.

The oldest map of the spread of English is Strevens's world map of English.

Location on the world map

map shows   (harita gösterileri)

In addition, the map shows the tracks of Tasman's two voyages.

The 1838 tithe map shows 32 dwelling in Glasson with the same alignment.

Neither map shows any roads.

road map   (yol haritası)

The Florida State Road Department rendered Eugene on a 1936 road map.

For a road map see multimap.

On Dec 22 2009, the team outlined the road map for the game in the year ahead.

map showing   (harita gösterimi)

A map showing the most affected areas was released by ReliefWeb.

Center, a map showing the population of English Americans by state.

On the right, a map showing the percentages of English Americans by state.

first map   (ilk harita)

The study also provided the first map of the cave.

forZe took the first map, but AVANGAR took the second map.

They drew up the first map and claimed the island for France.

linear map

A rotation of axes is a linear map and a rigid transformation.

The map is a linear map from to .

If is a linear map, then the "transpose" (or "dual") is defined by for every .

online map

It still remains today on some online map services.

The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

map alongside

The map alongside shows a portion of Chinsurah subdivision.

In the southern portion of the subdivision (shown in the map alongside) there are 20 census towns.

new map

Horn had appealed for a new map, even asking for a share of St. Louis, but was rebuffed by Clay and Gephardt.

Mapping increased after the war, with a growing staff at the Geological Survey and a new map was released in 1956.

In June 2019, judges declared the House of Delegates' district map illegal due to racial gerrymandering, and imposed a new map.

see map

Several farmhouses also fronted the Rock Island railroad tracks (see map).

It is to the east (see map) of Highbury Wood National Nature Reserve (NNR).

Like the rest of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is divided into lieutenancy areas (see map on right).

topographic map

The USGS topographic map for the area only shows the long-disused Groom Mine.

The barrel field, like many regions of cortex, is organised into a topographic map.

She also works on topographic map design, multi-scale mapping, generalization, atlas mapping.

geological map

In 1769, he worked on the first geological map of France.

In 1843, he started to prepare a geological map of British India.

Nevertheless, Greenough's geological map of India was a pioneering effort.