half marathon   (ハーフマラソン)

Over 9,000 participated in the 2011 half marathon.

In 2012, she came first in the Dili half marathon.

Diego's half marathon is the 2015 US leading time.

marathon runner   (マラソンランナー)

His father was a top marathon runner.

A marathon runner can lose water adding up to about 8% of body weight.

Gayle Barron Gayle Barron (born 6 April 1945) is a former American marathon runner.

marathon race   (マラソン大会)

His personal best in marathon race is 2:44:36 established in 1920.

This covered a track and field programme plus a men's marathon race.

marathon event   (マラソン大会)

It was Israel's first international marathon event.

She competed in the women's marathon event at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

She has qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics in the women's marathon event.

marathon distance   (マラソン距離)

Melchor moved up to the marathon distance in the 2012 season.

She returned to action in 2006 with a new focus on the marathon distance.

Kiptoo made her debut over the marathon distance in 2013 and won the Geneva Marathon in 2015 and 2016.

first marathon

She ran her first marathon in 2011.

He ran his first marathon in 2012 and qualified for the 2012 Olympics.

He had his first marathon win at the 2014 Beppu-Oita Marathon in Japan.