Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

margin of victory   (margen de victoria)

The margin of victory was just 0.2 seconds.

Obama won Wisconsin by a comfortable 13.91% margin of victory.

John McCain carried Kansas by a comfortable 15-percent margin of victory.

inner margin   (margen interno)

There are long black hairs on the inner margin.

Both bands running from the costa to the inner margin.

Hindwing of male with no fold or glandular tuft on inner margin.

wide margin   (Amplio margen)

Jackson won Pennsylvania by a wide margin of 64.54%.

Jefferson won Pennsylvania by a wide margin of 89.38%.

Clinton ended up winning the general election by a wide margin.

margin of error   (margen de error)

The margin of error should normally be within .

The margin of error in these surveys is typically between 2 and 2.9%.

However, Bush polled within the margin of error, usually in the mid 40% range.

narrow margin   (margen pequeño)

He ultimately won the election by a narrow margin.

Poles voted for Humphrey over Nixon by a narrow margin, 56-44.

Oliverio lost to David McKinley by an extremely narrow margin.

outer margin

Hindwings with straight outer margin in males.

Hindwings pale, suffused with fuscous towards outer margin.

Hindwings with crenulate outer margin.

winning margin

This winning margin of 4–1 saw Queens triumphantly lift the Cup.

The winning margin was the widest in the race in the 20th century.

This score is their largest ever winning margin in European competitions.

large margin

Johnson won Montana by a large margin of 18.38%.

Wilson won Montana by a large margin of 19.31%.

Brooke was re-elected by a large margin again in 1972.

largest margin

He was elected by the largest margin in the history of Bayonne politics.

It was Obama's 8th largest margin of victory in the 76 community areas he won.

It was Clinton's 11th largest margin of victory in the 76 community areas she won.

costal margin

The moths forewings are mainly dark-brown with a yellow band along the costal margin.

The hindwings are concolorous to the forewings, but yellowish white on the costal margin.

There is a prominent white patch on the costal margin of each wing, followed by a red mark.

posterior margin   (margen posterior)

Two small spines are present at the posterior margin of eye orbit (the postorbital spines).

The anal fin is almost as large as the second dorsal fin and lies slightly behind; it has a deep notch in the posterior margin.

There is orange elongated spot beginning at the cerebral eyespot fading into a white median stripe that ends close to the posterior margin.

small margin

The suggestion was not approved, albeit by a very small margin.

The necessary majority of two thirds was missed by a small margin.

Overall, the program Jack lost, but by a small margin (359 versus 385 IMPs).

profit margin

Manufacturers made 15% to 20% profit margin on an SUV, compared to 3% or less on a car.

In 1990, KCB ceased to operate Scottish Citylink services with the profit margin deemed insufficient.

The global top 50 chemical producers in 2013 had sales of US$980.5 billion with a profit margin of 10.3%.

comfortable margin

Obama won the general election by a comfortable margin.

Revilla went on to defeat Lacson by a comfortable margin.

In the end, however, Kerry took New Jersey by a comfortable margin.

victory margin

The victory margin was 21,000 votes.

Their contribution was critical, as Hampton had a victory margin of only 1100 votes statewide.

Roosevelt's victory margin of 515 electoral votes was the largest victory margin since the 1820 presidential election.

continental margin

Evidence for an Andean type continental margin comes from the lithology and geochemical data.

The Southern Ocean probably contains large, and possibly giant, oil and gas fields on the continental margin.

While the goechemical data includes elemental composition which is believed by some to be similar to an Andean type continental margin.

margin snails

Marginella rosea Marginella rosea is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Marginellidae, the margin snails.

dorsal margin

The deeply concave dorsal margin of the opercle also serves to distinguish this genus.

The hectocotylus contains a long flap at the ventral margin and a short flap at the dorsal margin.

There is no carpal locking mechanism and there are 13 small carpal suckers which form a row along the dorsal margin of the manus.

anterior margin

This series of eight to 38 holes is near the anterior margin.

The pseudotentacles are formed by simple folds of the anterior margin.

The pseudotentacles are somewhat pointed formed by folds of the anterior margin.

significant margin   (margen significativo)

champions, Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, by a significant margin.

In 2015, they won by a significant margin of an hour and 18 minutes.

In the qualification round, she broke the CWG Qualifying record by a significant margin.

leaf margin

The mature leaf has a dark glossy green or bronze green colour with the leaf margin and base red with a lamina of (2.0-) 3.7(-6.3) x (0.

This results in the teeth often being pressed against the leaf margin above the tooth or against the base of the next tooth along the margin.

Symptoms are similar to "Wheat streak mosaic virus", with leaf veins showing yellow flecks and streaks, followed by leaf margin purpling in maize.

slim margin

Nixon won Montana by a slim margin of 2.50%.

Bush won by a slim margin, taking 50.7% of the popular vote and 286 electoral votes.

In the 1927 mayoral race, Thompson beat William Emmett Dever by a relatively slim margin.

western margin   (margen occidental)

Parinacota lies on the western margin of the Altiplano in the Central Andes.

They travelled to the western margin and concentrated on the Tres Zapotes site.

During the Cretaceous, this was the western margin of northwestern South America.