Фразы и примеры предложений

marked the first   (отмечен первым)

The game marked the first bowl game for each school.

This marked the first time a live DJ has been heard on HFS2.

The game marked the first sellout at Northwestern since 1984.

marked the beginning   (положил начало)

This tournament marked the beginning of hiscareer.

This marked the beginning of the Second Congo War.

This marked the beginning of the Revolution of 1905.

marked the end   (отметил конец)

This flight marked the end of the Ukrainian State.

"The Surrender" marked the end of the Confederacy.

This marked the end of the First English Civil War.

season marked

The 2018 season marked the Mallards' 18th season.

The 2012–13 season marked the fifth for Rademacher.

The season marked the Bulldogs's 146th overall season.

marked the start

1981 marked the start of a new era at the club.

This marked the start of the eyeglass voucher program.

It marked the start of the First Punic War.

not marked

Tone is normally not marked in the Nafaanra orthography.

The route is not marked with those numbers.

album marked

The album marked the return of Tim Palmer as producer.

This album marked Seger's four-year departure from Capitol.

The album marked a change in artistic direction from N.O.R.E.

marked a turning

The conference, however, marked a turning point.

This marked a turning point for the growth of aikido.

The 20th century marked a turning point for Calangianus economic.

marked the last   (отмечен последним)

It also marked the last major work featuring drummer Travis Demsey.

The performance marked the last time Bowie performed his music on stage.

This marked the last time the Chief design was built in the United States.

marked the return   (отметил возвращение)

The album marked the return of Tim Palmer as producer.

The 2008 general elections marked the return of the leftists.

The elections marked the return of the Peoples Party to power.

film marked   (отмеченный фильм)

The film marked the acting debut of Sally Kellerman.

This film marked the film debut of Suzanne Pleshette.

The film marked the debut of Peggy Ann Garner.

game marked

The game marked the first bowl game for each school.

The game marked his third 30-point game of the season.

This game marked the 41st consecutive telecast by CBS Sports.

marked the second

The song marked the second collaboration between T.I.

This game marked the second (and last) time the two teams tied.

This marked the second time the Sun had hosted the annual event.

event marked   (событие отмечено)

This event marked the end of the Peruvian wine-boom.

The event marked the promotion's first visit to Utica.

The event marked the promotion's first visit to Idaho.

marked the debut

The film marked the debut of Peggy Ann Garner.

The film marked the debut of John Le Mesurier.

"Raaz" also marked the debut of actress Malini Sharma.

marked the final

The episode also marked the final Halloween installment for the series.

From 2003-2006, the race marked the final IRL race before the Indianapolis 500.

The 10th century marked the final expansion of the Bantu in West-Central Africa.

clearly marked

Rankings are clearly marked on epaulettes.

The Broadstore Line is clearly marked on the 1980 map of Victorian Railways.

Croatian wines are classified by quality, which is clearly marked on the label.

marked contrast

In marked contrast to their first bout, the match's reception was negative.

Renée de Maucombe's attitude to love and life are in marked contrast to those of Louise.

This system was in marked contrast to the conflicting, vague orders issued by the French army.

marked his first

It marked his first album for Badman Recording Company.

The play marked his first career participation in a sack.

This marked his first grand tour victory.

marked improvement   (заметное улучшение)

This led to marked improvement in their running times.

It was introduced circa 1908 and very quickly produced a marked improvement in sporting standards.

A test dose of intramuscular lorazepam will often result in marked improvement within half an hour.

marked in bold

In (3) and (4), the pitch accent is marked in bold.

Pole position winners in each class are marked in bold.

marked increase

This is a marked increase from 1996, when it had 399 members, of whom 94 were foreign.

Some of them also describe a marked increase in anger and a tendency towards violence."

In the 1990s and 2000s, there was a marked increase in American imports of Chinese goods.

marked a new

His geographical study marked a new era".

The arrival of World War II marked a new chapter in aviation.

His presidency marked a new era of reform for the Tsukuba Science City.

marked a change

This season marked a change in scheduling for the GNAC.

The album marked a change in artistic direction from N.O.R.E.

"Dosage" marked a change in recording and style for Collective Soul.

marked a significant   (отмечен значительный)

This piece marked a significant shift in works of landscape.

According to the "Times of India", this gesture marked a significant shift in their policy.

Shakryl's death caused outrage and marked a significant turning point in the political crisis.

well marked   (хорошо обозначены)

However, these routes are generally well marked.

The umbilicus is well marked, open, deep.

The trail is well marked by orange blazes and easy to follow.

marked the third

The London Games marked the third time the women's sitting event was held.

This marked the third time in the program's history to reach the Final Four.

The miniseries marked the third time Highmore has worked with Helena Bonham Carter.

marked a return   (отмечено возвращение)

It marked a return of "Call of the West" producer Richard Mazda.

After two espionage films, the plot marked a return to the murder-thriller genre.

The record marked a return to shorter songs for Tracy, seeing as on "New Beginning" they had been somewhat longer.

marked only   (отмечен только)

This surface is marked only by multiple tiny craterlets.

The intransitive prefix is marked only by a toneless nasal.

The interior is marked only by a multitude of tiny craterlets.

year marked

This year marked Mears's return to the sport after his illness.

The 2003-2004 school year marked the first year Plan Z was launched.

The same year marked the beginning of film and video distribution online.

often marked   (часто отмечается)

The feminine absolute singular is often marked by the ending ה- "-â".

Masako's appearance is often marked by a multi-coloured 'Afro' hairstyle.

The callus at the base of the lip is yellow and is often marked with red lines.

distance marked   (обозначенное расстояние)

Some cameras have their hyperfocal distance marked on the focus dial.

Cars failing to complete 90% of winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).

election marked   (отмечены выборы)

The election marked the first time that Ashburton ward had been represented by Labour.

The local election marked the highest turnout (57.2%) in the London Borough elections in 2006.

1999 European election marked a turning point in relations between Forza Italia and the Lega Nord.

period marked   (отмеченный период)

This period marked Carroll's emergence into international prominence as an author.

The period marked a steep change in the diversity and composition of Earth's biosphere.

While the Mauryan period marked a transition to the use of brick and stone, wood remained the material of choice.

victory marked

This victory marked a major watershed for the party.

The victory marked her second title in just three weeks.

This victory marked the end of the Second English Civil War.

period was marked   (период был отмечен)

The postwar period was marked by an end of almost all autonomy in the Soviet Union.

Much of the period was marked by quarrels and disputes between Gloucester and the cardinal.

This period was marked by the number of casual vacancies and the filling of these vacancies was complex.

marked a major   (отмечен майор)

This victory marked a major watershed for the party.

Roe v Wade marked a major advancement for privacy rights.

The 2006 season also marked a major change in recruitment of athletes for the football program.

marked a shift   (отмечен сдвиг)

It marked a shift towards measurements based on energy rather than charge.

According to "The Atlantic", this killing marked a shift in the attitude of the French government.

It marked a shift in designed as it was designed specifically to carry a main armament of heavy artillery.

now marked

Both properties are now marked by blue plaques.

Newly printed cards were now marked with a "Jade bug".

This area is now marked by a commemorative stone plaque.

reign was marked

Bidatsu's reign was marked by power struggles about Buddhism.

Ximénes' reign was marked by the unsuccessful Rising of the Priests.

Andronikos' reign was marked by the beginning of the decline of the Byzantine Empire.

places marked

All places marked in the map are linked in the larger full screen map.

Paschim Bardhaman district is divided into the following two administrative subdivisions: In the maps placed below, all places marked and linked in the full screen maps.

win marked

The 71–56 win marked MSU's 10th straight win.

The win marked Michigan's 22nd consecutive home victory.

The win marked the 600th career victory for Izzo, all at Michigan State.