İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

marks the first   (ilkini işaretler)

Vaisakhi marks the first day of the month of Vaisakha.

This marks the first and only time it was held in Africa.

This dynasty marks the first of modern education in Iran.

marks the beginning   (başlangıcı işaretler)

Midnight Breakfast marks the beginning of finals week.

711AD marks the beginning of the Arab period.

This marks the beginning of the war between Lau Bong and Hung Yu.

marks the end   (sonu işaretler)

It marks the end of the third defile of the Irrawaddy.

Epiphany on January 6 marks the end of the Christmas season.

Diocletian's reign marks the end of the classical period of Roman law.

quotation marks   (alıntı işaretleri)

In the previous example, quotation marks have to be added to foo.

The co-worker wrote, "Oxy Canisters" followed by "Empty" in quotation marks.

and an album of comics that she describes, inside quotation marks, as "erotic."

high marks

The son memorised the answers and wrote them on the answer scripts in order to score high marks.

In November 1913, he passed with high marks the civil official exam for department administration.

"Bella" resonated with adoption and pro-life organizations, who gave the movie high marks for its pro-adoption themes.

film marks   (film izleri)

This film marks the directorial debut of Bhasker.

The film marks debut of Jackie Shroff in short films.

The film marks Mailer's first effort into film-making.

album marks

The album marks a change in direction from Swans' early work.

This album marks the first album without Stoupe behind production.

The album marks a return to a heavier rock sound of Sunny Day Real Estate.

million marks

The damage to Leipzig cost several million marks.

Construction costs were almost 6 million marks.

Between 30 and 40 million marks were spent on this endeavour.

marks the site   (siteyi işaretler)

Set in a bend of the River Tweed, a graveyard marks the site.

Quite possibly this marks the site where Clement was originally buried.

A plaque now marks the site of the Webster House on the college's northeast corner.

episode marks

The episode marks their final appearance on the series.

This episode marks the third appearance of Francis Griffin.

This episode marks the final appearance of Simon (Steven Ogg).

marks the boundary

A more substantial monument marks the boundary at Temple Bar on Fleet Street.

In general, an isogloss is an imaginary line that marks the boundary of a linguistic phenomenon.

The summit marks the boundary of Aberwheeler and Ysceifiog communities, and is the site of a cairn and tumulus.

marks the return   (dönüşü işaretler)

The episode marks the return of NCIS agent Stan Burley (Joel Gretsch).

This marks the return of Bulgaria to the international competition after a 2-year absence.

It marks the return of Tao, and he developed the album with a blend of R&B, Rock and Soft Ballads.

marks the second   (ikinciyi işaretler)

This match marks the second time the competition is played in Singapore.

This marks the second major phase of the Zhou dynasty: the Eastern Zhou.

This episode marks the second appearance of Weyoun, played by Jeffrey Combs.

marks the start   (başlangıcı işaretler)

In Sikhism, Vaisakhi marks the start of the Khalsa.

The group hosted a day of husband and wife recollection in 1943 that marks the start of the Cana Conference.

This event marks the start of the Australian HPV Super Series and at the time it generated tremendous interest.

punctuation marks   (noktalama işaretleri)

As a result, the aliens are made of letters and punctuation marks.

Chess moves can be annotated with punctuation marks and other symbols.

Some punctuation marks were different in other parts of the armed forces.

bite marks   (ısırık izleri)

Littledale survived even though he had been stabbed several times and was covered in serious bite marks.

Adults and sub-adults often have claw or bite marks, indicating frequent aggression between individuals.

One adult specimen had a left lower jaw showing a puncture wound and both healed and unhealed bite marks.

marks the spot   (Yeri işaretlemek)

A granite monument in a small park marks the spot where the hangings took place.

"X" marks the spot in the Snake-Eye Saloon, where the loot is hidden under the floor.

A plaque embedded in the asphalt marks the spot where home plate was on the original field.