İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first marriage   (ilk evlilik)

He has two adult children from his first marriage.

Edwards's first marriage ended because of the war.

By way of her mother's first marriage to the Rev.

second marriage   (ikinci evlilik)

There were three daughters of the second marriage.

There were no children from this second marriage.

His second marriage was in 1990 to Loryn Locklin.

marriage between   (arasındaki evlilik)

Walker says he believes in "marriage between one man and one woman".

"Hell of a Life" tells the story of marriage between West and a porn star.

Moreover, it was decided that marriage between prisoners was to be allowed.

previous marriage   (önceki evlilik)

She has a daughter, Lucy, from a previous marriage.

Left has two children from his previous marriage.

A daughter from a previous marriage predeceased him.

marriage ended   (evlilik bitti)

The marriage ended in 2001 after about two months.

Edwards's first marriage ended because of the war.

The two had one son and the marriage ended in 1961.

years of marriage

He, too, died after only a few years of marriage.

They divorced in 1948 after three years of marriage.

The couple divorced after ten years of marriage.

gay marriage

Most Pentecostal churches do not affirm gay marriage.

A referendum on gay marriage was held in 2015.

Its opposition to gay marriage and abortion has attracted criticism.

arranged marriage   (evlilik ayarladı)

It was an arranged marriage by their parents.

She married Chiang Kai-shek in an arranged marriage in 1901.

Alexius fled his arranged marriage to follow his holy vocation.

marriage proposal   (evlenme teklifi)

However, she rejected his marriage proposal.

Others have opined that "My Love" is a marriage proposal.

Still, her parents have to consent to the marriage proposal.

marriage produced

This marriage produced one son and two daughters.

The marriage produced six children: George W. (b.

This marriage produced a third son, Ian Snow Carpenter.

through marriage

Finally under Daeron's cousin Daeron II they joined through marriage.

Lee is related to former police commissioner Eddie Hui through marriage.

The Lawik dynasty of Ghazna was linked to the Hindu-Shahi dynasty through marriage.

hand in marriage   (el ele)

Achilles asks Priam for Polyxena's hand in marriage.

In AD 25, Sejanus requested Livilla's hand in marriage.

Soon, he asks for her hand in marriage.

marriage ceremony

As she laid dying, the marriage ceremony was performed.

Two days after the marriage ceremony queen Sumunna-Abi died.

In 1967, the Baháʼí marriage ceremony was accepted in Liberia.

third marriage

His third marriage was to Canadian Lynn Patterson.

The third marriage was in 1890, to Mary Sherbrooke.

She married Horn in his third marriage in 1710.

marriage licenses   (evlilik ruhsatı)

Four of the couples had been denied marriage licenses by county clerks in Nevada.

An exorbitant tax was levied on marriage licenses; oftentimes, they were outright refused.

On October 9, Judge Mahan issued the injunction and same-sex couples began obtaining marriage licenses.

marriage lasted

This marriage lasted until Coyne's death in 1973.

The marriage lasted two years before they divorced.

This marriage lasted 20 years: he died in 1216.

marriage contract   (evlilik sözleşmesi)

The marriage contract was signed in September.

The marriage contract was later declared void.

The bride is normally present at the signing of the marriage contract.

child marriage   (Çocuk evliliği)

There is a degree of child marriage, especially among Muslims.

Data shows a 9% decline in the prevalence of child marriage compared to 2003.

The proposed ban on child marriage was amended, however, to allow 17-year-olds to marry.

marriage took

The marriage took place at the Chateau de Bohain.

Flook's second marriage took place in April 1893.

The marriage took place in Martins Creek, Pennsylvania.

marriage took place   (evlilik gerçekleşti)

The marriage took place at the Chateau de Bohain.

Flook's second marriage took place in April 1893.

The marriage took place in Martins Creek, Pennsylvania.

civil marriage

It also called on for civil marriage to be widened to also for same-sex couples to marry.

The civil marriage took place at the register office, 42 St Giles', Oxford, on 23 April 1956.

Occasional civil marriage ceremonies are conducted within its walls (technically as open air ceremonies).

forced marriage

Nammi also played a central role in changing law in the UK to ban forced marriage.

Early marriage, child marriage or forced marriage is prevalent in parts of Asia and Africa.

In at least two known instances, Massoud personally intervened against cases of forced marriage.

marriage equality   (evlilik eşitliği)

He was a dedicated opponent of marriage equality for LGBT people.

She considers herself an “ally for gay rights and marriage equality”.

"My Uncle’s Wedding" is a children’s picture book about marriage equality.

marriage license

Clela Rorex Clela Rorex issued the first same-sex marriage license in the United States.

To obtain a marriage license, a couple must answer a long series of questions, under oath.

The only other thing that appeared to have been taken from the home was the couple's marriage license.

plural marriage   (çoğul evlilik)

Babbitt also practiced plural marriage.

He also publicized the practice of plural marriage, a form of polygamy.

He also publicized the previously secret practice of plural marriage, a form of polygamy.

proposed marriage

In the aftermath, Pasternak proposed marriage to Ida.

After their first night together, he proposed marriage.

In 1957 he proposed marriage to Yulya, and she accepted.

interracial marriage   (ırklararası evlilik)

The estimated interracial marriage rate is over 40%.

In 1978, church spokesman Don LeFevre said that "there is no ban on interracial marriage.

They soon moved in together and married despite taboos against interracial marriage, they had two daughters.

marriage was not

The court ruled that the marriage was not valid.

The marriage was not happy and they were divorced in August 1942.

Wrench's marriage was not happy.

proposes marriage   (evlilik teklif ediyor)

Faris, Zoya's classmate, proposes marriage to her.

Todd proposes marriage to an elated Francine, who accepts.

Later, Shankar proposes marriage to Anuradha, which she declines.

before marriage   (evlenmeden önce)

Women folks do tattooing generally before marriage.

campaign that encourages sexual abstinence before marriage.

Pregnancy before marriage after Olufuko is acceptable and is not a taboo.

marriage did

The couple had five children but the marriage did not last.

It has been written that the marriage did not end until 1931.

However, this marriage did not last, and the couple divorced.

before her marriage

She was in the Civil Service, before her marriage with a chartered Engineer.

Her mother had been a professional singer before her marriage; her father was a comedian, singer and dancer.

Agnes soon thereafter married Hugh of Ibelin, to whom she had been engaged before her marriage with Amalric.

happy marriage

They are believed to have enjoyed a happy marriage.

They had a happy marriage that lasted for eight years.

His wife died in 1876 after 23 years of happy marriage.

marriage and family   (evlilik ve aile)

Owicki's patents include Owicki is also a licensed marriage and family therapist.

She changed careers in the early 2000s and became a licensed marriage and family therapist.

She is currently a master student at the University of Hong Kong for marriage and family therapy.

marriage was dissolved

The marriage was dissolved in 1947 in Nottingham.

Their parents' marriage was dissolved in 1929.

Their marriage was dissolved in 1994.

marriage did not

The couple had five children but the marriage did not last.

It has been written that the marriage did not end until 1931.

However, this marriage did not last, and the couple divorced.

sex marriage

In March 2012, Miliband pledged his support for same sex marriage.

The first recorded same sex marriage by a Quaker meeting in the US was in 1987.

Senator Rick Santorum's views on homosexuality, and comments about same sex marriage.

marriage certificate   (evlilik sertifikası)

of India and marriage certificate is issued.

Some couples sign the marriage certificate at a courthouse and some invite a judge to their home.

Their marriage certificate is written in old Turkish; Atatürk would introduce the new alphabet in 1928.

marriage was childless   (evlilik çocuksuzdu)

She was a widow and their twenty year marriage was childless.

This second marriage was childless.

The marriage was childless, although Carola miscarried many times.

same sex marriage

In March 2012, Miliband pledged his support for same sex marriage.

The first recorded same sex marriage by a Quaker meeting in the US was in 1987.

Senator Rick Santorum's views on homosexuality, and comments about same sex marriage.

marriage ceremonies

The shop had ceased any metalwork in 1900 and was solely used for marriage ceremonies.

Indigenous cosmetics are made from pine resin and coal ( specially during marriage ceremonies).

Occasional civil marriage ceremonies are conducted within its walls (technically as open air ceremonies).

unhappy marriage   (mutsuz evlilik)

Sushant is in an unhappy marriage and Aparna is divorced.

Sidney and Clara have an unhappy marriage exacerbated by material wants.

After retiring from the navy, he had a brief and unhappy marriage in England.

outside of marriage   (evlilik dışı)

All sexual activity outside of marriage is considered a serious sin.

Some jurisdictions prohibit all sex outside of marriage irrespective of age, as in the case of Yemen.

On 29 July 2012, a couple was stoned to death by Islamists in Aguelhok for having children outside of marriage.

before the marriage

The young couple were betrothed for about five months before the marriage itself commenced.

Jen runs away from her husband on their wedding night before the marriage could be consummated.

The film was released on 8 September 2006, three days before the marriage of Suriya and Jyothika.

definition of marriage

The Court then considered the impact of the common law definition of marriage on the new law.

The amendment would have stopped C-38 from advancing and maintained the "traditional" definition of marriage.

In 2016, Scheer supported the removal of "traditional definition of marriage" from the conservative party policy book.

marriage alliance

The famous 14th century AD Manipravala grammar "Lilatilakam" confirms this marriage alliance.

The strictness is doubled for the younger daughter Thilottama (Maanu), and a marriage alliance is fixed for her.

However the king, on hearing of the wager, forbids Bardelys from seeking a marriage alliance with a rebel family.

marriage law

This last point was quite controversial and increased calls for a civil-only marriage law.

Hopefully they will draft the suggestion to make same-sex marriage law soon and give it to the Government to approve."

The second part of "Terumat haDeshen", entitled "Pesakim u-ketavim", contains 267 decisions largely on points of the marriage law.

marriage was annulled   (evlilik iptal edildi)

The marriage was annulled on March 24, 2008.

The marriage was annulled after nine months.

The marriage was annulled in 1956.

marriage rights

He said it in a speech, shortly after the California Supreme Court extended marriage rights to gays and lesbians.

The actions brought awareness to marriage rights issues for LGBT people and the role of tax-exempt churches in this political campaign.

It overturned the district court's ruling on October 7, finding Nevada's denial of marriage rights to same-sex couples unconstitutional.

proposal of marriage

Ustvolskaya rejected a proposal of marriage from him after Nina's death.

At the end of the book, Harriet finally accepts Wimsey's proposal of marriage.

She respected his ambition and single-mindedness, but declined his proposal of marriage.

marriage is not

However, same-sex marriage is not legal in its other dependency, Sark.

The marriage is not accepted by Mohan's mother and the couple gets separated.

Maryam's marriage is not well received by her family and they break all the ties with her.

marriage laws

This restriction is often due to marriage laws.

By faith, marriage laws join in union persons who were strangers to one another.

Free love advocates were against marriage which saw as a way of men imposing authority over women because of marriage laws giving the upper hand to males.

marriage and divorce

The Bible clearly addresses marriage and divorce.

Both the marriage and divorce caused a scandal.

He also made marriage and divorce laws more equitable to women.

institution of marriage

After his third divorce, he criticised the institution of marriage in a letter to Claire.

He later said that it was "mocking the institution of marriage", and that it was not legal.

() The institution of marriage was refined into one in which the woman was somewhat of an interested partner.

through his marriage

He also negotiated a French alliance through his marriage.

He became the owner of a stockings factory through his marriage.

Domhnall of the Isles claimed the earldom through his marriage to Mariota, Countess of Ross.

during their marriage

The couple had another son, James, during their marriage.

Kane was Morgan's pianist and conductor during their marriage.

It was about the couple's extramarital affairs during their marriage.

outside marriage   (evlilik dışı)

In Christian societies, sex outside marriage was forbidden.

Chastity means not having any sexual relations outside marriage.

The story touches on various social issues such as interfaith marriage, sex outside marriage, abortion, racial bigotry, the rise of fascism and war.

through the marriage

Rav became closely related, through the marriage of one of his daughters, to the family of the exilarch.

Marie was the sister-in-law of Francis II, Duke of Brittany through the marriage of her older sister, Margaret, to Francis in 1455.

He is accused by Shihei of plotting, through the marriage of Kariya to Tokiyo, to seize power, and is subsequently exiled to Dazaifu.

earlier marriage

Details of any earlier marriage(s) are not yet available.

They have a son, and he has another son from an earlier marriage.

James had seven other siblings from his father's earlier marriage.

failed marriage

In 1982, she moved to Memphis, Tennessee, after a failed marriage.

Sampling "Goodbye Love" by Guy, the song recounts Nas's failed marriage with Kelis.

Following his discharge and a failed marriage, Radley undergoes gender reassignment surgery and becomes Renée.

marriage became

Maguire and Newman were married in June 2004, shortly after gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts.

Andrew initiated a divorce, and obtained custody of the couple's two children when dissolution of the marriage became final on 31 May 1962.

He later divorced her after the marriage became a political liability, although Leon (1948) suggests it may have been due to emotional and mental abuse by Paetina.

marriage was arranged

Their marriage was arranged by Alexander's mother, Mamaea.

The Sultana had a suitable maiden, and the marriage was arranged.

The marriage was arranged by Lothar's father Lothar I for political reasons.

own marriage   (kendi evliliği)

Let people make their own marriage contracts according to their conscience, religion and common sense.

Their obvious affection for each other leads Brose to meditate on love and the end of his own marriage to Forbes.

Lycett opines that the addition was because of the state of Fleming's own marriage which was going through a bad time.

related by marriage

Mrs. Roosevelt was a descendant of the Tyler family, and the Tylers where related by marriage to the Putnams.

In 1102 he also assumed the office of a "Vogt" of Millstatt Abbey from the Aribonid dynasty related by marriage.

The Aslakes Manor passed to an eminent family of Norfolk gentry, the Calthorpes (subsequently related by marriage to family of Anne Boleyn).

whose marriage

He was taught how to bake by his sister, for whose marriage he baked a wedding cake.

"Save Me" was written by May, in tribute to a friend whose marriage had recently ended.

Ines is a mediator between Suzana and Milivoj whose marriage is in danger due to Milivoj's numerous affairs.

such as marriage

The Mayans used the cocoa beans in various ceremonies such as marriage and trade.

They are mostly used in traditional ceremonies such as marriage, birth and funerals.

However, personal matters such as marriage and divorce were governed by the cultural laws of the Assyrians.

early marriage

Bowman also had a step daughter from an early marriage by Rosson.

prevention to teenage pregnancy and its health complications, to early marriage, to school attrition and, finally, to the cut."

Aware of Rutherfurd's role in her parents' early marriage, Anna was at first angry that her father had put her in such a difficult position.

upon marriage

The name is not changed upon marriage.

Which he did upon marriage to Sylvia.

Their maiden last names automatically become their middle names upon marriage.