not marry   (結婚しない)

When they did not marry, the apparition disappeared.

He did not marry until 1927, when he was 62 years old.

Orthodox Albanians in the area do not marry the Vlachs.

wants to marry   (結婚したい)

He falls in love with Nadia and wants to marry her.

Leonard is poor but wants to marry the fair Lucilia.

Zhou's nephew Shunqing wants to marry Ah Zhen.

did not marry   (結婚しなかった)

When they did not marry, the apparition disappeared.

He did not marry until 1927, when he was 62 years old.

She did not marry, and died at Saint-Benin-d'Azy, aged 92.

agrees to marry   (結婚することに同意する)

Raghunatha agrees to marry her after he returns.

Afterwards Kartinah agrees to marry Suria.

Reet agrees to marry Q, and Paramveer wants a joint wedding.

wanted to marry   (結婚したかった)

Possibly Czambor wanted to marry Elizabeth to obtain her riches.

The king wanted to marry him to his youngest daughter, but she refused.

As a youngster, Lata Mangeshkar is alleged to have said that she wanted to marry K.L.

later marry

Sweet and Neilan would later marry in real life.

She would later marry Luis Tirso Rivilla of Ormoc City.

Murtaza and Ghinwa would later marry in 1989.

decides to marry

So, she decides to marry George for his money.

In Florence, Ambrose decides to marry his cousin Rachel.

Ullas returns and decides to marry Simran.

forced to marry

But Chen Xi was then forced to marry Zhenzhu after Yuzhu had been raped by Robert.

Under pressure from his family, Chen Xi is forced to marry Yueniang's cousin, Yuzhu, instead.

Under certain circumstances, she is forced to marry Gowtham (Vicky Krish), a man from a rich family.

plans to marry

He resolves to separate the lovers and plans to marry Priya.

He opposed plans to marry Władysław IV Waza to a Calvinist princess.

In April 2014 Attal confirmed that they were still unwed with no plans to marry.

order to marry   (結婚する)

It is revealed that she killed Tushar to in order to marry his brother Rahul.

Kunal accuses her of false pregnancy and divorces her in order to marry Nandini.

In order to marry her off, Bai Zhi had Feng Jiu tied and sent off to Mount Zhi Yue.

right to marry

To have her now say she doesn't support our right to marry is offensive to say the least."

The right to marry is as fundamental as the right to send one's child to a particular school or the right to have offspring.

This class shared certain obligations and restrictions with the unfree, for example a head tax, and a restricted right to marry.

want to marry

The boys talk: both want to marry Sapna.

Janani leaves her home as she does not want to marry Pasupathy but Gangulee.

After completing their education, they want to marry with their family's approval.

allowed to marry

Men were not allowed to marry until they were 24 years old.

Velen is allowed to marry Evening Star

Jangheung Yim was one of the ten clans who were allowed to marry the King's family members.

marry his daughter

Mohan Rao asks Shankar to marry his daughter, but he refuses.

The king sent for the priest to marry his daughter to the general.

This satisfied Alcestis' father and he let Admetus marry his daughter.

not to marry

Darrow tries to convince Sophy not to marry Owen, and Sophy accuses him of jealousy.

(One source claims it was her singing teacher Pauline Viardot who persuaded Artôt not to marry Tchaikovsky.)

Paul is convinced the universe is giving him a sign not to marry Terese, after his other ex-wives turned up in Erinsborough.

decided to marry

The king of the monkeys, Magot, decided to marry her.

Paul and Anne decided to marry again.

1972: Paul's love for Anne was left unrequited when she decided to marry Nick Davis.

agreed to marry

The youngest agreed to marry him for the water.

Monica turned to Alan for support and agreed to marry him.

She agreed to marry Mieszko I providing that he was baptized.

eventually marry

Roy and Kelly get back together, and eventually marry.

They would eventually marry after a seven-and-a-half-year courtship.

The two would eventually marry.

permission to marry   (結婚許可)

Madhur got her father's permission to marry Saeed eventually.

He requested permission to marry two beautiful sisters, Maya and Mahāpajābatī Gotamī.

The pact also gave Philip the Elder permission to marry, which he did later that year.

going to marry

He later claimed, "I knew she was the girl I was going to marry."

And in the same interview, he says that he is going to marry someone he loves.

They end up at the bar, where "Policia" tells Mario that he and Amor are going to marry.

refuses to marry

To appease Karaket, Ketsurang refuses to marry Det.

To everyone's surprise, Arukkani refuses to marry him now.

Vinoth then makes a marriage proposal to Nila, but she refuses to marry him.

marry another   (別の人と結婚する)

Olga's parents intend for her to marry another man whom she does not love.

Bulwer fell in love, but the woman's father induced her to marry another man.

The princess said she had promised to marry the prince and could not marry another.

marry someone

And in the same interview, he says that he is going to marry someone he loves.

The aunt sees Jonas as a man of no prospects and prefers she marry someone more substantial.

Takiko, knowing that no one would wish to marry someone as ugly as her, marries Goro and has a baby daughter.

refused to marry

Once in Austria, she refused to marry him.

Only Naseer knows the truth of why Shirin refused to marry Aarun.

She refused to marry him because he was a prince and she could not name her family.

marry again

Paul and Anne decided to marry again.

For widows, who chose to marry again, two norms are in existence.

When she dies, Simón vows he will live in her spirit and never marry again.

engaged to marry

In 2011, Stack was engaged to marry Robert Marcella.

Vincent, engaged to marry that June, was 22.

Anne is engaged to marry Jack Burden, the Governor's aide.

able to marry   (結婚できる)

So he fulfilled that condition to be able to marry Tahira.

With this success, he was able to marry.

The Polish ruler accepted, and only then was able to marry the Bohemian princess.