raw materials   (原料)

Metal ores are more usual than other raw materials.

The German soil is relatively poor in raw materials.

The country lacked raw materials, infrastructure and capital.

building materials   (建筑材料)

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials.

Many different building materials have been used for lintels.

Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials.

materials such   (这样的材料)

EIEC also publishes study materials such as "Click!

They were made of local materials such as slate and quartz.

It uses materials such as bricks and mud.

other materials

Tree bark such as lime and other materials were also used.

Some chemicals can degrade concrete, metals, and other materials.

Similar behavior has been observed in crystals made of other materials.

materials used

Cerium(IV) oxide is one of the common materials used.

All materials used were according to VOC’s standards.

The materials used to build the cages greatly affect the price.

construction materials

Cacti are used as construction materials.

He was involved in the production of construction materials.

Horses and donkeys pull carts, primarily to transport construction materials.

materials science

The company has made several new discoveries in materials science.

in materials science.

Coverage of this journal encompasses all topics pertaining to materials science.

new materials

The company introduced two new materials.

with the use of new materials, brighter colors and printed designs.

It was also announced that they would release new materials in 2016.

composite materials   (复合材料)

It was a compact, two-passenger and was made primarily of composite materials.

Kim Pickering Kim Louise Pickering is a New Zealand composite materials engineer.

The trike carriage is of composite materials and is an aerodynamically faired design.

different materials

Beads can be made of many different materials.

The building's floors are made of three different materials.

Ruyi is made of different materials, including porcelain and jade.

educational materials

Zombie-themed educational materials for teachers are available on the site.

The 4273π project or 4273pi project also offers open source educational materials for free.

For example, Euro-centric educational materials may hamper equality of educational participation and outcomes.

hazardous materials

Sometimes, cetaceans consume these hazardous materials, mistaking them for food items.

In the 1990s some hazardous materials were identified at a former landfill at the site.

The canisters were then loaded against federal regulations, as ValuJet was not registered to transport hazardous materials.

variety of materials

Beads come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.

Byron uses a variety of materials, such as crayon, wood, and paper.

Hooks can be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, wood, bamboo, or plastic.

natural materials

The paws of "Scudo" use natural materials, like wood, and the headrest is magnetically attached.

Given the complexity of natural materials, new approaches for structural characterization are needed.

The natural materials used in the construction of living shorelines create and maintain valuable habitats.

promotional materials

He also demanded top billing on promotional materials.

As a result, the car featured in all of the J&S promotional materials and brochures.

This scene was used in the movie's promotional materials and referred to as the "duel duet".

organic materials

In the 1970s, various organic materials such as TTF-TCNQ were synthesized.

Adobe Adobe (; ) (")" is a building material made from earth and organic materials.

For example, if tilling to a depth of eight inches, add two inches of organic materials.

materials including

These models incorporated some German materials including Renner action parts.

Kar sculpted with a variety a materials including wood, terracotta, stone, and metal.

gives us the capability for a wide variety of materials including tough alloys and metals.

various materials

Gobos are made of various materials.

Roads are also treated by spreading various materials on the surface.

The ʻUlīʻulī are made of various materials and take time to assemble properly.

local materials

They were made of local materials such as slate and quartz.

Since there was no metal, tools were made from local materials.

The town is known for the large number of artifacts created with local materials.

radioactive materials

The stone's unique green color is due to natural exposure to radioactive materials.

Such events include the release of radioactive materials and emissions from erupting volcanoes.

He also showed they were identical to particles given off by photoelectric and radioactive materials.

recycled materials

Therefore, the decision was to utilize recycled materials.

Mineral admixtures use recycled materials as concrete ingredients.

The new city hall, built from recycled materials, has solar panels in its garage.

teaching materials

It is used in teaching materials but may be omitted from ordinary text.

His work included developing English teaching materials and techniques and training new English teachers.

In 1941, the Hasegawa factory opened as a manufacturer of wooden teaching materials, such as a woodwork models.

materials include

Other exotic frame materials include titanium and advanced alloys.

Unusual tubing materials include glass, carbon fiber, and palladium.

Hybrid reinforcement materials include E-glass/carbon, E-glass/aramid.

archival materials   (档案资料)

This conclusion however contradicts with archival materials from Russia and Mongolia.

Stewart works in a variety of formats, using archival materials, photographs, and collage.

The exhibits in the 11,000-square-foot museum include oral history, archival materials, and interactive technology.

using materials

Chemical engineers "develop economic ways of using materials and energy".

Conversely, embroidery is also a folk art, using materials that were accessible to nonprofessionals.

The Romans used to pave the "vias" connecting the empire using materials to be found in the surroundings.

such materials

The most common such materials are lead zirconate titanate and barium titanate.

The program also traced lists of customers who had bought such materials, and raided their homes.

It is from such materials that modern scholars try to piece together copies of the original plays.

printed materials

Version 24 is the current release for printed materials.

It is also important to note that the printed materials were mostly of spiritual content.

Then in 1926 Baháʼís in Moscow were detained, printed materials confiscated and some homes seized.

reference materials

The OECD also publishes reports, statistics, working papers and reference materials.

There are many metrology standards and reference materials available for carbon nanotubes.

In 1939, Boni founded the Readex Microprint Corporation, a microfilm publisher of reference materials.

modern materials

The replica is built from modern materials and powered by modern engines.

materials available

Warm clothing was improvised out of the materials available.

Construction methods depended, however, on the materials available.

There are many metrology standards and reference materials available for carbon nanotubes.

synthetic materials   (合成材料)

Reeds may also be manufactured from synthetic materials.

But nowadays synthetic materials were added.

Boots made of synthetic materials are generally machine-washable.

source materials

Published in 1998 using Machiavelli's original source materials, the author recreates his biography.

As a result, the magazine devoted special attention in selecting contributions based on primary source materials.

He was given a large stipend and funds to visit the Southern Netherlands to source materials and recruit weaving professionals.

war materials

It carried war materials and was led by Commodore GTC Swabey in SS "Magician".

Coulter reports: The Confederacy relied on external sources for war materials.

During the 1940s swim caps became scarce as rubber was needed for war materials.

materials related

The collection features materials related to Kurt Vonnegut, May Wright Sewall, the Woollen family, James Whitcomb Riley, and Booth Tarkington.

The Research Library of the Museum of Ventura County holds books and archival materials related to the history of the county and surrounding regions.

The California Water Documents collection in the Claremont Colleges Digital Library is a valuable online resource of archived materials related to California's water history.

use of materials

He combines this with the use of materials modern for his time, such as iron.

Improper use of materials outside of legislation is deemed "unauthorized edition", not copyright infringement.

The building as conceived and built, has a considerable degree of unity in its use of materials, form and scale.

plant materials

These plant materials come from agricultural non food crops.

Three greenhouses are still used for the production of period and specialty plant materials.

Jamaican Maroons are said to have used plant materials as camouflage in the First Maroon War ().

marketing materials

The font began to appear in Audi's 2009 products and marketing materials.

He also appeared on many of the company's packages and marketing materials.

Fegi appears in marketing materials and billboards representing those brands.

range of materials

Graham used a range of materials and scales in his work.

Modern costume jewelry incorporates a wide range of materials.

These interactive works incorporate a broad range of materials.

training materials

together with graphic and photographic studios for development of training materials.

Rod Machado Rod Machado is a pilot and author of aviation flight training materials.

Additionally, four medical colleges are including training materials in their curriculum.

all materials

Not all materials need to be fully decomposed.

Degradation is a process that takes place in almost all materials.

Thus, all materials to be used in the procedure must be taken into consideration.

nuclear materials

It's an assault on our attempts to control the spread of dangerous nuclear materials.

Today, he works to further a national commitment to basic scientific research and the safe management of nuclear materials.

The nuclear materials Ulof needs to better his invisibility machine are extremely rare and kept under guard in government facilities.

research materials

All research materials are publicly available on the foundation website.

Once the series started production, the team did not have much time to research materials.

In the 1968, this library was incorporated into the INION, and started publishing various research materials.

available materials

Early settlers began by fabricating log structures and shacks using available materials.

Other available materials include silicone, rubber compounds, galvanized steel, and nylon.

Throughout history, people have dyed their textiles using common, locally available materials.

learning materials

She donated school bags, books and other relevant learning materials.

It also has an excellent selection of textbooks and learning materials.

It offers teaching and learning materials, a training programme and a practitioner toolkit.

materials needed

This resulted in a scarcity of both engravers and the basic resources and materials needed to design and print postage stamps.

The name of the souk is inspired by the embalmers that occupy it who used to sell coffins and any materials needed for washing the dead.

Sometimes referred to as "Growth Media", nutrient solutions (along with carbon dioxide and light), provide the materials needed for algae to grow.

starting materials

Such materials quickly disproportionate to the starting materials.

Coal tar was one of the key starting materials for the early pharmaceutical industry.

DMT can be synthesized through several possible pathways from different starting materials.

materials are used

Other materials are used for specialized applications.

Hard materials are used when nut is subjected to high stress environment.

Some of these materials are used for fireproofing and as ingredients in specialized glasses.

historical materials

The ethnographic and historical materials span the period from European exploration of the Americas to the current day.

George Hardy’s life and professional career is documented in historical materials housed within various archival collections.

The collections included historical materials on railways in East London, model trains, and a non-operational steam locomotive.

many materials

He works with many materials, from bronze to snow and ice.

These formulae have been successfully applied to many materials.

He used many materials collected from nature, such as tree branches.

traditional materials

Linen and other traditional materials are still used on traditional bows.

a blacksmith or farrier": two kinds of skilled workers with traditional materials.)

Meaden said: "We have done it up in an ethical way, restoring whatever we can using traditional materials.

waste materials

The waste materials are egested through the mouth.

Ingoing retrograde transport carries cell waste materials from the axon terminal to the cell body.

Proteins needed for the growth of the axon, and the removal of waste materials, need a framework for transport.

materials were used

Three materials were used in the construction.

After it was demolished, the materials were used to construct other building, so no ruins exist.

A variety of unusual materials were used in its construction, including colored concrete and ceramic inlays.

materials and techniques

His work included developing English teaching materials and techniques and training new English teachers.

Starcke also worked with other materials and techniques, for example by creating mosaics of sintered brick.

There was also a further research and study on the type of materials and techniques in the creation for porcelain during Qing china.