maternal grandfather   (母方の祖父)

Her maternal grandfather was ambassador in Sweden.

Her maternal grandfather was artist Antal Ligeti.

He was brought up by his maternal grandfather.

maternal grandmother   (母方の祖母)

His maternal grandmother was Sarah Crocker Conway.

Her maternal grandmother was from Southern China.

"Albert" is her maternal grandmother's maiden name.

maternal uncle   (母方の叔父)

His maternal uncle, Ernest L. Bullock, was a judge.

Choksi is the maternal uncle of billionaire Nirav Modi.

He succeeded Nsundano I; his maternal uncle.

maternal grandparents   (母方の祖父母)

Raised by her mother and maternal grandparents.

Hull's mother and her maternal grandparents are Polish.

His maternal grandparents were from Virginia.

maternal mortality   (妊産婦死亡)

Impacted shoulder presentations contribute to maternal mortality.

, Benin had the 26th highest rate of maternal mortality in the world.

The 2010 maternal mortality rate per 100,000 births for Guinea is 680.

maternal aunt   (母方の叔母)

Their maternal aunt took charge of the two children.

Her maternal aunt is model Cristina Ferrare.

His maternal aunt was Settimia Machi Bartolini (1888-1945).

maternal health   (妊産婦の健康)

Kebede has traveled to Ethiopia to support maternal health projects on multiple occasions.

In 2015, TOMS Bag Collection was launched to help contribute to advancements in maternal health.

She asked if he could design a system that would target areas of the Nigerian hospital most important for maternal health.

maternal side

He was of English descent from his maternal side.

Tudela has Romanian roots on his maternal side.

He is of Italian descent on his maternal side.

maternal and child

The ECHO programme integrates the RCP with maternal and child health services.

In the field of human development, it has progressed ahead in life expectancy, maternal and child health, and gender equality.

Kebede writes for "The Huffington Post" about maternal and child health, and has been featured in "Vogue" and on "The Daily Beast".

maternal family   (母方の家族)

His maternal family is entirely related to the sport.

Coker spoke Yoruba and did not speak Itsekiri, the language of her maternal family.

Arias' maternal family was from Nicaragua, having left during political upheaval there before his birth.

maternal deaths

Making safe abortion legal and accessible reduces maternal deaths.

The report urged clinicians to ‘Think Sepsis’ after almost a quarter of maternal deaths were from sepsis.

Access to family planning could reduce maternal deaths by a third and child death by as much as 20 percent.

maternal line

"Matrilineal" means property is passed down through the maternal line on the death of the mother, not that of the father.

The oldest female in the maternal line with the longest held title would be a "trustee" for the rest of the lineage members.

He is the eldest descendant through a maternal line of Cerdic of Wessex, making him the top member of the old House of Wessex.