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extracellular matrix

An extracellular matrix (ECM) is also present in metazoans.

The extracellular matrix (ECM) of collagen is what gives it its high strength.

These scaffolds fulfill a similar purpose as the extracellular matrix in natural tissue.

covariance matrix

The covariance matrix encodes the mutual variance of several random variables.

Each axis on a PCA plot is an eigenvector of the covariance matrix of shape variables.

If the number of clusters is low the estimated covariance matrix can be downward biased.

identity matrix

Finally, , where "I" is the identity matrix.

If is a positive integer, then denotes the identity matrix.

The formula defines a translation if and only if "A" is the identity matrix.

matrix multiplication   (matris çarpımı)

The ket can be computed by normal matrix multiplication.

Code for matrix multiplication hardware design verification:

Then the bra can be computed by normal matrix multiplication.

square matrix

The matrix is augmented to create a 4x4 square matrix.

The entries "a" form the main diagonal of a square matrix.

Then: Assume in addition that is a square matrix of size .

density matrix

in such a basis the density matrix is diagonal.

However, one can again find the time evolution of the density matrix formula_13 rsp.

Mathematically, for a given density matrix formula_13, the von Neumann entropy formula_12 is formula_15.

diagonal matrix   (Diyagonal matris)

If all entries outside the main diagonal are zero, A is called a diagonal matrix.

(It is represented in any coordinate system by a 3 × 3 diagonal matrix with equal values along the diagonal.)

Singular value decomposition expresses any matrix A as a product UDV, where U and V are unitary matrices and D is a diagonal matrix.

dot matrix   (nokta vuruşlu)

The dot matrix printer was subsequently replaced by laser printers.

The benches have computer-generated dot matrix patterns sandblasted into the seats.

Some dot matrix printers, such as the NEC P6300, can be upgraded to print in colour.

rotation matrix

It is an affine transform consisting of the 3x3 rotation matrix "R" and the 1x3 translation vector "p".

For example, the rotation matrix in 2d: is a matrix valued function of rotation angle of about the origin.

Let the displacement of a body be defined by "D" = (["A"], d), where ["A"] is the rotation matrix and d is the translation vector.

adjacency matrix

The adjacency matrix of a finite graph is a basic notion of graph theory.

With the adjacency matrix of a graph as input, it calculates shorter paths iterative.

In the remainder of the article it is assumed that the graph is represented using an adjacency matrix.