more mature   (より成熟した)

He becomes more mature as the series progresses.

I’m still angry it’s just more mature now.

The music has gotten quieter as I get older and more mature.

mature trees   (成熟した木)

Broadly the grounds are grassed with mature trees.

The yard is planted with mature trees and shrubs.

The neighborhood is lined with a canopy of mature trees.

sexually mature   (性的に成熟した)

Most cetaceans sexually mature at seven to 10 years.

Males are sexually mature at two years of age.

Females become sexually mature at a mantle length of 130mm.

when mature   (成熟したとき)

This slug species is up to 40mm when mature.

The fruits are berries that turn from green to red then black when mature.

The fruit does not release its seeds when mature and has a pronounced hump.

mature individuals   (成熟した個人)

There are an estimated 250 to 1,000 mature individuals.

Its color is dark red to reddish chestnut, usually with a paler central portion in mature individuals.

The Baishan fir ("Abies beshanzuensis"), native to China, is down to five surviving mature individuals.

most mature   (最も成熟した)

He is portrayed as the most mature member of the group.

The reviews characterized it as the most mature of her albums.

Gil Kaufman of "Billboard" deemed the song "one of Mendes' most mature efforts to date".

fully mature

The female gives birth to a fully mature white prepupa.

Young animals become fully mature in about six to seven years.

When fully mature, these caterpillars appear fleshy-red and can measure up to .

mature work   (成熟した仕事)

It has been suggested that his mature work shows the influence of Mor.

In his mature work, Kurosawa employed the wipe so frequently that it became a kind of signature.

The subject of nearly all of Maillol's mature work is the female body, treated with a classical emphasis on stable forms.

mature enough

But overall, the sound isn't mature enough yet.

Now I'm mature enough to admit that.

Aidan is mature enough to see this is just a small hiccup, whereas Chris fears the very worst."