İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

name may refer   (isim başvurabilir)

Nazim as a surname or middle name may refer to:

Household name Household name may refer to:

The name may refer to: People: Other:

station may refer   (istasyon başvurabilir)

Rego Park station Rego Park station may refer to:

Patterson station Patterson station may refer to:

Oceanside station Oceanside station may refer to:

students may attend   (öğrenciler katılabilir)

The school celebrates the Eucharist each morning before classes; students may attend if they wish.

Monti students may attend school in either the East Buchanan Community or North Linn School Districts.

The process for choosing which students may attend, determined by the school board, eventually reached farcical levels.

students may choose   (öğrenciler seçebilir)

students may choose one science subject (such as Maths, Chemistry, or Biology), a language subject (e.g.

Alternatively, students may choose to enroll in separate IB courses, resulting in receipt of individual subject certificates.

Following an internship, child life students may choose to continue their educational experience with a child life fellowship.

surname may refer   (soyadı başvurabilir)

Rhys Davids Rhys Davids as a surname may refer to:

Manley (surname) Manley as a surname may refer to:

Riddell (surname) Riddell as a surname may refer to:

effects may include

These effects may include social isolation, stigmatization, or disability.

Severe side effects may include blood clots, psychosis, and heart failure.

Serious side effects may include "Clostridium difficile" colitis or anaphylaxis.

player may choose   (oyuncu seçebilir)

The player may choose to end his/her turn at any time.

The player may choose to upgrade the Laika if he has enough money.

When a 10 card is played the player may choose who will miss a turn.

symptoms may include

These symptoms may include a white or gray film on the body.

Other symptoms may include soreness and problems swallowing.

Early symptoms may include pruritus, dysesthesias and tenderness.

resolution may not

A school district adopting the resolution may not apply for referendum exceptions or ask voters for a tax increase above the inflation index.