mayoral election   (市長選挙)

O'Connell will serve until the 2019 mayoral election.

Fourteen candidates nominated for the mayoral election.

The next Boise mayoral election is scheduled for November 2023.

mayoral candidate   (市長候補)

The third placed mayoral candidate received a mere 1,000 votes.

However, mayoral candidate Ludye Wallace sued on the basis of state law (T.C.A.

Then on July 26, withdrew his councillor candidacy and re-registered as a mayoral candidate.

mayoral elections   (市長選挙)

Six direct mayoral elections were held.

Ann Arbor holds mayoral elections to 2-year terms in even years.

A second round of mayoral elections took place on 2 December 2018.

mayoral race   (市長人種)

She was also successful in the vice mayoral race.

Demings dropped out of the mayoral race on May 20, 2014.

In the 1927 mayoral race, Thompson beat William Emmett Dever by a relatively slim margin.

mayoral campaign   (市長キャンペーン)

In 1989 he volunteered on Rudolph Giuliani's mayoral campaign.

He resigned this post in order to work for George B. McClellan Jr.'s mayoral campaign.

His mayoral campaign included a patriotic theme at a time when Canada was involved with World War II.