word meaning   (言葉の意味)

Steorn is a Norse word meaning to guide or manage.

Flavum Flavum is a Latin word meaning "yellow".

Abshar Abshar () is Persian word meaning Waterfall.

literally meaning   (文字通り意味)

It is a toponymic surname literally meaning "one from Eperjes (Prešov)".

Sugár Sugár is a Hungarian-language surname literally meaning "light ray".

The name in Japanese is / ( or ) literally meaning "Kuril Islands bag nori".

meaning   (「)

", meaning “A step ahead” (literally, “An idea further”).

They called it Loma Linda, meaning “Beautiful Hill” in Spanish.

"Hemi" comes directly from the Greek prefix hemi, meaning “half”.

same meaning

Georgian title "mephet'mephe" has the same meaning.

For example, "shoemaker" and "cordwainer" have the same meaning.

The word "discothèque" had the same meaning in English in the 1950s.

name meaning

Ottone (name) Ottone is an Italian name meaning "owner".

"Tallahatchie" is a Choctaw name meaning "rock of waters."

Ernest is a Germanic name meaning severe.

original meaning

The original meaning in medieval times was "steward, i.e.

Semantics replaced it in its original meaning, beginning in 1893.

Later the Greeks knew the original meaning of the relevant song "paean" ().

literal meaning   (ありのままの意味)

The literal meaning of Purakkad is "out of forest".

Their literal meaning is "sandalwood mountain".

The literal meaning of Korkeasaari is "Tall Island/Islet".

term meaning   (用語の意味)

Ardwold is a Gaelic term meaning "high, green hill".

The name Folly comes from an Old English term meaning "dense foliage."

The name "Gangwe" is derived from a popular 80's slang term meaning "hardcore".

surname meaning   (姓の意味)

Kraus Kraus is a German surname meaning "curly".

Stella (surname) Stella is a surname meaning "star".

Schnabel Schnabel is a German surname meaning "beak".

different meaning

The name Todd is similar too but has different meaning.

In ancient mathematics they had a different meaning from what they now have.

But the song has a totally different meaning from what people would assume at first.

within the meaning

The Final Self-Government Agreement is a Treaty within the meaning of ss.

Affidavit is not treated as "evidence" within the meaning of Section 3 of the Evidence Act.

An intervener who intervened during appeal proceedings is, however, not treated as appellant, but merely as party as of right within the meaning of .

true meaning

Various suggestions exist as to the true meaning of "Danny Boy".

This assertion leads to the true meaning of <nowiki>fair use</nowiki>.

In a later interview, Justin was able to be more candid about the song's true meaning.

meaning behind   (後ろの意味)

Here, the meaning behind the opening flashback is revealed.

The meaning behind the group's name is based on the word "scarf".

The meaning behind an awareness ribbon depends on its colors and pattern.

meaning of life   (人生の意味)

Symbolically, the questions are about the meaning of life.

Owing to the study of Buddhist thought, he rethought the meaning of life.

Kiatkamol played Kwan, a three-armed man in search of his meaning of life.

new meaning

Charles' achievements gave a new meaning to his name.

But three diplomats give his life new meaning.

Nietzsche's experience with philology also brought new meaning to the term.


‘3S’ is an abbreviation of the German word , meaning ‘tricable’.

The word Paramarsh has its roots in the Sanskrit language, meaning ‘Supreme Thought’.

Sorosis is a latinate word meaning 'aggregation' (from the Greek "sōros", meaning ‘heap’).

no meaning

But it has no meaning when taken in isolation, i.e.

The VALOR number is a numeric code that intrinsically has no meaning.

It is convenient to treat this as a "fill" character with no meaning otherwise.

symbolic meaning   (象徴的な意味)

He uses both the physical form and symbolic meaning of the sonnet art form.

Thus, the Taiwanese vernacular polemic had lost its symbolic meaning to them.

The cloth band itself has a bright symbolic meaning of the way, destiny, protection.

double meaning

The term Suebi has a double meaning in the sources.

In a further comic double meaning, the name implies impotence.

The album cover has a double meaning.

language meaning

The range was named from the Shoshoni language meaning "grass".

Kobeh is a name derived from the Shoshoni language meaning "face".

Sawhave is a name taken from the Paiute language meaning "common sage".


Let us assume that the event C has occurred – meaning 'I am happy'.

The eve of this day is popularly called "Demera" in Amharic – meaning "Bonfire".

Gramble publishes and/or hosts games instead of licensing them – meaning developers maintain full rights to their games.

both meaning

Bayt BAYT or Bayt (Arabic: or Hebrew: , both meaning "house") may refer to:

Bar Aftab-e Sofla Bar Aftab-e Sofla () or Bar Aftab-e Pain (), both meaning "Lower Bar Aftab", may refer to:

The name "Barbados" is from either the Portuguese term or the Spanish equivalent, , both meaning "the bearded ones".

meaning differs

However, as with other stems, actual meaning differs from verb to verb.

phrase meaning

"Nonsuch" name comes from the French phrase meaning "of no equal".

"Stand up guy" is an American phrase meaning a loyal and reliable friend.

Omnia mutantur Omnia mutantur is a Latin phrase meaning "everything changes".

special meaning

Building trust has special meaning for social capital.

The album contains 11 titles from King's songbook, all chosen because they have special meaning to Turner.

The French word “comportement”, referring to one’s manner or bearing, has special meaning at Les Marmitons.

specific meaning

The band's name doesn't have a specific meaning.

That term now has a more specific meaning.

"Samsen" has no specific meaning in Thai.

words meaning

"Nectomys" is derived from Greek words meaning "mouse" and "swimming".

The name is a play on words meaning 9th Chandrabindoo or Not Chandrabindoo.

Some languages do not answer yesses with single words meaning 'yes' or 'no'.

similar meaning

The term "faldistory" has a similar meaning.

Tawfik also has a similar meaning to the Greek Tobias (Τοβίας).

The origin of is the verb , with a similar meaning to the Latin .


“Himaliwu” meaning "Where the surf sounds loudly".

Thus, guests referred to the place “Mahayhay,” meaning, many sighs.

In Wales, it is a common variation of the surname “Hughes” meaning the son of “Hugh”.

deeper meaning

Halliwell commented about the album: "There's deeper meaning underneath if you care and choose to look.

But Jihad also has a deeper meaning, its literal Arabic being 'struggle' or 'to strive in the path of God'.

Some would find in this unity and in the washing of the feet the deeper meaning of the Communion bread in the other three gospels.

exact meaning

The exact meaning of semasiology is somewhat obscure.

The exact meaning of any of these terms varies from one system to another.

Its exact meaning has changed over time as the study of evolution has progressed.

intended meaning

There is confusion surrounding the intended meaning of "post" in the context of "postfeminism".

The practice is discouraged and because flags tend to evoke feelings other than the intended meaning.

There are a variety of possible origins of the "punta"'s intended meaning for the Garifuna dance and music it represents.

meaning that all

The seasons are fixed across the game's servers, meaning that all players will experience the same conditions at the same time.

The variation of CELP used in the FS-1016 is so-called ternary codebook, meaning that all excitation amplitudes are either +1, −1 or 0.

The Schlegel diagram of a closed fullerene is a graph that is planar and 3-regular (or "cubic"; meaning that all vertices have degree 3.