İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

literally means   (Kelimenin tam anlamıyla)

The name Malenski Vrh literally means 'Mill Peak'.

It literally means 'non-injury' and 'non-killing'.

"Mana" or "Gagar" literally means pot in Gujarati.

no means   (anlamı yok)

The issue of the Crusaders is by no means extinct.

Eleanor's troubles were by no means over, however.

This leads by no means to a single point of view.

name means   (isim anlamı)

The name means "bird place" in the Tewa language.

The name means "basin" or "flat dish" in Spanish.

Nakula's name means most handsome in the lineage.

other means   (diğer anlamı)

Foote returned to Guilford by other means.

Over time, this ban has been extended to other means of transport.

Such information may not be amenable to analysis by other means (e.g.

what it means   (ne demek)

What it means to me may be different than what it means to you."

Social media has substantially changed what it means to be a celebrity.

Historically, the term "bioinformatics" did not mean what it means today.


They named the band “Mukhosh”, which means “Mask”.

The village's name, Shiguan 史官, means “Historian”.

The Poe translated to English means “moon boards”.

means of production   (üretim yolları)

The results are stupefying with regards to the limited means of production.

The assets which have been accumulated are rarely, if at all "used to reproduce the means of production".

The term is not used by Austrian School economists to describe state ownership of the means of production.

only means   (sadece araçlar)

The only means of connectivity for the caves is by road.

Signals are the only means of communication.

The bus is the only means of public transportation in Palhoça.

primary means   (birincil araçlar)

Passing the ball was the primary means of ball movement.

Buses and taxis are the primary means of transportation in Tubas.

Processes are the primary means to structure an Erlang application.

means of communication   (iletişim araçları)

Signals are the only means of communication.

He finds them: "Will find some sure means of communication.

that Lewis confused the means of communication with that which is communicated.

means of transportation

The main means of transportation is bicycles.

Buses are the chief means of transportation in Madhumalla.

Trains are usually a safe means of transportation in Egypt.

means of transport

They also are a means of transport of money.

It is used as a means of transport by the illegal loggers.

Private vehicles are increasingly used as a means of transport.

various means

In France, there are various means of contraception.

Some vessels were decorated by various means.

In all, 70 people were saved by various means and 38 people perished.

effective means   (Etkili araçlar)

Air transport is the only effective means of moving between many places within the country.

The following methodology outline is put forward as the effective means in conducting security assessment.

Finally, it represented an "effective means of domination by the employers," and "a veritable internal passport."

all means   (tüm anlamlar)

They only dimly comprehend what it all means.

Slogans like "By all means, save the beans" became popular.

A CD titled "Who will it all means invents" was released in 2001.

simply means

This simply means that under ideal conditions i.e.

Irogane, or iro-gane, simply means "coloured metals".

Almedina simply means the city or the town.

means necessary   (gerekli araçlar)

Travers is determined to clear his name by any means necessary.

Orana is a brutal fighter who chooses to win by any means necessary.

Longshanks orders his son Prince Edward to stop Wallace by any means necessary.


Qeqertarsuaq means ‘the big island’ in Kalaallisut.

‘Wort’ is an ancient English term that means ‘plant’.

The airline's name “eznis” means ‘easiness in flight’.

financial means   (finansal araçlar)

Above all, he did not have the financial means to open large projects.

This was done by financial means in some cases, and by military force in others.

The Russians could not rely upon their financial means as a tool for foreign policy.

name literally means

The name literally means the "border".

His name literally means "wise king".

His name literally means "Water Thorny" and was also applied to the otter.

usually means

(In modern French, "" usually means referee or umpire.)

"Direction" usually means the next hop address and the exit interface.

A spread pattern with no obvious direction usually means multiple airborne/overland infections.

provide a means   (bir araç sağlamak)

Reliquaries provide a means of protecting and displaying relics.

Part of the motivation for this was simply to provide a means of support.

Images of embryos provide a means of comparing embryos of different ages, and species.

word means

Thus, the word means "taking hold of one's nerves".

The Carolinian word means "People of the Deep Sea."

In Japanese this word means science or art.

peaceful means

Madero argued that the revolutionaries should henceforth proceed solely by peaceful means.

In so doing, UNDO hoped to achieve through peaceful means that which was not attained through war.

As a "philosophical home ruler," he supported Home Rule for Ireland brought about by peaceful means.


The name “Mandana” means "eternal” in Old Persian.

The airline's name “eznis” means ‘easiness in flight’.

The adjective “Vlčí” means “wolf”.

legal means

The party is pursuing the Batla House case through both protests and legal means.

The Georgians made a final attempt to regain the monastery by legal means in 1596.

She tried legal means at first, and when that did not work, she resorted to crime.

modest means   (makul yollar)

Theirs was a farm family of modest means but solid reputation.

Camille Guérin was born in Poitiers to a family of modest means.

Her parents were supportive but of modest means, her father being a sales agent.

means such

Once the distance to a star is determined through astrometric means such as parallax, the space velocity can be computed.

Doors are commonly attached by hinges within the portal but can be moved by other means such as slides or counterbalancing.

However, in other cases a party will have to petition to receive a court judgment for enforcement through various means such as a writ of execution, garnishment, or lien.

means that all

This means that all poems and stories were handed down orally.

New technology means that all data are now scanned and processed.

This means that all food for immediate and long term consumption was produced from land.

language means

Sawaeng Ha in Thai language means 'seek' or 'find'.

Its name in the Serbian language means "the salty bog".

"Langa" in Solomons Pijin language means "along" or long.

means something

He is just having fun, while for Chris, it means something else."

Antaura, whose name means something like "Contrary Wind", is said to come out of the sea.

It means something specific and I don’t want to cloud what’s going on with too much meaning."

main means   (ana araçlar)

The main means of transportation is bicycles.

The main means of travel are the roadways.

This appears to be the main means by which religion increases fertility.

means more   (daha çok demek)

Within the LDS Church, chastity means more than abstinence from sex.

From the donors' point of view, this means more transparency for their contributions.

For students it means more time to get things done in class and more time to do homework.

word that means

"Sabari" is a Bambara word that means patience.

αρχοντες) is a Greek word that means "ruler".

Surya Surya (; , ) is a Sanskrit word that means the Sun.

provides a means

Time multiplexing provides a means of increasing the resolution of a parallax barrier system.

Euler's formula provides a means of conversion between cartesian coordinates and polar coordinates.

The operational viewpoint provides a means to describe what is needed in a solution-free or implementation-free way.

whose name means

The pastry, whose name means "nun", is supposed to represent the papal mitre.

Khattam-Shud: The villain of the story, whose name means "completely finished".

"*Tritos" pursues the serpent and is accompanied by "*Hnér", whose name means "man".

means to achieve

Other anarchists advocated for or used art as a means to achieve anarchist ends.

Croly called for the adoption of Hamiltonian means to achieve Jeffersonian ends.

"Machiavellian" is a pejorative term suggesting serpentine scheming and use of immoral, ruthless means to achieve desired ends.

alternative means   (alternatif araçlar)

Some patients require ileostomy or colostomy after this procedure as alternative means of excretion.

Iranian mathematician Ahmad Birashk (1907-2002) proposed an alternative means of determining leap years.

After the crash Dickens was nervous when travelling by train, and would use alternative means when available.

best means

What is the best means of achieving difficult things?

He was one of the first to create small trial versions of a work in order to find the best means of executing monumental works.

... As for religion, he and I are consulting for the best means how to accommodate it without going directly against my conscience.

means all   (hepsi demek)

In a nutshell, this means all masses attract.

This means all other voters in the constituency make no difference to the result.

For cubes with unmarked centres that means all faces would need to appear in uniform colour.

different means

The oil has the ability to harm fish species by different means.

Sand dunes move via a few different means, all of them helped along by wind.

Inmates were killed using different means, including firearms, mallets and knives.

means of achieving

What is the best means of achieving difficult things?

He sees a successful hotel as a means of achieving this, yet his job forces him to be polite to people he despises.

Hence, there is the possibility that what appears as entertainment may also be a means of achieving insight or intellectual growth.

means of support   (desteğin anlamı)

Part of the motivation for this was simply to provide a means of support.

, without visible means of support, or who cannot give a satisfactory account of himself, .

To the present day the main means of support for the people of the village is farming and raising cattle.

important means   (önemli araçlar)

Transportation is an important means for Trading goods.

It most often relies on collective work and more important means.

Besides that, electric rickshaws and microvans are another important means of traveling in local areas.

means literally

The phrase "bossa nova" means literally "new trend".

A "uchronia" means literally "(in) no time".

Karboğazı means literally "snow-pass".

means of expression

However, in 1975, he found his own means of expression in representing the Vodou "lwa"..

The colonial philosophy of manifest destiny led Western scholars to believe that they had a more civilized, valuable means of expression.

Anderson points out that this concept emphasizes the importance of the means of expression, which at the same time are means of perception of any design ideas.

actually means

Occasionally the nickname "Jerzyk" may be used, which actually means "swift" in Polish.

But in signal processing, "decimation by a factor of 10" actually means "keeping" only every tenth sample.

The word PEN in Japanese actually means small, so you might think that this is the explanation, but it is'nt.

limited means

The results are stupefying with regards to the limited means of production.

Traditional farming systems of Latin America were forged from a need to subsist on limited means.

Her family was a farming family of limited means, however; so she attended Fort Valley State College (now Fort Valley State University) instead.

efficient means

It is one of the simplest and most efficient means of communicating visual ideas.

New technology allowed a much more effective and efficient means of producing sugar.

The grid's regularity provided an efficient means of developing new real estate property.

means no

That means no sex, no blood, no profanity.

Both lakes are meromictic, which means no seasonal mixing of surface and bottom waters occurs.

Frank Thiess' "Reich der Daemonen", although called a "Roman" (Novel) is by all means no Novel.

means that each

This essentially means that each "Forest Idyll" cast is an original Polasek work.

Therefore, to resample cases means that each bootstrap sample will lose some information.

This means that each particular group has a different individual dharma they must fulfill.

mechanical means

Texture created by special mechanical means.

Its removal is nearly impossible without mechanical means.

In these stories, people are changed in some way not by mechanical means, but by genetic manipulation.

means both

Some examples of symbols include bats which means both good wishes and good luck.

This means both connectivity establishment, and download of configuration parameters are software.

The name "Sabra" was chosen because it means both "born in Israel" and cactus, which was its logo.

ways and means   (yollar ve anlamlar)

They wanted to find ways and means to 'incinerate' us."

He was assigned to the standing committee on ways and means.

The professor then employs various ways and means to capture Woody.

generally means

A UD Chain generally means the assignment of some value to a variable.

A fiscal calendar generally means the accounting year of a government or a business.

When "complexity" is used without being qualified, this generally means time complexity.

word which means   (anlamı olan kelime)

Kolokol Kolokol is Russian word which means bell.

"Talab" is a Hindi word which means "Pond" in English.

"Chachoengsao" is a Khmer word which means 'deep canal'.

means that when   (demek ki)

That means that when you buy shares, you get charged.

This means that when the votes are tied, the motion is lost.

This means that when inflation is factored out, costs should always decline.

probably means   (muhtemelen)

The name of the village probably means "underwater".

"Glaschu" probably means "Green Hollow".

Its name probably means the place where people with the plague were living.