Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

units of measurement   (unidades de medida)

"Xiao Erya" sections 5 (funeral terms) and 11-13 (units of measurement) are not included in the "Erya".

The obsolete units of measurement survived in Russian culture in a number of idiomatic expressions and proverbs, for example:

The difference between these two units of measurement is the placement of the decimal point, so 1 milliSiemens is equal to 1000 microSiemens.

unit of measurement   (unidad de medida)

A "rel" is a Dalek and Kaled unit of measurement.

The SI unit of measurement of electric current, the ampere, is named after him.

Morgen (disambiguation) Morgen is an old Dutch and German unit of measurement.

measurement system   (sistema de medida)

The easily repeatable measurement system defined by Uss van Essen aided to that end.

Using linear, direct sensing of mass per unit volume, measurement system within a reinforced rubber tube.

In 1988, the Committee decided to introduce a capital measurement system commonly referred to as Basel I.

accurate measurement   (medición precisa)

Because of energy loss fluctuations, accurate measurement of the energy deposited is of less use.

For example, changing needle size is one way to bring the test swatch nearer to an accurate measurement in yarn weight.

After this complex growth is complete, the doctors will be able to obtain a more accurate measurement of the conditions.