Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

security measures   (medidas de seguridad)

Eurostar claims to have good and well-funded security measures.

When necessary, the commission could request security measures for those who required them.

Carroll has also worked on homeland security measures and civil and criminal justice issues.

measures against   (medidas contra)

""No one took measures against what Germany was doing.

Occasionally, extreme measures against cycling may occur.

Automated measures against cheating include a 50 keys per second maximum.

other measures   (otras medidas)

On other measures it divided 3 to 2.

Although various other measures have been proposed – none has succeeded.

On 26 June, Fairfax requested the Houses to take other measures against the King.

measures such   (medidas tales)

In addition, surgical measures such as internal fixation may be used.

Politically, the movement advocated measures such as sterilization laws.

However, price wars have led to anti-dumping measures such as tariffs on Chinese glass fiber.

measures approximately

The bathhouse measures approximately long and wide.

The reddish plutino measures approximately in diameter.

It measures approximately 95 feet by 60 feet.

measures between

The common buzzard measures between in length with a wingspan.

Each player carries a "stick" that normally measures between 80–95 cm (31–38"); shorter or longer sticks are available.

The Lachaise's climbing mouse measures between 5.5 and 7.7 centimetres in body length, with a tail length of between 7.9 and 9.8 centimetres.

measures taken   (las medidas adoptadas)

At first, the measures taken were positive.

There is also a view that COI concerns and some of the measures taken to reduce them are excessive.

It is about environmental measures taken by the oil industry at the Sullom Voe Terminal in Shetland.

control measures   (medidas de control)

The Foundation is notable for its support of gun control measures.

These will be monitored and feral animal control measures are in place.

Ryan has supported the rights of gun owners and opposed stricter gun control measures.

safety measures

The safety measures fail and a runaway reaction follows.

After his retirement, he was in charge of safety measures aboard ocean liners.

that must be taken into account when identifying safety measures that must be taken.

austerity measures   (medidas de austeridad)

On 21 August 2018, Moreno announced economic austerity measures to reduce public spending and deficit.

To secure the funding, Greece was required to adopt harsh austerity measures to bring its deficit under control.

In order to secure the funding, Greece was required to adopt harsh austerity measures to bring its deficit under control.

such measures

But such measures require a lot of patience.

He later applied such measures to trade in bread, ale, wine and poultry.

After such measures the town became the most prosperous Portuguese settlement in India.

weights and measures

Abbahu was an authority on weights and measures.

"Weights and Measures" Mickey John teaches his children about weights and measures.

The new system of weights and measures was adopted by the Convention on 1 August 1793.

special measures

None have yet been placed in special measures.

In November 2013 the Trust was placed in special measures by Monitor.

In January 2015 the school's rating was improved and it was taken out of special measures.

measures long   (mide mucho)

The aluminium engine measures long, wide, and tall.

The main structure measures long, wide and high.

The valley is ten measures long and about five across.

take measures

Bob Denard began to take measures to stop the coming invasion.

On witnessing this the people approached the zemindar of the town to take measures so that he could not organise upasanas.

He attempted to take measures to defend the industry, including the introduction of import tariffs, but this was blocked by the IMF.

measures to prevent   (medidas para prevenir)

Many sites have taken measures to prevent vigilantism.

With regard to European Union direct taxes, Member States have taken measures to prevent tax avoidance and double taxation.

more security and emergency measures to prevent further attacks and "mitigate adverse effects" should have been implemented on 22 July.

conservation measures

There are currently no conservation measures in place for this species.

This change allowed for about half the population in the area - 1,247 families - to have land under conservation measures.

Other conservation measures are focusing on research, habitat management, education, and recruiting the help of private landowners.

preventive measures   (medidas preventivas)

with a muzzle) by preventive measures or interrupting the behaviour.

Furthermore, it provides information on treatment and preventive measures.

Some preventive measures could be followed in advance to avoid misunderstanding.

measures were taken

Extraordinary measures were taken to ensure that Johns did not escape again.

New reforms and measures were taken to reach macroeconomic and financial stability.

Additional measures were taken by the Board to assist with the response to the health crisis.

measures to protect

Postal services developed, early on, measures to protect the integrity of their stamps.

The NEOC is charged with ordering measures to protect the population in cases of emergency.

As the 20th century dawned, the prevalence and capability of assassins grew quickly, as did measures to protect against them.

took measures

At home, he took measures to police local unrest.

""No one took measures against what Germany was doing.

He took measures to build school in Moscow, which subscribed to the scientists from Kyiv.

measures include

Security measures include police and bomb-sniffing dogs.

Preventive measures include financial education and regulation.

Job outcome measures include job and training proficiency and personnel data.

protection measures   (medidas de proteccion)

Several activities have been undertaken in Chile including hunting controls and other protection measures in breeding areas.

78 of 2012) amended the Constitution of Ireland by inserting clauses relating to children's rights and the right and duty of the state to take child protection measures.

Numerous protection measures and reintroduction efforts have allowed the population to increase, but deforestation is still a problem for the marten in much of its habitat.

measures to ensure   (medidas para asegurar)

The Postal Service takes measures to ensure the security and privacy of consumers’ mail.

They also settle disputes between the market players and take long term measures to ensure the supply of natural gas.

He also said, "We will take the strongest possible measures to ensure that there is no repetition of such terrorist acts".

measures in length

The Orange Line measures in length and counts 31 stations.

The male has been identified and typically measures in length.

The mosque measures in length along its north-south orientation.

necessary measures   (Medidas necesarias)

The state works with donor communities to take the necessary measures to address these problems.

He has been instructed to save these artifacts and take all necessary measures to preserve them."

Community legislature was competent to enact the necessary measures to bring about freedom of movement for Union citizens.

new measures   (nuevas medidas)

In 2011, the government proposed new measures that will restrict the freedom of speech in the internet.

in January 2020 Facebook announced that it was introducing new measures to counter this on its platforms.

On 24 September 2015, the Security Cabinet enacted new measures against the throwing of rocks and of Molotov cocktails.

several measures

There are several measures used to quantify the burden imposed by diseases on people.

Faced with this problems, Catalan authorities initiated several measures whose purpose is to protect natural ecosystems.

During his conservative rule, he tried several measures to control the economic crisis and to reform the local bureaucracy.

drastic measures   (medidas drásticas)

Anas believes drastic measures need to be taken to tackle the level of corruption in Ghana.

Niharika as his protector chooses drastic measures and leads him and herself to death by suicide.

Realizing the degree of destruction caused by the opposite sex, Arcadia decides to take drastic measures.

repressive measures

These repressive measures included taking prominent Serbs hostage against Serb attacks.

He strongly opposed the inhuman repressive measures, adopted at that time by the British rulers.

The government was using repressive measures to suppress the violence generated by the Naxalites.

measures to reduce   (medidas para reducir)

They agreed on various measures to reduce bilateral tensions and to encourage cooperation.

On 21 August 2018, Moreno announced economic austerity measures to reduce public spending and deficit.

Since then measures to reduce peak load have resulted in decreased peak demand, even as the state's population has continued to grow.

extreme measures

Occasionally, extreme measures against cycling may occur.

When a winter is triggered regardless, she considers more extreme measures.

It was the only school district in the country to resort to such extreme measures.

protective measures   (medidas de protección)

Currently there are not any protective measures in place.

ECCM is also known as electronic protective measures (EPM), chiefly in Europe.

Children should not sunburn at any age and protective measures can ensure their future risk of skin cancer is reduced.

various measures

They agreed on various measures to reduce bilateral tensions and to encourage cooperation.

Adelaide's quality of life has ranked consistently highly in various measures through the 21st century.

There are various measures of operating leverage, which can be interpreted analogously to financial leverage.

preventative measures

Other preventative measures are to lose weight and not to work oneself past fatigue.

The focus tends to be on symptom management, management of complications, and preventative measures.

Threat assessment involves studying each threat so that preventative measures can be built into civilian life.

building measures

The building measures 218 feet by 330 feet.

The building measures 140 feet by 150 feet.

The building measures 35 feet by 15 feet and has a gable roof.

precautionary measures   (medidas de precaución)

As precautionary measures, a few secondary roads were closed in the region.

However, frequently at the range of the crossing section, special precautionary measures are taken.

Along with other precautionary measures, the full-body zinc coating has proved to be very effective in preventing rust.

number of measures   (cantidad de medidas)

A number of measures have been introduced to combat fraud over the years.

A number of measures were undertaken in an attempt to prevent and penalize activities that are deemed to support terrorism.

Human penis size Human penises vary in size on a number of measures, including length and circumference when flaccid and erect.

ballot measures

It was one of four 2014 ballot measures put to public vote.

appropriate measures

The committee will decide the appropriate measures.

In several EU states, agri-environmental schemes financed by the European Agricultural and Rural Development Fund encourage farmers to maintain or adopt appropriate measures.

The commission also concluded that Sharon bore personal responsibility "for ignoring the danger of bloodshed and revenge [and] not taking appropriate measures to prevent bloodshed".

measures how

Fuel economy measures how far a vehicle will go per amount of fuel (units of MPGe).

They must stay within the coefficient of restitution (COR) limit of 0.83, which measures how a ball hits off the surface.

Economic efficiency measures how well a system generates desired output with a given set of inputs and available technology.

measures to improve   (medidas para mejorar)

Since the 1960s, Finnish authorities have undertaken measures to improve the Romani's standard of life.

Though the bill failed, she continued to press for measures to improve the perceptions and opportunities of nuns.

The 1950 Constitution of India, introduced after the country gained independence, included measures to improve the socioeconomic conditions of Dalits.