İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

medical school   (Tıp Okulu)

He planned to go to medical school in Philadelphia.

Like Hunt, he completed medical school at RWJMS.

He was dean of that medical school in 1920 and 1921.

medical care   (Tıbbi bakım)

Nowadays, most medical care is based in Stanley.

Routine medical care is provided by a community nurse.

Rations were inadequate, as was medical care.

medical treatment   (tıbbi tedavi)

Dawes travelled to England in 1907 for medical treatment.

It showed no improvement despite the best medical treatment.

He did not seek medical treatment.

medical doctor   (Tıbbi doktor)

The first Northern Nigerian medical doctor, I.

She married Ariel Ferreira, a medical doctor, in 1957.

Bapt is a medical doctor and heart specialist.

medical services   (tıbbi hizmetler)

There are no emergency medical services on Fair Isle.

Trauma Team can be employed for rapid medical services.

It is similar to spa resorts but with medical services.

medical practice   (tıbbi uygulama)

Integrated medical practice begins in second year.

Page continued his professional medical practice.

He then established a medical practice in Boston.

medical degree   (Tıbbi derece)

MacLean received his medical degree from Yale in 1940.

He stayed at UCLA to obtain his medical degree in 1979.

He received a medical degree from the University of Virginia.

medical research   (tıbbi araştırma)

Masturbators are sometimes used for medical research.

Brahmachary had pledged his body to medical research.

Kurt Kramer introduced a selenium photocell to medical research.

medical students   (Tıp öğrencisi)

Iran had 1 million medical students in 2011.

He played one of the title character's medical students.

The school enrolls 100 MBBS and 80 postgraduate medical students.

medical officer   (sağlık memuru)

In 1991, he became a deputy chief medical officer.

During World War I, Drake was a medical officer.

In 1939 he joined the Ministry of Health as a medical officer.

medical education   (Tıp eğitimi)

He was an early supporter of medical education for women.

Dentistry became a compulsory subject in medical education in 1947.

She focused her work on pediatrics, neurology, and medical education.

medical schools   (tıp okulları)

and five-year veterinary medical schools ("dr.

In Hungary, graduates of six-year medical schools ("dr.

There are 18 medical schools in Nepal that award the MBBS degree.

emergency medical   (acil tıbbi)

There are no emergency medical services on Fair Isle.

The sailors provided emergency medical aid, food, and water.

The hospital offers basic 24-hour emergency medical services.

medical facilities   (tıbbi tesisler)

The hospitals provides 24 x7 hours medical facilities.

Ullberg was very successful in designing medical facilities.

Dhawade has few medical facilities present within the village.

medical student   (Tıp öğrencisi)

He then became a medical student.

Edson married Suzanne Moor (1917–2009), a medical student, in 1938.

In 2008, he starred as a medical student in the horror film "Pathology".

medical attention   (tıbbi yardım)

If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

A myocardial infarction requires immediate medical attention.

The delay in medical attention is blamed for at least one death.

medical supplies   (tıbbi malzemeler)

They brought medical supplies and treated people who had been pepper sprayed.

The company is a leading German distributor of medical supplies to hospitals.

The RUF stole medical supplies from the hospital and used it as a training base.

medical staff   (sağlık çalışanı)

The hospital has 546 medical staff and 1,786 employees overall.

It may also be used among medical staff outside of the hospital.

Four medical staff and six journalists were among those wounded.

medical drama   (tıbbi dram)

In 2014, Yoon made her acting debut in medical drama "Doctor Stranger".

In 2014, Fierro was the executive producer of the USA medical drama Rush.

In June 2011 she made a guest appearance in the British medical drama "Holby City".

medical journal   (Medikal dergi)

The study was published in the medical journal BMJ Open.

PLOS Pathogens PLOS Pathogens is a peer-reviewed open-access medical journal.

Gut (journal) Gut is a monthly peer reviewed medical journal on gastroenterology and hepatology.

medical center   (sağlık Merkezi)

There is a medical center in the village.

There are secondary school and a medical center in the village.

There are secondary school, club and a medical center in the village.

medical condition   (tıbbi durum)

SVT is often a mild, self-resolving medical condition.

As a medical condition, it is called retrograde ejaculation.

The medical condition of deafblindness comes in different forms.

medical use   (tıbbi kullanım)

Palivizumab was approved for medical use in 1998.

It was approved for medical use in Germany in 1985.

Cidofovir was approved for medical use in 1996.

medical conditions   (tıbbi durumlar)

p-ANCA is associated with several medical conditions:

Many medical conditions can cause anxiety.

ADA disabilities include both mental and physical medical conditions.

medical professionals   (Tıp uzmanları)

The letter was signed by some of the UK's leading medical professionals.

Doximity Doximity is an online networking service for medical professionals.

In 1995 sports teams started employing team doctors and medical professionals.

medical training   (tıbbi eğitim)

Joseph Barsalou received no formal medical training.

It conducts medical training for the Air Force.

He did not complete his medical training.

medical college   (Tıp Fakültesi)

This stimulated them to plan a medical college.

Suriya (Suriya) is a medical college student.

Thrissur medical college (m g kavu) 16 km

medical devices   (Tıbbi cihazlar)

The same material is used in other resorbable medical devices.

Often medical devices and products are sterilized in the package.

In the EU, all medical devices must be identified with the CE mark.

other medical   (diğer tıbbi)

Using "Dr." for other medical practitioners remains controversial.

Liam was 5 at the time and has adhd, asthma and other medical problems.

Stobart, along with several other medical units from the Red Cross, went to the affected area.

medical personnel   (sağlık personeli)

In some countries, medical personnel may be slow to respond to accidents.

There have been several accusations of Israel attacking medical personnel.

Sichuan Province sent medical personnel and ambulances to Yunnan for support.

medical equipment   (tıbbi malzeme)

Foods and medical equipment can be sterilized with radiation.

The hospital has medical equipment all at a cost more than Rs.

It’s fully customized with state-of-the-art in-flight medical equipment.

medical records   (tıbbi kayıtlar)

Online medical records are now linked to ID cards.

Manock did not at any stage review the medical records of Cheney.

All medical records have been lost, including his death certificate.

medical studies   (tıbbi çalışmalar)

Tagliacozzi began his medical studies in 1565.

Beaumanoir returned to her medical studies in Marseille.

Mangin started her medical studies in 1896.

medical profession   (tıbbi meslek)

This view was very influential in the medical profession.

Certification in the medical profession is often offered by particular specialties.

Bowlby's and Robertson's research was met with hostility by the medical profession.

medical facility   (tıbbi tesis)

Gila River had a communal medical facility at Butte Hospital.

As the medical facility deteriorates, so does the programming of the nanomachines.

Bagdah Rural Hospital with 30 beds is the main medical facility in Bagdah CD Block.

medical marijuana   (tıbbi esrar)

In 2011, he supported medical marijuana.

The second wave concerned medical marijuana in the 1990s and 2000s.

The proposal to legalize medical marijuana passed with 63% of voter support.

medical examiner   (tıbbi muayene uzmanı)

The city medical examiner ruled the cause of death as suicide by hanging.

In 1912 he was appointed associate medical examiner for the 8th Norfolk District.

medical assistance   (tıbbi yardım)

She rejects medical assistance, but accepts an assistant's offer to help her up.

Hostility towards health workers trying to offer medical assistance was also reported.

Medical services, including First Aid Parties, provided on the spot medical assistance.

medical practitioner   (pratisyen hekim)

Their only child, Robert Fleming (1924–2015), became a general medical practitioner.

He later moved to South Australia, where he became a prominent medical practitioner.

EPO is a drug that may only be obtained through a medical practitioner's prescription.

medical device   (Tıbbi cihaz)

Agre works as a medical device quality consultant.

It is a FDA-cleared ECG medical device available for personal use.

Adams is a partner in KD Healthcare USA, a medical device company.

medical imaging   (tıbbi Görüntüleme)

Plain radiography is often the first step in medical imaging.

Ionizing radiation is also used in some kinds of medical imaging.

Sources of ionizing radiation include medical imaging, and radon gas.

medical science   (tıbbi bilim)

The 2019 awards focused on medical science and public health.

The 2016 awards focused on medical science and public health.

THe 2013 awards were focused on medical science and public health.

medical director   (tıbbi müdür)

Tiebout retired as medical director of Blythewood in 1950.

In such systems, the medical director's role takes on several aspects.

He served as the Center's first medical director from 1982 until 1989.

medical history   (tıbbi geçmiş)

and adjunct professor of medical history (ret.)

His medical history only lists "good" for his vision.

Very few details of Coleman's medical history have been made public.

medical community   (tıp topluluğu)

The technology has been widely acclaimed by the medical community.

Ambiguous definitions can create concerns in the medical community.

The resistance from churches, the medical community and society in general diminished.

first medical   (ilk tıbbi)

Paddock was the first medical professional in the area.

It is also the first medical fraternity in the Asian region.

It was the first medical research charity in the United Kingdom.

medical doctors   (tıp doktorları)

Chiropractors are not physicians or medical doctors.

Ophthalmologists are fully qualified medical doctors.

The longstanding feud between chiropractors and medical doctors continued for decades.

medical practitioners   (tıp doktorları)

Most medical practitioners were literate and often priests.

The term "Ιατρός" ("iatros") indicates medical practitioners.

Using "Dr." for other medical practitioners remains controversial.

medical literature   (tıbbi literatür)

Such viewpoints are a minority in the medical literature.

It was first described in the medical literature in 1911.

By 2000, over 250 human cases had been reported in the medical literature.

medical field   (Tıp alanında)

Romania has a long-standing tradition in the medical field.

Balancing the constraints are views from the medical field.

Her mother is a lawyer and her father is in the medical field.

medical examination   (Tıbbı muayene)

The board includes an aptitude test, interview and medical examination.

A medical examination also determined the girl was six months pregnant.

A medical examination concluded that the bruising was the result of abuse.

medical aid   (tıbbi yardım)

The sailors provided emergency medical aid, food, and water.

They also delivered food and medical aid to affected villagers.

Tzu Chi expanded its work from helping needy families to medical aid in 1970.

emergency medical services   (Acil sağlık hizmetleri)

There are no emergency medical services on Fair Isle.

The hospital offers basic 24-hour emergency medical services.

They began CPR until emergency medical services personnel arrived.

medical clinic   (Medikal Klinik)

There's a medical clinic and a dentist on-site.

The station has administrative offices and a medical clinic on site.

Amenities include a medical clinic, social club, pool, school and shop.

medical reasons   (tıbbi nedenler)

More than 36% were screened out for medical reasons.

He retired for medical reasons in June, 2009.

Eventually the army discharged him for medical reasons.

medical service   (sağlık hizmeti)

The captain of the medical service (in reserve).

From 1977 to 1993 he worked at medical service.

The institute provides free medical service along with medicines.

medical advice   (tıbbi tavsiye)

He played twice before withdrawing from the rest of the season on medical advice.

These were on a number of topics, everything from medical advice to moral judgments.

On medical advice, Byomkesh goes to Dooars to recuperate with his two caring companions.

provide medical   (tıbbi sağlamak)

In addition, an outpatient department was included to provide medical care to ambulatory patients.

CICM was opened on 28 August 2012 to provide medical education in English as an international course.

Professionals through contractual agreements provide medical, dental, mental health and food services.

private medical   (özel tıbbi)

His private medical practice was fully paperless by 1999.

Established in 1997, KMC is a private medical college in Nepal.

He conducted private medical practice in Boise, Idaho and Milwaukee.

received his medical   (tıbbiini aldı)

MacLean received his medical degree from Yale in 1940.

Poppendick received his medical license on 1 February 1928.

In 1879 he began studies at Middlesex Hospital; he received his medical degree in 1883.

medical centre   (sağlık Merkezi)

There is also a government medical centre.

He died of internal bleedings a few hours later in a medical centre.

The complex will include a university, a research center and a medical centre.

medical career   (tıbbi kariyer)

Moumouni retired from his medical career in 1991.

Vitt departed Karate to pursue a medical career in 1997.

He retired from running at 25 to pursue a medical career.

new medical   (yeni tıbbi)

After his final speech, Ferry left the capital for a new medical treatment.

They will then receive a new medical certificate with the restriction removed.

By 1965, the first dean of the new medical school John Robert Evans, was appointed.

medical problems   (tıbbi sorunlar)

AVMs can cause intense pain and lead to serious medical problems.

On March 9, 1892, he was put to bed for a series of medical problems.

Liam was 5 at the time and has adhd, asthma and other medical problems.

medical journals   (tıbbi dergiler)

His books received positive reviews in medical journals.

He publishes in Philosophy of Medicine and medical journals.

He has published over 25 scientific papers in medical journals.

medical centers   (tıp merkezleri)

Many medical centers stopped performing transplants.

Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun operates the following special medical centers:

There are lot of educational institutes and medical centers in johar town.

medical expenses   (sağlık harcamaları)

It was to meet her medical expenses that he had taken up this job.

The Indians organization will handle all of Lara's medical expenses.

In the United States, an FSA debit card only allow medical expenses.

medical team   (tıbbi takım)

Navy's medical team were also deployed to Philippines.

Premier Zhou Enlai then requested a medical team to go to Lin County.

A medical team managed to revive the victim, who died forty minutes later.

medical knowledge   (tıbbi bilgi)

Knight) notices Harris' lack of medical knowledge.

Achilles refused, claiming to have no medical knowledge.

participants in which are often motivated by a desire to improve medical knowledge.

medical cannabis   (tıbbi esrar)

The resolution became the first endorsement of medical cannabis by any religious body.

However, as of mid-February 2019, virtually no-one has been able to access medical cannabis.

In the early days of legalized medical cannabis no prior schooling was needed to work as a budtender.

medical ethics   (tıbbi etik)

He attributed his interest in medical ethics to this experience.

He faces a medical ethics dilemma when he has to operate on Dilip.

The practice has become a controversy in both secular and Jewish medical ethics.

medical procedures   (Tıbbi prosedürler)

Treatments may include medications, medical procedures such as a pacemaker, and surgery.

Propofol produces anxiolytic effect, beneficial during medical procedures requiring sedation.

Two of the most common fears of medical procedures are the fear of doctors and the fear of needles.

medical technology   (tıbbi teknoloji)

Another successful design field is medical technology.

The dedicated park's ecosystem supports medical technology innovation and manufacturing.

Berlin has a long history of discoveries in medicine and innovations in medical technology.

medical colleges   (tıp fakülteleri)

MD (Ayurveda) is offered in many medical colleges in India and Sri Lanka.

Medical education is provided by 29 government and private medical colleges.

All medical colleges are affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

medical sciences   (Tıp Bilimleri)

While students at VCOM are educated in all basic medical sciences (as are their M.D.

CPS announced in 2012 that Crane was to be converted into a magnet school for medical sciences.

Bose later earned degrees in the medical sciences as well as in Engineering from France and Germany.

medical emergency   (tıbbi acil durum)

When severe it may become a medical emergency.

He had a medical emergency at a yoga studio and later passed away.

Typhlitis is a medical emergency.

free medical   (ücretsiz tıbbi)

The institute provides free medical service along with medicines.

A full-scale National Health Service would provide free medical care for everyone.

In 1893 France established a limited program of free medical assistance in urban areas.

medical treatments   (Tıbbi tedaviler)

Primary medical treatments for ET are usually beta-blockers.

", about the structure of the brain, or about the quality of medical treatments.

He also taught himself homeopathy and offered medical treatments to his employees.

no medical   (tıbbi değil)

Achilles refused, claiming to have no medical knowledge.

There are no medical or engineering colleges in the area.

She discusses mathematics and general relativity but mentions no medical care.

medical faculty   (sağlık Fakültesi)

He graduated from the medical faculty of Bucharest University in 1930.

He joined the HKU medical faculty in 1999 and was promoted to full professor in 2006.

A dispute broke out with Strachan, causing the mass resignation of the medical faculty.

medical help   (tıbbi yardım)

Determined to find out what is wrong with her son, Ellen seeks medical help.

If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center immediately.

Due to his poor economic conditions he faced problems in getting timely medical help.

medical bills   (Sağlık Faturaları)

Ramzan Kadyrov agreed to cover Boytsov's medical bills after his banks accounts were blocked.

In 2008, he auctioned an autographed pair of his pants on eBay to help pay his medical bills.

But as Stevens's condition improved and his medical bills soared, he was sent home to recover.

medical and surgical   (tıbbi ve cerrahi)

Weekly clinics are run for medical and surgical superspecialties.

St. Mary's Hospital - Madison is a general medical and surgical facility.

The hospital can provide most of the medical and surgical care for its patients.

medical missionary   (tıbbi misyoner)

In 1867 he moved to British Columbia as a medical missionary.

He went to Taiyuan in Shanxi as a medical missionary in 1906.

Dr. Paul Carlson, an American medical missionary, was among those killed during the raid.

medical researcher   (tıbbi araştırmacı)

Most highly cited medical researcher in the world.

She returned to Paris, where she became a medical researcher.

Among the patients is the daughter of the head medical researcher of the satellite.

seek medical   (tıbbi aramak)

If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

He did not seek medical treatment.

However, the athlete is still advised to seek medical consultation.

medical issues   (Tıbbi Konular)

Salazar decided to retire from boxing after the fight citing medical issues.

Ron had numerous medical issues while walking the marathon and finished at about 13 hours.

Though best known for his reporting on space issues, Bergman also filed many reports on medical issues for ABC.

medical leave   (Tıbbi izin)

Susan takes medical leave from work and uses the time for a brief vacation.

He was chosen as the substitute for Sapir during his medical leave in 1938.

Meanwhile, due to Holt's medical leave, Terry (Terry Crews) assumes charge of the precinct.

chief medical   (baş tıbbi)

In 1991, he became a deputy chief medical officer.

The medical center had a chief medical officer and an assistant doctor, a midwife and nurses.

He also appointed Douglas Derry as the first chief medical officer and field bioanthropologists.

medical journal covering   (tıbbi dergi kapsayan)

Acta Paediatrica Acta Paediatrica is a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering paediatrics.

Annals of Pharmacotherapy The Annals of Pharmacotherapy is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering all aspects of pharmacotherapy.

Journal of Neurology The Journal of Neurology is a peer-reviewed medical journal covering research on diseases of the nervous system.

medical evacuation   (tıbbi tahliye)

Despite his pain, Dorland refused painkillers or medical evacuation so he could return to the fight.

The C-17's capabilities allow the RAF to use it as an airborne hospital for medical evacuation missions.

On 31 August 1967, a CH-46A on a medical evacuation mission to disintegrated in midair killing all its occupants.

medical information   (tıbbi bilgi)

In that case, very sensitive medical information can be exposed.

Semantic warehousing is next stage of digitalized medical information.

Currently medical information stored in database and not fully used for clinic.

medical institutions   (sağlık kurumları)

Citizens with a short-term health problem must send to medical institutions for treatment at the expense of the state budget.

The first professional medical social workers in England were called hospital almoners, and were based in medical institutions.

Allen strengthened the company's links with medical institutions, particularly Guy's Hospital where he was elected to its Physical Society.

medical malpractice   (tıbbi uygulama hatası)

Beljanski was found guilty of medical malpractice in 1994.

He died at the age of 42 as a result of an at that time common medical malpractice.

She had represented plaintiffs in personal injury, medical malpractice and employment law cases.

medical and dental   (tıbbi ve diş hekimliği)

The company also produces medical and dental drills.

While the Medical Group provides medical and dental care.

Bioceramic or bioMaterial is used for medical and dental products.

providing medical   (tıbbi sağlamak)

Some of those who were killed or injured included health care workers providing medical care to the protesters.

Additionally the task force specializes in providing medical care at the scene of a disaster for trapped victims.

As well as providing medical cover at events, St John Ambulance British Forces provides first-aid training for people of all ages.

all medical   (hepsi tıbbi)

In the EU, all medical devices must be identified with the CE mark.

The government provides for all medical services and subsidizes food and housing.

The government provides for all medical services, and subsidises rice and housing.

medical practices   (tıbbi uygulamalar)

They did not record their medical practices in writing like Soranus or Galen.

Cockburn's work is both a strongly worded critique of conventional medical practices of that time (e.g.

In 1994, hoping to prevent doctors from emigrating, the Iraqi government encouraged private medical practices.

approved for medical   (tıbbi onaylı)

Palivizumab was approved for medical use in 1998.

It was approved for medical use in Germany in 1985.

Cidofovir was approved for medical use in 1996.

medical applications   (tıbbi uygulamalar)

A large variety of medical applications (i.e.

It also has medical applications as an antiseptic and disinfectant.

Lintels may also be used to reduce scattered radiation in medical applications.