Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

studied medicine   (medicina estudiada)

She studied medicine at the University of Panama.

He studied medicine at the University of Melbourne.

She studied medicine before the First World War.

study medicine   (estudiar medicina)

In 1842 he entered Guy's Hospital to study medicine.

Redman then moved to Europe to further study medicine.

At 16, he went to study medicine at Cornell University.

internal medicine   (medicina Interna)

Endocrinology is a branch of internal medicine.

Nagi was also a doctor in internal medicine.

He made a special examination of internal medicine in 1985.

traditional medicine   (medicina tradicional)

This is also a terminology in traditional medicine.

However, many species have long been used in traditional medicine.

Chaophraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital is a Thai traditional medicine center.

alternative medicine   (medicina alternativa)

Examples of alternative medicine degrees include:

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine.

This has been used in complementary and alternative medicine.

veterinary medicine   (medicina Veterinaria)

Graduated in veterinary medicine at Berlin (1925).

It is used as an insecticide in veterinary medicine.

Estradiol benzoate is used in veterinary medicine as well.

practice medicine   (practicar medicina)

Maier then returned to Holstein to practice medicine.

He was licensed to practice medicine in the province in 1830.

Brown continued to practice medicine while coaching at Brown.

practiced medicine   (medicina practicada)

He practiced medicine there until his death in 1915.

He moved to Decorah, Iowa, where he practiced medicine.

He later practiced medicine in Santa Barbara.

emergency medicine   (Medicina de emergencia)

Also in 2011, Dayton was ranked the fourth best in the nation for emergency medicine care.

Prior to 1979, there was no formal specialty training certification for emergency medicine.

Born in Dublin in 1973, where she trained as a nurse, she is an advanced practitioner in emergency medicine.

professor of medicine   (profesor de medicina)

He was a professor of medicine at the University of Oslo.

After his active career he became a professor of medicine.

He is a professor of medicine at both UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

studying medicine   (estudiando medicina)

Stojanović continued studying medicine in Zagreb.

In 1890, Vasen began studying medicine at the Keokuk College of Medicine.

He was studying medicine at Georgetown University when the Civil War began.

herbal medicine   (medicina herbaria)

He spent 10 years in Parowan and practiced herbal medicine.

It was the first systematic summary of Chinese herbal medicine.

It is a popular ornamental plant and is also used in herbal medicine.

sports medicine   (medicina deportiva)

There are many different types of sports medicine experts.

He specializes in sports medicine.

The practice facility would be , the team offices and the sports medicine clinic .

practice of medicine   (practica de medicina)

He retired from the practice of medicine in 1894.

He resumed the practice of medicine in Milledgeville, Georgia.

He was very experienced both in the theory and practice of medicine.

nuclear medicine   (medicina Nuclear)

Diplomates of the ABNM are called nuclear medicine physicians.

The ABR certifies radiologists who also practice nuclear medicine.

These nuclear medicine scans can visualize the perfusion of heart muscle.

modern medicine   (medicina moderna)

Many have found use in traditional or modern medicine, or as starting points for drug discovery.

Choosing faith healing while rejecting modern medicine can and does cause people to die needlessly.

The use of antibiotics in modern medicine began with the discovery of synthetic antibiotics derived from dyes.

history of medicine   (historia de la medicina)

His hobbies included the classics and the history of medicine.

Others focus on the history of medicine, science, or psychology.

He continued to teach ophthalmology and history of medicine until his death in 1939.

practicing medicine   (practicando medicina)

Ritchie retired from practicing medicine in 2012.

Here he built a house and began practicing medicine.

Tupper continued practicing medicine during this period.

medicine man   (curandero)

He was initially treated by a local medicine man.

But the medicine man was not allowed across the border.

A sick person could be left in a room, alone except for a medicine man.

clinical medicine   (medicina CLINICA)

The first study of it in humans was published in 1946, and it was introduced in clinical medicine shortly after.

In 1913 he was appointed the first Moncrieff Arnott professor of clinical medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

In dentistry and clinical medicine it was ranked 21st and 33rd respectively by the AWRU-Shanghai 2018 world ranking.

family medicine   (medicina Familiar)

He read medicine at Western Ontario and completed family medicine residency training in Toronto.

Serving in the Navy after his residency, Fleming practiced family medicine on the island of Guam.

As a doctor, he was a pioneer of the discipline of family medicine by general practitioners in Malaysia.

folk medicine   (la medicina popular)

Various parts of the plant are used in folk medicine.

"Acacia" species have possible uses in folk medicine.

Chervil has had various uses in folk medicine.

degree in medicine   (licenciatura en medicina)

She received a university degree in medicine in 2004.

He received his degree in medicine in 1688, and left for Rome in 1689.

Opimbat studied in France at the University of Caen and received a degree in medicine.

doctor of medicine   (doctor de medicina)

Dissent received her doctor of medicine (MD) from Brussels.

Louisa also became a pioneering doctor of medicine and feminist activist.

He then became a doctor of medicine, then doctor to king Henry IV of France.

medicine and surgery   (medicina y cirugía)

In 1832 he received his doctorate in medicine and surgery with the thesis ""De carie vertebrarum"".

He received a BS in medicine and surgery in 1989 and a master's degree in pediatric medicine in 1994.

After high school, he studied medicine and surgery at the University of Pretoria, graduating in 1959.

field of medicine   (campo de la medicina)

Before long, many uses were found for them in the field of medicine.

He was one of the Islamic world's leading writers in the field of medicine.

Morani pushed for women to be able to enter the field of medicine as easily as men.

tropical medicine   (medicina Tropical)

In the second World War, the college provided courses in tropical medicine.

He also did his diploma in tropical medicine and parasitology at the University of Hamburg.

Abu Bakarr Gaye had a profound knowledge in the field of tropical medicine, spoke fluent Russian, English and French.

preventive medicine   (medicina Preventiva)

He was professor of preventive medicine at Loma Linda University.

He was one of the leading cardiologists of his day, and a prominent advocate of preventive medicine.

An emphasis on public health and preventive medicine has characterized Chinese health policy since the early 1950s.

science and medicine   (ciencia y medicina)

He also led seminars in Renaissance science and medicine.

The word came to English from the New Latin of science and medicine.

During the time, curiosity and skepticism ravaged science and medicine.

graduated in medicine   (graduado en medicina)

He graduated in medicine in 1914 and received his degree in Graz.

He started his studies at Chambéry and then in Turin where he graduated in medicine.

He attended the Royal College in Mauritius, and graduated in medicine at Paris in 1846.

regenerative medicine   (medicina regenerativa)

Embryomics is the core science supporting the development of regenerative medicine.

His procedure provides women with a clitoris, but is not considered a regenerative medicine.

Therefore, detailed knowledge of the complete embryome and the embryogenic tree is key to developing the full potential of regenerative medicine.

school of medicine   (escuela de Medicina)

The Pyrrhonist school influenced and had substantial overlap with the Empiric school of medicine.

circa 70–95 AD) was a famous Roman physician and early adherent to the Methodic school of medicine.

The Empiric school of medicine had substantial overlap with the Greek philosophical school of Pyrrhonism.

food and medicine   (comida y medicina)

Here she investigates the hormones, food and medicine contained within mother's milk.

The player can also find jewels for bonus points, or food and medicine to restore lost health.

They consume the young leaves of the plant as both food and medicine, and use the roots to make soup.

used in medicine   (utilizado en medicina)

Medical dictionary A medical dictionary is a lexicon for words used in medicine.

Its electrogenic properties led it to be used in medicine by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

It is also used in medicine as an antineoplastic (anti-cancer) agent developed by Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

career in medicine   (carrera en medicina)

Bill later pursued a career in medicine.

In 2005, he left the entertainment industry to pursue a career in medicine.

Patrick McGinnis considered either a career in medicine or business while in high school.

general medicine   (medicina general)

In 1973, Gaye received a doctorate in general medicine.

He had DTCD from UK in 1965 and higher training in general medicine in 1966.

The hospital also runs an ER for general medicine, general surgery and traumatology.

study of medicine   (estudio de medicina)

He completed preparatory studies and then embarked on the study of medicine.

In compliance with his family's wishes he then embarked on the study of medicine.

There is evidence that the beginning of the human study of medicine was around 3500 B.C.E.

faculty of medicine   (Facultad de Medicina)

Parker also helped create the faculty of medicine at Dalhousie University.

Massalongo joined the faculty of medicine at the University of Padua in 1844.

He was originally from Pontresina, and joined the faculty of medicine at Basel.

patent medicine   (medicina patentada)

It was a patent medicine produced by the Zam-Buk Company of Leeds, England .

Hamlin's Wizard Oil, the underwriter of an early songbook, was nothing more than a patent medicine company.

Curtis decided to become a traveling salesman starting in 1850, selling additional products like patent medicine.

then studied medicine   (luego estudió medicina)

She then studied medicine at University College London.

He then studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh graduating with an MB ChB in 1940.

He was educated at Stirling High School then studied medicine at the University of Glasgow.

practised medicine   (medicina practicada)

He practised medicine at Sevenoaks.

Cowan then practised medicine in Harriston, Ontario for 11 years.

Wilson practised medicine in Winnipeg for a few months in 1879 and then moved to Nelson.