medieval period   (中世)

The maritime flag also develops in the medieval period.

Bormida probably came into existence in the medieval period.

This period of his lifetime was known as the medieval period.

early medieval   (中世初期)

On top of the cape is an early medieval cemetery.

This early medieval settlement continued until around 580.

The early medieval history of the town relies heavily on tradition.

medieval times   (中世)

Traditions, known from the medieval times, varied.

Eating dairy products was a custom in medieval times.

In medieval times it was a thriving borough.

late medieval   (中世後期)

These elevations are a late medieval introduction into the Roman Rite.

After it was demolished, the pictures were moved to the late medieval .

Bedford Hours The Bedford Hours is a French late medieval book of hours.

early medieval period   (中世初期)

From the early medieval period, Coalbrookdale was a centre of extraction of coal.

The first Christian foundation was probably a clas and a monastery in the early medieval period.

During the early medieval period Dunaverty became the location where Saint Columba first set foot in Scotland.

medieval castle   (中世の城)

The main attraction is the massive medieval castle.

It houses several remains of the medieval castle and walls.

Sights include the medieval castle.

medieval church

The medieval church Georgskirche was too small.

Only parts of the old medieval church remained.

According to the legends, there was a medieval church.

medieval era

Yamas are related to Niyamas in ancient and medieval era Indian texts.

In the medieval era it was one of the few Roman statues to remain on public view.

Historically, Emiratis were called "Trucial Coasters" or "Trucials" in the medieval era.

medieval history

He specializes in medieval history of Poland.

Newman lectures widely in medieval history and lives in Oregon.

The early medieval history of the town relies heavily on tradition.

ancient and medieval

Yamas are related to Niyamas in ancient and medieval era Indian texts.

None of these holds true for what ancient and medieval Daoists were about.

medieval town   (中世の町)

The village is a medieval town located on a tuff hill.

There are very few material remains of the medieval town today.

It is a medieval town on the right bank of the Tagliamento river.

medieval city

Limerick's medieval city was left completely intact and remains to this day.

Next to the tower stood a remaining tower from the original medieval city walls.

Erfurt's old town is one of the best preserved medieval city centres in Germany.

medieval village

It is a medieval village documented since the 12th century.

The hill is the site of the deserted medieval village of Anebein.

The medieval village of Santo Stefano Belbo stands between the Langhe hills.

during the medieval

Use as a Thingstead during the medieval period has been speculated.

The most recent influence came from Islam and pre-Islamic Arab religion during the medieval period.

"Cruck house": A type of dwelling used throughout England, Scotland and Wales during the medieval period.

later medieval

The subject matter is typical of later medieval Christian urban eulogies.

In later medieval prayers, Elves appear as a threatening, even demonic, force.

In the later medieval period it became a standard name in the Hispanic and Portuguese royal families.

medieval and early

Erler's research has focused on medieval and early modern English literature and printing.

In the medieval and early modern periods, it was the commercial center of the Ryūkyū Kingdom.

He teaches and writes about philosophy, religion and science in late medieval and early modern Europe.

medieval art

The scene was used in a number of contexts in medieval art, including Byzantine icons.

And they remain there today, rare survivals of perhaps the most fragile of medieval art forms.

A testimony to late medieval art its one of the last expressions of the Gothic style, on the threshold of the Renaissance.

medieval manuscripts

It made a fine transparent blue valued in medieval manuscripts.

"Subpuncting" of medieval manuscripts also denotes omitted meaning and may be related.

This canon is also known as the "secret canon" used in many medieval manuscripts and incunabula.

medieval fortress   (中世の要塞)

In the interior, the medieval fortress was divided through a wall in two.

The castle was built from a medieval fortress, which was first mentioned in 1401.

During this time, he lived in the Rudolfsturm, a medieval fortress, where he raised 24 children.

other medieval   (他の中世)

The walls have numerous other medieval paintings.

Altarist glassmakers were organized in guilds, not unlike other medieval craftsmen.

The novel led to the restoration of the cathedral and other medieval monuments in Paris.

late medieval period   (中世後期)

Although innovated in the late medieval period, Thomism was dogmatized in the Renaissance.

Each of the 19 sites, except for the six rock picture zones, dated to the late medieval period.

This is reflective of the basic conservatism of the Common Law courts in the middle and late medieval period.

medieval literature

Legends were a staple of medieval literature.

Yellin wrote numerous books about language, history, and medieval literature.

Histories were as much a part of medieval literature as other forms, such as the romance.

medieval building

The palace was developed from a medieval building.

On the west side of the square is the reconstructed Römer medieval building.

The Chancellor's House ("Fothrach an tSainsiléara") is a ruined rectangular stone medieval building.

medieval churches

The island is home to 15 medieval churches, four of which are round churches with unique artwork and architecture.

Chioggia has several medieval churches, much reworked in the period of its greatest prosperity in the 16th and 17th centuries.

In the arcades between the nave and its aisles, the piers alternate between round and octagonal as was sometimes the case in medieval churches.

medieval and modern

It is these 'new Frisians' who are largely the ancestors of the medieval and modern Frisians.

By medieval and modern times, nearly all the forest was gone and livestock rearing predominated.

The Military section is a collection of weapons and artifacts from ancient, medieval and modern Nepal.

medieval sources

The town is mentioned in several medieval sources.

The name appears as variants in medieval sources.

Her name and parentage are not recorded in the medieval sources.

original medieval

Even though, the town has kept its original medieval look in the city center.

Next to the tower stood a remaining tower from the original medieval city walls.

The original medieval house was ransacked in the 17th century during the English Civil War.

medieval architecture

Very little medieval architecture is preserved in Brussels.

Copper and its alloys were integral in medieval architecture.

He drew conclusions from medieval architecture that he applied to modern architecture.

medieval buildings

The city is famous for the piedmontais traditional food "Bagna Cauda" It is home to a 10th-century castle and to several medieval buildings.

Jane Grenville Jane Clare Grenville, (born 17 June 1958) is a British archaeologist and academic, specialising in the archaeology of medieval buildings.

The village's main attractions are the well preserved Norman Hedingham Castle, the Colne Valley Railway, Kirby Hall and its many timber-framed medieval buildings.

many medieval

This canon is also known as the "secret canon" used in many medieval manuscripts and incunabula.

The work originated from an observation that many medieval cities are attractive and harmonious.

In many medieval sources, especially Western, the name "Pelagonia" was synonymous with the Bitola Bishopric.