public meetings   (公開会議)

The Bahá'is organized public meetings and observances.

He organized regional public meetings as a part of the protest.

In 1885 the hall was used for concerts, balls, and public meetings.

meetings between

He helped to arrange meetings between Czech and Russian politicians in that case.

Other meetings between officials of more than one departments are also held in accordance with needs.

Direct meetings between the president of the United States and the premier of Bermuda have been rare.

meetings were held

Some of the first Greenpeace meetings were held there.

The meetings were held at the War Memorial Opera House.

Early meetings were held at Clarke's home.

annual meetings

He speaks at the Forum's annual meetings at Davos.

Torshin also attended NRA annual meetings in 2012 and 2013.

The society holds annual meetings.

regular meetings

It was a place for regular meetings, discussions and poetry.

The Ballarat Greyhound Racing Club holds regular meetings at Sebastopol.

The centre is owned by Ditton Parish Council which holds regular meetings there.

series of meetings

Kato and other developers held a series of meetings to ensure continuity, usually attended by around 30 personnel.

In August 2007, Barwood and Falstein attended a series of meetings in Hannover to review and fine-tune the design.

Following a series of meetings a society was formed and the constitution agreed during a meeting on 23 November 2011.

held meetings

It also held meetings at Yarra Bank, which could attract tens of thousands.

This new body held meetings in Bandung for several years without any result.

The members held meetings with the Congress and the Muslim League in Shimla and Delhi.

council meetings

Municipal council meetings take place in its conference room.

These are not formal council meetings, but carry a good deal of authority.

The Republican People's Party (CHP) holds district council meetings at the center.

meetings held

He participated in meetings held by the Count of Poitiers.

It was famous in the 1950s for the political meetings held there.

Approximately 700 persons attended those meetings held throughout the district.

several meetings

After several meetings, Franzese proposed to buy Gotti out.

Prior to that Gandhi held several meetings across the state.

Cummings arrived in New York and managed to obtain several meetings.

meetings are held

Committee meetings are held in Brussels.

Cabinet meetings are held with the Attorney General present.

Their meetings are held in secret and hidden from her parents.

town meetings   (タウンミーティング)

The law is voted on by members of the town at town meetings.

Today the town hall is little changed from the time it was built, and is still used for town meetings and voting.

The first was the Massachusetts Government Act which altered the Massachusetts charter and restricted town meetings.

race meetings   (レースミーティング)

Eleven race meetings were cancelled due to the 2010-2011 Queensland floods.

Callaghan Park continues to hold regular horse and greyhound race meetings.

It is famous throughout the world for being one of the world's biggest race meetings.

international meetings

It holds regular international meetings on dying and death.

Basel has often been the site of peace negotiations and other international meetings.

He lectured widely in this country and abroad and attended many national and international meetings.

weekly meetings

Local AA directories list weekly meetings.

started hosting weekly meetings based on Alcoholics Anonymous.

In the weekly meetings with this Council, Edward was "to hear the debating of things of most importance".

attended meetings

He attended meetings of the Communist Party and worked on union organizing.

She attended meetings about Personal Spaceflight at SpaceX headquarters with Elon Musk.

He attended meetings of the council until 1610, after which his name disappears from the records.

monthly meetings

A constitution was adopted, and monthly meetings were held in Jackson.

Some monthly meetings are organized at selected locations throughout Japan.

The section holds monthly meetings, some of which are organized jointly with Class I.

board meetings

such as travel, hotel and meal expenses for the board meetings.

In the past, board meetings used to be held in The Cottage itself as well.

The exercise by the board of directors of its powers usually occurs in board meetings.

secret meetings

The Prime Minister of Canada was the host, but no Canadians attended the secret meetings.

The Rossini Hall served as a ballroom, while the Egyptian Hall held numerous secret meetings.

The player can search suspect's rooms, confront them with evidence, and order cameras to record secret meetings.

political meetings

It was used for entertainment and political meetings.

It was famous in the 1950s for the political meetings held there.

Mhlauli held political meetings with Sonkwala and other ex-political prisoners.

prayer meetings

UNICEF warned 143 churches across Mbandaka of the risks of prayer meetings.

The Conleys frequently held prayer meetings and events in their home ministry.

Omnians celebrate with fasting, prayer meetings, and the exchange of religious pamphlets.

attend meetings

Members are encouraged to attend meetings and to speak at them.

It is also usual for the President to attend meetings of the G8.

In practice only a dedicated minority regularly attend meetings.

business meetings   (ビジネス会議)

Those business meetings which preceded prompts Miggy to almost miss a wedding that Laida and he would go to.

During the airport's construction, New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia had an upper-level lounge set aside for press conferences and business meetings.

According to WikiLeaks leaked US diplomatic cables, he was alleged in the past by other businesspeople to have carried handguns to business meetings in Russia.

group meetings

He continued to attend group meetings for recovering addicts.

The AICCM has also produced preprints of papers presented at national conferences and special interest group meetings.

He became sober, attended group meetings and therapy sessions, and actively participated in the prison's rehabilitation program.

committee meetings   (委員会会議)

The most contentious issue during charter committee meetings was whether or not to have districts.

Council and committee meetings take place during the evening in three oak-panelled committee rooms and in a traditional Council Chamber.

The committees would be assigned topics and prepare propositions for debate in the full Assembly following each morning of committee meetings.

hold meetings

Today, people hold meetings for everything."

They hold meetings that involve annoying and discomforting Susie Derkins.

The Board of Directors hold meetings once a month that the public can attend.

community meetings   (コミュニティミーティング)

Local "kgotla" community meetings resolve water-related disputes.

This concept was taken to community meetings and met with great enthusiasm.

This led to community meetings at which the unknown sorcerers were begged to cease the attacks.

first meetings

The first meetings of the foundation were held in their living room.

The first meetings were held in a cottage in Thompson Street, and in 1869 the chapel opened.

As "dean of the judges", he chaired the first meetings of judges before the election of the Presidency.

meetings during

As a result of these meetings during this time, Theodosius came under the influence of the ideas of Macedonism.

The members forego meetings during the summer months and resume services during the High Holy Days in September.

In 2019, the meeting schedule was condensed into a two-hour block (with alternating meetings during the second hour).