meets up

Max meets up with an ex-cellmate, 'Granny' Jackson.

She meets up with Richard and they resume their affair.

NC 42 meets up with NC 50 in a rural area near Cleveland.

then meets

William then meets up with Maria and they begin an affair.

He then meets up with his father and Jackie as they arrive.

She then meets Yamamoto Yousuke, a young Japanese photographer.

first meets

Hastings first meets Poirot during his years as a private detective in Europe.

The parish boundary meets Quorndon where it first meets the quarry near Buddon Wood.

When he first meets Tendou, he almost admires Tendou, asking if he can be Tendou's fan.

later meets

Toman bribes NKVD officers and later meets Imrich Rosenberg.

He later meets Kim Yushin, and the two men begin a friendship.

He has nobody to blame but God Himself, whom he later meets in person.

when he meets   (彼が会ったとき)

Later, when he meets her, he is shocked.

He is entranced when he meets Matthias.

Little Jirtdan acquires courage and bravery when he meets Div.

meets a young

In desperation he goes through a random gate and meets a young girl: Angie.

There he meets a young girl beside a fountain (duet "Mais, je veux te connaître").

Yates meets a young actress, Blossom Bailey (Elissa Landi), and takes her with him.

meets and falls

There he meets and falls in love with instructor Midori Washio.

María meets and falls in love with Javier during his visit to the Hacienda.

He meets and falls in love with a gypsy girl, Gulabi, and both want to get married.

until it meets

The "Trá Bheag", meaning "small beach", runs along the beach until it meets the sea.

The remaining 35 km of the N31, until it meets exit 30 of the A7, is once again an expressway.

I-77 heads northeast along the river until it meets the southern terminus of I-79 near Yeager Airport.

meets every

The Executive Board normally meets every Tuesday.

The SHWLJ meets every month except February and August.

The Assembly which is the supreme body meets every four years.

when she meets   (彼女が会ったとき)

The story follows Ichika Tachibana's life over a summer holiday when she meets Manatsu Kuroki.

Utsusemi returns in chapter sixteen, “Sekiya,” when she meets Genji on her return from the provinces.

A disappointed Jasmeet was about to leave Jagtariya when she meets a woman with whom she shares her sorrow.

highway meets

The highway meets I-81 and US 58 at a diamond interchange with a rakish angle.

The highway meets US 70 Business at an incomplete interchange southwest of downtown Clayton.

meets the criteria

It meets the criteria for this classification due to its wide distribution.

A registered museum that no longer meets the criteria may be removed from the register.

The island meets the criteria needed for membership to UEFA, but not much interest has ever been announced.

meets a man

One night, during a walk on deck, he meets a man who, disturbed and scared, avoids any social contact on the ship.

A young Romanian woman from a small town meets a man claiming to be a film director and he convinces her to come to Rome for auditions.

After being shown to her work station, Janeway meets a man named Jaffen, who intervenes when Janeway inadvertently misconfigures her console and sets off an alarm.

meets a girl

He meets a girl, Linda, after he hits her with his car at 3am.

He then meets a girl named Sistine Bailey who has recently moved nearby.

One day, Satan, who now goes by Sadao Maō, meets a girl who is actually Emilia in the form of Emi Yusa.

finally meets   (ついに会う)

The star then resumes its path and finally meets the Sun.

The rest of the story deals with how he finally meets his deserved end.

Ronaldo finally meets up with the Simpsons and gives them the $50,000 they need to rescue Homer.

meets its northern

It curves to the northwest and meets its northern terminus, an intersection with US 27/SR 1.

In Chattanooga Valley, SR 341 meets its northern terminus, another intersection with SR 193.

It then meets its northern terminus, an intersection with SR 75 (Helen Highway), southeast of Helen.

meets all

The Charities Review Council deems that it "meets all standards".

Tesla meets all of the jai wai.

The arena meets all the requirements for holding official international matches.

meets a woman

While leaving, she meets a woman who asks Kate for a ride.

In "Love Pool", single man Mark meets a woman while carpooling with the service Uber.

The relationship starts out well but begins to suffer when Rick meets a woman named Maya.

meets another   (別に会います)

As Boone sets out again, he meets another traveler, Jonathan Bedwell.

Sae meets another guy named Shinji but realizes he never really liked her.

There he meets another ex-girlfriend (Inti Šraj) and her fiancé (Miha Rodman).